Government: US Post Office – White Men Don’t Exist

“Knowing is the cure,” said Henry Ford. We have a place to start and hope. We all know that jewish advertising has already genocided Whites since 1927, and probably in Poland since 1025. What I realized, is that it’s not only jewish advertising and marketing, which they control but the government as well. 
The US Post Office sells stamps that they deliver for free. I save time since I’m overwhelmed with the book publishing aspect and making final additions. I look through a long list of stamps for the month and the black males (jewish weapons worse than bullets is their image-or picture on our minds) have two stamps. I wonder if Israel has pictures of all White men who saved the Jews, lost their White lives, limbs, brains, jobs, eyes, skulls, sobriety for Jews and Chinese in the Civil War, WWI, II, Vietnam War, and the Middle East War. We can’t be this stupid or far gone. We’re not guilty; we’ve gone beyond the call of duty. A Chinese Communist woman is on the stamp for “Nuclear,” such as the richest female in the world is also Yellow, has her portrait on all our stamps and envelopes the government sends out. There’s a Mexican-type stamp and the partially White one is of a Wild Orchid. Not even a human being. They all have rights and recognition; we have none. The drug-free stamp is nice but it still doesn’t focus on White problems but the entire 92% of the Jews, Muslims, and non-Whites of the world, where plants, animals, flags, veggies, and insects have rights, not Whites. 
And then they put “Love” on a stamp while hating the most loving people on the planet, the genocided Caucasians. I’d call and tell them but it takes so long to get through.

Bible: “No one talked about Him for ‘fear of the Jews.'”

Nothing has changed in 2,000 years. Our people are still held in bondage. The masks on our faces are so we never speak to each other about the Jews or any topic for our survival. It’s as if the Jewes put White duct tape on our mouths and over the ears of our fellow Whites so they can listen or understand us.

No one could talk in Jesus’ day for fear of the Jews. Today, Whites still are muzzled as with the Covid masks, and can’t talk for fear of the Jews who rule the USA and White countries.

Here’re many Bible versions that express in many different ways the John 7: 13 passage “for fear of the Jews.” I have to say, “I’m not afraid of them anymore. I have God-Truth on my side.”

My Austrian Heritage: Scared. Possibly “Hitler?”

When I began to hire only Whites and no homosexuals for the #1 Chicago Caterer  to the Stars, 1998, I began to think in terms of “White” and then further, “Polish” heritage. But when I paid for genealogy papers from Daddy’s Lackawanna, New York, (Niagara Falls,) Grandpa Valentine Nowak’s 2nd marriage certificate came back with “Austrian” for country of origin. Also, “White,” which I’m sure they have removed from our birth certificates in order to continue their war and destruction against us.
By 2002, I had a new computer (e-machine” and looked up “famous Austrian.” Hitler showed up. I was so terrified, I shut the computer off. I thought I was surely related to him (what I thought was a devil since Jews developed that “monster” theory against Adofl, just eight years after the Jew movies: Monster “Dracula,” (portrays a jew who sucks blood from his victims) and “Frankenstein,” written by a jewish women while she hides behind her husband and the White people. 
Autobiographically and chronologically speaking, which is how one writes their White autobiography, I attended the Las Vegas college to put my deceased Veteran in the Purple Heart Hall of Honor. My book was never meant for me. Also, if you write a memoir, get used to using the word “I,” which seems like a sin. Don’t become egoistic though. Rather realistic and include others, but it shouldn’t be about them. 
I finally had the nerve to read and write about Hitler and Hitlerjugend. And the KKK. It’s like a woman blasting out of the universe from the jewish 1928-now ‘American Dream (Nightmare). 
Attached is Grandpa Valentine’s second marriage certificate. That time to “Katrina.” Odd but after I blogged and wrote my emails to the media, a hurricane was named after her: the one in New Orleans, one of the most destructive. She was a mean step-mother. (When studying ancestry, and I don’t go too far being overwhelmed with projects and publishing) She’d make the three children sit under the table the whole time Valentine was at work during the afternoon shift. She locked the cabinets: no food for Daddy and siblings. She beat them with a black rubber hose. She may have killed my Auna Mary, who was so beautiful, like my read Grandma, that Katrina made Mary (teenager) stand behind the old long velvet curtains when company came over. She didn’t want anyone to see her face. Katrina was much younger than Valentine, but ugly. From oral family history, Mama and Sister Rose said that Katrina either drove Mary to an insane asylum or beat her to death. I hired a detective who sent me Valentine’s last Will and estate when he died. Mary’s name is NOT on there! That rules out insane asylum, because the estate would have sent her money. It rules out an ordinary death, there would have been a death certificate. The man who ran the ancestry that I attended, said “Don’t worry. We all have skeletons in our closet.
I’m preparing my Will, Estate, Fiduciary, and grave plot. Although I’m happy, love life to the fullest, and love to live and love!
Nowak Ancestry Valentine Marriage.jpg

