P.S. Weird Al’s Polish Accordion

I just sent Weird Al’s parody “Germs.” I compared the Jews to the Germs.

However, it was Weird’s accordion playing that really attracted me. Being Polish American, it was the musical instrument that attracted me to his music. Brother Eddie played the accordion and harmonic at the same time. Also, guitar, and he’s playing in heaven now.

I changed history for Poland. When I began my costumed karaoke stage tributes to my Polish ancestry and kin, Poland was lowest economy. That was about 1999. As of 2012, the were #1. Even candidate Romney paid a visit there and asked how the Polish people performed that miracle. He also laid a wreath at the Polish unknown soldier’s grave. We were Jewish war’s bodybags for 1,000 years.

Weird Al’s music makes life a little bit lighter and easier to take when being a White survivalist and truther gets to be a little bit too much.

I’m at Las Vegas’ famous strip. I took a solo stance in my love not “shame” of my Polish heritage even if I had to pay a high price.

Barbie, Queen of Karaoke’s tribute to my Polish heritage.
Barbie as Polish Dancing Lady
Barbie Queen of Karaoke’s tribute to her native Polish people overseas, in Chicago, and around the world.
Barbie’s Polish White Eagle flag tribute for Constitution Day, May.
I really saved a 3-month old Polish American baby. More in my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White BUT a Slave – 1,000 Years with the Jews. Her name was Pamela Wojcicki, same last name as Jewess who stole YouTube and shuts all White survivalists and holocaust exactitude revisionists down. I performed this at the House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, Vegas, MGM, Rockstar Rockband karaoke.
Barbie’s Miami Florida tribute to my Polish ancestry. I played Chicago, Vegas, and Branson, MO, Live Entertainment capital of the world.
I called my Congressman and asked him to sign a peace treaty with Germany, and for Germany to sign a peace treaty with Poland. Whites “MUST” get along. All the other races and religions do. We’ve been intentionally afflicted as Jews did to my Poland 1025-now.