Nine Ukrainian Women got Our Top White/Jew Exposer Authors

I write this for debate on my findings that I added to just now. I’ve written this before but would like your input if I’m correct, in error, or if you know of more examples. It has to do with Ukrainian women but also if there’s anyway we can help save the Ernst Zundel Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist estate, let me know. The key is talking to Zundel’s wife’s son, Rudy, who is heir. I’ve worked on it on and off 4 years. 
I’m editing one of my final chapters that is longer than the autobiographical part. It’s all of us who were and are  “persecuted martyrs.” I’ve spent over 18 years, thousands and thousands of hours watching YouTubes, reading books, emails, flyers, listening to radio shows and podcasts, attending meetings, talking for hours on the phone, having dinners, and supporting others as much as possible. Very little has been about me. It’s unselfish a good quality.
Here’s a list of the top writers, speakers, participants, who have been swayed or married to Ukrainian women. It doesn’t affect me personally, but we must be aware of this. Ancestrally, the top two jewish leaders forced 2,000,000 Ukrainians (I don’t know if they were male or female) into Poland, which already has the lowest birth rate, 1.2, of 196 countries. It’s a quick and intentional genocide to cover up the jewish 1,000-year history.  Here’re the names and there are children involved so I mean no harm. I want to help heal the White Male and White Female World War III. 
Our Top Whites / Jew Exposers

  1. Ernst Zundel – the Godfather of Holocaust Exactitude Revisionism.  His Canadian Trials for nine years focused on the holocaust lies. It’s the only time in history, which is why his works are so important. He met and married late in life a Ukrainian woman, Ingrid Rimland, also an author. Both passed away within a few months a few years ago during the Inquisition where all of us were shut down, beaten, crippled, demonized, imprisoned, died. According to this link, Ingrid says they moved to Pigeon Forge, Tennesse because she wanted them to get away and not spend all their time fighting the Jews, as I risked my life. From the article below:
  2. “By the time he married Ms. Rimland in 2001, Mr. Zundel was in need of domestic bliss. He and Ms. Rimland, both in their 60s, bought a home in small-town Tennessee. (Pigeon Forge)Mr. Zundel took long walks and puttered in his garden to get a break from the cause.”We came here to regroup,” Ms. Rimland says. “We didn’t want to spend all of our time fighting with the Jews.”On Feb. 19, Mr. Zundel was caught up in his cause once again, when U.S. immigration agents arrested him at home and deported him to Canada, where he awaits his fate at the hands of the Immigration and Refugee Board. This week, Ms. Rimland said the world had never seen the “decent and articulate” Ernst Zundel she knew.”He’s a real man, and there aren’t many of those around,” she said. “He’s not the bumbling goof that the press always makes him out to be. He’s a man with a spine, a man who can dig in his heels. What woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?”
  4. David Duke – She said he could have Ernst Zundel and Ukrainian Ingrid Rimland’s estate. Ernst and Ingrid married. The estate is still rotting away in Dolly Parton’s Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The nearby university said it “must” be saved. No one has talked with Ingrid’s son, Rudy, the heir.
  5. David Westerlund – A paid contributor to Ingrid who I met through trying to save the Zundel Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist Estate. At first, he put her in his Will.
  6. Bernie Davids – worked for George Lincoln Rockwell. Visited her often and seemed to be in love with her. 
  7. Joe Foster – Same above. Drove her back and forth from Tennessee to Mexico a home bought with Zundel’s contributors so they could be together.
  8. Mike Walsh – British author, 72 books, for over 50 years as a top pro-White and holocaust revisionist. He also writes children’s books and many other genres. He’s married to Nadiya Burlikova, which is a Ukrainian name. 
  9. Jim Schnieder married a Ukrainian woman and has a family. He was at the Council of Conservative Citizens and was generous after my PowerPoint DC presentation.
  10. Joe Cortina – Three Volumes, John 8: 44, where Jesus whips the Jews out of the temple, which became empty and allowed for all the sick, blind, possessed with devils, diseased to entire. Jesus healed them all.
  11. Mark Weber – Institute for Historical Review. From what I thought his wife is Ukrainian but may be Jewish. 

Jewess St. Anne Frank’s Grave: Victims Loaded with Contagious Typhus and Diphtheria

Her autobiography is a hoax as well as her death at the hands of evil Nazis or rightfully called German National Socialists. Although Jew media used the word “Socialists” today the same as “Communists.” Our poor, poor White dumbed down people. Jews also got a lot of publicity with a story about how Anne Frank died in the camp in the arms of some jewess woman, who comforted her! Lies, lies, and more lies. If the British burned down the camp, then the British holocausted it. 
What if her death by typhus is a lie and she escaped and her autobiography is totally fictitious as her $20,000,000.00 museum, that rakes in millions of dollars as well as billions of minds since Jews forced our laws to teach that the “evil Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews.” They added “gypsies” and others. And finally added “some Polish” the third time in the bill as if my people and me are not humans but the last word and period in their passed bill. All our White Children (Christian) are forced to memorize that or fail school! What a lousy (filled with lice) school system! After being nearly expelled in Vegas and expelled at the local university, I can attest to their injustices and genocidal curriculum, teachers, textbooks, and schools. Our recent USA  jewish law reads exactly those words, “Evil Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews!”  Maybe she never existed but is a Hollywood actress type character? We only “believe” and all our Whites are part of the jewish “religion.” They may not practice Christianity, since jewes destroyed that to again crucify Jesus Christ once and for all and worship them as gods and goddesses as well as Chinese, Hindu, Blacks, Browns, but taught Whites to hate each other!

