Our Anniversary: I Sang “Message to Michael”

I married White Michael Miles Duncan Sr and also have our son Michael Jr.

This is vintage Chicago video when I lived downtown in a skyscraper on Lake Michigan. I Dream of Jeannie lived in the skyscraper behind me, Jerry Springer at the John Hancock 100-story skyscraper, and of course, the Queen of “talk” Black Oprah lived at the “Ritz Carlton.”

No matter how much Whites do for Blacks they will always “feel sorry” for them. Analyzing that through the mind, Whites used to “feel sorry” about what the Jews did to Jesus. Then they took Jesus away. Now, Whites have to “feel sorry” for everyone but themselves.

This is a side note about Michael. When he was growing up, he lost his beautiful blonde mother. His father, Mr. Dee, became his baseball coach. They lived in a rich Jewish area but they weren’t rich but lived in an apartment. 

A Jewish boy, Art Karschmer, attended the same school. He’d make fun of my husband and when Michael couldn’t take it anymore, he’d beat Art up. Every day after school. Was my husband an Anti-Semite? Was he a victim of the Jew? Do we feel sorry for the criminal and hate the victim? Yes.

To get Jewish revenge, the Jew’s mother used her weapons. She sent Art to baseball school and perhaps a private coach. Bought him the best equipment. He wasn’t damaged to begin with a our people are. 

Then the Jewess kicked in full-gear. She sent her Jew son to sign up to play on Mr. Dee’s baseball team. The Jew shone like the brightest star compared to the sandlot team even my husband who tried so hard after losing his mother to suicide from pain.

As the years went by, the Jew weaseled his affections into Michael’s dad and became bosom buddies. My husband for all practical purposes lost his father forever even up until his hospital stay and funeral. It was the Jew who was by his side. Not my husband.

You can see why my husband turned to me so much and I was there with open arms, willing hands, and heart of gold.
By the way, Art didn’t have to go into the Vietnam War but secured a gravy business army job in Alabama. He and his two sons are millionaires today. The Communist Jews and Chinese sent my husband home disabled and abused back in America after the Vietnam War.

However, we found peace, hard work, and love together in a simplistic manner. 

I look all-White in this vintage video and held many jobs in addition to karaoke to keep my skyscraper condo. I don’t get paid for karaoke. 

Here’s “Message to Michael,” by Barbara Ann Duncan Nowak