I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 25 Part 11

This “Fearlessly White” Chapter continues my listing. Indeed, it’s about “Jews Persecuting White Martyrs.”

Now, here’s the link to the Chapter. In addition, the rest of the book can be found on archive.org. Barbara Ann Nowak

As a bonus, I’m including the pictures below.


Don Black and his son Derek. Don founded the 1st Internet website and chat back in 1990. During the late Great Inquisition against White survivalists, he closed his long-running radio show.
When I began my White research, writing, and speaking, I discovered first his radio show. It’s called “The Political Cesspool.” That was 2005. I wasn’t afraid since he mentioned he and his buddies sang karaoke. He’s been on many mainstream talk shows. However, the enemy shut down his ability to collect money.
I discovered Eddie the Bombardier Miller whose show is to help save Whites and expose the Jews. Those shows are rare to do both.
Paul English started Speak Free radio. He also started this site hosting my autobiographical readings. http://eurofolkradio.com/
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s banned book, Synagogue of Satan. Bible: Revelations:

“I know about your suffering and your poverty—but you are rich! I know the blasphemy of those opposing you. They say they are Jews, but they are not, because their synagogue belongs to Satan.
After my Vietnam Veteran husband’s tragic suicide, I emailed Chicago’s radio media. Then, I moved to Vegas and wrote their disk jockeys. However, on August 29, 2005, I called in to talk radio, Hart Kirsch. I wailed “My husband’s last words before ending his life were, ‘There’s no help for the White man'” I heard him once say after my call, “I didn’t know Hitler had a daughter in Vegas!” I later learned his parents worked with the Germans and were sent to Dachau prison after the war. The jews claimed there were “gas chambers” at that location. They lied! As the Jesus screamed at the jews, “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” After several months on Hart’s show as a call in, I “offended” the jewish American princess on a pedestal. Gloria Steinem: feminism founder for jewess rights (not White women). I said those words. Within weeks, jews united around the world. The jew Beasley familly bought the station for $24,000,000, fired Hart and the other Whites, and replaced with stooges, jews, rabbis.
#1 banned book: Michael Collins Piper, “Final Judgment.” He wrote it after his White brother Vietnam Veteran came home affected for life. I called his Internet radio station several times. He gifted me with a book copy. It has many references showing the jews did the 9/11 World Trade Center Tragedy. The worst in American history!!!
Vicki Weaver was a White Civil Rights Activist with her family. They were Christian Identity, who espouse the Whites are the Israelites in the Bible, not the so-called jews. They lived off the land. She had her baby in a birthing shed. I had mine at home without drugs or circumcision. The government was after her husband, Randy, and sent armed agents. Ruby Ridge was the site of an 11-day siege of the Weaver family in Boundary County, Idaho in August 1992. It began on August 21, (my birthday) when deputies of the United States Marshals Service came to arrest Randy Weaver under a bench warrant after he failed to appear on federal firearms charges. They killed the son, Sammy, and his Mama Vicki in the head, who held her breastfeeding baby. 400 government officials surrounded the White family’s wilderness home. They even killed their family dog, “Striker!” Then the officials went on to kill religious White women, men, children at the Waco Massacre.
Richard Barrett, Vietnam Veteran, Attorney, White Nationalist. 23-year-old black man, beat, repeatedly stabbed him, then set him on fire, and killed him! Jews make sure there are “no” attorneys who will defend White people! Yet someday, the tide might turn and no one will defend the jew or jewess. The world knows. This is an abomination to murder a White Vietnam Veteran who defended Caucasian Christianity against jew (bankers) race and religion, and God-hating Chinese yellow Communists (bodies.)
English author, Simon Sheppard, wrote that the jewess “Diary of Anne Frank,” #1 in the world for autobiographies, is a fraud!!!! F-R-A-U-D. Several Whites have been punished for even “thinking” it was filled with lies. The English government (under Jewish control as jews did to my Poland for 1,000 years where all jews come from) arrested him. He fled to the USA for “asylum.” Odd, when only non-Whites such as “illegal” Mexican families who get $1,000,000 for each baby, get “asylum”. In contrast, in Mexico, their government refuses any other race in their population. Also, the mex’s are drug dealer families against innocent White youth and people. Yet the browns don’t take the drugs! I wrote Simon in the California prison.
Sylvia Stolz, attorney. My book includes many attorneys as persecuted martyrs by the Jews. White survivalists or Caucasian Christians have no legal recourse. Just the other two major religions / races: jews and muslims. And all the other 92% non-Whites of the world. Whites don’t have a single law for our survival. I flew the USA capital, Washington DC, and put the first bill for us. “Anti-White/Anti-Christ” bill. 2018. Stolz was jailed for debating the jewish only version of the holocaust.
Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, Greek historian, American immigrant. Arrived here with $15.00. Like me, he studied and wrote about his ancestry as I did my Polish. Both of us came across the hidden “evil satanic jews!” He’s the grandfather of exposing jews. They had him jailed and shut down his “Minerva” book publishing he bought. Criminal Jews wouldn’t let anyone publish anything true about them. See another book, The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangsters,” Albert Fried. He said only a “genius” lawyer freed him. Today, there are “no” lawyers to protect Whites who are afraid to death as never in history. Fear is the source of all disease, sin, death, guilt, danger. It’s the jewish satanic secret weapon on us.

