White Female Europa at Jewish Knife Slaughterhouse

In my Meme below are the German headline words “Europa am Schächt messer. “ Indeed, thanks to my curiosity and Fred Leuchter who speaks German we worked together to get the true idea of the Der Stürmer Publisher’s message. It was July 1934, five years “before” World War II. They realized Jews were banging the drums for White Civil War.

Also, realize that Jews used Kosher Slaughter, having the animal die a slow and bleeding death. He loved animals, vegetarian, after lunch he and his friends walked by the Black Forest. The animals walked up to him and he fed them. He made a “good” anti-cruelty to animals law.

Anyway, the picture title is worth 1,000 words. Do we read, see, think, and speak that deeply or superficially? Translating the German newspaper’s front page. Also there are more you can find or buy on alamay.com.

  • “Europa” – Feminine. All European countries named after the female.
  • “am” leaning against
  • “Schäct & messer” – Germans run two words together. (umlaut with the two dots on top)
  • “Schäct” Fred’s older dictionary calls it a Jewish slaughterhouse.
  • “messer” – knife

Also, Jews made our lives like a fiction novel and not as an autobiography of what really happened.

Lady Europa

To begin with the White woman is in such grief mourning, and wailing. Europa covers her head so no one can see her agony and pain. Behind her are small White crosses of Jesus = White Veteran male tombstones so far into the horizon they are infinite. Do we Whites want Jewish wars even on the news for eternity? That’s hell not heaven!

Today, it’s up to the White women to wake up and be responsible for the children she brings or doesn’t bring into the world.

Or will White women leave it to the Jewish and non-White doctors who will “choose” which sperm to use from the Federal Reserve Bank of sperm. That’s more deadly than our Jewish owned and controlled Federal Reserve Bank system.

Jews know that they are on the hotspot. The whole world knows.

White Dead Veteran

Consequently, Europa’s body is lying on the White veteran’s man’s dead heart that pounds no more. Who and which race is her life dedicated to once she arises and goes back into the world. No race? Jews’ race? Jewish Russian Ukrainian Wars? Blacks, Yellows, Reds?

In the background, White (Christian) Europe goes up in flames as well as in the world. USA Civil War, World War I, II, Vietnam, Middle East. All for the self-proclaimed Jewess butcheress, she has controlled the top three USA government and private banks.

Jews Raped German Women

Truly the Jew in the drawing probably raped the White Christian woman first before he takes off with the country’s loot.. The White woman is hopeless and helpless. Her hero is gone. No one to save her and her offspring!

In addition, he killed the White man. As I wrote about Poland. Once Jews starred us to death, they put on glittery robes and robbed the Polish corpses. My prophetess Mama said in the 1950s. Jews and other races took over Chicago, block-by-block. 28% White. Meanwhile, I’m trying to help win it back including the Great Lake Front with all the fish and water supply. Furthermore, skyscrapers, finest churches, museums Whites paid for, universities, shopping, banks, business districts, companies, highways.

Moreover, the sneaky smirking Jew sneaks away. Does anyone know what’s in his greasy hands? Here’s a close-up of the books? Cult? Satanic Talmud against Whites?

Indeed, here’s the English translation of the 1934 German front page news fearing Jew wars.

German Newspaper: Der Stürmer. (The Storm)

Subheadlines: “German printed document concerning the struggle and truth.”

July 29, 1934

Nürnberg Germany

Headlines: “Wer ist der Feind?

“Who is the enemy?” 

“Printed to WAKE YOU UP!”

“The World War and the Jew protocol from Besel, Switzerland.”

(It’s not said nicely.)

Europa am Schächtmesser” (on drawing)

Europe at the Jew Slaughterhouse of Europe.

At bottom: The Jews are bad luck!

On the Jews’ weapon books in his hands:

Schändung: “Shame”

Entrassung: “Disresulting”

Bolschewismus: “Bolshevism.” Jewish radicals in Russia who murdered the Royal Family.

Kriegsgewinne: “Jews’ Winning the War.”

Dividenten: “Division”

“Star of David:”“Juden Schachmesser” Jewish ritual for killing animals or in this case killing the Europeans. It’s the kosher slaughter of the Europeans.


