Jew Hoffman: Overthrew White American Government


Jewish Revolution against White America
As I edit my manuscript. 
First, Jews overthrew the White American government. Whites lost. 
Next, it took 16 years from their holocaust lies’ weapons. Jews were worst than atom bombs against America since 1945. Likes illegally arrived en masse after all Jews left ancestral Poland. They barged into the USA. The Republicans had a ban on them since 1924.

Finally, the Jew’s weapons: holocaust lies, hatred of the White people, and greed to devour everything we worked for 400 years. I’m not violent but the Jewess is. She uses reverse psychology techniques against us. 

In the book, Jew Hoffman ferociously referred to (White) America as the “Pig Empire” and stated that it wasn’t immoral to steal from it. He wrote it was sinful not to do so. [i]


Jew Overthrow Timeline

1924 the Republicans had a ban on Jews & Chinese, now the #1 superpowers.
1945 Jews’ lies = holocaust – illegal citizenship

1961 Jews passed Affirmative Action and straight-jacketed White males. 
1963 killed President Kennedy as a “feel sorry” lamb.
1964 his brother Edward, passed the “Civil Rights Act,” for 92% of the non-Whites and against the 4% White males. The 4% worldwide White American females are included in the Civil Rights Act. Four months after his brother died. The bill was drafted by a rabbi in a synagogue. It’s religious. 40% of rabbis are atheists. 
1965 Jews passed the “Immigration Act.” It gave them citizenship. Why? 
1966 Jews’ Vietnam War shoved our entire White male population to have the Chinese brutally slaughter our young men. 
1968 race riots and burning down Chicago as the Jews inflicted the two Great Chicago Fires, 1871 and 1874. And now the Jewesses whip out and pass anti-Semite bills against Whites (especially Christians) like used toilet paper.

1971 (Also from my book)

In 1971, Jew Abbey Hoffman wrote, Steal This Book. 

“Survive” is about getting free food, clothing, furniture, transportation, land, housing, education, medical, communication, entertainment, money, dope, items, and services. 

“Fight” is the Jew counter-culture overthrowing the White government, corporations, and people. 

“Liberate” how to start an underground press, guerrilla radio, television, what to bring to a demonstration that’s expected to be violent, and how to make homemade bombs. He added first aid for street fighters, legal advice, how to seek political asylum, shoplifting techniques, stealing credit cards, guerrilla warfare, gun laws, and forging identification papers.

My Book – 1853: Jews Fake Being Chosen

As I edit my autobiography as a Polish slave to Jews for 1,000 years, this quote by a Greek American historian in 1853 is important. Jews, even then were self-promoting themselves as the “Messiah” and “Israel” even 70 years before World War I.

Telemachus Thomas Timayenis said that the Americans have not been allowed to say the word “Jew” since 1789. That would be the year of the Constitutions for the USA and Poland.

Jews infiltrated our government with Polish Jewish banker, Hyam Salomon, who was to be hung for treason but he had gold sewn in his pocket to bribe the hangman.

From my book:

About a hundred and fifty years ago, a mortal Jew proclaimed he was the Messiah but flopped, so he gave up. Then, deceitful Jews announced they were the collective Messiah. In contrast, they are crooked, dangerous imposters. As far back as 1853, Timayenis, a Royal Award winner, wrote about Jew degeneration in his book The Original Mr. Jacobs.

To succeed in their attacks on Christian civilization, the Jews must assume a free thinker disguise. They shield themselves behind empty but high-sounding phrases, liberty, and emancipation.

They believe only in Israel, which will be the Messiah, or in other words, the great future reigning nation.

The true redeemer would no longer be a personality, but Israel transformed into a lighthouse of nations built upon the noble functions of humanity, teaching truth with its books, history, constancy, and fidelity to doctrines.

This gang of tricksters, manipulators of money, is to be the lighthouse of nations? Countries that have produced a Washington, Franklin, Bacon, Shakespeare, Charlemagne, St. Louis, Goethe, Dante, Socrates, Leonidas, and so many others. Our nations have produced the greatest thinkers, men of the loftiest genius, and admirably organized societies.

The Jew must have lost his head, even if the romantic hope of his race acquiring what numberless generations of Christians have founded, created, and produced, has been realized beyond expectation.

Whites, Blacks, Jews: “American Bandstand” TV

While editing my book, I looked up the song by Dick and Dee Dee “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

This clip if from a TV show all my friends were addicted to, “American Bandstand.” Although it seemed White, Jew Annenberg co-owned it. Eventually, Jews pushed out the White inventors and owners and took over all radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, books, text books, book publishing, agents. Before 1927 – today! World Wide!

Even back in the 1950s, Jews placed a blonde next to Dick Clark, the host, but there were two blacks around her. The human mind sees “all” of the screen not only the stars. I know, I was a background actress for Jew movies and TV shows in Chicago. The man on Dick Clark’s right is Black as is the one above the blonde. Jewess Sue Wojcicki won’t let me put the video on my White Christian blog. No evidence. No witnesses to Jewish “perfect” crimes, but not so perfect anymore. Only God is perfect and we only spiritually not humanly.

