White Man Adores Jewess “Perfect” Video

It’s not the White man or woman’s fault. We’ve been brainwashed and our White bodies murdered a long time ago. But knowing is the cure and we need to resurrect.

It’s so sad when I finally find a love song, the man is White and I thought he was singing to a White woman. Also, watch how jewess YouTube places black happy healthy men near her!
Four Billion hits! All Whites put together or even religious get that many hits!

The jewess, “Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal” J.A.P.P. we South Chicago Whites called and adored them as we groveled at their jewess feet. She started for Disney, the only White movie company in Hollywood. The jewish men monopolized it since its inception 1927-now. Why do Whites waste their money as if we’re buying nails in our coffins? We again are of the highest! Or we should try for that.
Watch this short song, “Perfect” with a White red-headed star singing to a jewess! So “she’s perfect” and we, their White slaves, aren’t? And of course the White man is in love with her as merely a White slave instead of bred from the highest. 
She also played in a blood-sucking horror film, which Whites paid our $$$$$$$$.$$ to be tortured!


Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal J.A.P.P

I’m working on this week’s book movie and came across this tidbit about the jewess Janet Yellen (should be “yelling”) since hers is the only voice heard around the world.
She’s from “Poland” as my enslaved White family to jewesses and jews in South Chicago and 1,000 years in Poland.
She’s responsible for trillions$ and although I was a straight A student but kept down, I struggle to keep a monthly log of my purchases and bank accounts. Seniors need to keep accurate records for our funds as we grow older. Although my credit is tops since I worked plus remodeled four homes for profit.
Jewess American Princesses on Pedestals, (as we Whites called them in Chicago) J.A.P.P 
Here’s Queen Banker, Janet Yellen. Before this, she headed the USA Federal Reserve 12-Bank system. All White $$ went to her (taxes.) Then the Queen jewess gave the money to spend, jewess Nita Lowey House of Representatives. 
Janet “Yell”en mentions her Polish ancestry in this Polish article but doesn’t admit she kept us enslaved: War: 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. Plus she’s granting $5 “Billion” as if it were penny candy being robbed from unsuspecting Whites. What a robbery scenario! Since jews haven’t taught us about that we only know what they put in our minds and bodies.
I’m not violent but want our Whites to get along after being intentionally divided and conquered. (Again as in Poland.)


Sacred Passages: Jews Killed Jesus, Not Romans !

To begin, Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelites, selected the Gospel and Josephus passages below. He proved the White Italian Romans, who jews have blamed for executing White Jesus, were innocent. Jews were guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt!

The Josephus passages on the jewish Pharisees can be found on https://gutenberg.org


In addition, you can search for these passages on the free website below. You can choose which Bible version you prefer. It’s set to New Living Translation. We need to spread our “White Words.”


  • Josephus 13.10.6 on the Pharisees
  • Josephus 13.15.5 King Alexander’s advice to Queen Alexandra
  • Following is an incomplete list of Gospel verses that preach Jews, NOT the Romans, killed Jesus Christ.
  • Read John 19: 1-11
  • Matthew 2: 13-14; 26: 3-4, 59-66; 27: 1-2; 22-23
  • Mark 3: 6; 8: 15; 11: 18; 12: 13, 14:1; 15: 13-14
  • Luke 3: 13-31; 7: 36-50; 13: 31; 23: 13-24
  • Luke 3: 13-31; 7: 26-50; 13: 31; 23: 13-24
  • John 7: 1, 19; 8: 37, 40, 59; 10: 31; 11: 8, 47-53
  • John 18: 3-14; 19-24; 28-40
  • Now read John 19: 11 again. Also, 19, 31, 33, 36, 45, 54

Also, in every case, Roman Pilate declares White Yahshua (Jesus) is “innocent!” On the contrary, every time the Jews speak, they condemn Him. And they were the ones who crucified Him, NOT the Romans.

But who conducted the illegal trial of Yahshua?

There were six trials conducted the night before jews crucified Jesus. All of these proceedings were illegal, based on the rule of law in effect at the time these events took place.

  1. Before jew Annas: John 18: 12, 13
  2. Before jew Caiaphas: John 24: 18-24
  3. Before the jew Sanhedrin: Matthew 27: 1-2
  4. Before White Roman Pilate: John 18: 28-38
  5. Before jew King Herod: Luke 23: 6-11
  6. Before White Roman Pilate: Luke 18: 39 to 19: 16

Hitler: Fiend Turned Best Friend: From My Austria

How did a religious person as I was, begin traveling the road to the most so-called evil taboo man in history: Adolf Hitler? And he honored and even painted Jesus canvases!

In studying family ancestry, I obtained many documents when I worked a block away from the Chicago Vital Records department. However, Daddy’s genealogy family documents were in Lackawanna, New York.

In addition, I then contacted Lackawanna’s documents and discovered Daddy had a little brother, Andrew, who died when Andrew was eight years old.

My dead uncle, eight years ago, Andrew Nowak. It revealed my grandparents were “White” and were from “Austria” and NOT “Poland” where Mama’s parents were from! “Austria?” In 2004, I searched at random “Famous Austria.” I then sank into near hysteria when the first selection came up: “Adolf Hitler.” With blinded thinking, I thought, “Oh my, I’m related to the devil. Evil Adolf Hitler!” Two years later, I went back to college English 101 and asked the librarian a question. I nearly died since I wept hysterically while driving to school and could barely face her, “Do you have a book about the Nazis and KKK?” She had both. I read and wrote essays on them. My teacher said she corrected 1,000 papers, and they were all the same. Unless we wrote something different, I wouldn’t get an “A.” I suffered my wailing, weeping, throwing my head on the library and writing center desks, but began reading and writing about Adolf Hitler. Jews and jewesses who controlled all media since 1896, including news, lied with a capital “L,” about Hitler until today. It’s the shrewd and wicked jewesses who mastermind jewish evil for eternal support for themselves and their evil offspring. They have done so for at least 2,000 years and beyond. Until today, they straitjacketed even our little White and all children (even pregnant White mothers with White babies in their womb) with jewess evil lies. See the video below Jesus telling the Jews off, but good for the sake of “truth!” as I read and write.

Again, the Lackawanna, NY genealogy document, shows my grandmother’s ancestry was from “Austria.” That’s the same place where Adolf Hitler was from.I nearly collapsed in my fear thinking I was related to the most evil man on earth. I had no documents that showed that. I only thought coming from the same country, I, a holy person, was related to the devil, Adolf Hitler. And then I found an entirely different man than the person the Jews defamed non-stop for yearly 100 years. Jews can’t stop. It was always an outside person or country that had to do that. Europeans expelled lying frauds, jews, 1030 times! No gas chambers. The Germans and Hitler were going to send the jews to Madagascar, a wealthy island off Africa, where they originated.

I don’t think I’m related to Adolf Hitler because 1/2 of my ancestry is from Austria, but perhaps I could be. In metaphysics, a person has to “magnify” the good as I did for my disabled Vietnam Veteran. A jew denied him disability according to documents and I dropped out of college and saved his life.

In writing my 2006, college essays I had to go against all jewish training, Babylonian witchcraft, their lies, and see Adolf Hitler from a “good” White woman’s point of view. 18 years studying except for the eight years after a Las Vegas jewess beat and crippled me on my spine, (I was 65) in front of an audience as I was about to sing in a White Princess Diana gown at the Jew MGM Mandalay Bay Casino’s House of Blues.

White Jesus told the Jews off — I, a good White woman, humbly walk in his footsteps and tell the jewesses off.

I’m Fearlessly White 26-4A Jesus Beats Jews Out of Temple

Hello Eurofolks,

See chapter Pictures on last blog.
Jesus: What a White Guy! Today atheism is the norm in the USA and moreso in Europe. Without moral leaders or compasses the Whites are lost, divided, and conquered. Jews and their Chinese God-hating Communists won. It’s why jew Communists killed all 22,000 of Poland’s leaders, religious, and officers on April 10, 1940. Katyn Massacre. Some Whites buried alive if the single bullet to the back of the brain didn’t kill them.

Pastor Eli James and my links are below.
First is the 3-minute clip of one man, Jesus, Who physically battled the jewish bankers out of the temple. Jews and now jewesses have controlled the top USA banks since 1913. All our White money and taxes going into the treasury and being spent where jews and jewesses decide! (Israel-China?) There’s nothing for Whites or White Christians. All LAWS against Whites (especially Caucasian Christians nearly dying) except the bill I submitted to the Washington DC Congress, 2018. 
I sent this week’s pictures in the last email.

Below: White Jesus Goes Wild and Beats the Jews bankers out of the Temple. After the temple emptied, all the sick, lame, crippled, dumb, blind, deaf, sinning, and dying went in. Jesus healed them all.

Please see the pictures for this week’s episode of my book on the last video:

You’ll see me analyze this on Thursday’s filming of my book with Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelites. I cheer, cheer, cheer Jesus on at the beginning of my book interview below:


I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26-4 Jews Killed Jesus NOT Romans

Hello European American folks: Eurofolks!

This is the 54th episode of my book, autobiography and biography for deceased veteran husband. He shed his blood for our country. Only 1 of 100 has done that. He received the Purple Heart Medal of Honor for his bravery fighting the God-hating Communist Chinese bodies and Jew bankers. This is what our history books must tell you but don’t. Jews control book publishing since White Daddy slaved for them

I created this me of the First American President, George, and First First Lady, Martha Washington. He’s White. In the Bible, the first man, Adam, means “red in the cheeks.” In the Bible, Israelites were White, not lying Jews! I created and sewed a hat like this one and an outfit. It was difficult since I came from a family of 12, were Polish, White slaves to Jews, and had failed clothing. They kept us starving poor as they did in Poland for 1,000 years. It will happen to America and all Whites if it’s not reversed. I did it out of love for Whites although couldn’t say “White” on the biggest USA karaoke stages! Why? When I visited their mansion and tombs, both guides knocked the president down for “having black slaves.” Really. The Yellow Chinese who took over Africa, the next worldwide breadbasket to feed their 1.5 billion people, said they had to hire blacks for the plantations. They said the blacks are lazy, filthy, won’t work, and have to be babied like children! I sent my opinion back admonishing them for not “praising” the White leaders. We do the same with White Biden and White Trump. The world makes cartoon fools out of them. Who knocks down Biden’s top 12 choices: Jews and Jewesses!!!!!??? No one dare speak in our so-called free society. We’re terrified of jews and it accounts for our high illness, death, suicide rates.
Here’s a closeup of the costume I sewed and designed as a tribute in costumed karaoke for First Lady Martha Washington. See the Meme I made above. I sang “George Girl” by the Australian Seekers. Watch “Geogy Girl “THE SEEKERS (with Lyrics) YouTube
I designed America’s First Lady, Martha Washington’s White wig. I use my hands when speaking for emotions, communication among Whites.
Pastor Eli James, a Chicago friend, and I discussing “Jews Killed Jesus NOT the Romans!” We’ve got the Truth on our side!
Mama symbol, left, me looking to the Jews, White Daddy (12 children) looking to their jew employers, (slavers.) The jews wear gold even on their shoes, pearls, rings, healthy, happy, hairdo’s. What the jews did to ancestral White Poland for 1,000 years until 1945, they are in full swing doing the same in America. It’s only a matter of time! Poland is the only Christian country left in Europe!!! Jews killed Jesus Christ not only 2,000 years but at the end of World War II When they took over White Europe and America!
White Jesus calls so-called Jews evil! They had threatened, arrested, intimidated, whipped, slapped, beaten, crowned Him with thorns, and executed Him in front of an audience.
Jesus promised the evil Jews, “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in hell!
Jealous jews screamed at White Caucasian Jesus, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” They are responsible for 120,000,000 White European American Christians since their war against White Russian 1917-now. 200,000 American churches will either shut down or barely exist. No so for jew synagogues and muslim mosques the other two united and main religions!
Jesus said, “Father God, forgive “them” for “they” know not what “they” do, and “they” parted his garments. In the drawing you can see the White Italian Romans gambling for White Jesus’ 1-piece tunic. Jesus forgave “them” NOT the Jews who executed Him!

I’m Fearlessly White 26-3 “Jews Killed Jesus NOT White Roman Italians”

Hello Folks,

Being White has been shameful. However, this chapter removes those slavery shackles and chains. On his original Internet two-hour radio weekly shows for nine years, Pastor Eli read every Bible line and analyzed it from the Greek and Hebrew versions. There have been 10,000 translations by others since. He proves that it’s the Caucasians, Whites, who are the Bible Israelites from Adam through Jesus and St. Paul. Tragically, TalkShoe radio shut him down!

