Our Anniversary: I Sang “Message to Michael”

I married White Michael Miles Duncan Sr and also have our son Michael Jr.

This is vintage Chicago video when I lived downtown in a skyscraper on Lake Michigan. I Dream of Jeannie lived in the skyscraper behind me, Jerry Springer at the John Hancock 100-story skyscraper, and of course, the Queen of “talk” Black Oprah lived at the “Ritz Carlton.”

No matter how much Whites do for Blacks they will always “feel sorry” for them. Analyzing that through the mind, Whites used to “feel sorry” about what the Jews did to Jesus. Then they took Jesus away. Now, Whites have to “feel sorry” for everyone but themselves.

This is a side note about Michael. When he was growing up, he lost his beautiful blonde mother. His father, Mr. Dee, became his baseball coach. They lived in a rich Jewish area but they weren’t rich but lived in an apartment. 

A Jewish boy, Art Karschmer, attended the same school. He’d make fun of my husband and when Michael couldn’t take it anymore, he’d beat Art up. Every day after school. Was my husband an Anti-Semite? Was he a victim of the Jew? Do we feel sorry for the criminal and hate the victim? Yes.

To get Jewish revenge, the Jew’s mother used her weapons. She sent Art to baseball school and perhaps a private coach. Bought him the best equipment. He wasn’t damaged to begin with a our people are. 

Then the Jewess kicked in full-gear. She sent her Jew son to sign up to play on Mr. Dee’s baseball team. The Jew shone like the brightest star compared to the sandlot team even my husband who tried so hard after losing his mother to suicide from pain.

As the years went by, the Jew weaseled his affections into Michael’s dad and became bosom buddies. My husband for all practical purposes lost his father forever even up until his hospital stay and funeral. It was the Jew who was by his side. Not my husband.

You can see why my husband turned to me so much and I was there with open arms, willing hands, and heart of gold.
By the way, Art didn’t have to go into the Vietnam War but secured a gravy business army job in Alabama. He and his two sons are millionaires today. The Communist Jews and Chinese sent my husband home disabled and abused back in America after the Vietnam War.

However, we found peace, hard work, and love together in a simplistic manner. 

I look all-White in this vintage video and held many jobs in addition to karaoke to keep my skyscraper condo. I don’t get paid for karaoke. 

Here’s “Message to Michael,” by Barbara Ann Duncan Nowak

Jew as World Parasite: German Archive

I just discovered that there are two kinds of lice. Being a gas chamber truther, that fascinated me.


I’ve had several longs blogs about parasites that I got rid of.

Jew Zuckerberg’s Facebook imprisoned me for 30 days. I had a meme that read, “Mama said the Jews are the filthiest people on the earth.” She would know. After Mama lost her government jobs after World War II, she became a slave to Jews as my Daddy did. Indeed, my mother had to quit school in 5th grade and was their White Catholic Christian slave in South Chicago (New Jerusalem.)

In addition, Mama washed Jewess’ floors on her hands and knees and brought the dirty rags home filled with lice. I did several blogs about how I got rid of bugs, rodents, worms, and diseases in gardens, homes, and even #1 companies.

Head or Body Lice?

You can skip to the bottom for the link or read a few paragraphs making a science out of Jewess body lice and showers.

I had head lice and nearly scratched my scalp off. We Kopaczewski-Nowaks didn’t have $.25 to buy Fels Naphtha soap to kill head lice. I researched and discovered Jew Joseph Fels invented it. That didn’t surprise me.

If we are going to raise this to a PhD level of thinking and analyzing, there are head lice and then body lice. It’s only the body lice that caused the deadly typhus that killed the Jews, not gas chambers. 

Ah that magic moment when all makes sense, why the Auschwitz Poland showers were so important. To prevent the mass extinction of Jews in World War II. Typhus comes from body lice bugs, not head lice. That’s what Jews were loaded with.

In fact, most casualties of World War “I” were also typhus. They claim it was because of living on close quarters. A Polish guard that is employed at one of the World War II Polish camps, told me the Jews were injected with typhus. Sounds reasonable since there was a 1924 ban on Jews in the USA.

