New jew HR 6090 Law against White (Christians)

To simply sum up my ideas:

  • 92% of Jews are from my ancestral Poland, the only lawless country in history! They hated my people so much they enslaved us in war/alcohol, 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. 2025: 1,000th anniversary of worst history. That’s hate & they are doing it here. All laws were “for” the jews and “against” White Catholics / Christians. Jews murdered Jesus a second time. On August 19, 2013, a jewess lunged at me, grabbed and held me, beat, crippled, and killed me in front of a Las Vegas Jew MGM Mandalay Bay audience! I died the next day, but my mind still worked so I prayed, “God is my Live!” and lived! Video later.
  • Whites expelled Jews 1,030 times. 
  • 1700s: Scotland rejected Jews. To counteract, jews used their alcohol weapon. Turned the judges, authors, etc. into alcoholics. Then passed the “Enlightenment period.” Must love all the world’s people but hate yourself if you’re White! (Not anymore we love, value, and appreciate ourselves and each other. It’s our greatest weapon.
  • Jews pass 1961 Affirmative Action hating White males. 1963 killed President Kennedy. 1964 his brother Edward passed Civil Rights Act “against Whites. Synagogue Rabbis drafted it! 1965 jews passed Immigration Act. Why? In 1924, White Christian Republicans passed an Immigration law banning them. 1966: under Jew-led President Johnson sent all our army-aged White men to be tortured horrifically in Vietnam.
  • Where are our counter-bills? Our White boys will need over 20 mentors after the damage or we will descend into a 4th world country. As in Poland. Slaves in barns. 50,000 of Daddy’s relatives died of starvation: Jews put on golden glittery robes and robbed the corpses.
  • Do the White people who study ancestry #2 past time after baseball know and care?  
  • Mike Lawler, New York, from the most jew USA hasidic population, sponsored it. Republican!