Today’s video is a combination of my further research and Pastor Eli’s passages proving the Jews Killed Jesus, NOT the White Roman Italians!

When I think of Jesus, I think of God or what we conceive as our highest. Whites, more than ever, need hope, a higher and divine influence today, and a healing of what seems impossible.

“St. John the Baptist and the (jewish) Pharisees.” Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, points to the jewish wicked soldiers. White artist James Tissot’s paintings are some of my favorites. He paints using the color White as predominant objects. Follow the color white, left to right: Hills, which also point in certain directions. flat rocks, clothing even the folds. John fasted and lived on locust and honey for 40 days before preaching. He’s a redhead, as was Adam, King David. Their names mean “ruddy,” and David’s may mean “redhead.” There’s a jewish crowd John addresses and other times a White Israelite audience.
As an accomplished artist who studied and painted White portraits, I find this James Tissot painting exciting. She’s White and dressed in White, as I often do. I studied the White highlights in the river background and the dress folds. He makes fabric and White people come to life.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is St.-Mary-Magdalene-Photoshop-2.png
Jesus’ words on the cross. “Father forgive ‘them’ for ‘they’ don’t know what ‘they’ are doing.” And ‘they’ parted his garments. Jesus forgave the White Italian Romans NOT the jews or jewesses. In 1945, my White parents had the most heavenly marriage in South Chicago in 1945. Daddy said, “You’re mother’s an angel!” They both worked during World War II for jewish illegal immigration in 1945 into the USA. 1924: However, the US Government had a ban on them and the Chinese. My parents descended into the worst domestic violence reports in Chicago’s history. I escaped by attending St. Mary Magdalene’s church daily, sometimes twice, for “six years.” I sat in the front pew to the right of innocent Jesus, Who jews tortured. Notice beneath the crook’s hanging on the right are White Roman Italian Soldiers hired by wicked Jews. White Jesus often wore White as I learned in the hot Vegas sun to repel heat. For six years, as I looked up from my pew, I daily faced the Romans are gambling dice for Jesus’ seamless, expensive White cloak, not cut into portions as in most clothing.
Jew wicked King Herod, 1 of 4 Herods, beheaded John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin. He put it in a silver platter and gave it to his wife’s daughter, who requested it. John exposed Herod many times. When I worked at jewish Donco Paper, the jewish president I worked for had a white female shiksa. (Slave usually for work but also in bed as one of my relatives suffered for 45 years, while the jewess wife got all the $$$, insurance, cars, community respect and prominence, diamonds, gold, stocks, Florida hide-a-way, trips to Israel.) The White female shiksa accused me of making a mistake. I kindly looked at the paper and said, “That was done at the Wisconsin office.” She screamed, “Shut up or I’ll have your head chopped off and put on a silver platter and give it to (jewish) Mr. Mendelson.”
Jesus, God’s White Son
29 After White Israelite Jesus prayed and fasted for 40 days, Satan tried to stop him three times. Finally, Jesus got rid of him. Later, Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptizer, saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! 30 He is the one I was talking about when I said, ‘A man is coming after me who is far greater than I am, for he existed long before me.’ 31 I did not recognize him as the Messiah, but I have been baptizing with water so that he might be revealed to (White) Israel.”
32 Then John testified, “I saw the Holy Spirit descending like a dove from heaven and resting upon him. 33 I didn’t know he was the one, but when God sent me to baptize with water, he told me, ‘The one on whom you see the Spirit descend and rest is the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.’ 34 I saw this happen to Jesus, so I testify that he is the Chosen One of God.
White Jesus clearly asserts, “I’m not praying for the world but for the White, called the Children of Israel. My dear Master and Lord is not praying for the Jews. In contrast, he’s praying for us, Whites, for our divine rights right now: Our Kingdom Heaven on Earth! I echo White Jesus’ sacred words. “I’m NOT praying for the whole world, 92% non-Whites. I’m praying to God for our White people who’ve been enslaved and tortured. To live in a jew and jewess illusion from the banks down to every thought, feeling, and action in our White lives is hell on earth. We can have “heaven” if we turn in that direction. Leave God to take care of the others and we can focus on the 8% or at least those in our lives or thoughts.

Below Jesus is screaming at the jews. Hypocrite is the worst curse word a person could call another. Even my White Mama of 12 babies used that in her verbal arguments. If my mother shouted, “You hypocrite” watch out!

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