My Pilgrimage to Chicago Katyn Massacre by Communists Memorial, May 7, 2017

I’ve written extensively on this blog about the Jew Communist led massacre against Polish White Catholic Christian Poles but blamed innocent Christian German National Socialists (Jew defamed with name Nazis to keep White Christians terrorized until today.) On an impulse, I drove to Chicago to dance in Polish parade as I’ve done a few times before 2004. And then I went to make a pilgrimage to the Katyn Memorial, Niles, St. Adalbert Cemetery. I didn’t know if I could even handle the grief, being a widow of a US Marine Purple Heart who suicided. Last words, “No help for White man in America.” Now, it’s changed, not then. I was at the forefront, and alone, which was tough, especially for a woman.
Although Russians purged many of the Jews from Russia around 1938, many went back. Henry Makow writes of Jews living in Israel who boasted of being responsible for Katyn, Jews selling off Poland for pennies on a dollar, and prophesy of Poland becoming extinct like the Red Indians of the USA. (although our Red Indians have been generously taken care of for 400 years when they could have chosen to work in plantations but insisted on preserving their “Identity” on our White expense. Not an agency alive preserving White species.
When I wrote for 7 years after Scottish-Polish American Veteran’s tragic life and suicide, I was terrified at studying National Socialists (Jew mind control named Nazis to terrify us with a single word.) And at one point, when about to give up, I found the DVD “Katyn.” My first discoveries were Germany was innocent in World War II and the victims of Jews who declared war on them, not the other way around. I read the Germans wanted to reverse Jewish damage, turning the Whites into homos and lesbians, the ruination of trying to breed healthy, not damaged white babies, something USA still has to contend with along with 10% of marriages and babies race-breaking. Jews still pure breeding or highest breeding.
Up until watching Katyn, I was writing of the horrible state Jews put Germans in, (Now Germans first of Whites to go extinct; never before such demographics reversed in history.) the Katyn movie, by Andrzej Wajda revealed (Jew) led Communists taken over in Russia were responsible for the 20,000 deaths, but blamed Germans. I added that to list of phony exhibits Nuremberg Trials: Shrunken heads, lamps made of Jew skin, mattresses made with Jew hair, Diary of Anne Frank who died of Typhus not German brutality, bars of Jewish fat turned into soap. All lies until today. The worse, it was my Polish people, not Jews, who were the victims of World War II whatever the figure was. Not what the Auschwitz plaque reads saying Jews lost most and Polish at the end of the list! Talk about Jewish nerve to bash the Polish who fed and housed them for 1,000 years.
Note the dates of 2009 which I placed with Amazon. then on April 10, 2010, four months after last DVD mailed, the airplane deaths of Poland’s top 96 dignitaries which represented the 20,000 who were killed. Even the White Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, Maria. Odd but the only one who gained by this was the Jewess woman who took over Poland after crash.
Katyn Amazon 3
Katyn Amazon 1
You can find more on this blog:
No one was interested when I sent except me. To kill off the best men, as one female author wrote about Katyn is “genocide” of a species.
Here’s pictures I snapped at Katyn. I couldn’t even bring my eyes to look at the memorial. It’s similar to one of the Virgin Mary called Pieta. Instead of the crucified by Jews body of Jesus, there’s a Polish Veteran. My husband’s mother was Polish. He was a Veteran driven to the brink in Vietnam, worse in Chicago. Veteran’s Hospital said if he hadn’t married me, he would have been dead within a year. Three years Jews terrorized not just Jesus, but his cousin, John the Baptizer, and 11 of his disciples. From Wiki:

Michaelangelo Rome Vatican

Germany 1375-1400

I think this one shows the most unbearable grief as a mother looks over the body of her son who only brought good in the world and for all his good, the world (Jews and their imps) returned only evil. Her hand on her heart is very effective as is her facial expression.)
Believe it or not, it’s from First Lady, Melania Trump’s country of origin, Slovenia, who expelled Jews three times.
Here’s my pictures for my closure of my ancestors at the Katyn Memorial in Niles (Chicago.) Not only is the entire World War II event covered up about the #1 victim which is Polish Christians not Jews the opposite or opposing religion, but also the massacre of 20,000 of my ancestor’s finest males.

What an agonizing true to life portrayal of the suffering for the Blessed Mother and deceased Polish officer at Katyn Massacre
Mother Mary looks down at Polish Veteran officer of highest rank, shot down like 20,000 other finest Polish males World War II, April 10, 1940, and Zionist controlled media blamed the Germans.

IMG_2081Mother Mary’s anguished face done by Polish sculptor who died in plane crash on 70th anniversary of Katyn, April 10, 2010.
Anguish of deceased Polish officer Veteran, one of 10,000 killed April 10, 1940.
Jew led Communists murdered 20,000 of Poland’s finest men. It’s called “genocide” of a Polish race according to female Polish author. Worse the Jews blamed the innocent Germans. You mean, the Nazis were innocent? Yes on many accounts.