You think the Jews would be grateful that the German National Socialists provided free showers, food, cake and ice cream, electricity, communication, and soccer games to play with the Nazi leaders, not the soldier grunts. But no they said those Auschwitz showers were disguised as pipes for the deadly Zyclon B to spew out and kill 6,000,000 Jews in 1 1/2 years!

 By the way, with the heat over 100 for several days, our local Weather Alert says to take cold baths. I am. I’ve had two Vegas heat strokes and if I don’t take care of myself, no one else will. Also, I don’t want to get “body lice bugs” but stay immaculately clean.

German Archive

Here’s the German archive article on “The Jew as a Parasite” written by Adolf and Alfred Rosenberg.

Only for the smartest is this picture of the three kinds of lice. It wasn’t the National Socialists who killed the Jews it was the army of lousy ” Body Lice. Jews must now extract trillion$ from the President of Lice, whoever she or he may be. Surely it’s a Jewess or Jew Cohen, the head Jews.

Thanks to the Jewess I had the Head Louse on the left with the two bulging eyeballs. Did you know Jews also brought rats into the USA on the bottom of their boats?

The poor crab louse is more of monster type of creature that doesn’t fit in nature. Ok, below is the article.

Distinguishing Between Crab, Body, and Head Lice - Pests in the Urban  Landscape - ANR Blogs


My Kin: White Teacher Slaves to Jews

WWII was a racial and religious Jewish War against White Catholics and Protestants soon to go extinct.

Jews killed off the Whites. 1934 Headlines:
“JUDEA” DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY. (not the other way around.)

Jews lie and say they are the Bible’s Chosen, hence the word Judea. Germany was the most religious country 60% Protestant 40% Catholic. Now all White Christians facing near extinction in race and religion. Either that or slavery, starvation, and death, where the Jews and non-Whites inherit all.

Brother Nicky (Polish White American) and his wife, German White America sterilized themselves. Why? To be “good” slaves to the West Palm Beach High School Jews. In turn, they gaslighted him, made him sick, and his doctor said he had to quit.

Then my brother and his wife sued the Jewish school and won. Jews took him to the Supreme Court and the Jews won. They always do. All world-wide laws = “FOR” Jews and “AGAINST” Whites.

Brother Polish American Nicky and German American Joann adopted a druggie parents’ baby. Named him Joseph Jr. III. Polish-American Daddy’s rolling in his grave. They will adopt the four siblings.

Then the black druggie parents will obtain my relatives fortune for black and jewish dynasty. Even chinese.

The black baby used to cry all night and neighbors called the police thinking they abused him. It was the black boys drug withdrawals.

My relatives spoiled the black kid so badly, they had moved away, bought a home with no neighbors so the black could scream as loud as he wanted, and the home has 5 garages for all the toys they bought him!

Odd, but what about my White Veteran’s sons and mine who needed help desperately. I asked for his help. Nothing. He even returned the essay I asked him to edit as an English teacher. He declared that I had to remove race and religion. We have different religions.

Notice the “real” meaning for “Christmas” isn’t Christ Jesus or God, but the Jewish Whites now slave for Blacks and non-Whites around the world and we go extinct ever so slowly and agonizingly.

Notice they are all dressed in black.

1966 Song, “Dressed in Black” with lyrics posted. 1966 heart of Jewish Revolution Against Whites. All top 12 Biden choices Jewish as Jews ruled Poland 1,000 years, then Russia, Germany, and now the USA. Top COVID without exception Jews.

Jews laws as they did to Poland and Germany:

1961=Affirmative Action Against White Males

1963=Killed President Kennedy

1964 = 4 months later, Kennedy’s brother passed Civil Rights Act drafted in a synagogue

1965 = Immigration Act. Jews opened White Christian Americas doors for the 92% non-Whites.

1966=Jews sent all or army age young men to the Vietnam War where the Yellow Chinese Communists pulverized them into White ash.

In the song below, the White female singers are panting like cats in heat for black men. However, even though they fantasize about it, once they carry through they are all disappointed and ruined sexually for life. Mentally ill and confused. Needs help.

