Jesus was White – Probably Italian

When Jesus was on the cross he said, “Father forgive ‘them’ for ‘they’ know not what ‘they’ do.” And then ‘they’ parted his garments. Jesus forgave the White Italian Roman soldiers since has probably Italian himself.

I have no time to write since I’m editing my book (39th time) and have to cut everything out.
However, I believe Jesus was White and Italian or Greek, but probably the former.
On Christmas, I looked up what Jesus ate at the Last Supper before Jews tortured, crucified him, and still do the same today.
Jesus ate with his 12 disciples as a Roman not a Jew. He was from Nazareth, all Romans and Greeks. The jew Pharisees’ religion of the day was a new (150 years) concoction. Today the entire White world lives under a jewish religion. Even if we never enter a synagogue. Or if they are from the Bible they are the evil Edomites.
He had Hyssop, which the Romans used. He drank aromatic wine but that was more like grape juice.
Jesus was sent to be tried in a Roman court. When White Italian Roman Pilate asked him if he was a Jew, Jesus responded, “Me a Jew?” In the traditional Dummelow commentary it added that “Jesus despised the Jews.” His parents or ancestors were converts. 
If you can add to Jesus was White with examples, please feel free to comment. I get enough hate mail and hate back so please refrain and “agree to disagree” and think what we have in common. 

Role of Women in Nazi Germany

See news article below:

I’ve blogged much about Germany’s stance toward saving the Endangered White Species. I could expound forever, but no one cares, can read, listen, or understand. There’s a WW III going on between the White male and feamle. Mama and I were the good white females but agonized for our roles. Not so in Hitler’s Germany. I’d take the good from the Nazi era and apply it but not all of it. As in my book, nothing human is perfect.

I’m editing my books’ chapter, “I Am the Perfect Human Hitler Woman.” See UK article below. Since Germans didn’t write it, we must take it with a grain of salt.

Mama & My Role as White Loving, Healthy Breeders

Since the entire German subspecies rallied around White woman and having babies, I compared how Mama an I had it as loving wives and healthy breeders in the jew-S-A, and how it was in Germany World War II.

Mama and I in USA

Mama adored children, although she came from an affluent Polish American family and a rich jew tried to break up Mama’s marriage to Daddy. Mama knew she’d have to work full time along with having White babies. We both ate healthy, breastfed and took good care of her husband, (although Mama was pushed over the brink under severe White stress.) She had 12. Worked full-time, and took good care of ailing Grandpa in our home. She was very spiritually minded.

I only had two, and after witnessing my folks worst domestic violence reports in Chicago’s history. Yet I nursed when the world hated me, even women. Only my Veteran US Marine husband stood behind me. Even the hospital and doctor were devils toward my choice in 1973. Perhaps 3% of American women nursed. Jews wanted White women in the workplace as cheap labor while all the other races got the higher paying jobs, homes, positions, and free welfare or grants. Plus other races were united. Mama and I were alone in our endeavors.

Mama and I didn’t wear make-up, I don’t like trousers, but sometimes am forced to wear them. To wear tight fabric around the vagina causes many or the spread the 247 Sexually Transmitted diseases. STD’s. I didn’t dye my hair then, since I didn’t want to attract other men. Like in Germany’s mother’s homes, I married a war veteran, and even the Veteran’s hospital said he would have been dead within a year if he didn’t marry me.

Germany’s role toward women

Where the USA tore down the White male (jewish Act of War or genocide), Germany, Mama, and I bolstered our males with good food, plenty of sex, affection, and prayers. The USA rewarded us with hatred, poverty, and even death attempts. Look at the difference. It’s not to say what all that Germany did was correct, but we can look back and draw out the good. Or follow the jewish yellow brick road (with China) and we’ll reap what we sow. China changed their 1 baby policy to 3. Jewess Princess in Israel can’t have an abortion, only the White and Palestinian sex slaves. The Israel has the highest birth rate of any industrialized country. The rabbis (atheists) have 12 and we support them all our taxes and leave our Whites to die or never be born.

Germany awarded the White mother of eight or more children, as Mama had, with the highest medal in the land: The Mother’s Cross. I have and wore this to the first meeting I ever attended. There was the first death attempt on my life. 2007. “No More Wars for Israel.” When I managed to get to the meeting in Irvine, California, Marriott (owned by Mormons) shut the meeting down. It was a Greek Orthodox church who helped us as we were swept into cars waiting at the curb. All this because I fierecely protected White husband, males, children, and species.

White German mothers, and Mama and I in the USA fought for our children and your rights. For this we suffered death attempts, starvation, and agony.
German Mother’s Cross 8 or more babies.