Dangerous parody: “I’m So Glad I Married a jew!”

I sent another YouTube (jewess Sue Wojcicki approved.) Now we have,
I’m So Glad I married a Jew by a drunken White woman.

Search: Youtube, “All I Want for Christmas is You Parody: I’m So Glad I Married a Jew. The singer’s married name: “Schwartz” is the same as the Chicago radio host who seduced Sister Mary, conned her Italian husband out of his restaurant, and she was hospitalized five times! Tell me about the “Jews!” Our Whites ought to be furious about this! Both my niece and sister became extremely sick afterward and never fully recovered! Only by a miracle, I was able to overcome the Jew doctor who raped and threatened me for life in 1968! Writing and speaking about it and hoping to prevent this from happening to another White woman in the world.
The difference between Yellow Chinese women: they look down when passing another raced man. They want “pure-bred” as symbolized by the wall their men built 4,000 years ago, 13,500 feet!
The heartbreaking truth is my niece married a rich, rich, rich Jew. The last four digits of her phone is “0000.” #1 companies don’t get that!
She gave up her life for him and their two-race and religion-breaking offspring. 
After the offspring turned 18, he turned on her with “I want a divorce. I’m marrying a jewess!” 
That was about 9 years ago. She’s now penniless, hasn’t seen him since, he didn’t have to pay since kids were 18, and she’s dying at age 59! It was a curse on her as a good even religious Christian woman. Used and abused. She’s the sweetest person, good-looking, and highly intelligent. Her brothers, my nephews, straight A students. One read the encyclopedia at age 9!

Search, “All I Want for Christmas is You Parody: I’m So Glad I Married a jew!”

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 25 Part 9, Jesus and Mother Mary

Since it’s Christmas Day, I’m in my Mother Mary costume with little White baby Jesus. They are good role models for having more White healthy, holy, and heavenly offspring. My book’s chapters continue with “Jews Persecuted White Martyrs.”

Below is my filmed interview with Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelites (Whites.)

I’m in my Mother Mary costume holding White raced baby Jesus. Christmas Chapter 25 Part 9 from my book, “I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years With the Jews.” “Jews Persecuted White Martyrs. I believe Jesus was White as Pastor Eli’s research declares. He read and deciphered each Bible line from Genesis to Revelations. He showed it’s the Caucasian Christians who are the true Israelites in the Bible, not the jews.
Autobiographically speaking, I worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. Right after the tragic 9/11 World Trade Center’s bombings, I won an Internet contest, “If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the title and why.” I never wrote before. I then began writing a famous Chicago radio DJ who told me to write about my “authentic self.” I then opened up my heart and life’s suffering from a Polish American family of 15. I then turned to political issues in 2002: The Federal Reserve Bank System. Jews running the USA as they did in Poland for 1,000 years!
“What I Saw That Day” by Phil Tourney revealed the jewish bombing of the USS Liberty to induce America into a war with the Muslims. The pix on the left is the only US Marine on board, Bryce Lockwood. His face was burned and saw the jews submarine missles, which blew a hole in the ship the size of a football field.
The jewish Kol Nidre prayers tells their “god” that the Jews can commit all the sins in the next year. In the first talkie film (Hollywood monopolized by Jews since 1927), “The Jazz Singer,” the jew star prays the Kol Indre prayer to an unsuspecting White audience. Our White kin were so eager to see the first movie, they didn’t realize the hell against them until now.
Piotr Ryback was punished in Poland. Police seized his banner, which read “No Jews. No speculators and traitors allowed!” I need more about the Polish side of World War II and what it was like to live under jewish slavemasters for 1,000 years.
A self-named jew from Israel ran over twice with a bulldozer, 23-year old White red-headed protestor, Rachel Corey.