Jews Holocausted Whites “We Didn’t Start the Fires” part 2

Below is my 2011 blog. I analyzed the jewish song, (below) “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” I was astonished! Jews revealed many of the crimes they committed and we obeyed our masters and never realized. What’s worse is that at the end of the song and I list all the jew crimes related to the lyrics, the singer sings “Goes on, and on, and on, and on. As I said, “Jews can’t stop themselves.” It’s why humane Adolf gave them a plot and a gardening water can to grow their own vegetables and not use us as White slaves as we use the Mex’s. 
Here’s a more extensive version. It’s frightening since “Jews DID Start the Fire,” not the Whites who Jews lie and say we “holocausted them.” Holocaust means: 
1: a sacrifice consumed by fire2: a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire
Even Jews’ lying claims say they were holocausted or burned not gassed.  Songwriter “We Didn’t Start the Fire” Jewish Billy Joel. He converted Catholic, but Jews change religions as in Europe for their benefit or so the host White country doesn’t expel them. My Analysis of the jewish song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

  • Harry Truman. Jews used him after they killed President Roosevelt, WWII. Truman made Israel a state 1948; Jews tried to kill him seven times.
  • Doris Day: Jews defrauded her. She was the most popular actress and she spent 19 years and finally got justice.
  • Red China: Four years after WWII: Jews start Chinese Revolution. WW II was to destroy our smartest and most religious Whites: the Germans and Europe and enslave worldwide Whites.
  • Johnny Ray. See today’s other post.
  • South Pacific: Jews’ World War II. Two jewish bombs dropped on the only Christian Japanese cities.
  • Walter Winchell: Jewish 40’s radio announcer. The place where most America got its news about “Adolf.” Jew New York Times (stolen in 1896) and Jew Associated Press where all out news starts. 
  • Joe DiMaggio: Marilyn Monroe’s husband who took flowers to her grave every year after her murder.
  • Joe McCarthy. Republican. In my book. He and 24 other Repubs exposed the Jews. His mistake, he took a Jew advisor who turned on him during the committee hearings against the Jews. He prosecuted as a Communist, Jew Arthur Miller, author “Death of a Salesman.” Jew Miller conned Marilyn into marriage and then used her to get to the judges and others. Once he was set free, he gaslighted her, turned her over to Jew psychiatrist who knew all her secrets from President Kennedy, her lover.
  • Richard Nixon. President. Jew Armand Hammer framed him and his Plumbers (assistants). Hammer’s father: Julius Hammer, who started the Red Jewish Revolution against White Russia (USA) and won.
  • Studebaker car: We owned one. Here’s a jewish article. What’s odd is that both Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz are unable to compete. Jews destroyed the German White Christian men. See article “Vanished in Haifa” about a Studebaker car.
  •  Television. Stolen from Whites: monopolized by Jews. 
  • Koreas: Jewish wars that started four years after World War II. If Jews push us into a war with China, a Civil War, it will be a bloody massacre against Whites. 
  • H-Bomb – Find Internet article: “The jewish designers of North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb.”
  • Sugar Ray: Jews controlled boxing since before Hitler’s Day. I don’t know about that black boxer but in the 1936 Berlin Olympics German Max Schmeling won over Joe Louis. It’s not a secret that jews put his son Max Baer Jr. on the Southern TV Jew comedy, “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Jews cast Max Baer Jr. as the idiot “Jethro” for revenge against Whites for actually winning a game against them! Every episode should be used as evidence against the jews.
  • Panmunjom – Koreas. 1953 War truce. (I’m writing fast. If you find corrections, let me know and I’ll change my blog.)
  • Brando – He confronted the jews and they destroyed him. He said on a Jew TV Show, “Jews are responsible for all wars.” His mother was a Christian Science healer.
  • “The King and I” by Rogers and Jew Hammerstein. White Rogers had to do whatever the rich powerful jew wanted