Almost All Biden’s Children Married Jews

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a strict Jewish man, as did President Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline, and Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea. Now almost all of President Biden’s children married Jews! But then Jews pulled off that trick in Poland for 1,000 years marrying royalty or nobles “If” they would race-break. They marry within 4-5 cousins.

There’s a separation of church and state in America but not synagogue and state laws, or mosque and state for their rights. None for Whites or Caucasian Christians.


200 Supporters for Anne Frank. 2 for Debate

We can see that the book, “The Betrayal of Anne Frank – A Cold Case Investigation.” Jews control book publishing. How did the author with an Irish last name get 200 collaborators?

This book review challenges the author and her 200 supporters. Only two of us, the author and I debate or refute it.

Although, I’m still looking to Poland’s agony in the war 1939-1945, but also 1025-1945 as White Catholic Christian slaves to Jews.

Jews Massacred Innocent White Baby Boys to Destroy Jesus

As I go through the pictures, charts, and paintings in my book this one below shows the deadly truth about Jews. After Jesus was born, ridiculously wealthy Jew King Herod had many homes:

Herod constructed several lavish palace-fortresses within his kingdom. His palace at Herodium, 12 km south of Jerusalem, rose to a height of about 45 meters. He also built palace-fortresses in Jerusalem, Masada, and Caesarea Maritima.”

Jews did the same in Poland where I read one woman had 9 castles and 60,000 slaves.

To Destroy Jesus

First, the 3 Kings realized through studying the stars that a King or Messiah was born and travelled to find him. They stopped at Herod’s palace and fortress for directions. Terrified that Jew Herod would lose his supremacy, wealthy, and power, he instructed his slave servants to massacre all baby boys under the age of two. It was near Bethlehem, Judea, 2 BC to 7 AD.

Consequently, Angel Gabriel warned Jesus’ father in a dream and Joseph took Mary and Jesus for safety to Egypt.

To destroy all White boys

Also, here’s sample of the di Giovanni di Bartolo Matteo painting, Massacre of the Innocents.

Today, with Jewish laws, evil, and supremacy, they have massacred all our White baby boys even men! Hence they remain as Jewish Supremacists ruling over an enslaved White race and Christians.

How utterly sad and mournful.

The Massacre of the Innocents detail of a soldier piercing a baby with his sword 1482 Oil Painting - di Giovanni di Bartolo Matteo

Jew Herod Beheaded Jesus’ Cousin

After Jesus entered his public life, he was baptized by John the Baptist, his cousin. When the Jews visited John, he called them a “brood of snakes.”

When Jew King Herod (there were 3) was drunk at one of his galas, step-daughter danced for and enticed him. He told her she could have 1/2 of his entire fortune, kingdom, and castles. She asked her mother what should she say. The mother replied, “Ask for the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter.”

Jews to destroy me?

Now, let’s fast forward 2,000 years on a time trip. I worked for a Jewish company, Donco Paper, wealthy above Neiman Marcus. The woman who trained me from the South, Wanda, secretly warned me, “Get out of this place it’s Satanic!”

I remember clearly, that the Jew owner, Mr. Mendelson’s White blonde model Shiksa Vice-President, called me in her office. She had two other ladies to witness her cruelty. Fran De Santo the VP attacked me and said I made a mistake on a freight load to transfer scrap paper. I asked to see the paper and very nicely and respectably said in truth and justice. I didn’t do that load. (Chicago where I lived) It was done at our branch in Wisconsin.

She screamed at me in front of the other two workers, “Shut up or I’ll have your head chopped off and put on a silver platter and given to (Jew King) Mr. Mendelson!

Next, tell me about the Jews in the past, present, and future and I’ll tell you my side.

White John the Baptist and the Jewess Salome

Also, in the Bible, Jews wanted to torture and execute St. Paul, a White Roman who brought Christianity to Europe, America, the world. They sent him from Jerusalem to the Italian governor, Felix and his Jewess wife, Drusilla. She was related to all the 3 evil King Herod’s, who also tortured and assassinated Jesus Christ.

