Not mine but Jewess “Barb’s Banned Book”

I’ve lamented since 2006 that my writings are banned, especially since I exposed the Jewish only version of World War II. I coined “Barb’s Banned Book” since my name is Barb. In fact, I wrote out my full name and initials “B – Barb A – Ann N – Nowak, D – Duncan.” That spells B.A.N.D. “Banned!” Jews steal my phrases, costumes, ideas, Even Made “American Idol” from my 1997-1998 appearance as the Queen of Karaoke on the worldwide Jenny Jones Talk Show. Owen Robbins, Jew #1 marketing and advertising agent got a VHS Copy of the TV show and called and told me he turned it into “Idol.” Even all the singing shows, talent shows, karaoke shows, dancing. I get no royalties while 40% of the USA billionaires are jewish.

Jews Control Book Publishing

As far back as I can remember, Mama lamented to Daddy who worked for a Jewish book publisher in Skokie, Illinois, highest so-called holocaust Jew population. “Stand up to those Jews you coward!”

The jews even melted printing press and book plates during World War II that said even a single negative word about them. They even commit blasphemy in a White Caucasian country and print “God is dead.” While Whites genuflect to the Jewish assassins.

Now in Australia “Barb’s Banned Book.”

The Jewess woman’s name is Barbara but Barbara is a Catholic Saint’s name. Often Jews disguised their conversions into Catholicism or Protestantism while being actors. The Jews kept their race and religion pure until today marrying within 4-5 cousins. At the same time, destroyed, conquered, and divided the Whites and Caucasian Christianity.

Yes, even in Australia, Jews poke fun at “Barb’s Banned Book.” They think that when a Person like me is good, the Jews are exposed without my even trying. Jews don’t care. Their motto “any advertising is good even if it’s bad.” That has to stop. As Mama said to me I’ll tell you Whites “You’re smart and you’re intelligent.” You can “reason” not be “hypnotized or mesmerized.”