  • “Catcher in the Rye.” Author Jew father.
  • Eisenhower. Swedish jew. Responsible for 1,500,000 White German Christian male deaths. See book, “Other Losses.” I was first to write about it since my late German-American friend, John Prins, hosted Hitler’s nurse in his Vegas home. Apparently, she gave him the book or told him to read it.
  • VACCINE. (I’m even surprised since I didn’t analyze this word the first time. Jews tore my book apart and made much of what I wrote a worldwide shame on me as they did when the Jew Warner Brothers protested and knocked me down on the 1999 Jenny Jones Talk Show as the Queen of Karaoke in costumes. Jews conditioned whites to hate their own and only adore jewish entertainment. I also wrote I had a religious exemption, didn’t give my sons vaccines, and the divorce courts wanted to take my sons. Now the entire world would agree, “Oh yes, she was evil, or crazy, or whatever jew hate word of the day they curse on me.”
  • “England’s got a new queen.” It’s obvious. Jews destroyed the British monarchy by only having a Queen not a King. Jews are the kings of the world and we their White slaves who keep them as such. Queen Elizabeth was the Duchess of Edinburgh Scotland. In the 1700s, Jews pulled off the “Enlightenment Period,” by turning the White Scots of the  capital of Scotland into drunks. Today’s “equality” where 92% of the non-Whites rule Whites in America is from that period.
  • “Marciano (Italian), Liberace (Polish-Italilan), Santayana goodbye. Santayana, philosopher said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. and Only the dead have seen the end of war.”
  •  The repeated Jew lyrics, “We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the world’s been turning.”
  • Joseph Stalin. We all know of his jewish Russian Communist connection for the death of 10’s of millions of White Christians. Jew news named him a friendly “Uncle Joe,” so we’d side with the Commies and against White Chrsitian Germany, who merely wanted to survive and stop jewish aggression.
  • Malenkov (Stalin’s successor -Exterminated the Jewish Anti-Fa Committee, Nasser (Egyptians leader expelled Jews,) Prokofiev, russian composer, pianist, conductor. (After the jewish Revolution against White Russia, Soviet minister, Antaoly Lunacharsky, Jew) gave him permission to immigrate to the USA, Rockerfeller (Jew), Campanella (played in negro and mexican leagues for 9 years before becoming famous in the USA. Again, Jews flaunt all the 92% non-Whites in our face as we sink into their quicksand) Communist Bloc (jewish. Now controls America through democrats and even repubs. 
  • Roy Cohn: I think he was Repub Sen. Joe McCarthy’s lawyer and assistant who destroyed the White man and his committee to expose Jew Hollywood.
  • Juan Peron. Argentina’s leader who took in not only many Nazis but so many Jews that Argentina has the highest Jewish population.
  • Toscanini, Italian conductor who hated their National Socialist president Mussolini. He raged, “If I were capable of killing a man, I would kill Mussoli.” I’m sure jews welcomed him into the USA with open arms.
  • Dacron: Book about Jewish rabbis clothing “Black Jerusalem Dacron Wool and Talit & Bag.”
  • Dien Bien Phu: Communist Chinese defeated the White French who pulled out of Vietnam. We picked up 20 years later and tortured our men for Jews and 92% non-White rights.
  • “Rock Around the Clock” starts Rock and Roll. jewish controlled entertainment. It’s all we have had as in Poland 1,000 years.
  • Einstein: Jew who stole his White Christian wife’s theory of relativity, convinced her to let him take credit, then when he became a famous household word like 6,000,000 poor Jews and evil Nazis, Einstein divorced her, married his 1st cousin, and spent all the money around the world. Same happened to my niece Jaimie who married a Jew, deserted her after their 1/2 breed kids were raised, and travels the world with his jewess mistress.
  • James Dean. My son looks like the 50s actor. He died tragically in a car accident. Coincidentally, they replaced him as the ‘teen idol’ and put in Elvis Presley.
  • Brooklyn’s got a winning team. Jewish or mongrelized city