Type in YouTube (Jewess Sue Wojcicki owner banned use for Whites)

2:28 / 2:55

Shangri-Las – Dressed In Black..w/ LYRICS


Released “1966” Dressed In Black – “The Shangri-Las” –

Dressed in black. He walks alone, a shadow in the night. Each time he walks by my window. Can’t hold the tears from my eyes. We’re still so much in love. Why can’t they realize? That every time he looks at me. I long to feel his lips on mine. I live on just the memory. Of him caressing me. So soft, so warm. So soft, so warm. Spoken; They said he was much too wild for me. They said I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. They said a whole lot of things. But there are some things they could never understand. That a girl can tell by the way a boy holds her hand Or maybe, they thought we were too young to be in love this way. Well I don’t care what people say. This girl’s love, is getting stronger with each passing day. That every time he looks at me, I long to feel his lips on mine. I live on just the memory, Of him caressing me So soft, so warm. So soft, so warm. But now he’s gone. But now he’s gone. Spoken: I climb the stairs, I shut the door, I turn the lock, Alone, once more, And no one can hear me cry, No one…

Jew Race/Religion Sperm of Dead Men

It’s interesting that Jewish male sperm is “sacred” for us to worship. Our White women spread their legs for the Jewish men and our men their butt holes and mouths!

Sperm Weapon Against Whites?

The White womb is sacred but Jews desecrated it worldwide for the 92% of non-White sperm to contaminate us. They use our vaginas as mere White sewers for devilish sperm.

Think movie, ROSEMARY’S BABY. White Mia Farrow (Jew husband Woody Allen) has the devil’s baby. Jew Roman Polanski’s screenplay. He’s the Jew who seduced a 13-year-old White girl and others, fled to Poland, and got off Scot-Free as they always do in my book since John the Baptist. Here’s 2-minute clip. Done in 1968, after Jews revolted against White America (Protestant) passed 1961 Affirmative Action, 1963 killed President Kennedy, 1964, Civil Rights Act drafted in a synagogue, and 1965, Immigration Act stealing White America and under their Communism gave to the 92% non-Whites.


Furthermore, Jews turned Whites into worse than animals, and we should be the sons and daughters of the highest not of the devil.

Jewess Sometimes Abortion

In Israel, a Jewess can’t have an abortion unless she goes in front of a board. If the father was non-Jew, they will allow it. If it’s from a Jew devil, like Eve mated with the snake and founded the Jewish race/religion, then the sperm can turn into another human for Whites to worship.

Yet, the #1 abortion capital is Israel. Why? Jews demand even White prostitutes held in bondage to service up to 30 Jewish men a day. So Jews either seduce Palestinian women who then “Must” have an abortion, since the Jews ultimate goal is Israel = all Jewish criminals. They will rule the world as least through the Chinese Communists not Whites.

Ask Your White Self

Why is the Jew mother and grandmother holding a Blonde White child?

I’ll tell you why. The Jews of Palestine are not from Jews of Russia who migrated there. A missionary friend who went to both Russia and Palestine said the Jews are the most evil people on earth. (Although he believes they are the Bible’s bad boys.) He said even the rabbis forge identities and documents. (think Black Barack Hussein’s birth certificate.) The rabbis created Jewish identities for White Russian criminals. Jews turned them into criminals after the 1772 Polish Partition where White Christian Russian “won” the land with the Jew devils.

Worse, Jews made White sperm “evil” to be hated, mocked, and abused as they did to Jesus Christ, who was White. Note the Israel’s pictures hangs above the Jewess.

In conclusion, genocided Whites, don’t forget to donate to the Israeli and Jewish Zelensky Ukrainian cause for the starving woman like the Jew Israeli grandmother. She’s got her hand on the Blonde child, who has 1/2 white/1/2 black socks on for Israeli cameras. In reality, it’s the Blonde and redheaded Whites who will go extinct first. I love all Whites, but they hate me.

Header media
July 22, 2022
Postmortem sperm retrieval is turning dead men into fathers
In Israel, parents of slain soldiers are pushing for their right to be future grandparents. Critics call it planned orphanhood.


Let’s End World War III Between White Male & White Female

We study the World Wars, Civil War, Vietnam War, American wars, I study the Polish wars under Jews for 1,000 years, and now it’s the male/female war.

