Jews Fomented World War I and II!

I was filing papers and found this document with my notes: A Closer Look at Poland and Europe. Remember Jews and Jewesses kept my Polish ancestors in war and alcohol, 24/7, 365, 1,000 years! And then in 1875, 2,000,000 emigrated into America, especially the land where the seven World Trade Centers were built! Much of the evidence of their crimes was bulldozed.

How utterly sad! It states Jews started World War I. For Jewish rights to get the land of Palestine to pretend they are God’s Chosen. They aren’t! They hoodwinked us but no longer can we be fooled. Once we know the truth, there’s no going back to error.

“It was a Jew who received $10,000 to kill the Serbian aristocrat who started World War I.” He shot and killed the Serbian and his Jewess wife. How did she get him I wonder? I compared it to the open car President Kennedy was killed in.

World War II. I read it was Jews dressed in Polish uniforms who attacked the Germans living in the Danzig Corridor. The land was given to Poland “after” World War I to set the stage for World War II. Their fake news media blamed my Polish White kin and even though Hitler didn’t want war, was forced into it. As William Shakespeare wrote. “The World is a Stage.” We’re mere actors and actresses for this Jewish “American Dream.” Concocted in 1928, one year after they stood Edison’s movie machine, and produced the first talkie movie.

Jews plan: mass migration out of their Old Poland where they had their “kingdom” and the entire population of Catholic and Protestant Christians as slaves. The only such in history!

Jew into Christian?

From a World War II German children’s book.

When Jews infiltrate churches. And I’m all for helping to save Caucasian Christianity, but Jews are the source of our decline and deaths. World War II was a racial and religious war against Whites, whose babies are only 3% of the world down from 33%. And the Germans predicted that was low

I talked with a German lady who said she went back to Germany for a funeral. The young people said their government did a DNA study. They were all Germans mixed with Jew and Muslims (Race/Religion) blood. She then talked to the older Germans later. The government destroyed all the documents that showed German people. Jews wiped an entire people off the planet and not a word is spoken. They did the same to my Polish: Jew Ukrainian clown, Zelensky, forced in first 3,000,000 then 2,000,000 immigrates to replace and breed out my Polish ancestors. They did the same to the Japanese: the 3 countries involved in World War II. All so wicked Jews could leave Poland en masse (1,000 years home) (1945) and break the USA law who had a 1924 ban on them.

We can’t solve a problem until we find the cause not what’s on the surface. Jews don’t want Christians in their all-racist cities of Israel. They demand or command a pure-race at the White’s race-breaking expense.

Movie 1944, Gaslight, Drive White German Woman Insane

Here’s a clip from the movie, “Gaslight” starring German (on mother’s side) Ingrid Bergman. In it, her French husband tries to drive her insane. It’s odd, but it was 1944, and Jew Hollywood spewed hatred against German women!!!!!! Made way for the illegal immigration of 6,000,000 Jews into the USA, 6,000,000 into Palestine.

Jew Communists who destroyed Russian White Christianity, also “won” World War II. Instead of US most famous general, George Patton, entering Germany at the end of the war, he was told we were sending the Russians in.

The three Jews controlled the USA, President and Mrs. Roosevelt during the war. He as found dead just days before the end of World War II. The German opponent, Hitler, found dead April 30. No leaders, the Jews goal since even Jesus’ time.

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 15-2

Hello Eurofolks!

Here’s the 2nd part of Chapter 15 entitled “White Women Enslaved Reduced to Shiksas.”

Jews and society has brainwashed our White women, girls, babies, to be slaves for the other races and against the White male.

However, Jews did the same to my Polish ancestors since 1025-1945.

In addition, it’s not only what I read from others, but my life in South Chicago as a White female beaten, bruised and nearly killed slave to a jewish pseudo reality.

Bible: Best audio-Jesus vs Jews

Hello folks,
This Bible Chapter shows how Jews hated and mocked Jesus with all intentions to kill him. Jesus counteracted them and when they wanted to kill and stone him to death, he disappeared! 
Click on the upper right audio YouTube!
Jesus confronts them by saying they are “not” the Children of Israel for they were never slaves. (Their greatest fear as they Master and Lord over us.)
We, Whites, are the Children of Israel, Caucasian Christianity.
This link shows John 7:1 but goes through more.