  • Davy Crockett – Southerner. Jews hate the Southerners.
  • Peter Pan Sort of fairy like a precursor of Jews turning out White men into girlie like homo’s. When I worked for the Chicago caterer who asked me to hire only Whites he confined he was homo and told me not to hire them. He used to work in the British palace and said the homos ruined his life.
  • Elvis Presley. He researched the evils of Communism for 10 years and made an impromptu visit to Republican White President Nion to stop the drugs that infested his audience and America. Jews murdered him. Either his dentist or his Doctor Cole, holocaust revisionist, Jew’s, fther.
  • Disneyland. Jews bankrupted him. Walt was the only non-Jew in Hollywood. He came back and because famous but Jews usurped the Disney empire and now the highest paid CEO is Jew Michael Eisner. Disney’s descendants are furious but have no rights or power.
  • Bardot – French sexpot. She was outrages and protested jewish kosher slaughter of animals. Hitler outlawed their practices. Whites and Americans condone jewish evils against animals. Too bad Whites don’t have rights since jews are letting our blood slowly drain away, drop by drop, a mama said the Jews will take over Chicago: block-by-block.
  • Budapest. Jew Commies Hungarian Revolution. 
  • Khrushchev: Russia leader who announced on Jew TV as he took off his shoe and pounded the desk, “We (Communists) will bury you (Americans.) Jews did.
  • Princess Grace. White actress married royalty. Was going to give speeches in America to promote breastmilk, but mysteriously killed in a car crash in Monaco as Princess Diana. White royalty. The Jewess now is royalty over the world. Certainly our banks.
  • “Peyton Place.” TV show – never watched it. Highlighted White sex.
  • Trouble in the Suez. Wars for Israel
  • Little Rock – Protests for black rights to take over America even though we pampered both Jews and blacks, mex’s etc, for 400 years.
  • Pasternak. Born in a prominent Russian Jew family. Thousands attended his funeral. 
  • Mickey Mantle: Baseball. Could be Russian, Polish, jew or White ancestry.
  • Jack Kerouac – He wrote that in the 1940s his mother and father walked in a jewish neighborhood on the Lower East Side of New York. (That location: home of the worst Jew gangsters in history. Future site and Tragedy of 9/11) He recalled “A whole bunch of rabbis walked arm in arm . . . teedah-teedah-teedah and the wouldn’t part for this Christian man and his wife, so my father went POOM! and knocked the rabbi in the gutter.” Died of heavy drinking as I pointed out other Whites have succumbed in my free book on, Barbara Ann Nowak, “My Analysis of the Movie Trumbo.”
  • Sputnik. After World War II, the Communist Russians and Communist USA stole the best White Christian German scientists and began the space race. The Russians were first in space.
  • Chou En-Lai – Premier of the People’s Republic of China. Survived assassination attempt on the charter airline “Kashmir Princess.” I think he was for free China but then lost in the jewish-led Chinese Communist Revolution.
  • “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” Both writers of the book were blacklisted. The book was about horrific conditions in a Japanese war camp. I wonder. Like the German camps in Poland? Jews wanted China as their partner in a new dynasty. China hated the Japanese who are said to have White blood. Soon there will be no Japanese people since the Chinese flooded Japan with non-Whites and no Japanese babies according to a speech I heard at a pro-White conference. The Japanese love karaoke.
  • Lebanon – Israeli war ignites the White Americans to fight for jewish interests.
  • Charles de Gaulle. French Wikipedia mentions jews 3 times. Trials for murder of Jews. Deportation of jews. French de Gaulle described the jewish people as “This elite people, sure of themselves and domineering.” He warned the Jews who wanted wars in the Middle East. Involved in the Jewish 6-day war with Egypt. During that period Jews murdered 34 White servicemen on the USS Liberty, injured about 174, silenced them, and nearly sank the ship: longest bombing, worst than Japan over Pearl Harbor that started WWII. White American from June 8, 1967-Now, not a word! He criticized the monopoly of French TV, radio, movies. Led free France “against” his White German Christians neighbors.