Me at Katyn Monument. I too lost Polish husband Veteran to Communists in Vietnam. They shot his testicle off!
Husband suicided from Vietnam Communist War. Last words No help for the White Man. Both this Katyn tragedy and my husband’s death covered up.

Katyn Monument
I’m kissing the face of the dead Polish officer, who the Jew led Communists shot bullet to the back of his head.

Katyn Monument Niles bullet to the back of the brain by Jew led Communists
My pilgrimage to Niles, Illinois, by Chicago. I have written 40,000 pages of Jews enslavement and starvation of my Polish White ancestors since 1025-1945, and now those Jews are here.

Sister Faustina Rosary in hands of Polish Veteran
The Polish World War II Veteran officer at Katyn Monument Niles is shown with his hands tied behind his back after Jew led Communist Russians murdered 20,000 of Poland’s finest men but blamed innocent Germans.

Katyn Monument Niles Illinois
Note the rosary beads in the hands of the Polish Officer victim of Katyn Massacre by Polish-led Jews. See movie “Katyn.”

Sister Josephine at Katyn Memorial Niles Illinois
Sister Josephine holding hand of Blessed Mother and of the Polish officer whose hands are tied behind his back. How touching! We prayed and cried our hearts out on our Pilgrimage May 7, 2017.

Sister Josephine at Katyn Memorial, May 7, 2010
She’s mourning the memory of the 20,000 Polish Officers and finest Polish men (genocide) Katyn Massacre. April 10, 1940. Jew led Communists did it but blamed innocent Germans. My how my Polish people have suffered in silence even as movie “Katyn” in the interview part with Andrzej Wajda’s words “How was the entire nation of Poland silenced.

Sister Josephine holding rosary and crucifix of Jesus at Katyn Memorial Niles, Chicago
Note the rosary is entwined in the murdered Katyn Polish officer’s hands. Underneath is the rope which tied the officer’s hands and then Jew led Communists shot him in the head bullet to the brain.

Words on wall remembering 96 of Poland’s finest people who all killed suddenly April 10, 2010 in a plane crash at the Katyn Massacre site. When I translated the words on wall by Katyn Memorial Niles Chicago, the first time the Polish to English translation said commemorating the Katyn “Holocaust” now it says just Katyn crime. Yes, the Holocaust has been covered up by Jews as they covered up their Jew led massacre of 20,000 of Poland’s finest men. Odd but Poland not only gave them a home for 1,000 years, were their slaves and constant war body bags for their banks, but suffered worst slavery and starvation in history. Even during World War II I’m asking for debate on Holocaust for we have only Jew version and I protested the Washington DC Holocaust museum by myself, “Where the Polish Christian version of the Holocaust.”
Sister Josepehine’s daughter, Kimmie, told me about 15 years ago, she learned at Chicago college the Polish lost the most victims not the Jews. Even the number 6,000,000 is a total lie. Jews died but mostly from Allied bombing of railroads which enabled starvation for no food and no medicine for Typhus #1 killer of both World War I and II. Mama worked for Jews and she said as she scrubbed their homes, they were filthiest people on earth. She brought lice (which causes Typhus) home with the rags she cleaned Jew’s homes. Even a Jew invented Fels Naphta soap to get rid of lice!
Barbara Ann Kopaczewski Nowak at Katyn Memorial Wall of Mysterious Airplane crash
96 victim names of Polish dignitaries. Even President Lech Kaczynski and wife on plane. After all perished, it’s mighty strange a Jewish woman takes over Poland as First Lady

Sister Josephine (there were 15 in my family) at Katyn wall commemorating death of 96 of Poland's finest at Smolensk
President Lech Kaczynski and wife Maria were murdered at that site by mysterious plane crash. Only one to gain, Jewess who took over as First Lady of a Catholic Christian country. Even the last pope Benedict said the Jews must repent a few years ago. It reversed the Church’s stance since the Jews orchestrated the Holocaust and all Jews (who come from my Poland) magically emigrated to USA 1945, when there was a quote against them since 1921!

Tombstone right next to Katyn Memorial reads my last name
Sister Josephine at Katyn Memorial Niles Chicago
Both her daughter, Jolene, and I, are artists. The painting is inspirational by the White angel hovering over the old tombstones

Barbara Ann Kopaczewski Nowak at Katyn Memorial Foyer
See other posts of pictures at my pilgrimage to pay honor and respect to the deceased 20,000 murdered victims at Katyn Massacre.

Painting in foyer of Katyn Memorial and Wall in Niles Chicago
The grave diggers who had to bury bodies of the 20,000 Polish officers and elite of Poland murdered bullet to the back of the head by Jew led Communists. Jews also responsible for 1917 Russia Revolution which killed or starved 100,000,000 White Christians only.

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