Nazis Fire jewish School Teachers

If I had my White way, it would be the first action I’d take against the jew and jewess. Fire all their teachers especially USA #1 Harvard where 67% of the PhD’s are Jews. It used to be 100% Caucasian Christian seminary. Now a Harvard degree secures Jews top positions in the world and the other school mimic them.

The White man is only 9% and has to pay full price because of three deadly jewish laws: 1961 Affirmative Against against White males, as was the 1964 jew drafted in a synagogue Civil Rights act, which includes White woman, and the 1965 Immigration Act, closing European gates and opening up to the 92% non-Whites, jews and Muslims worldwide.

The next jewess act: Send all the young White males over to China to torture, addict, and massacre our men! No resistance to the takeover of the USA!

But the USA and White teachers don’t teach that but to adore and feel sorry for the 96% of the world, hate each other, and our own. “Guilt!” the #1 cause of illness metaphysically speaking.

Title: Away with Him
The long arm of the Ministry of Education pulls a Jewish teacher from his classroom.
March 1933 (Issue #12)