Jew: Federal Bank Chairman- Drunken Gruenberg – White Mary Jo

In short. Drunken FDIC drunken chairman, Jew Gruenberg. His top role: He insures the money in our banks from bank failure! Yet in the Great Depression 1929, Jewish Stock Market crash, there was no hope.

From what I gather: Left: Under hypnotized White Biden, left, jewess top head of the White’s USA Bank treasury. Not sure who’s next to her. Then drunken dictator of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, jew Gruenberg, FDIC, Federal Department Insurance Corporation, who secures our bank money?! Note, how Jews place themselves and Whites haven’t a clue. Who’s on his right “Mary Jo White!” This is jewish hypnotism they all get but Whites only worship them, hypnotized. See more about Mary Jo White below.

Our White people need healing and love from the jewish death drunken and drugged and war plague upon us. (Jews did the same in Poland 1,000 years.) The vaccine we need: Love and sobriety. I know because I turned alcoholic in 1996 after Mama’s death, but was spiritually healed in 2004. I’d be dead otherwise. If you or someone you know suffer as I did, I pray for your healing as the rest of our people. USA and world victims of jewish addicter dictators. (Hitler didn’t smoke or drink but took an abnormal amount of medicine from his 24/7 companion, Dr. Morrell, a physician to the jewish entertainers. Think of that word who we honor as “entertainers.” I’m mocked for inventing costumed karaoke for fun, love, and exclusively White people.

Yet they usually don’t drink or drug as the Muslims the other two main religions. Hindu, same.

I had a yellow stickie note to remind me of found info. I wrote that jewish women controlled the USA’s top banks. The jewess princess on a pedestal, as we White Polish called them in South Chicago, runs the entire US Treasury. She hypnotized White President Biden as she did the entire White Race. She and her jewess sisters. Also, she was head of the Federal Reserve Bank, who took in all the USA tax money. Her jewess she-devil in crime, Nita Lowey was head of the House of Representative. She spent our White money.

Now I looked up the Federal Deposit Insurance Company’s head. Last name Gruenberg. His last name for US Gruenbergs are jewish! From my yellow stickie. He’s a drunk and using our government officials as a bunch of drunken people who can’t think, decide, or vote. Idiots!

“Gruenberg was chair in 2016 when law enforcement charged an examiner-in-training who was found passed out behind the wheel of his car. He was chair in 2014 when police arrested an examiner for public intoxication after he threw an FDIC conference party so wild that other employees told police they felt they were being held hostage. Gruenberg was also chair when the FDIC declined to fire these employees.”

Mary Jo “White.” Like jews use fake “6,000,000” number to keep Whites hypnotized under a jew spell. See her role in a Morgan Stanley deal. Barach Hussein, USA black president, appointed her. Here’s a Rolling Stones Magazine article


Also, White Mary Jo White also defended the jewish Sackler family who produced the addictive opioid, Oxycontin, responsible for 2,000 deaths.


Jews Use “Hava Nagila” Song After Illegal Palestine Takeover.

On my movie chapter reading, I discussed how a jewess wore a Mel Gibson tee shirt, which was bloody, crowned with thorns. She had a big red “X” across it and called Jesus and Mel Gibson “Schmucks.” She was from Israel as was her movie maker with a large camera on his shoulder. I was at a karaoke restaurant and dressed as Mrs. Hitler with a shiny swastika armband. (To me sign of White fertility.) I refused the picture with the jewess she-devil and walked away. The karaoke jockey called them up to sing “Hava Nagila.” Then they asked me on the mic to join them. At first, I was revolted, but then an angel thought came. I walked over to the front table, borrowed a lighter, and went on stage next to the jewess and jew. As the music began to play, I lit the cigarette flame and shouted, “Here’s two jews: Light the ovens!” I already knew there were no ovens but our people are in a coma or spiritually dead as Mama said.
All hell broke loose, but the losers were the White Karaoke Jockey screaming at me. Jews had this all on camera for sadistic entertainment to secretly share around the world. In addition, the KJ threw me out of the club in front of an audience. I’ve never seen treatment as I suffered in 30 years. Over and over again. 
What do you think of this video below in view of our knowledge of the jew who does everything for his jewess and their offspring for eternity? It’s funny but it’s true. We must not imitate them in any way, shape, or form. 