Alas, I read that in Poland 1025, seven Jewish banking families ruled all seven Polish tribes. Alcohol, war, and enslaving my ancestors were their only products. In addition, the Jews had us fighting one another just as our World War III today. I think of Whites alienation or even hatred toward one another while we watch all the other races and religions united and flourishing.

I have taken courses, read books, been on singles’ websites, Chicago single gourmet, and attended Singles Conferences.

There’s a World War III going on between the (White) male and (White) female, and it’s said the female must change.

If I only keep my thought on the Jews, I indirectly worship them. So I balance my life with ideas and people that I love, enjoy, admire, and that which I hope for.

This YouTube gave me such a sense of ease, I put it on “Loop.” Right click the video as it plays and pick the top choice. I had it on all day through cleaning my house, doing the laundry, daily balancing my debit card, while I made my meals from scratch, and while I ate them.

I wish you the joy and contentment I had watching this old-fashioned video. Jewess Sue Wojcicki blocked it from adding. All the money Whites gave the Jews, our lives, women, children, countries, and they deny us back a video to share. You’ll have to look it up.

There’s such a sense of peace, ease, and old-fashioned romance. The second title has the lyrics, which I sang in my mind and out-loud many times. I can’t wait until the Whites become free and independent and break our chains of slavery. It’s already done. It will unfold, I’m sure. Just type the title in the YouTube search.

Neil Young – Harvest Moon [Official Music Video]

Neil Young – Harvest Moon lyrics

Polish Youth Staged Protest Against Ukrainian Flags

When the article warns the Polish people “Remember Wolyn” 1943, that’s when Ukrainians seduced and massacred an entire town of Polish people. That’s hatred with a capital H. Not Love. Jewish Zelensky shoved in 2,000,000 then 3,000,000 Ukrainians into Poland with the lowest birth rate of 196 countries. WWII was to destroy the Polish people and any remembrance of the Jewish crimes, suffering, non-stop war for 1,000 years including WWII and then followed by evil Jewish Communism. My people couldn’t talk, travel, and faced gauntlets and starvation . . . again.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Kevin Hughes <vekjh1@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 8:55 AM
Subject: Polish youth staged protests

Polish youth staged protests because of the flags of Ukraine

Wirtualna Polska: young Poles staged protests because of the flags of Ukraine on public transport in WroclawJuly 21, 2022 at 07:46 am

Польская молодежь устроила протесты из-за флагов Украины


Photo: Alex Bona/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

Representatives of Polish youth held a protest after Ukrainian flags were hung on public transport in the city of Wroclaw, writes the publication Wirtualna Polska. Members of the party “Confederation of the Polish Crown” came to the building of the transport enterprise and opposed such an act of local authorities.

We do not want to turn Poland into the Ukropolia and we will not allow this to be our government,” they said.

The participants of the action made a proposal to sign a new petition, which will indicate that Polish flags should be hung on transport in Wroclaw. According to them, they would not want their country to act only at the behest of Brussels or suddenly become “rosy”.

After some time, the head of the enterprise came out to the activists, who said that it was on his shoulders that the decision to hang Ukrainian flags fell. He assured that now there can be only two positions – to support Russia or Ukraine. According to him, he also hung the flag of Ukraine in his own office.

Earlier, football fans of the club “Pogoń” from Szczecin staged an anti-Ukrainian action during the match of the UEFA Conference League against Reykjavik from Iceland. Fans hung a banner with the inscription “Volyn 1943. Remember!”

On July 1, it became known that Poland curtailed the social program, under which an allowance was paid to citizens of the country who sheltered refugees from Ukraine. The authorities explained the termination of payments of 40 zlotys (about $ 9) per day per person by the fact that Ukrainians can already start working and support themselves.

Jew & Black Imprisoned Attorney Violinist Matt Hale 40 Years Solitary!