The Martyrdom and Hanging of German Julius Streicher

Some pictures are missing.

From my book on what the Jews did to German Julius Streicher. Also, his testament.

  • Julius Streicher, German NSDAP – Publisher of Der Stürmer, exposed the Jews. Wife’s testimony: Not violent, nor wanted any for Jews. 

After World War II, USA Jews and Blacks mocked him in his jail cell. Put a sign on him, “Julius Streicher, King of the Jews.” With the prison window out, left numb with cold. Couldn’t hear. Blacks undressed him naked. He kept only pants but couldn’t keep them up when they fell because they handcuffed him. Every 2-4 hours, 24/7, Blacks with a White man hammered at him. Cigarette burns on nipples, fingers gouged into eye sockets, eyebrows and chest hairs pulled out. The non-Whites beat German Streicher with an ox whip. 

welts all over his body. Thrown against walls, floor. Blows to the head. Heavy chain across his back. 

When he refused to kiss the Blacks’ feet, they kicked and whipped him. When he wouldn’t eat rotten potato skins, more blows, spitting, and burns. If he refused to drink out of the toilet, more torments. Jew pressmen every day. Photographed naked! They hung an old great army coat around him and jeered, ‘Now, how long do you think you got to live?” No opportunity to lie down, no chair. He collapsed handcuffed for four days. Impossible to relieve nature. He never cried out but thought of his dear wife, White Adele. In contrast, I posted how the Jewess used the singer, Adele, against our White people and a slave to the Black race with the 2.6 billion hit video Hello, that I sang in karaoke. Now I turn it off.[i]

Blacks screamed at him, “Kill! Kill!” Twenty Jews interrogated him through a Jew prison governor. They executed White Streicher by hanging.[ii] It was Jew Herman Obermayer who made money supplying the materials for the executions. The Jews ran the trials – the first time in history that there wasn’t an unbiased court and judges! They secured the most despicable White hangman to do their dirty work![iii]

I don’t want to end my life with suicide but go to the end in a weekly journal as a struggle for truth.

I’d be especially interested in the Pre and World War II German editions and would welcome comments.

NBA fines Music Magnet who replaced Country Music: $50,000


The Jew complained the officials didn’t treat his Pelican star basketball player “Zion” with respect! And you know Jews who control films, news, audience, have a ton of resources to put together anything they want to affect our minds. 
From my study, Southern Rock Stars, such as Lynryd Skynyrd’s, were on the rise, when Jew David Geffen introduced his black music that our children today worship as idols! Odd but Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash when Country music was about to become popular, and so was Lynryd Skynyrd’s band died the same way! Some people don’t like country I guess and replace us with black music. I grew up on country music in South Chicago and didn’t get dragged into the Black Motown culture.
Speaking of Motown, Cher worked there with Sonny Bono. He’s the one who made her famous. The company needed extra singers and asked them. She refused so he pushed her on stage and was the brains of their endeavors. But it was Geffen who got a hold of her and convinced her to be his lover and to break the contract with the Sonny and Cher enterprises and leave her husband for good.
Geffin’s a billionaire and Barack Hussein’s top assistant in the White House with two other Jews. (Same as Franklin Roosevelt’s sidekicks in WWII.) 
Surprised that the NBA fined him and what about his sidekick “Zion.”

Jews Terrorize White Presidents – Especially Protestants.

It’s more like how Jews hypnotized, blackmailed, or outsmarted out White presidents.
Here’s a list favorable to the Jews so we as their slaves have to read between the lines. Blacks didn’t have it this bad as we suffer.
The list really should go back to President George Washington and the American Revolution. Jews started that war first White World War. Polish Banker Haym Salomon pulled the strings of Poland, England, the USA, and more. He was arrested and was to be hung for “treason.” “Treason for Jews is child’s play to get out of like toy handcuffs. 
I have to make this short and sweet, but Jewish crime is written all over these Presidents’ offices.
Jews killed Abraham Lincoln. An actor in a Jewish acting studio. The killer looked just like his Jew boss who may have done it. 
Adolf Marix, Jew was on the USS Maine when it had an explosion. It wasn’t a coincidence he was assigned to be the recorder of the inquiry as Jews headed the Warren Commission on the assassination of President Kennedy. Also, I wrote Jews involved in the sinking of the Titanic, Wilhelm Gusloff, Patria, and the USS Liberty. It makes sense. Jews were the ship captains who brought the Black pampered workers to get us addicted.
Jews blackmailed President Wilson to have him appoint a Jew Supreme Court Justice. Today, there is no White Male or White Female in the Supreme Court. Jews and Catholics. The one President Trump appointed was Catholic who converted later. However, the Protestants built this country for 400 years and the others hijacked it. White World War I, where Whites fought each other internationally for Jewish rights, was for Jews as was the Civil War when the Jew Carpetbaggers raided, robbed, and ruined the South, which had all the money. Wilson supported the Balfour Declaration, which promised the criminal fake Jews from my ancestral Poland, the land of Palestine, which we had no right to give away. It’s also mentioned how Jew “War-burg” “authored,” started, and appointed the deluxe position of Vice-Chairman our USA Federal Reserve Bank system! It’s now backed by USA land usurped by the highest country’s bidder. China’s one of them. Today, we have a Jewish Vice-President who proudly married colored Harris to rule over us.
I could write more but no time. Remember in 1924, White Protestant Republicans banned the Jews (and Chinese) who now rule over us as a dynasty, and we and our offspring reduced to slaves. Eventually, they will erase us from history and no one will care. They aren’t capable. Jews taught them to hate us.