I could go on forever, but there’s no one who can read or listen.

Jew Ghislane Maxwell: Guilty – only 65 years?

The name “Ghislane” means hostage & sweet! See link below that for the news of her jewess “Guilty” verdict:

Since I expose the jewess, this email came as great news. 65 years in prison? They should confiscate all her belongings and put her in a prison worse than the **innocent** government gave Attorney Matt Hale. He suffered solitary confinement, no violin books, living a closet-like cell. Couldn’t eat the raw foods he wanted. He got 40 years! Why? Two words: National Socialist (Nazi) and White. If he got 40, how many should she get? And to use our White women’s womb as mere sewers for jewish and non-White sperm! How utterly despicable. 
It’s a New Year, and I hope the brightest we’ve ever had in our lives. Thanks for being my friend. Read below. Barbara Ann Author
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Giuseppe Fallisi <>
Date: Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 9:42 AM
Subject: Cover-Up Complete: Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking A Minor, Epstein Network Escapes All Accountability – Chris Menahan
To: retyboc <>, Dora Von Tump <>, Faurisson Jean <>, Horst Mahler <>, Bauvito <>, Gérôme-Mary Trebor <>, Pierre Dortiguier <>, Michele Ivan-zadeh <>, fredbellatlantic <>, MOULINS de FALAISE Charles des <>, laurent fabre <>, Gerard MASSELIN <>, Pascal MONTESUIT <>, <>, jeanchrysostome <>, <>, Nancy Hitt <>, <>, Arch Stanton <>, Hervé Ryssen <>, Stricker <>, Mike Walsh <>, Peter Rushton <>, Paul Fromm <>, A <>, Barbara Ann Nowak <>, Jeanice <>, Philippe Brennenstuhl <>, Vincent Reynouard <>, Thor Odin <>, John Kaminski <>, Marc Robert Louis NICOUD <>, A. Vidovic <>, Reconquête Info <>, Florent RENARD <>, <>, Jean-Louis Roba <>, <>, <>, Jez Turner <>, Arnaud Largentier <>, Avery Tony <>, <>, Detlef Gonia <>, <>

Cover-Up Complete: Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking A Minor, Epstein Network Escapes All Accountability
Chris Menahan

Highest White Suicide Country: Lithuania

My deceased Veteran husband’s mother’s ancestral country of Lithuania had the highest suicide rate of the worldwide White countries. What’s odd is that before my veteran husband went to Vietnam, his Lithuanian Uncle gave him a metalized holly picture of Jesus (about 5″ x 5″) to take with him to war. His Uncle must have known that historically Lithuanian (once part of Poland) had tragically suffered wars. 
I found a duplicate holy picture as the one my husband carried to war in his front utility belt. If that metal wasn’t there, he would have lost his groin and life where the picture was hidden. There’s Lithuanian lettering at the bottom. I went to a local antique shop to find how to seal the aging picture. It’s odd but he said his church made those and explained how. 
Since they couldn’t send Christian literature during the Communist era, they printed the pictures on thin metal and hid them in regular books sent to Lithuania and other Commie countries. The Christians were hiding in caves. (My words, while the other religions, (Jews and Muslims) and non-religions, thrived to their highest. Once the pictures got there, the White Lithuanians mounted them on scrap wood. I framed it. 
For the atheists, I understand what and why you did it since Jews took over White religions in America and in Poland since 1025. The 501c3 law forced White integration, while the others remain solely for their own people. If I had my way, every church in the world even the old ones in Europe, would be meeting places for Whites to gather and work together for our survival. That is Christianity. Everyone else has those means and avenues. 
Metalized Holy Picture Jesus Sheep.png

Lithuanian painting smuggled in during jewish Communist period.

Oddly, but the Aryans, seem to be extra happy as they embrace liberalism and not self-survival.

Highest White Suicide Rate Comparison: We Don’t Exist

White Suicide Rate appears only on a USA government Hispanic chart not our own.

I intuitively knew, Whites had the highest suicide rate but never read it. I researched and found proof of my suspicions. 