I have a special treat for you. I knew that Matt was a concert violinist but I wasn’t aware of the details of his music career until I requested a summary of his career in order to put together a curriculum vitae for him that was requested for a submission of one of his book manuscripts for publication. I wish to share this information with you. Truly, Matt is a gifted musician, as evidenced by his many outstanding achievements.
(All events occurred in the state of Illinois unless otherwise indicated)(These are approximate dates, reasonably certain, taken from memory)

Began playing the violin at age 10 at Lincoln Grade School (East Peoria).
Played in East Peoria Community High School Orchestra from 1985 to 1989.
Mother purchased handmade Texas maker Steven Cundall violin for Matt on his 16th birthday in 1987.
Played in “Nine Strings” (high school) ensemble from 1987 to 1989.
Made Illinois “All-State” Orchestra my junior and senior years in 1987 and 1988.
Received partial scholarship in 1989 to play violin at Bradley University (Peoria).
Played in the Bradley University Chamber Orchestra from 1989 to 1993.
Soloed with Bradley University Chamber Orchestra in concert in March, 1993 playing Violin Concerto No. 1 in G Minor by Max Bruch.
Played in Knox-Galesburg Symphony from 1993 to 1995.
Played in Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra (Ottawa) from 1993 to 1995.
Taught violin privately from 1993 to 1995 (several students).
Played in Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra from 1993 to 1995 and again from 1995 to 1999.
Played in Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra from 1994 to 1997.
Played in Southern Illinois University Symphony Orchestra (Carbondale) from 1995 to 1998.
Played in Paducah Symphony Orchestra (Kentucky) from 1995 to 1998.

Free Matt Hale!


Jews Lied – They have Only 3% Middle East Blood

To begin, Jews claim they are the only Israelites or God’s Chosen from the Bible. NOT.

Today, Jew DNA shows they have only 3% Middle East blood. That exposes their whopping lie that they are 100% Jews are from the Middle East. It’s how they robbed Palestine, now Israel.

It’s also how Jews absconded the USA in 1945 and now control the entire White President Biden’s regime and all Whites, Christian descendants.


White Christian Holocaust or Jew Fake Holocaust?

First, fake Jews have strait-jacketed all Whites (Christians) using mind and media tricks to make us believe we’re happy under their tyranny.

Next, today’s July 20, Mama’s birthday, had she lived. Slave to the Jewess since 5th grade when Mama had to quit school for them in South Chicago.

Finally, I used to read the Lives of the Saints’ book in front of the 6th grade class each morning. Today’s saints for July 20 are Saints Justa & Rufina, martyrs as Jews martyr us today through the mind. They died horrific deaths.

Note the word “holocaust.”

July 20
SS. Justa and Rufina, Martyrs
THESE holy martyrs were two Christian women at Seville in Spain, who maintained both themselves and many poor persons by selling earthen ware.

A fervent soul finds in the most ordinary course of life occasions of exercising many heroic acts of virtue, and makes every ordinary action a perfect holocaust by performing it with a most ardent desire of pleasing God with the entire sacrifice of itself.

Such were the lives of these two faithful servants of God in the world. So perfect a virtue deserved to be honoured with the crown of martyrdom.

Though these saints gave all their substance to the poor, and were desirous to serve every one for the edification of their souls; yet no motives could draw them into any criminal condescension.

Not to concur to the idolatrous superstitions, they refused to sell vessels for the use of heathenish sacrifices. The Pagans, offended at their religious scruple, when Dioclesian’s edicts renewed the persecution, broke all the ware in their shop, and impeached them for their faith before the governor.

The prefect, after they had boldly confessed Christ, commanded them to be stretched on the rack, and their sides in the mean time to be torn with iron hooks. An idol was placed near the rack with incense, that if they would offer sacrifice, they should be that moment released; but their fidelity was not to be shaken. Justa expired on the rack: which when the judge saw, he ordered Rufina to be strangled, and their bodies to be burnt. They suffered in the year 304. See their acts published by Maldonat; also Ado, Usuard, &c.

In conclusion, Jews used one single word to entrap all our White countries and world: holocaust. That’s death by burning. Jews lied that 6,000,000 died and in gas chambers or burned in ovens. Only 276,000 according to the Red Cross who kept accurate records. Those deaths were from deadly contagious typhus and then starvation when Allies bombed Poland and Germany’s infrastructure.

However holocaust is a White Christian word that means burning away sin from our souls and bringing in love.