Postponed Living; A Study of Drusilla of Acts 24 -
Jewess Drusilla was related to three of the evil Jew King Herods and their fortress palaces. She seduced her way into being the wife of Roman Leader Felix. Drusilla exercised her female powers against St. Paul, had him thrown into prison for 2 years, and demanded bribes. He wrote his Bible Letters (the greatest writer) while in her chains. As a result, he was later executed. The Jewess and her son were swallowed up in the Italian Pompeii volcano.

P.S. Weird Al’s Polish Accordion

I just sent Weird Al’s parody “Germs.” I compared the Jews to the Germs.

However, it was Weird’s accordion playing that really attracted me. Being Polish American, it was the musical instrument that attracted me to his music. Brother Eddie played the accordion and harmonic at the same time. Also, guitar, and he’s playing in heaven now.

I changed history for Poland. When I began my costumed karaoke stage tributes to my Polish ancestry and kin, Poland was lowest economy. That was about 1999. As of 2012, the were #1. Even candidate Romney paid a visit there and asked how the Polish people performed that miracle. He also laid a wreath at the Polish unknown soldier’s grave. We were Jewish war’s bodybags for 1,000 years.

Weird Al’s music makes life a little bit lighter and easier to take when being a White survivalist and truther gets to be a little bit too much.

I’m at Las Vegas’ famous strip. I took a solo stance in my love not “shame” of my Polish heritage even if I had to pay a high price.

Barbie, Queen of Karaoke’s tribute to my Polish heritage.
Barbie as Polish Dancing Lady
Barbie Queen of Karaoke’s tribute to her native Polish people overseas, in Chicago, and around the world.
Barbie’s Polish White Eagle flag tribute for Constitution Day, May.
I really saved a 3-month old Polish American baby. More in my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White BUT a Slave – 1,000 Years with the Jews. Her name was Pamela Wojcicki, same last name as Jewess who stole YouTube and shuts all White survivalists and holocaust exactitude revisionists down. I performed this at the House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, Vegas, MGM, Rockstar Rockband karaoke.
Barbie’s Miami Florida tribute to my Polish ancestry. I played Chicago, Vegas, and Branson, MO, Live Entertainment capital of the world.
I called my Congressman and asked him to sign a peace treaty with Germany, and for Germany to sign a peace treaty with Poland. Whites “MUST” get along. All the other races and religions do. We’ve been intentionally afflicted as Jews did to my Poland 1025-now.

Jew & Jewess Germs!

Sometimes, I need a break for the horrors I discover and the prospect of the never-ending Jewish germs.

It’s the “Jews” not the “Germs!”

I watched Weird Al’s comedy version of “Germs!” and laughed, laughed, and still laugh.

Brother Bert the Polack made his business cards with “BTP,” Bert the Polack on them. He made fun of everything and everyone.

Although even when a tiny girl I realized that the others hated us and called us the name the Jew and Jewess cursed my people with, “Dumb Polack.” Nothing anyone has ever said or did against the Jews compares to what they did to my Polish ancestors, family, suicided or murdered veteran husband, and me. The Polish in Las Vegas at the delicatessen told me don’t dare speak about how bad the brown Mexicans treat the Poles. Unlike the pampered Mexicans, Whites have no recourse and attack and destroy anyone who gets in their way. We shouldn’t be afraid of them anymore than we should be afraid of “germs.” Someday, the Jewess and Jew will be in my shoes and no one to help them but hate them.

Anyway, on a lighter note, the lyrics match what the Jewish germs seem to create. Jews want that and enjoy our suffering and I won’t give them the benefit. Although I take our work seriously, I like to rise above their diseases they spread.

First, I’m not afraid of germs. I don’t believe in them and know that Jews pushed them on Whites so we’re constantly, “afraid.” Fear is the source of all disease. Until the Jews get off our White backs, we’ll suffer their consequence. Although what goes around comes around, what we suffered, Jews will suffer double.

Jewish Soap Operas

Jewish soap operas addicted and destroyed our White womens’ minds. Why? I used to sell Amway soap products. It was never about selling but recruiting. I then realized Whites are deluged with soap products. It started with Jew TV “soap operas.” They produced doctors’ TV shows, White women watched them and then the “soap commercials.”

For example: Lysol Spray kills 99% of the germs. However, the germs in the bathroom aren’t harmful. It’s the fridge spoilage that’s deadly.