Jew Raum “Israel” Emanuel: New Ambassador to Tokyo

Beware. Jew Oppenheimer’s name is on the order that dropped the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. Those cities were the most Christian. It wasn’t President Truman’s Order. Jews had seven death attempts on the President life through mail bombs. President Biden’s made Jew Rahm “Israel” Emanuel the new ambassador to Japan. Will the next step be the National Security Advisor to Asia one of the highest positions right under the President?


For example, Barack Hussein Obama and Rahm “Israel” Emanuel are all biblical names. Jews fake being the “Israelites” for Whites to worship. Jews hired a despicable prisoner in a St. Louis Missouri prison to write the Scofield Bible with notes that Jews self-proclaim they are the Bible people. They are not. Jews use Blacks as an army and weapons against the Whites as in Chicago.

Today both the fake Jews in Israel and Chicago are plotting a royal takeover of the world through the unsuspecting Whites. Israel commanded our president to make Jerusalem the capital. Jews plan on building a temple as was torn down in the Bible.

Recently, Chicago is building a library complex in my ancestral neighborhood for former President Barack Hussein. The Chicago Tribune did a magnificent article and audio on the fact that the complex is a “Temple” of worship for him. Barack left no papers so he thinks no one can read. He and his wife, Michelle, dined on caviar and champagne, while my White Vietnam Veteran, Michael Duncan, lived on Chicago’s underground streets eating out of dumpsters.

In addition, Brother Eddie wanted to be a radio sports announcer. He had an underground radio in the 1960s. He caught the Black “Martin Luther” “King” say that if President didn’t pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Blacks were united across America to burn down the country! Jews chose him with his fake name of “Martin Luther” the father of White Protestants from the 1500s, and “King” to tell the underground ruling people, that Blacks are “Kings.” As in Africa.

However, White Biden whose top twelve choices and his colored VP are Jewish without exception. Whites, even Christians are now all slaves to the Jewish religion and race! as well as Blacks.

Franz Liszt Quote: Expel Jews

Below a link to Hungarian Franz Liszt’s most “emotional” music.

Jewess Sue Wójcicki who owns YouTube won’t let me post it. I’m used to their beatings since 92% of the Jews come from my Poland. We have little else except what they serve us. But that’s changing and now are we free.

Here’s the title to search in Jew YouTube. However, Liszt was not Jewish but Hungarian Catholic Christian.

I was engaged to be married to a Hungarian American Chicago policemen, Joe Fekete. His parents escaped the 1957 Jewish Communist Revolution against the White Hungarian people.

After the Civil Rights act (drafted in a Jewish synagogue by rabbis against White Christians) a local lounge on East 79th Street, Chicago, around the corner from where I lived, called the police. Blacks in gangs commanded entrance into the business. The White males protected their women inside and told the Blacks to leave. A fight broke out and the owner called the police, to which Fekete responded. The tough, rough blacks spoiled since 1650 commanded the police to force them to stay there and mingle with the White women. When Fekete and the other police went to escort them out, a fight broke out.

To compare, think of Charlottesville, Virginia, when hundreds of White (Christian) men gathered to save the White General Lee Statue. The Jew Mayor Signer and his Black Vice-Mayor and newly elected Head of the Police department (Black) physically forced and kicked the White men out of “Emancipation Park.” Not only that, the Jews and Blacks are still punishing those men with prison sentences and ruined lives. Who does that to the blacks and jews?

See below the Hungarian Liszt’s musical compositions. I’ll listen to them as I edit, Chapter 11 three different ways, for the 38, 39, & 40th time.

As a White woman when I begged practically on my hands and knees to have the universities in Vegas and locally help me, they either gave me a hard time and two expelled me. All they fed me was more hatred against Whites and commanded I adore Blacks, Jews, etc. They simply read two pages of my book. The White women and White men there, adore Blacks and Jews and hate the White men and women. They practically ruined whatever health I have left.

“Franz Liszt’s most emotional masterpieces”

Jews Forced Pope to Force Auschwitz Nuns to Move

I researched a long Jewish document about 1,000 years and Poland, similar to my 20 years of research. Mine is from a White Polish-American woman’s point of view, Christian. I’ve taken notes and will blog and contradict the Jews’ version.

Polish Expelled Jews. Jews Expelled Nuns

The Internet article showed how often the Poles expelled the Jews or limited them. Now, we’ve been cursed and we got them like the plague.
At the end, I read that the Carmelite nuns put a convent on the site of the Auschwitz Camp. It’s the building that housed the Zyklon B poison to kill the Jewish lice that spread Typhus that killed those in the camps, not gas chambers.