Jew New Movie: Barbie

Hello Eurofolks,

Me on Chicago TV  “Barbie Patton” singing “Barbie Girl” in my self-made White Tennis outfit, skirt, and hat. I play tennis and many sports that I taught my sons in person, not a coach or Jew TV set. From TV computer picture. My 2nd husband was the same name as the most famous but murdered General Patton who exposed the filthy Jews. He wanted to go into Germany for human treatment. Instead, the Jew Commies sent in drunken Russian to do their dirty work. Whites hating Whites! How sad. The TV appearance is on the link below:

Barbie Girl Patton TV.png

If you’re busy, you can skip to the bottom for the link of me singing the “Barbie Song” that’s my name. And the Germans who were involved with the atom bomb in 1939. You may know more about the latter. If so, please let me know. 
Jews summer block-buster movie “Barbie” who wants to die! Also, their other block buster movie, right from my book, “Oppenheimer” who signed the atom bombings of the most Christian countries, Japan. He named the plane the “Enola Gay,” and the bombs “fat man” and “little boy,” all code words for their shoving homosexuality down our White minds. 

Jew and Jewesses have nothing better to do than use my book manuscript to make news and media from my manuscript, blog, life, entertainment. But most of it is bad against me. Confederate 6 gowns I sewed and designed for Scarlett O’Hara. They had Confederate statutes smashed even though the character was from the #1 movie (Jewish) “Gone with the Wind.” She was a nurse to Confederates. I didn’t give my kids vaccines. They invented COVID, against it makes me look “evil” and the Jewess beyond a goddess saint. They took my queen of karaoke character name “Barbie” as you see in video below, and make a blockbuster movie. It mentions about “hating” Barbie. Thanks to a Jewish society, I still encounter with 5 death attempts and 3 threats on my life. That hate is the mortal Jew devils and she-devils.
My nickname is Barbie. Barbara Ann. I wrote in my book that the Jewess Ruth Handler stole the Barbie idea from a German. She gave it to a man at Mattel and the rest is history. She treats “White Ken doll,” pretty badly. Nothing bothers the Jews with nerves of steel. Instead of being ashamed that Jews stole the Barbie idea they will make a fortune on it this summer. The “Barbie” movie with come out in a week. In the movie, Barbie thinks about “dying.” Really, after I went open on a video on the Internet about my three suicide attempts. 
Jew Warner Brothers convinced me to star on their “Jenny Jones TV Talk show” and blasted and hurt me in front the world in 1997. The same year Jew Warner Bros. had Stormfront’s (1st White chat 1994) Don Black on the show knocking him down as a KKK leader. Protect White women and children. 
Jew Owen Robbins turned that Jenny Jones tape I dubbed for him into American Idol. He called and told me he did. They don’t get their jollies off unless they tell the White Gentile Goy, even if we don’t know we’re being shafted. (Jews are so nice, even hypnotic and we have no defense . . . yet.)
I wrote about Ukrainian women who snagged or affected our top White leaders/speakers/authors, what did the Jews do? Made a Jew Zelensky Ukrainian War with White Christian Russia. The entire world sobbed over the evil Ukrainians forcing at least 5,000,000 (starting five years ago) into Poland to outbreed and replace my kin. My writing exposing Ukrainian women looks like I’m the crazy or evil one, not the Jewess mind.  
Anyway, Sister Josephine’s daughter had a Barbie Doll of the future: Brown raced! Jews put it right in our White faces and we’re in a semi-coma. Alone. But that will change. 
I read 16 books about White Elvis and write highly of him.  I mentioned so many good things and tributes in costumed karaoke, but what did the Jew Warner Brothers focus on? Evil
I had mentioned that Col. Parker used to inject him with uppers through his White suit. Recently, Warner Brothers made a movie that “all” the White woman loved. However, the Jews made Elvis look like a drug addict and dope and Col. Parker, both White men as “evil.” The Jewish mind is so evil, it’s an abomination to our people who don’t have a chance unless we shed them off our White people. 
Lisa Presley “conveniently” dies one week before the Elvis movie. Million$$$ of publicity one week before the movie. Just like Obama’s White grandmother dies the day before Obama was elected. Jews wanted and got an all Black family in the White Black House. Now it’s a Jewish house, with Whites like little talking or listening dolls, not the highest of God’s ideas.
I risked my life and paid tremendous honor to the veterans in regards to my deceased suicided White Veteran husband, Michael. What did the Jew media manufacture? Under Biden and his Black Gorilla 7′ Attorney General, he withdrew the Afghanistan troup n such a horrific way, our American soldiers and Maris were the laughing stock of the world. My book is worthless in White eyes. 
I was beaten and crippled in front of an audience, and covered up at Jew MGM Mandalay Bay, 2013. They ended my research and nearly my life. I did die. I prayed and came back. But who would believe me when they made me evil and the laughing stock of the world. Intentionally, Jews have no competition other than Chinese, but Jews will change that. No one has resisted them.
Anyway, again, here’s me as my named character, “Barbie.” I just sit here and laugh at them. If they want to keep hurting me they are hurting themselves. It’s only a matter of time when the entire world will know of their evil, all 7 billion. 
I write in my book of Jew Oppenheimer, as evil, dropping the atom bombs on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Author Taylor Caldwell, wrote she was “boiling mad,” that those two cities were the only Catholic Christian cities that he targeted. The Jews now will release a movie on the “good” (evil) Jew Oppenheimer. He didn’t invent the atom bomb. Like his fellow Jew Einstein, who Whites worship and adore as the smartest, he stole someone’s ideas but no Whites have challenged them. Except a few of us and even then when this changes they will put some politician, government official, as the person who saved the White people. Especially a Jew or Jewess since Whites adore their every evil thought and word that seems “good” to us.

