Nuremberg Innocent Goring: WWII = rotten jewish Comedy!

Comedy and joy are good but not to be used as a jewish devilish weapon against Whites, even soldiers. It’s why I mourn the unjust imprisonment of Alison Chabloz and Graham Hart, who did satirical songs about the holocaust lies. 
We don’t want to just mope around or cry as I often do. Although tears are a free tranquilizer and a show of love. Let the evil now cry and get their just due. Jesus approached the “daughters of Jerusalem” before the Jews had him nailed to the cross and hung as the Jews did the Germans at Nuremberg. Jews have hung us today by shutting us down, imprisoning, and denying us our books and videos or even meetings to get near one another. Someday, the Jews will suffer the same double or as Mama said to give it back to them with compounded interest. Those two banking terms Jews understand. (I don’t preach violence but debate.)

Jesus scolded the jewess women and told them they will someday pray that the very mountains will collapse on them and their offspring to get out of the pain they must suffer. 

I came across this clipping from my papers, which I’m trying to file and organize. I bought the book Nuremberg: The Last Battle when I attended a David Irving speech near not in Las Vegas. I drove to it. If you can’t read it since I scanned it, please let me know. 
Jews wanted to hang 12 White German Christians (Protestant and Catholics) at Nuremberg. It’s odd but Goering was a victim of suicide and Boerman sentenced “absentia.” That left “10” Christian German men the Jews hung. The Jews not only got off ScotFree for the crimes they did to Poland, Germany, Russia, but now are the richest and most powerful people on earth! The Jews and their Talmud falsify the Bible. They pretend they can commit crimes because they are the “Israelties.” That’s a lie. The Whites are. In the Bible, 10 were hung on “Purim,” which Jews “celebrate” in March.
Only Julius Streicher’s (Der Sturmer publisher) screamed out before they hung him, “Purim Fest 1946!” 
Goring knew as I discovered by analyzing jewish movies and college essays that their crimes and destruction of God, Jesus Christ, and  White Christianity are “All rotten comedy!” It’s not funny! We must know the difference or we’re masochists enjoying the suffering jews inflict. In the movie, Streetcar Named Desire, the jew and homo made sure the Polish American veteran was the most despicable character ever on the movie screen in 1946. That’s how jews said “Thank you” after my people became the worst slaves in history for them. In that movie, the jew mentioned a WWII European Battle on Italy’s shores. I deciphered the Italian words. “Operation Slapstick!” If Whites don’t know what is funny and what’s not, we have been driven insane. 
Goring’s last words. But always “stay alive.” It’s why I do other things to get my mind off of my writing, such as exercise, yoga, breathing, praying and metaphysics, cleaning, healthy and gourmet eating, with a few treats. Is the print readable below? 
Lovingly, Barbara Ann