The Carmelite women wanted to pray for the souls of the Polish Catholic Christians who died there as well as the Jews. But Jews say “No” command to only pray for the Jews, not the Polish. 
How can Jews be so heartless and cruel to even have a protest against White Polish holy women? Whether one is religious or not, it’s the principle of truth and justice.

Jews Stole New York Times from White Christians

The article is by the Jew New York Times, a worldwide newspaper the Jews stole from White American Christians in 1896. They also started and controlled “Associated Press” where all our news comes from. Fake since 1896. It’s why I don’t believe any of the recent news. COVID, smashing our statues (by Jews) Jewish Zarensky Ukraine War, Evil Putin (the new Jew Hitler for the Whites to hate), the shootings. None of it impresses me and I don’t follow it. It’s a waste of my time and energy to adore and worship every word the Jews shove down our throats, senses, minds, and hearts, or what’s left of them. 
Jew New York Times

Jew Rabbi Assaults Nun’s Convent

“In 1989, a New York City rabbi, Avraham Weiss, contending the Catholic Church had not abided by the agreement, organized a protest against the nuns. He broke into their convent and scuffled with workmen the nuns had hired for renovations. After the episode, Jozef Cardinal Glemp, the Roman Catholic primate of Poland, denounced the “anti-Polishness” of Jews and their “power over the mass media.”

Jews Force Pope to Remove Auschwitz Nuns

You’ll have to google this article. “POPE ORDERS NUNS OUT OF AUSCHWITZ”

Jew Comedian Mocks White President & Evangelicals

As I edit my book, I came across a topic that needed an endnote reference. It was to show an example how Jewish comedy was actually a hate-fest against Whites. In this case, it was the Republican President Ronald Reagan and his wife, and Evangelical Billy Graham. Jew “Don Rickles Goes Nuts at Ronald Reagan’s 2nd Inaugural – Jan, 1985!!”

  • Jews put a little black boy for the White audience to adore and worship to introduce the Jew. How the Jews conned us with assaults left and right worse than bullets. Who’s going to take the Jewish guns away they’ve used on us since Poland 1025.
  • The Jew “comedian? or assaulted in front of the world” solemnly addresses on the left Secretary George Schultz who helped Russian Jewelry in the 1980s. Jews awarded him the “Emma Lazarus Award.” She put the words on the Statue of Liberty to make way for the USA to take in the Jews against our better judgment.
  • Jew Rickles shows his fist but jokes about the Evangelical head Billy Graham.
  • Rickles says about God’s 10 Commandments, “It’s over.” The entire White audience is laughing at our doom.
  • He refers to a black Mau Mau that referred to their civil rights against Whites. Jew Communism and Blacks won. South African Whites who founded it when no one lived there, lost. China and Israel won and have Africa as the greatest and largest fertile area in the world. Whites must grow their own food or it’s Poland starvation under Jew and Chinese Commies.
  • Mentions Elizabeth Taylor who had a few Jew husbands. Tom Selleck starred in “Three Men and a Baby,” right up the Jews’ alley to destroy Whites.
  • Rickles then make fun of the assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life a few years prior. “Shot a real gun.” Regan was the first USA president to survive an assassination attempt. My book covers Jews as the villains in many assassinations against Whites from Jesus to Europe, to the USA.
  • The Jew then acts like a black man to keep the black image in our thoughts. It’s a brainwashing technique. Jews controlled entertainment in Poland also through our worst slavery in history.
  • He imitates old Jews in Florida. Jews took it over and brought in black Haitian boat people and others to chase Whites away. Brother Bert the Polack lived in Miami. He said they changed him out of one neighborhood, then a 2nd. The third place he put up bars on his windows and was the only White family in an all Black neighborhood. He said, I’m not running anymore.”
  • Jew Rickles, the assaulting comedian against Whites, ends it with, “I voted for Wilke.” He rescued Jews from German to “create a Jewish state in Palestine.
  • Whites have no other automatic response but laugh at our demise at the Jewess hand$.

Polish and USA Constitutions – 2 Years Apart

First, White American Revolution started in 1776.

Next, White French Revolution began in 1778.

Third, the USA had the first Constitution in 1789.

Lastly, Poland had the first European constitution in 1791.

France was annihilated at the same time under two Jewish brothers’ diamond necklace scheme. I could never understand the early relationship between Poland and the USA since I attended a Polish grammar school and not a word. I later discovered Polish Jew, Haym Salomon, pulled the banking strings of all three countries. He was to be tried for treason here in America but bribed the hangman with gold sewn in his coat lining. Here’s the Jan Matejko Polish 1st Constitution painting and an explanation of the first European constitution. Our American problem’s solutions lie in the Jews in Poland for 1,000 years.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 2.09.19 PM.png

Episcopal painting for the 1789 signing of the 1st American Constitution

Before the USA Constitution, America was to be a home for the White man and there was a document which showed that. Not anymore since Jews distributed our land among all the other races and religions. The two flags. Britain and Episcopalian? Is that a basket or a big booze bottle?