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Please join me as Pastor Eli and I discuss Part 2 on the jewish assassinations of White leaders from my upcoming book, I’m Fearlessly White NOT A Slave – 1,000 Years Together. If you have any questions, comments, corrections, please put them in the chat or email me at courage@authorbarbie.com. I keep that for matters relating to my manuscript, publishing, marketing, and advertising.


Lies about White Christians in WWII

Repost: As I protested the jewish only version of the holocaust in 2017, they Lied About What happened. The USA had a 1924 ban on them. Since they stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine in 1927, all movies, including YouTube, porn films are of the jewish devil.

96-year-old accused of being Nazi camp guard is deemed ‘unfit’ for trial

By Claudia Otto and Sara Spary, CNN

Updated 12:03 PM ET, Thu March 11, 2021 The court allege there is "strong evidence" that Harry S. guarded the transportation of hundreds of prisoners who were murdered in gas chambers. The court allege there is “strong evidence” that Harry S. guarded the transportation of hundreds of prisoners who were murdered in gas chambers. 

Berlin (CNN)A 96-year-old man accused of being an SS guard at the Stutthof camp in Nazi-occupied Poland has been deemed “unfit to stand trial.”The man, named only as “Harry S.,” is alleged to have been stationed at the concentration camp — where it is estimated 65,000 people were murdered during the Holocaust.The court in Wuppertal, Germany, had been due to try him of having “aided and abetted [the] murder [of] several hundred [people],” court judge and spokesman Christian Lange told CNN.But owing to his inability to “conduct the defense in an understandable and comprehensible manner” the trial will no longer take place, Lange said. The court has decided, however, that he must “bear the expenses incurred by him in the proceedings himself.”https://8cc1da654205add36fe6e3c1e43868b8.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.htmlHarry S. is accused of having served as a guard at the Nazi concentration camp, near the Polish city now called Gdansk, between June 1944 and May 1945.Female Nazi concentration camp secretary charged with complicity in 10,000 murders in Germany While there the court allege there is “strong evidence” that he guarded the transportation of 598 prisoners to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 596 were murdered in gas chambers. 

Eurofolk Radio Show: “Jews Assassinated White Leaders”

Pastor Eli James will interview me tonight on Eurofolk radio an American & European radio station.

Here’re pictures from my upcoming book, I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave – 1,000 Years Together. I’ll also add the link after the show.

Jews assassinated the greatest writer in the Bible, St. Paul, who brought Christianity to Europe and America
King Herod and the Jews massacred all baby boys under two years old in hopes of murdering baby Jesus.
From my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave – 1,000 Years Together.” Jews assassinated King Przemysl II, Poland
From my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave – 1,000 Years Together. Jews assassinated Queen Bona, Poland. They also named her King of Jerusalem since they had their first Zionist State in my ancestral land.
From my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave – 1,000 Years Together. Jews assassinated White Leaders. Queen Marie Antoinette
From my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave – 1,000 Years Together. I made a 3′ wig for my tribute to Queen Marie Antoinette. Jews eventually assassinated her and her husband, King Charles XVI.
Queen Marie Antoinette’s mother, Maria Theresa, warned the Jews, no matter under what name.
Jews First Assassination Attempt. President Andrew Jackson. From my upcoming book, “I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave – 1,000 Years Together
Jewess Terrorist Vera Figner Assassinated Christian Russian Tsar Alexander II. Another jewess, Emma Goldman, who forced her Communism on all White countries, incited the assassination of President McKinley and near murder of #1 business leader, Henry Clay Frick.
HENRY CLAY FRICK (1849-1919). American industrialist. The attempted assassination of Henry Clay Frick by the Russian-American anarchist Alexander Berkman on 23 July 1892, during the Homestead Strike. Wood engraving, American, 1892.
Jewess Emma Goldman founded USA Communism and incited the murders of President McKinley and near assassination of #1 business leader and most powerful man in the USA, Henry Clay Frick.
Joseph Pulitzer who owned the New York World News’ photographer was feet away from the near assassination of New York Mayor Gaynor.
The 1914 Jewish Assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, which started World War I, and the Jews’ 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy are nearly the same.
Seven Jews had assassinated the Russian Christian Tsar & Tsarina and their five children. This picture denotes the youth for White Flower Day.
Jew Revolutionaries under Jewish Yakov Yurovsky assassinated and martyred the White Orthodox Russian Christian Tsar, Tsarina, and family. Their religion canonized them as saints and martyrs.