Whites won’t wear the color white for fear of . . . stains! Yet all the colored clothes we are wearing are so loaded with uncared for stains, the garment could probably grow legs and walk! LOL

When I pioneered organic gardening my veteran husband, Michael and I, went to the horse farm for manure to compost for our watermelons. By the way, when they were just about to ripen, the local newspaper in Chicago Heights sent a crew to take a pix. The next day someone smashed them all. Tell me about the non-stop crime against me even in my silent days. I used to fertilize my 9 Queen of Peace pink roses with a urine type product. Also, had sludge delivered from the city where they composted the poop and pee. I know it sounds gross but it’s a healthy soil especially for lawn. I’ve experimented with everything.

Anyway, here’s Weird Al with real “germs” that remind me of the Jew and Jewess.

I hope you get a laugh.

The germs start on Weird Al’s White “skin.” And it does seem like Whites have a disease on our skin, otherwise people and Jews (non-people) wouldn’t hate us so much. I mean we gave away our entire country, women, children, animals, houses, streets, lakes, ocean shores, businesses, banks, government, churches, cars, Internet, movies, newspapers, the source of all news, TV, radio, games, insurance companies, theaters (Chinese partners), all our money, our White children in debt $32,000 at birth.

Anyway, folks, this video reminds me of what it’s like to be plagued with a real disease: the Jews. Wait! They have only been here 75+ years. Think if we don’t stop them what it will be like in 1,000 years as they did to poor Poland. Don’t let the Poles’ recent last 10 years fool you. Ernst Zundel called it the “Golden Handcuffs.” With the Jewesses running all the White banks and where the money goes, they prevent Poland from waking up out their Jewish germs’ nightmare. But also, it will happen, and we’ll rejoice.

Jewess YouTube owner disallowed it. Search below:

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Germs

Jewess Descendant Controls White European Central Bank

It’s the Jewesses that control the world. Jewess Supremacism. Christine Lagarde. They originally dominated as mothers of the Jewish men but not the Jewess shows her true colors and power! I’m surprised Whites don’t or can’t object being worse than slaves.

First, USA. Jewess Janet Yellen controlled the USA Federal Reserve Banking System, which collects all the taxes for the country. She was promoted to President Biden’s cabinet and heads the US Treasury and all decisions. Dictator Jewess Yellen controls Biden, Whites, and Americans. All the USA money spent went through Jewess Nita Lowey!

Before that the Jewish men dominated the USA banks and their International Monetary Fund, Ford Knox with our gold, the World Bank.

Why didn’t they teach me their “mathematical” wonders but kept me as a pre-historic human barbarian slave? What about equality for White Polish and Polish-American slaves?

Next, note in the link the most powerful banking positions she held. How was she a USA Republican and also a European People’s Party. Also Christine (takes the name of Christ to fool us) worked for Jewish William Cohen, (the last name indicates the Cohen’s who rule the world).

Positions Jewess descendent held

President of the European Central Bank

Managing Director of the
International Monetary Fund

Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry

In addition, Jewess even controls all the White countries’ fish, which is dangerous and could lead to our jeopardized food supply (giving it to the non-Whites, 92%.)

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Minister of Foreign Trade

(Think the “Made in China” White surrender Flag and their dynasty.)

Also, Lagarde’s picture shows her in Asian “Singapore” and even (once Christian)” defeated Germany” defeated by the Jewish race and religion.

How did Lagarde get in on the Watergate hearings that brought down USA President Richard Nixon? Doesn’t anybody monitor every move the Jews make before they annihilate the White people and our countries, even leaders?

Here’s the ruler of the White World: Jew descendant Christian Lagarde has control of every penny, law, White person, churches, and countries in the world.

Here’s the link. Every Jew and Jewess must be monitored and their history exposed as to how they affected the genocide of the endangered White people.


Autobiographical New Video

Mona Montgomery created this video during our first phone call. After 20 years of research, writing, speaking, protesting, there’s one person who promoted me.

My research isn’t just about exposing the Jews or saving the Whites, it’s about love and compassion.

She’s a beautiful woman with great talent and knowledge. Please share since she’s new at this. Welcome her with open arms. And thanks Fred Leuchter for putting us together.