Friends, It’s time Whites treat each other with respect, especially us since we should be role models for the dying White species. It’s my dearest wish that you and I stay alive. I’ve had three suicide attempts before age 21 and can’t take my life for granted as most Whites do. 
I can’t spend a lot of time, since I’m editing my book for White documentation. Nonetheless, I’m doing whatever I can and am ok, although I run into health issues sometimes. I sleep 8 hours a day and program my iPhone to do it. I eat 3 healthy meals a day, which consists of mostly healthy fish, meat, veggies, fruits, and occasionally a slice of bread or a cookie. I exercised with yoga at the YMCA but am using Silver Sneakers at home with a quick daily 31-day fun challenge. I may do yoga and relaxation breathing at home. I take 10 walks a month 7,500 steps. My AARP senior insurance sent me a free $149 fit bit that records my steps. I attend church twice a week and study and pray daily with the highest thoughts of God, man, the universe, you, and I. I sometimes talk to a counselor through TAPS for those who lost veterans tragically. 
Note in the government chart, Whites have the highest increase of suicide rates. I’ll attach the link. Again, stay well, and say silently often, “I’m happy; I love life; I love to live.” 
What’s odd is that our White suicide rate is four  times higher than “poor” Blacks our people slaved for 370 years. Three times higher than the “unfortunate” illegal and legal hispanics. And double Asian Pacific Islanders. 
USA Hispanics not only are happy here, but they have a separate table for their population. In 2008, I could only find the White population forecast by looking up the Hispanic table made especially for them. It must be nice to be so important as we die off! As I told my government representatives: All laws must be for the White people, not for the jews and non-whites as my Polish people suffered in agony for 1,000 years. Today my Polish people will no longer exist in Poland I’d say within 50-75 years. All those jews who affected them are now here and in Palestine.
The AIAN Alaskan Indians have a high rate. I suppose all our smothering and generosity toward the other races doesn’t affect them. I only heard the top American Indian speaker on the radio, who spoke of the need to save the Whites. If we die, so do the rest.
NOTE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHART: “NON-HISPANIC.” Even this chart was made only to make sure we pamper the Hispanics with special and privileged labor, time, money, and statistics. It’s no wonder why Whites are so depressed. We don’t exist, or the people hate us that much. We’re not the haters — we’re the object of hatred. Did our people die of suicide or were we inadvertently murdered? 
But the tide is turning, take a deep breath, and share. Lovingly, Barbara Ann Novak, author.

My book: Jews on Christmas, Jesus & His Mother

From 950+ Quotes on Jews:



We, of the jewish faith have tried for centuries to teach the Gentiles that the story of the Virgin and of Christ is, and always has been, a fictitious lie. We’ll murder every genius in infancy. All are slaves. Education, science, and innate natural talents fall. The thirst for education is an aristocratic impulse; with family and love, you have the desire for property. We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood and words and money. This means the end of the United States of America, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as we now know them. Every thirty years, Shigalâv will let them have a shock. They will suddenly begin to devour each other, preventing boredom. Take all prayer and Bible instruction out of the schools and introduce pornography, vulgarity, and courses in sex. Unrestricted sale and use of alcoholic beverages and drugs to weaken and corrupt the youth.

950+ White Species Quotes about Jews, my blog[i]


Jewess Steals White Famous Humphrey Bogart

 Haaertz News: “September 16, 1924, is the birthdate of Lauren Bacall, the sultry starlet who entered the public consciousness at age 20, when in her first movie appearance, what was intended to be a minor part in Howard Hawks’ “To Have and Have Not,” she stole both the movie and its then-married male lead, Humphrey Bogart.”

The jewess then posed in March 1943 (mid WWII) for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She’s dressed in black an internal symbol against White people. (Jews run USA fashion since at least the early 1900s. They made Whites believe it makes them look thinner, or it’s chic. On the other hand, Jews made stains dirty and Whites frown from wearing it. A stain or two won’t hurt.
The jewess is telling all Whites to donate not only their entire treasury as well as the next generations’, but to donate our White blood. The Republicans had a ban on Jews in 1924, hence the faked holocaust and faked Chosen . . . delusions of grandeur. Insane.
Jewess Bacall poses with a gigantic red purse to match the red blood on the window. It looks like she’s wearing a jew hat and collar like jewish Dracula. The medical is reading to jab the White person donating blood! She was said to be nervous but the world centered around her and White Bogart. They protested the Republicans HUAC committee, which arrested, tried, and imprisoned the Jewish Hollywood 10, which had “Trumbo” as the token White writer. (My online book link on the movie. You need to watch the movie and follow along with my book.) If you watch it, please give it a “star.” We need to build each other up. **
Thanks, Barbara Ann

See the book link I sent you, “Trumbo”. Here’s another exposure of all the evil Hollywood Jews “stars” of David. And to think White minds have been addicted and formed by them since 1927.
I had rented the full movie on the Internet. With “Bryan Cranston,” not the other. Thanks

Jewess Lauren Bacall stole the movie and married White Humphrey Bogart