My Insurance: Chinese and Non-Whites

Jews own AARP, Association for the Advancement of Retired People (Most Whites are over 55 and qualify.) Jews also own or run the Chicago nursing homes where we get abused and maltreated. They even gouged the government’s Medicare or paid health care for seniors.

Also, my Polish White immigrant friend, Irene Debowski, whose parents worked for the Nazis, quit high school and worked at Chicago nursing homes. She said they are either Jewish or run by Jews. Later in life, she assisted a Jewish buyer who bought massive products for senior homes and had contracts for them. She said if the Jew bought from another Jew, the latter raised the price since the government (run by Jews) paid whatever amount was charged. $32 billion a year in fraud from the medical let alone Jews. But if her Jew boss bought from a Gentile (White), the Jew “Jewed” him/her down so low, the White bankrupted or couldn’t compete anymore. It’s how Jews murdered us as business owners. They murdered my brother-in-law’s business (from Alta Monte Italy) when the had his wife seduced, then took over his Italian Restaurant and business, Sorento’s. They drove my sister Mary, to 5 nervous breakdowns and afterward to a Jewish psychiatrist who controlled her and she never confided in me as she used to.

So, Jews own AARP part of my insurance. Jews always work with other countries against the host. Example: Poland 1,000 years. Jews worked with as many as seven countries against the Polish, even with wars and alcohol being our only products. My Polish ancestors outsourced their food to other countries. Then, when the war happened and the food supply was cut off, 50,000 a year of my Daddy’s kin perished of starvation (a horrible death.) Then the Jews donned golden glittery robes and robbed the Polish White Catholic/Lutheran corpses!

Now my health insurance company working with our government has Chinese owners, probably bankers. So did my last one, Aetna, Coventry, which is why I changed only to find the same non-White problem. It’s dangerous for our health to be in the hands of our enemies. In 1924, the USA White Christians had a ban Jews and Chinese. Thanks to the Jew holocurse lies, they Yellows and Kikes took over the USA we built for 500 years.

Here’s pictures of my insurances’ happy email to me. It’s no wonder I get sick. It’s mind control or hypnotism against me.

Do they look White? I am and want to love myself not hate myself and have non-White idols.

How about this health insurance advertisement in my email? Anything White about it for my strength, happiness, life and survival? Or does it speak of death, deprivation, starvation, dependence, slavery?

Are these Brown Mexicans? She’s hugging her man, what about the White man in a formerly White country? Our boys needing over 20 mentors or this will turn into a bizarre for the 92% non-Whites worldwide.

How about this “happy” picture? We’re supposed to ward off depression? Does this make you healthier, happier, or holier? Chinese bombed 50,000 churches in one Chinese City! (Presbyterian to be exact. What about the others? Are White Christians working together or against our interests? A Chinese or Filipino (The USA is loaded with them or almost all customer service agents I deal with are from the Philippines. Think “Hello! How are you? My Name is “Angel” (Or Christian) so that Whites bow and prostrate to them.) No worries!” And then they don’t solve the problem. It took 35 phone calls to Hewlett Packard (owned by Jews) to try to fix my last new printer. However, I don’t have an alternative. We have tyranny. Now look at the picture carefully. There is a White man with two White woman holding him up. But it’s blured out. Is that sexual? Fantasy? No, it’s hypnotism, subliminal mind effects.

Here’re two headless people! The advertiser decapitated them. Naturally the man has a beard, so we don’t know what race. The female nurse checking his heart has blonde hair. Filipino, Chinese, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Red, Mexican? She has her hand on his shoulder. Why?

We don’t know what’s going on except that the woman is deliriously happy? Why? Insane at the idea of our entire demise including Christianity. The White man is so terrorized and afraid and ashamed and guilty for things he’s been programmed to do. He doesn’t even get to look into the camera. He’s devastated! For all practical purposes he doesn’t exist. From my family’s sister’s son, age 59. Out of his 9 high school friends. He’s the only one alive and his Jewish buddy! Even Christian men I know years ago, dying at 59. A Mexican man whose son fixed (did a horrible job) my Vegas air conditioner, said his dad drives back and forth to Mexico at age 97. No exercise or doctors. The USA Mexicans are the 2nd happiest people in the world. 1st is Sweden, Blonde Aryans, brainwashed so bad they are the most #1 Liberal and bow to the 92% worldwide non-Whites! Also, the marketing and advertising caters to the White female (now minority in her own country) since she spends the money!!!! When I was married, I gave the checkbook to my disabled (then saved) Vietnam Veteran husband who fought these Chinse bodies and Jewish bankers but harassed, ridiculed, wounded from USA protestors who threw bottles, bloody women’s pads, balloons filled with urine, poop, and hate words. All Jewish led as the 2007 protest I was in against Illegals. The man who led the counter-protest against us, (White People’s Party, National Socialists, Nazis) came up to me and gave me his name when I asked him, “By your last name, you seem Jewish. Are you?” He said as if I gave him a shock treatment, “Yes!”

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