  • More on baseball.
  • Starkweathr homicide: Murder Spree. What’s new in Jew-S-A.
  • Children of Thalidomide: More on jewish drugs. In my day, doctors gave our White women that drug and the mothers had monster babies!
  • Buddy Holly: The end of rock-n-roll
  • Ben-Hur – Movie starring, Charleton Heston who played roles like Jesus and  Moses and the 10 Commandments. Jews destroyed both. He was an ardent White man for black Rights and marched with, who else, “Martin Luther” “King” over black Protestants in our own land.
  •  Space Monkey and Miss Baker first animals launched in space that returned alive.
  • Mafia. Leaders are convicted. Jews turned on Las Vegas Italians, framed them, (Jew Mayor Oscar Goodman) and sent them to prison. Jews bought up Vegas from the White Italians pennies on a dollar.
  • Hula Hoops. (I owned one and whirled it over 10,000 times in one trial
  • Fidel Castro. Kicked the Jews out and started Cuban (White Spanish) Communism.
  • Edsel. Named After Henry Ford’s son is a flop. Henry Ford’s expose book, “The Internatational Jew.” 
  • U-2 – American sply plane shot down over Communist Soviet Union. 1960. Same time as jewish revolution against the USA.
  • Syngman Rhee. CIA rescued South Korean leader who fixed an election and embezzled more than $20,000,000.
  • Payola – Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” host testified before Congress against illegal payments for radio broadcasting of (Jew) songs. 
  • Alan Fried – Jewish amateur wrestler
  • President John Kennedy – assassinated by Jews. See the late great Michael Collins Piper, author and radio host’s book, “Final Judgment.” He sent me a copy.
  • Chubby Checker. Black role model for Whites with the dance the “Twist.” In my day, we worshipped blacks in South Chicago.
  • Psycho – movie. Jews published they would bring down White Senator Charles Percy of my Illinois. They also brought up black Barack Hussein from Illinois. During one of Percy’s campaigns, his twin daughter, Valerie, was bludgeoned to death in the night.  Only suspect: Jew. Jews had the nerve to broadcast the “Psycho” movie, the worst bludgeon movie in history, 48 hours after the murder. But Christians protested and stopped CBS Jews from attacking our TV eyes and ears as they have done for our entire life.
  • Belgians in the Congo. Was liberated. South Africans land and property taken from them and now Chinese Yellow Communists rule with Jewish bankers.
  • Ernest Hemingway suicides. 
  • Adolf Eichmann – Jews never stop their faked Nazi hunt. I wonder if soon we’ll have a Jew hunt and let them know how it feels what they afflicted on us. Jew Israeli captured him as they recently arrested a 95-year-old German who jews said knew of the (faked) holocaust. What if we rounded up all jewish elderly and put them and their descendants on trial? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
  • “Stranger in a Strange Land,” a book about sexual freedom. Jews wanted sex freedom to use and abuse our women and boys and make a fortune on porn etc.
  • Bob Dylan. Jew. Most famous singer. 
  • Berlin’s Separation into West and East Berlin. Jew Communists destroyed the Germans and had to put both the Polish and East Germans under an evil Iron Curtain of jewish tyranny and silence.
  • Bays of Pigs Invasion – US tried to stop Communist take-over of Cuba. The Spanish there are White.
  • Lawrence of Arabia – Arabs = Semites and wars for Israel
  • Ole Miss – A riot fought between Southern segregationist civilians and federal and state forces as a result of a black student in Mississippi. Now that the 92% non-Whites have taken over the USA, our white boys will have to be segregated from other races and even girls, have over 20 mentors or the USA will become a 4th world country.
  • John Glenn: First American manned orbital mission called “Friendship 7.” Under all our Jewish slavery what does the word ‘friendship’ for us mean?
  • Sonny Liston Floyd Patterson. Jews trained and addicted white men through sports and fights, wars. The same sex hormone is for war as is for sports games. Jews control the White man’s sexualilty!
