My White Chicago Life, Viet Vet Husband, Me, Obamas, Jewess Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn

Jewess Communist USA Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn
Jewess Communist Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn
Jewess Communist Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn
Jewess Communist Terrorist Bernadine Dohrn. My home city of Chicago. These terrorists and revolutionaries won. Chicago is now only 28% White. My Polish people make up 7% and are fleeing back to Poland!

This is my life! What do my Vietnam Veteran who fought the Communists, me, blacks Barach Hussein and Michelle, and Jewess Bernadine Dohrn have in common? The fight of good against evil: jewish Communism. Dohrn called it Marxist/Leninism. 
I woke up at 3:30 a.m. I began to clean my computer desktop since I downloaded many articles and pictures. I wanted to trash some but keep what’s essential for my Save White Endangered Species / Expose Evil Jews. We don’t have a battle between Jews against Whites; it’s good over evil. If Whites continue to fight for black, jews, muslims, reds, brown rights, yellows, and 1/2 breeds, they are suiciding right in front of us and somehow enjoy it. 
My Viet Vet’s death was a result of his fighting jewish Communism. Elvis did the same and was murdered by them. I found on my desktop the FBI photo of the most dangerous Communist since Jewess Emma Goldman, who founded it. She wanted all White leaders dead: She was responsible for the death of President McKinley and the near-death of Henry Clay Frick, CEO of #1 US Steel. 
By 1968, Chicago Jewess Communist top leader Bernadine Dohrn headed a revolution and won. She later became a famous “law” professor or “lawless” professor! Now we must acknowledge and pick up the broken pieces. In my life, I signed myself into the University of Illinois research hospital for depression. (1,000 years DNA White Polish slaves to Jews: war/alcohol/agony only products. Even a Ph.D. at the local university DNA forum said it wasn’t my family of 15, but the (jewish) Polish bankers for a millennium.) I remember when my jewish Dr. Rejtman questioned me about the Chicago riots in the streets. I didn’t know, since I don’t have TV. However, I think the severe depression I began to suffer was only partially my own life but “feeling” the evil in the streets.
She was responsible for bombing the New York US Capitol, Pentagon, several police stations and killing three of her Greenwich Village townhouse members. She got away with it, and our Charlottesville, Virginia “Unite the Right” Rally Jewish Mayor Signor and his Black Vice-Mayor in crime?

Communist winners from my hometown destroyed my White Polish family, veteran husband, and me.
Jewess Dohrn worked at Sidley Austin Legal skyscraper building Wacker Drive Chicago. She fought for Black rights and won. Now that city: 28% White and run by Jews, a Black panther army, and Chinese Supremacists. Later, that firm also housed Communist leader Barack Hussein and his mentor, Michelle Obama. My deceased Veteran fought the Commies overseas, pulverizing him and sending him home disabled by the Chinese and Jews. 
It’s odd, but in 2003, I worked at the 6th oldest Chicago law firm. Toward the end, something peculiar happened. The other secretary was jewish Robin. She invited me to go to Las Vegas and karaoke with me. She convinced me to move there. However, before I did, another jewish woman from Sidley Austin’s legal firm took her place. She not only was mean to me but knowing I was studying my Polish ancestry, she told me how much she hated the Polish women at her former company. I moved to Vegas because of two Chicago jewess women. I’d have a paid skyscraper condo on the Magnificent Mile if I stayed. Although it was a building filled with mice and Jews. I got rid of the mice, but the jewess got rid of me. No one dare approach the jewess without genuflecting. It’s hypocritical to espouse one’s love for God when the jews are the devil. Jesus knew that and they gaslighted, tortured, and murdered him.
In my autobiography, I faced all my large Polish family, deceased veteran husband, and my problems. Now I expose the 1968 jewish Chicago syndicate. If you’re White, you must survive and only the truth will heal us.