Note the jew rabbis are tearing a White red-headed naked doll apart.

BEST Hava Nagila Music Video!! Featuring Crazy Dancing Rabbis

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 25 Part 8

To begin with, the chapter “Jews Persecute White Martyrs” continues. Here’s the movie link, which also has pictures below.


Scrooge is a cold-hearted miser who despises Christmas. Three ghosts visit him, past, present, and future. I’m wearing my Mrs. Jacob Marley ghost costume from the book. However, I lament the White martyred ghosts at this Christmastime. Jews persecuted them either by assassination, murder, harassment, de-monetization. Jews also shut destroyed any videos, YouTubes, books, news, debates, movies, magazines, and people who debate them.
Polish MP, Grzegosz Braun, cute red-head, from the Parliament doused the jewish candles with a fire extinguisher. Three cheers! Jews enslaved my Polish ancestors for 1,000 years, the worst in history. Silenced. Jews pulled all the same near the Washington DC White House. They shut down the nativity scene of Jesus’ birth but put up 30-foot menorah candles instead. Also, I crusaded for White red-headed rights since 2010. Whites must stick together. We don’t have a second to waste.
When I went to a Vegas karaoke bar, I wore my Mrs. Hitler costume. In addition, Eva Braun was his wife. If others sang “Springtime for Hitler” from a jew movie and play, then I wanted to. A jew with a TV camera on his shouler and jewess came up to me to take a picture. Ouch! Besides, I saw the woman had a tee shirt on with Mel Gibson’s face and a big red x across it. Mel was bloody and with a crown of thorns. Lastly, the big word “Schmuck” was under the picture. Horrified and disgusted at the jewess, I refused.
In January I attended a White People’s Party protest in Las Vegas. To clarify, 85,000 mexican illegal criminals snuck and attacked White America. Jews and jewesses hypnotized Whites. In addition, the Las Vegas police, SWAT teams, and National Guard surrounded us. They were all non-Whites! To illustrate, there were seven counter-protestors across the street insulting us hoping we’d become violent and we Whites sent to prison. Hence Jews can remain as Supremacists and we Whites enslaved. The man heading the counter-protest came up to me. I asked his name. When he replied, I said, “You’re jewish!” He was shocked I uncovered his evil deed. So was the news making White protestors as “evil” and the non-Whites as “good.” Nevertheless, as far back in the late 1800s, a Christian woman said we call “evil” “good” and “good” evil.
Jews persecuted the White author, Michael Walsh, the longest-running English defender of our rights. Prison sentences. Destroyed his writing career. Authored over 70 books.
Lady Michelle Renouf: Australian-born, English. Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist. Classical ballet student, artist, beauty queen, model, landscape architect, advertising actress with legends as the Muppets. Only one at David Irving’s trial and greeted Ernst Zundel after his German prison release. Arrested after giving an impromptu speech after the Dresden, Germany site fire-bombing. Jew led 1,000 bombers to murder, even melt over 200,000 White Christian Germans!!!!
The enemy sends a monument-type horse present to its victim country. Then at night, lets out the soldiers to conquer the people.
“The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail.” Jesus’ female apostle perhaps wife and mother of his child. It’s an amazing 2,000 year coincidence. Jews had Jesus arrested, tried, tortured, and executed. (He arose from the dead to show Whites how evil the jewish hidden thought is, and also that we are immortal. We can claim our undying perfect nature now.) Also, Lady Renouf was tried on the same charges: “Inciting the people to riot!”
Patrick Buchanan’s book, “Will America Survive to 2025 – Suicide of a Superpower?” Yet, it’s the jewish hypnotism, mesmerism, and animal magnetism that have tried to destroyed our White people’s minds. We have an immortal, spiritual mind instead we must claim how God made us. We can break the jewish chains once and for all by telling the truth.