America’s Presidents and the Jews

Holohoax: How Jews Terrorize White Christian Women

I decided to put a spiral tablet, pen, glasses, and a tiny attachable light to the pages next to me as I sleep. An author must have a spiral tablet in every room to jot down ideas.
When I woke up, I realized I had thoughts coming to me that I needed to write down for the expansion of my knowledge, my book, emails, or blog. The ideas were about how Jews terrorize White Christian women regarding the holocaust lies. I imagine all my ideas come from a dream state since I never wrote in my life and can only write when I’m inspired, like the Holy Ghost. 
Holohoax: How Jews Terrorize White Christian Women: It was only the KKK and the Nazis who protected White women and children. 

  1. Me: When I went to a theater to see Schindler’s List, (I was still a Jewess slave,) it affected me so badly, (feeling overwhelmingly sorry for the Jews) I walked out. Only later, did I learn the movie was based on a novel and is fictional.
  2.  Elvis’ leading lady, Dolores Hart. Jews put her in a movie, called Lisa about how the Dutch Secret police smuggled her out of Poland, work camps, during the holocaust lies period. But Dolores felt it as if it really was happening to her.   Hollywood Jews made her role as a Jewess so emotional and tragic, Dolores couldn’t function! She was guided to go to a US nunnery for rest. They convinced her to leave her fiance, join the nunnery, take a vow of silence, and live cloistered. She has no communication with the outside world. Although a Catholic nunnery, she’s allowed to only watch and Hollywood jewish movies for 60 years! Here’s the movie, Lisa, where the jews crippled actress Dolores Hart to where she had to leave Hollywood and heal up at a nunnery for life! She’s their White Christian slave as a cloistered nun. Vow of Silence. I took one too from age 7-42 I didn’t talk unless absolutely necessary to answer a question, etc.
  3. My friend, an immigrant Polish Anna’s mother, went to a German camp in Poland after World War II. The hype was so emotionally crippling, she nearly fainted! They convinced her the Germans are evil and the Jews are beyond godhood.
  4. When I solo protested the DC Holocaust Museum, I looked through the exhibits. They terrorized White women by showing pictures of White Christian German women wheeling baby buggies! Hitler said, “WWII was all about having babies.”
  5. Jews and the other 92% of the colored world use the White woman’s womb as sewers for their sperm.
  6. My niece married a rich Jew who used her for breeding. He was ugly as sin as the Der Sturmer news drawings in the 30s & 40s. She has beautiful features, her brothers Straight A’s in college (High IQ), and a great disposition. Qualities the jewish men look for if they interbreed. She was utterly devoted to him and the children. After the offspring turned 18, he told her he wanted a divorce. He married her for breeding and had a jewess mistress he was going to marry. He never took my niece out or traveled, but went around the world enjoying the success with his female jew partner how they took advantage of a White Catholic-Christian woman. During the divorce, my niece’s friend gifted her with a statue of Mother Mary for the bedroom dresser. My niece believed in marriage. When the jew laid in the bed he saw the Christian statue, jumped up, put one of his smelly stockings over the object’s head. He yelled to my niece, “That statue’s eyes are staring at me!” Was there a force that exposed his evil ways? He told my niece to go live in the basement where she always belonged. As in Poland, Jews kept us as pre-historic barbarians with barn animals who had more rights. When my niece moved her last items out of the house (He got the fancy house, car, and children!) she told me it was the first time she saw the jew husband do any work. He lifted the heavy study, ran down the stairs with it, and threw it in the back seat. It didn’t break, but he broke my niece. She’s been deathly ill for years, living on a hospital machine four hours a day.

Entry Forbidden to Jews at Polish Hotel!

Polish Piotr Rybak “stood up to the Jews” and wasn’t a coward. He hung a huge banner in front of his Polish hotel saying,
“Entry Forbidden to Jews, Commies, and all Thieves and Traitors of Poland.”

Piotr Rybak forbids Jews entry into his hotel. “Entry Forbidden to Jews, Commies, and All Thieves and Traitors of Poland.”

From the jewish newspaper (2017) he previously ignited controversy when he burnt an effigy of a religious Jew and was sentenced to prison.

The Polish organization also protested for “White Europe” “Clean Blood.”,7340,L-5047291,00.html