National Socialist Leader Library

Almost no one has visited the Library of Congress where there are 1,200 of Hitler’s library books. He had ten times that amount, but the jew-led Commies burned them. Jews even had burned the book plates in the USA saying they needed the metal for war. And Whites adoring Jews, “believe” whatever they say. We are part of the human jewish religion. Some of us have protested it, but some will remain. As in Germany, our hope is in our children, and all laws are against White children and for the jewish, chinese, yellow, brown, reds, and 1/2 breeds. All of us should be professors and mentored to do so to help our youth. 
 Were Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill “avid readers.”  
If our children could read and write, (not jewish trash or hypnotism) but true and vast educational books, we certainly could raise our IQ and chance for survival. The Las Vegas English 101 teacher put me in a group of three to review each other’s essays. Mine was on saving the Whites. The 1/2 Mexican male was on “Intelligent Quotient.” He said loved his hispanic half and hated his white half. (and we pay $$$ trillions for these bastards.) He said we have no chance to survive. It’s not survival of the “fittest” in today’s world, but the smartest. And “smart’ needs to be defined. If passing today’s college tests is a measure, it’s suicidal for Whites who have to digest material that’s evil for them.
Supposedly Jews have 113 IQ, Yellow Chinese 106, Whites 99, Mexicans 85, Blacks hard to say. A NY Times article says that the Chinese and Jews are smartest but that West Indian Blacks, like Colin Powell, are right up there. I believe if we had all laws for us and we worked together we’d raise our IQ and also redefine it from the human to add the spiritual level.
It’s not that Whites have a lower IQ, but that it’s been intentionally lowered and stifled to be “equal” and even lower than blacks. All the other races have all White laws “For” them and “against us.” That is stupid, but a hypnotism Jews induced on us and we follow as if in a trance like the covid masks. As Jews reduced my Polish people to pre-historic illiterate barbarians, they do the same to White people today both with academia and drugs and media. It’s the only human mind our people have. I have to believe in a higher or divine Mind with a capital M.