  • Pope Paul, first Polish pope. He stopped jewish communism and changed the Auschwitz, Poland plaque from 4,000,000 Jews who died (Typhus and starvation when we bombed the railroads into the camps) into 1,5000,000 and that will go down soon.
  • Malcolm X. Black hero and martyr. Whites don’t need any more violence but healing.
  • British politician sex. Scandals for Jew controlled news most of which is manufactured like the USA.
  • JFK blown away. Assassination. Only film: by Jew Zapruder after the President’s motorcade detoured off the route onto Elm Street. I discovered that when I did the karaoke song, “Nightmare on Elm STreet,” a horror film and song where the Black singer sings “You’ve go the bodies, we got the brains. Jews have the so-called evil brains, the blacks the evil violent bodies. It will be a bloody massacre against Whites in our own land.
  • Birth control. Jew invented. White women sterilized. When a woman takes the pill she loses sex desires. That turns our men into homosexuals. 
  • Ho Chi Minh: Vietnam war.
  • Richard Nixon: Jews framed
  • Moonshot Apollo 11 successful moonlanding
  • Woodstock – a big counterculture festival that provided the worst possible avenue against our White childbearing youths.
  • Watergate – see above. Jew Armand Hammer frames President Nixon and his aids nicknamed the Plumbers
  • Menachem Begin — Assassin and terrorist. Prime Minister of jewish Israel.
  • Ronald Reagan – He was on the 1947 HUAC committee to expose the “Hollywood 10” Communist writers. 
  • Palestine – Jews conquered and stole their land where the Palestinians lived for 3,000 years.
  • Terror on the airline. Numerous hijackings. 
  • Ayatollahs in Iran. More focus on Semite Muslims and Semite Jews.
  • Russians in Afghanistan. Russians involved in wars for or against Jews of Israel.
  • “Wheel of Fortune.” Game show directed by Jew
  • Sally Ride: First American woman in space. Jews promote White women (although not anymore since we gave our country to mongrel Kamala Harris, VP, married to a Jew.)
  • Heavy metal – suicide songs. Jews drove Whites to depression and suicide individually and as a nation.
  • Foreign debts. Jews get the Whites indebted and we owe at least 23 Trillion last time I checked the debt clock. 
  • Homeless vets. Husband Veteran homeless and suicided. His last words, “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” I changed history with my crusades. 
  • AIDS – Jewess co-worker’s brother, highest paid doctor in the USA making money off White homosexuality.
  • Crack Cocaine – Jew Carpetbaggers deluged the South with cocaine after the Civil War for Jewish and Black rights and against Whites. 
  • Bernie Goetz – He shot four blacks. It’s all Jews talk about and print and silence us and forbid us to even think let alone write or talk or publish.
  • Hypodermics on the shores. Jew vaccines and heroin needles to addict Whites.
  • China under Martial law – Jews started Chinese Revolution. China and it’s dynasty satellites, now #1 superpowers.
  • Rock-and-roller wars. Marketing and advertising.

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Johnny Ray’s songs: “Go Ahead and Cry” White people. It’s ok and overdue

Whites should be wailing and weeping in the streets after what has been done to us. Mama saw it in the 1950s and both she and daddy and all of us, wept, wept, and I still weep. In fact, Mama and Daddy are buried under a weeping willow tree so during rain and snow the tree weeps over their graves! I called their cemetery this week. Holy Cross. I’m preparing my will and estate and have a place who wants all my writings, especially the emails and letters. But they want the book first and there are still too many things to work out. 
Some people write books, I wept mine as I did when I watched this White blonde Johnny Ray YouTube: 2 songs about crying. The singer is deaf so he’s more in touch with our “real feelings,” not the jewish manufactured ones. When you say, “But I feel this.” No, feelings aren’t facts. I learned that in Recovery Inc. for depressed patients. I didn’t know then that my depression is 1,000 years old. I work metaphysically to know, “I’m happy, I love Life (God) and I love to live.”