My Kin: White Teacher Slaves to Jews

WWII was a racial and religious Jewish War against White Catholics and Protestants soon to go extinct.

Jews killed off the Whites. 1934 Headlines:
“JUDEA” DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY. (not the other way around.)

Jews lie and say they are the Bible’s Chosen, hence the word Judea. Germany was the most religious country 60% Protestant 40% Catholic. Now all White Christians facing near extinction in race and religion. Either that or slavery, starvation, and death, where the Jews and non-Whites inherit all.

Brother Nicky (Polish White American) and his wife, German White America sterilized themselves. Why? To be “good” slaves to the West Palm Beach High School Jews. In turn, they gaslighted him, made him sick, and his doctor said he had to quit.

Then my brother and his wife sued the Jewish school and won. Jews took him to the Supreme Court and the Jews won. They always do. All world-wide laws = “FOR” Jews and “AGAINST” Whites.

Brother Polish American Nicky and German American Joann adopted a druggie parents’ baby. Named him Joseph Jr. III. Polish-American Daddy’s rolling in his grave. They will adopt the four siblings.

Then the black druggie parents will obtain my relatives fortune for black and jewish dynasty. Even chinese.

The black baby used to cry all night and neighbors called the police thinking they abused him. It was the black boys drug withdrawals.

My relatives spoiled the black kid so badly, they had moved away, bought a home with no neighbors so the black could scream as loud as he wanted, and the home has 5 garages for all the toys they bought him!

Odd, but what about my White Veteran’s sons and mine who needed help desperately. I asked for his help. Nothing. He even returned the essay I asked him to edit as an English teacher. He declared that I had to remove race and religion. We have different religions.

Notice the “real” meaning for “Christmas” isn’t Christ Jesus or God, but the Jewish Whites now slave for Blacks and non-Whites around the world and we go extinct ever so slowly and agonizingly.

Notice they are all dressed in black.

1966 Song, “Dressed in Black” with lyrics posted. 1966 heart of Jewish Revolution Against Whites. All top 12 Biden choices Jewish as Jews ruled Poland 1,000 years, then Russia, Germany, and now the USA. Top COVID without exception Jews.

Jews laws as they did to Poland and Germany:

1961=Affirmative Action Against White Males

1963=Killed President Kennedy

1964 = 4 months later, Kennedy’s brother passed Civil Rights Act drafted in a synagogue

1965 = Immigration Act. Jews opened White Christian Americas doors for the 92% non-Whites.

1966=Jews sent all or army age young men to the Vietnam War where the Yellow Chinese Communists pulverized them into White ash.

In the song below, the White female singers are panting like cats in heat for black men. However, even though they fantasize about it, once they carry through they are all disappointed and ruined sexually for life. Mentally ill and confused. Needs help.

Type in YouTube (Jewess Sue Wojcicki owner banned use for Whites)

2:28 / 2:55

Shangri-Las – Dressed In Black..w/ LYRICS


Released “1966” Dressed In Black – “The Shangri-Las” –

Dressed in black. He walks alone, a shadow in the night. Each time he walks by my window. Can’t hold the tears from my eyes. We’re still so much in love. Why can’t they realize? That every time he looks at me. I long to feel his lips on mine. I live on just the memory. Of him caressing me. So soft, so warm. So soft, so warm. Spoken; They said he was much too wild for me. They said I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. They said a whole lot of things. But there are some things they could never understand. That a girl can tell by the way a boy holds her hand Or maybe, they thought we were too young to be in love this way. Well I don’t care what people say. This girl’s love, is getting stronger with each passing day. That every time he looks at me, I long to feel his lips on mine. I live on just the memory, Of him caressing me So soft, so warm. So soft, so warm. But now he’s gone. But now he’s gone. Spoken: I climb the stairs, I shut the door, I turn the lock, Alone, once more, And no one can hear me cry, No one…