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 15-1

Hi Eurofolks,

This week’s chapter from my book, I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews Chapter 15-1 is early. I usually have to wait days before processes it but after I submitted it last night it was read this morning.

I wanted to start it on a light note during the filming since I’d been weeping during the day as I marked my printed manuscript to read with emotions. It talks of my suicide attempt essay I handed it at the 2006 English 101 college class. It’s how I helped change history for all Veterans and severely depressed White people, even a co-student.

1888 PT 2: Jew Stop Books

See today’s blog, Part 1. White Greek Author Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, American Jew, exposes how treacherous Jews stop, harass, bankrupt, shut down printing press, arrest, prison, even kill White authors. The Jews shut down his printing press “Minerva” and only by a genius lawyer was he freed from Jewish American prison. He died in obscurity and his body can’t be found. I took a computer screen shot. The free book is on the other link. ps. Even during World War II, the Final Countdown of Jewish treachery and takeover, the Jews melted down printing presses and book plates that exposed Jews and said it was “for the war effort.” If it was for a Jewish takeover yes. If it was to save the endangered White species, then no.

1888 – White Man Exposes Jews

The first Jew exposer was White Greek historian Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, Royal Award. He wrote four exposé’s.

See other blog today. I wrote about this before but the 1st picture stood out to me today. I get inspiration impressions that flow through me and my writings. I can’t write, never could. I don’t understand how I do it, but since it’s good for Whites and saving Caucasian Christianity, it must be from God, or one’s highest, no matter what name used. It’s about “your” highest self that I reach.

“The American Jew” about one Jew is almost exact to the drawing I discovered about the two Jews who took over the entire country of Poland in the year 965. Note it took two Jews to carry their writings (while they kept my people unable to read and write) and their trinkets to sell in both drawings. Jews sell trinkets to the White townspeople then takeover the entire treasury. Jewess Janet Yellen controls the entire USA banking system under her hypnotized victim, President Biden.

Two Jews took over Whitist of Whites, Poland, 965. Below, Jews took over America completely by 1888. In 1875, Jews forced 2,000,000 Jewish criminals from Russia (originally from Poland) into the formerly White Christian United States of America.