Seven Jews assassinated and martyred the White Christian Russian Imperial Romanov family under Bolshevik revolutionary Jewish Yakov Yurovsky. The bodies were taken to the Koptyaki forest, where they were stripped and mutilated. In 1919 the White Army commissioned an investigation but were unable to find the unmarked gravesite.

I model the self Made in America suit, hat, and purse as Jackie Kennedy wore at her husband, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Princess Diana wore a suit like this as did Michele Obama.
In my upcoming book, the Jewish assassinations of White European American Leaders since John the Baptist, Jesus, through the character assassination of President Donald Trump

Lacey Schwartz’ Real Father

I was looking for songs with “Marie Antoinette” in the title. I came across lyrics with those words by Lacey Schwartz. I knew that Schwartz was Jewish since I wrote about how Eddie Schwartz, Chicago WIND radio, molested my sister Mary who was married to an Italian from Alta Monte, Italy. My sister was a radio call-in to his show. She had written and read a box full of positive and light poetry, such as “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” sort. When my brother-in-law found out, he ran to the radio station, put a loaded gun to Jew Schwartz’ head, and cocked the trigger. (I’m not violent nor do I condone it but want business-like solutions to White suffering under jewish masters.) The Jew begged for his life and knew that my relative had a new Italian restaurant, Sorrento’s, and bargained with Tony. The radio host said he’d give my brother-in-law a year of free advertising on his show for a year. In today’s market it would be between $300-500 per minute. Tony uncocked the trigger and put the gun back in his inner holster.

A short time later, two Chicago policemen began hanging around Sorrento’s during their lunch or break. Tony had to work other jobs besides his restaurant and the men sympathized with him and offered to buy into the business as co-partners. That would give my brother-in-law more time at home. I wrote in my book, that soon afterward, the two new co-owners who had 66 2/3% interest, forced Tony out of his own business.

Back to jewess Lacey Schwartz. She made the film Little White Lie. Her jewish parents raised her to believe that her father was a Sicilian Jew. Instead, she found out her jewish mother was screwing a Black man and Lacey was the outcome of this jewish/black sexual encounter.

When I attended a Missouri State University open forum, the black man behind me asked a question: “I thought I was black. How is it my DNA shows I’m 20% jewish?” Yes, the jewish women crave black animal sex not what I consider the highest or most intelligent form of love between a White man and woman. We can’t follow jewish masters anymore, but continue to develop our White species to our highest and leave the other races to do what they please or let God take care of them. It’s a matter of life and death for White survival.



Ernst Zundel & Carlos Porter: End Holocaust Rumors; Begin Truths

As I edit my book for the 39th time, I found this interview that has sound advice from Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists, Carlos Porter, and Ernst Zundel. My last book chapter is on ideas for Whites to survive and get along. It’s taken from the end of the video below.

Ernst Zundel, Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist, interviewed Carlos Whitlock Porter, who father was a California mayor, lawyer, and wartime Navy officer in Japan. Zundel thought the information was motherhood and apple pie but useful as the war of lies rages. 

“Keep the moral standards of the nation high. It’s sabotage on the home front to wangle something for ourselves on the side. Dishonesty and indulgence in us sap the nation’s finding strength. A decent world tomorrow depends on how much each of us lives today. And I would like to ask, ‘Is this a decent world? Do you think so?’ 

“The secret weapon that will win the war: morale. Congress can’t vote it. Dollars won’t buy it. It’s our job to build it. Put unity into your community. Unity starts with “you.” To win this war, stop private wars at home, on the job, with neighbors. Honest apology ends friction and starts teamwork. If we all pull together, we’ll all pull through. Be a rumor stopper. Rumors help the enemy. Trace the facts. Face the facts. Don’t exaggerate. Make your community gossip proof, smear proof, panic proof, fear proof. Every patriot shoots a rumor dead on site.”

Zundel says, “The holocaust is a rumor that has gotten out of hand. If all of us applied the very simple admonition that your father put out in the newspaper during the war, that rumors “help” the enemy. ”