Graphic: Jewish Lice Bugs & Other Dangerous Rodents

It was my autobiography that verified that the gas chambers must have been for jewish lice bugs, not Jews. As I mentioned, Polish Mama (born here) slaved for the jewess as we did in Poland for 1,000 years. Just think, we now have an entire jewish body of 13 governing us.
Below the first link are many, many more of my blog links on Jews and their lice! Just scroll down, pick and choose. Recently, I put up a GrowBox garden and asked the white family upstairs to water it while I attended a pro-White, holocaust exposer EuroBash meeting. The family was friends with the black grandmother next door whose black and white kids played together. The White family knew of my trying to help save the White species and Christianity. I had two beautiful cuke plants (organic) that grew and formed a heart. When I came back the black woman had put next to my little helpless garden, an ugly, deadly, untreated cabbage plant full of stinky and deadly green worms with white butterflies. The plant died. When I walked out to the parking lot in the evening, she was in the car next to mine and screamed at me that I threw her plant away. Odd, but it was the man upstairs who threw it out when I told him. I then shouted back to her, “You murdered my heart cucumber plant!” I sent the pictures to the apartment managers as records.
Here’s more on the Jews and lice and other rodents I got rid of. The rodents, not the Jews, yet. Hitler’s Madagascar, which produces the best vanilla, is still waiting for them and was a rather rich country.

“The Future” Song Lyrics

The song below is by jewish Leonard Cohen, who admits to their devilish nature! For Christianity to be the laughing stock of the world is blasphemous. It gives us a futurist look at what Whites have, are, and will suffer. When the jew sings that they will hang white women with their skirts upside down, they got that from my blog. They have read every word I wrote or said since October 10, 2002.

How Whites music and ideas were formed

It’s not only me, but they listen to all talk radio shows and read emails and letters. They take our ideas and pass laws against us or make us look “crazy.” Are they sane or sinister? I wrote that when the Communist (Jews) hung Italian Benito Mussolini’s mistress. They executed her upside down. After that, they took the corpses down and positioned the dead bodies sitting with her skirt up and her underwear and nylons showing. Jews having control of our sexuality (reproducing function) is the greatest danger of all. It’s NOT tantalizing. Our feelings are NOT facts.

Jews are sadists. Whites are their masochists. They turned our intimate lives into dollar signs. We need to save the endangered White Species (Christians, European Americans.) Christians look for us to repent but never point the finger at the “Jew” of today. It’s not the Christian’s fault in White Protestant America taken over by the jewish people. They did the same to White Catholic Poland for 1,000 years. 1025-1945.

Bible: Jesus was White

Jews are the “Great Impersonators,” as Pastor Eli’s book shows clearly as well as his nine years of 2-hour radio shows with Dan from Georgia. I listened to 165 and checked them off. Eli explained the Bible in their original Greek and Hebrew form. We’ve had 11,000 versions since. The worst is the Scofield Bible, where Jew Untermeyer paid St. Louis, Missouri prisoner and scoundrel, Scofield, to add notes at the bottom of the Bible. He wrote that todays Jews are God’s Chosen. They left in a 1,000,000 copies in the back seats in poor Southern towns. It was easier to read than the 1600s King James Version. Protestants then began their demise and worshipped human Jews not a spiritual God in 1909.

Although I believe Jesus, St. Paul, the Israelites were White. Jews were either the evil Edomites, or they read the Bible and made their tribe the “Chosen” 100 years before Jesus whose parents converted. He was from Nazareth city of all affluent Greeks and Romans. St. Paul as from White Rome. It would be like becoming a Christian today in a religion that’s 100 years old, but being of the White Race.

Of course, Leonard Cohen, is jewish. I read that 2,500 Cohens rule Israel at the top. While they bash our White Presidents, they stay behind the scenes. For 250 years it was secret.

In addition, it’s in the open with Biden’s top 13 appointees, including Kamala Harris’ husband. “Harris” is the name of the man who headed the firebombers on the destruction of Dresden, Germany, the most Christian country in the world. Jew Oppenheimer’s signature is on the atom bombing orders, which bombed the only two Christian Japanese cities. 

National Socialist Leader Library

Almost no one has visited the Library of Congress where there are 1,200 of Hitler’s library books. He had ten times that amount, but the jew-led Commies burned them. Jews even had burned the book plates in the USA saying they needed the metal for war. And Whites adoring Jews, “believe” whatever they say. We are part of the human jewish religion. Some of us have protested it, but some will remain. As in Germany, our hope is in our children, and all laws are against White children and for the jewish, chinese, yellow, brown, reds, and 1/2 breeds. All of us should be professors and mentored to do so to help our youth. 
 Were Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill “avid readers.”  
If our children could read and write, (not jewish trash or hypnotism) but true and vast educational books, we certainly could raise our IQ and chance for survival. The Las Vegas English 101 teacher put me in a group of three to review each other’s essays. Mine was on saving the Whites. The 1/2 Mexican male was on “Intelligent Quotient.” He said loved his hispanic half and hated his white half. (and we pay $$$ trillions for these bastards.) He said we have no chance to survive. It’s not survival of the “fittest” in today’s world, but the smartest. And “smart’ needs to be defined. If passing today’s college tests is a measure, it’s suicidal for Whites who have to digest material that’s evil for them.
Supposedly Jews have 113 IQ, Yellow Chinese 106, Whites 99, Mexicans 85, Blacks hard to say. A NY Times article says that the Chinese and Jews are smartest but that West Indian Blacks, like Colin Powell, are right up there. I believe if we had all laws for us and we worked together we’d raise our IQ and also redefine it from the human to add the spiritual level.
It’s not that Whites have a lower IQ, but that it’s been intentionally lowered and stifled to be “equal” and even lower than blacks. All the other races have all White laws “For” them and “against us.” That is stupid, but a hypnotism Jews induced on us and we follow as if in a trance like the covid masks. As Jews reduced my Polish people to pre-historic illiterate barbarians, they do the same to White people today both with academia and drugs and media. It’s the only human mind our people have. I have to believe in a higher or divine Mind with a capital M.

China’s 3 Baby Policy. Hitler’s White Babies

China upped its birth rate to two babies instead of one. Now three babies! My oh my! As I write in my book, World War II was fought against the Germans since they wanted more White babies. At that time, Whites were 33% of the world. Now White babies are 3%. I read that in Israel, they’re having as many as 12 babies as Mama had in the USA but was trashed here for doing so. If Mama were in Poland as our ancestry, and moved to Germany and worked for them, within a year my mother would have become a citizen. The highest medal of the National Socialists was the German Mother’s cross given in memory of Hitler’s mother, Klara. Six children.

I was conceived after World War II, which is when all hell broke loose in Chicago, where the Jews illegally immigrated to since their Polish slave population was already there. Mama said it’s when our people became spiritually dead. We need a resurrection.

German Flash Mob & Not Guilty at Nuremberg

I talked with Carlos Porter in Europe today. I shared my concern about the Zundel estate. He was the only one who examined all the documents submitted for the Nuremberg trials. They were not the originals! I then found this German Flash Mob scene. Here’s his book Not Guilty at Nuremberg: the German Defense Case. Free book: