A Dream Kiss

Well, every once in a while, I think it is good for me to abandon my anger and bitterness, and get in touch with my “joyful feelings.”
I had a dream about Dr. David Duke yesterday, and since this is my ‘live journal’ one writes pretty much of everything.  it isn’t something I necessarily would want to write about, but since the Jews have made Obama a “Black Sex God,” I don’t think it hurts for all women to think of Dr. Duke as being a human romantacist.  I think that is what Hitler was according to his paintings, and his deep love for women and children.  Since I fell in love with the Canadian White DJ at CBS radio, via only my thoughts and feelings from sharing everything I was learning through my sex classes, and hugging books, and art of kissing etc. I have to protect myself, because I never dreamed I could fall in love with someone in my imagination and even have orgasms through my writing.  I won’t let that happen again.  Perhaps, the time willl come when I can again be with a man, but I want it ‘real’ and not imaginery.  It wouldn’t be healthy for me, and it would be silly for Dr. Duke.  I admire his relationship with his Russian gal, as my Grandma, Helcha Pawlowski, was a Russian Polish bride for my Grandpa the Russian Polish General.
With my computer having a nervous breakdown of minor sorts, I am getting things done around the house and garden, and really can see where my writing ignores both.  But, I ordered a fantastic buy from Omaha Steaks, a White styrofoam container of Prime Meats, which I saved $149.00 on.  I broiled the Filet Mignon wrapped with bacon, accompanied by Green Beans Almandine, with Almonds, and a Sweet Potato casserole drizzled with Streusel on top, like the Germans like their Streusel.  To finish it off, I had homemade Garlic Bread with Classic French Bread.  (By the way, I found a new buffet place at the Eastside New Cannery Casino that caters to the older crowd.  I had all-you-can-eat buffet, complete with Polish Sausage “Kielbasa” for $2.69 and that includes the tax, once you get a sign up card. I won $5.00 to play the machines, but since husband #2 got addicted to poker machines I don’t play, but these places still need people to fill up their casinos otherwise when people find them ’empty’ they get scared and dont’ want to come back.)
So, while I was cooking I was listening to a hymn sing from my church, with songs to God and Love.  They are mostly White, and these people are just dying to help others, but Whites don’t seem to want to be helped by them, so they travel to Africa and South America to ‘help everybody.’  One of the clips showed the children playing instruments like clicking wooden sticks and the eggs that shake and rattle, which I use in my performances when I sing “Spanish,” for Selena which I performed on TV.
Well, after that, I listened to all the chapters on “My Awakening” by Dr. David Duke.  I was sewing my slip to wear under my skirt, since I don’t wear panties, although I might have to change since I would not want to be misunderstood as being dirty.  It is just that more diseases form in a woman’s vagine from the panties she wears or tight jeans.  Our vagina is almost like a jungle that is warm, humid, moist and filled with all kinds of cells.  When a disease cell enters it, it has all the necessary components of giving the woman a disease. That could make her sterile or she might not be able to have children after that. The man, whose organ is outside his body, is free to ‘get air.’  It is one reason why I like kilts so much.  Once when I was in a parade, the Viet Nam Veteran parade recently in Las Vegas, I asked the Scottish guys that had the bagpipes if they had underwear on under those kilts. A woman can dream can’t she?  I had my Queen’s costume on and had a big board, like a protest sign, but it was a protest of love gone by, as I had my husband’s US Marine picture on it, our wedding picture and our 2 White sons, whose ancestry stems from the Mayflower Ship tree, the first to ‘successfully’ colonize America.
I heard recently a woman say that she thought David Duke was gorgeous.  He is.  In my family of women, my sister and I chose the “Tall, Light, and Handsome,” rather than the “Tall, Dark and Handsome,” as my other sisters did.  Our marriages ended in divorce, simply because I think that light-haired men are more prone to alcoholism, than dark haired Europeans.  It is ‘not ‘so in Scotland and Ireland, but I think that the Jews ‘especially’ wanted to down White light-haired men, so that White woman would hate them and fall for dark haired Jews.  It was ‘intentional.’  My son Mikey is light-haired, and turned alcoholic, yet I never drank.
I thought about her comment: Dr. Duke is gorgeous.  And I thought of what really gones on in my mind.  I thought that once before I fell madly in love with a man, the Canadian Chicago DJ that I was writing.  He didn’t love me or write so back, but as I was sharing all my sexual thoughts, and the books I was reading on dating, my heart and mind just opened up to a new sense of affection, liking, love, and passionate sex, quite over the edge, that flowed on the computer screen.  I never dreamed those thoughts were there for ‘any’ man.  I grew up in a family that Mama and Daddy didn’t kiss. They’d fight.  Severe abuse.  They had a marriage made in heaven until the poverty set in so deeply they couldn’t stand each other at times.  I never saw them kiss, but I did see them have sex once when I was a little girl. As I wrote before, we didn’t have ‘door’s on our bedrooms in our shack-of-a-two-story home in South Chicago.  (I want to cry as I bring up this memory, for it was one of ‘love’ that my Mama and Daddy shared, and I didn’t sense that much.)  My sisters and brothers only remember my parents having a very loving, and hard working relationship.  But, I’m the baby girl, and everything changed when Mama started to drink. David Duke would understand that pain since his Mama drank.
Well, Daddy sent me out to ‘play’ to have intimate time with Mama.  I was too young to know that.  But, when I went out I couldn’t find any friends, and didn’t want to play alone again.  So I came back in the house, and as you know I was very quiet and mute even.  When I walked in the kitchen, I could hear moans and groans and loud springy noises in the bedroom behind the two closed curtains. I thought I heard my Mama cry or whimper so I wanted to see what was going on.
To my shock, astonishment, and horror, my Mama and Daddy were lying naked, and Daddy was on top of Mama and his penis was going in and out of her.  I still remember that shock and ‘anger.’
I was ‘angry’ at Mama for I thought she was committing a ‘sin.’  I thought being naked was a ‘sin’ as Adam and Eve, the first Jewish parents had thought, but not Adolf and Eva, what I consider our first White parents of sorts.
I mouth-offed to Mama and perhaps she slapped me across the face.  I was arrested when a mentor told me that she wouldn’t have a son talk to me as Mikey Jr. was verbally abusing me.  I have a police record that I was not convicted of, but I never hit my sons the whole time, as I thought discipline was ‘teaching’ not hitting and didn’t want them to be abused as I was.  Yet, during the volitile and firey divorce where my husband’s lawyer for $$$ wanted to take away my sons, he advised my husband, “You can treat your wife anyway you want and verbally abuse her as much as you want, just don’t leave bruise marks.”  My son, Mikey picked up on that, and when he went to verbally abuse me again, I slapped him across the face.  He told his father whom he was staying with for the week-end and they called the police and arrested and fingerprinted me.  My husband ‘did’ abuse me and I was in the crisis center and had a hit man after me with his 17 year old girlfriend, and he never was arrested… ….. only me.  I can’t even imagine what this country will do to me next, you can see why I wanted to commit suicide to get out of her, or have my passport, but doubt if the other countries are much better since they have been controlled by Jews for at least 900 years.
Needless, to say, I never forgot this picture in my mind of Mama and Daddy having sex.  The next thing I remember is seeing just Mama in that same bedroom with the 2 curtains off the kitchen.  Only this time Mama was not ‘moaning’ and whimpering, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, and could Mama scream.  Hitler couldn’t scream as loud as Mama could nor be as forceful.
You see, Mama was pregnant, and she couldn’t make it to the hospital, or more likely she didn’t have the $$$ for a hospital delivery, so she was delivering the baby at home, although it was unplanned that way, for I think most of us were delivered in hospitals.
Yes, Mama was screaming because she was going to childbirth with her 10th or 11th baby.  I told you that Mama lost one when Daddy kicked her in the stomach and she miscarried.  It is called ‘poverty abortion’ and the blacks have absolutely nothing to cry and whine about and keep gnawing away at White’s pity, when they have had rubbers, and abortions, and welfare, etc.  Daddy didn’t even have $$$ for a rubber, and Mama would have killed him if he ever brought up oral sex again. She liked penetration and that was that.  And no one with their right mind would argue with their mother, except for me, but we were both just fiesty I guess.  I never hit my mother, although my brothers would have.
I started crying and screaming because I was afraid. I never heard my Mama like this, and no one was telling me what was going on.  It was all a ‘secret.’  But, I deeply loved my Mama, and thought someone was hurting or even killing her with her loud screams.  They finally let me in and I saw Mama was having a baby, and all my sisters were around and I believe Dr. Merbitz. (probably a Jew, for if anyone would take our few pennies it would be a Jew, when babies could be delivered by White husbands, or White mid-wifes.  Even if the baby was lost, just have more sex as in the olden days, and have another.)
Mama had my brother Nicky Novak, the one who sued the Department of Education in West Palm Beach Florida, and first won, and then the Jews there took it to the Supreme Court. Since my brother taught in a very fancy school where the teens showed up in limousines, I can only assume that there were rich Jews there.
My brother Nicky had White blonde hair.  Platinum blonde.  He and I look a lot a like.  We don’t talk anymore. He married a nice German girl, whose last name is “Hecht.”  In his mind he hates me, and I was so quiet I don’t know why. He is writing an autobiography about 8332 South Colfax, South Chicago, where we grew up, and he could be writing as I do about my sisters that were alcoholics, or my Mama’s extreme violence and anger at raising a large White family on minimum wage and being treated like dirt or scum in this country, he could be writing about my sister Ros-o-day, who through her drinking was screwing all the men in South Chicago and causing trouble for Mama when she started to bring home Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and even was a White slave prostitute for a black pimp whom he conned her into supporting him.  (Black men don’t work; they con, Jews don’t work, they con and collect large salaries the highest in the nation for they set those salaries for themselves and no one contests them.)  But, in Nicky’s book, he told me he only wrote one bad thing about anyone in the family. He could have even written that my brother tried to kill my mother, or my Daddy kicker her in the stomach when she was pregnant, but he only wrote about me and how ‘crazy’ I was this one time. It was ‘Dingus” Day, the day after Easter and Polish custom has it that Polish boys and girls hit each other and run around, with water balloons.  I was too ‘poor’ to have balloons, so I couldn’t hit back like the other girls could.  But, the boys just bombarded me with them, and I couldn’t even make it to school.  I got mad and I went to stand up on a cement enclosed structure that was built as a garbage trash.  It looked just like a stone pedastal.  And I shouted to the boys, “Here, I’m not running away from you anymore or being scared. If you want to hit me with your balloons, go right ahead I’ll make your target easy!”  I was probably crying, as I had no boy friends, the other White girls who had pretty dresses and sane sober mothers, and fathers that made more than minimum wage, and the boys were attracted to them. Furthermore, these girls had hair that was pretty, combed and curled, and no one took care of me that way.  I was extremely neglected. Once in a while the nuns at St. Mary Magdalene’s would curl and comb my hair, and hopefully they didn’t find any lice, as the Jews would give us through their rags and clothes they passed on to my Mama in order for their rich Jewish husbands to buy them more in their insatiable Jewish princess greed like Barbie Doll, the Jewish creation.
Well, I just say this, because through my extensive soul searching, no matter how bitter and painful, I was able to “love and honor” my Mama and Daddy, as never would have been possible through so many layers of “White Shame.”  I only wish my teacher in my church that I work for, could love her Daddy the KuKluxKlanner from Indiana, the way I love her Daddy though I never met him, I just read about him while editing her book. She clearly tells me that he ‘repented’ and was ashamed of the KKK and so was she.  I find that hard to believe, since I didn’t read that in her book. It was more ‘descriptive’ about his role in the KKK and not ’emotional.’
I guess that is why I listened to ‘all the chapters’ on Dr. Duke and his membership in the KKK.  Although you should read the book, “and” listen to the audio which is free on his website, I will mention just a few things I heard yesterday.
He talked of his ideals about helping the White race.  He was approached by the leader of the KKK to join and David told them that he wanted to change the entire image and appeal to those interested in “politics” and that he wanted to effect the changes that the KKK needed that way.  He became the Grand Wizard and I think a Grand Dragon, which is very colorful and exciting.  I like the idea of knowing someone who was once a Grand Dragon. It is much more pagan than knowing a dull, boring, greedy, and perverted “psychiatrist.”  There is no fun in that. Ah, but a Grand Dragon!  What flare!  What Style!  What Macho!  And Dr. Duke did it in such a way that opened up over 20 new chapters in just his area alone.  My memory is not all that good on specifics, so I can’t quote the exact number.
But, he mentions the “Jews” were after him, and they concentrated all their efforts on destroying him. It is heart-breaking. He specifically mentions Geraldo Rivera, a 1/2 Jew and 1/2 Puerto Rican.  We all grew up with him thinking he was “Spanish,” and that we should love him, like Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy another Jewish show, where the Jews terrorized this sweet, red-headed Scottish woman, Lucy Magilicutty.   Dr. Duke spoke on the audio of “My Awakening,” how Geraldo Rivera had a Star of David tatooed on his wrist. It is odd, but as a White woman I tried to end my life slicing up my wrists, cause it was so bad for me in this country, but a Jew, they walk with pride, dignity, respect, honor, and even our worship. I was not treated like that.
Geraldo interviewed him for 2 hours, and David was excited and passionate to get his message out about the new KKK, but instead Geraldo Rivera, who is on Fox right now, sliced it down to 2 minutes and cut and pasted words to make David say things he didn’t say or mean.  Which is Jewish-typical for their complete brainwashing process for Whites and the World.  It seems that the Jews especially want to destroy the White race, but believe me they will attack our Yellow neighbors, China, when the Jews feel that they are not “high and supreme” enough now that Chinese are getting ‘smarter’ than the Jews!
But the Jews plots of horror never end in their smart, but evil minds.  And I call that the “dumbest of the dumb” because to have so much hatred and act on it, is the dumbest in the area of ‘spirituality and love.’  So the Jews invented another KKK, and since the KKK is ‘not’ copyrighted, anyone could start their own group.  The Jews supported and funded this ‘other KKK,’ to bring down Dr. Duke and his ‘good’ efforts and restroring White European Culture and Heritage.  I’m really eternally grateful for Dr. Duke’s calm message of hope, because when I found out the Truth about what the Jews and other races were doing to us I was very furious and angry too.  But, now, I see things more rationally, but am still very firm.  These Jewish KKK groups were being arrested and causing a lot of violence. I told you before, the Jews ‘create’ news. They set up news scenes like Hollywood movies. They really don’t know the difference, between fiction and non-fiction, and neither do our fellow Whites, otherwise I’m sure my book would be published by now.  But they say to write a book you have to have an audience, and I think very few people think the way I do, so my audience would be exteremely limited.
(I had to stop to turn over my breakfast bacon, center cut, from Oscar Mayer, and just get a good whiff because it smells so good.)  AHHHHH!  Just heaven for the nostrils, the #1 sex organ after the brain.
Well, the Jews destroyed the KKK because the Jews cannot have the White man as competition. Our concepts are much more advanced than theirs, and they want to destroy Christianity, so their Jewish Temple and Synogoguge will reign. (like the Reign of Terror the Jews induced on my White Polish people for 900 years.  I’m going to orden “Katyn” about the murder of Poles because it will be available August 12.)
So, David marries Chloe a gal that supported him, and it talks about their honeymoon, when they took off on her little boat, and they stopped at an island.  He wrote that they got married in West Palm Beach, and that she ‘sewed’ her wedding dress.  I will mention more about this in my dream.
Dr. Duke talks of his hopes and dreams for the White Race, and I believe every White person should read his itemized list.  I am going to listen to it again, so that I can become more hopeful and not so melancholy and depressed over our race that I love so deeply.  I think it is in Chapter 41, the one after his involvement with the KKK, which is chapter 36-40, I believe.
(stop for breakfast with the bacon cooked to perfection in my cast iron skillet for vitamins, only 1 egg, because that is all the ‘serving size’ reads, and I bought them at Wal-Mart, that says, “America’s Superior Tasting Vegetarian Fed Hens,,,,,, Having the “American Masters of Taste, Gold Superior Taste Seal Award,” on it, and *High in Vitamin E, (helps sex life) 100 mg of Omega 3, good for heart, and 25% less fat.  Put a little English Maldon Sea Salt on it, and have leftover Sweet Potato casserole with German Streusel on top with nuts, and French bread, and instead of broiling with garlic I used Wheat Germ also good for sex.  I drink only Florida natural organge juice with pulp, as it is the ‘only’ one that tastes good, that isn’t home squeezed.  (Hmmm… German, English and French…. where is my “Polish,” well, I don’t mind honoring other Whites, and hopefully some day they will love me also.)
This is the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten, bar none.
Well, now that I’m in ecstasy, I will continue to write as I enjoy every morsel of this.
Jewish men don’t know pleasure like this. Their wives don’t cook, nor are sex goddesses, they just give the Jewish women all their trillions for being the laziest women on the globe.  But I guess for their Jewish “image” they have to have a conservative woman that says or does nothing of any value but is dressed appropriately by Jewish retailors who tell Whites not only what to say and do, but how to think and dress and move or not move.
All Jewish men could do is to take their wives to a sterile restaurant, and have Mexicans, perhaps illegals cooking and serving them.
So, off to “Dream Land,” where I woke up this morning in a dream with Dr. Duke.
First dreams are better than reality. I was reading in my book, “How to Succeed with Men,” by David Copeland and Ron Louis Authors of How to Succeed with Women, and they write that when a man meets and tries to mate with a gorgeous woman, he is usually disappointed.  It is either that the man expected someone out of fantasies, and finds just an ‘ordinary’ human.  I go for being ‘glamourous.’  I’m not ‘beautiful,’ but the classic White standards of Marilyn Monroe, I’m more Eastern European looking.  My complexion and skin is not perfect and silking White, but I have read that pimples on the face are sexual hormones, meaning I have a high sexual level.  I know from writing the Canadian DJ, and I was having all these sexual feelings for him, that I really never wanted to meet, him because I could never be what I am on paper, nor could he ever live up to the status of sex-god that I had him in my fantasies.  The DJ and I never met except for once when he was at  Jewel’s Mega-Grocery Store where the radio station was having a show, and I stopped to shake his hand, and that was it.
If you read some of my emails to him on www.kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, you will see how much feeling I was having and that was being stirred up within me.  Since I was able to write all day at work, because I mainly just watched the phones and greeted people, I sometimes would go onto topics of sex. It got to be where I couldn’t concentrate at work. I’d go to the copy machine to make copies and ‘float’ instead of walk.  And melt as a wrote, and even, perhaps once had a climax at my desk just from writing.  Sort of like a ‘silent’ climax as a person who once took the “vow of silence.”
Therefore I know my limits when dealing with these men that I admire.  Therefore, when I open up and read Dr. Duke’s site, I never look at his picture.  I always fill my life with ‘loving all men’ in general.  I do know that the media that I used to write to, the Jewish media, used my idea of Hitler being loved by all the German women, and when there were women ‘fainting’ for Obama, it was that same kind of hype.  Only for Hitler it was real. And if White women are fainting for Obama whose White Mother and Black Father were ‘Race-Breakers,” they should be incarcerated and sent for re-programming as rich, Patty Hearst of the Newspapers of the 1970’s had to go to after she was kidnapped.
I still do not see why America ‘punishes’ me as a wicked step-mother queen from Snow White, for I’ve been through the mill, and have devoted my whole life towards pleasing men, whether brothers, or bosses, or boyfriends, or husbands.  My emotions get in the way now, once in a while, but I always come back down.  I see some of the ugliest women, some of the bitchiest women, and they have the best White boyfriends. Well, “Men Love Bitches: Stop being a doormat and get the man of your dreams,” book spells it out.  Now, I’ve gone so far into the extremes, that I do not think a man would be able to live with me.  But, what a way to die!  It would be some rollercoaster ride!
Since I’ve been engaged 13 times and married 2, you can see that I’m just as attracted to men as they are to me.  Jewish men really like me, and have even promised marriage, but those were probably lies, for no matter how much they hate their Jewish wives they are ‘comfortable with them,’ and need them as a symbol of our ‘good and respected’ they are for their ‘image.’  It is not ‘real,’ but our ‘reality’ is totally unreal and Jewish.
So here is the dream of Dr. David Duke that I had when I woke up.
Dr. Duke asked me to travel with him for a few days.  I mean think how far out in my imagination that would be.  But, I’m sure many White women think the same way.  The dream only lasts two days.  The first day, we might have been sightseeing, but it’s unclear and it is hard to remember ‘back’ in a dream.  We were staying at an inn, perhaps on the ocean, as my bosses just came back from spending the weekend at their rich daughter’s boyfriends place on the Pacific Ocean.  It seemed as if one could only gaze over the ocean and see nothing but crystal blue waves with White billowy clouds floating effortlessly above.
When I was listening to his book, I found that his writing is very inspirational for the soul, and he sounds like a romantic soul with his tone of voice.  I can’t even imagine why we don’t have a man like Dr. Duke for President, when our Whole Race could admire and respect him, as we did our Kings of yesteryear.  When I hear Obama’s voice it is as if he has just taken lessons from a voice coach and then regurgitates words that have no meaning.
Dr. Duke’s words were so filled with hope and meaning, and along with the songs of joy that I was listening to from my church hymn sing on the internet, I really found myself at peace.
It seems as if my writings are so short, that every single word has to count for a thought, feeling or idea, that there is no room for adjectives or adverbs, as they would probably be twice as long, and I realize they are overbearing especially in a dumb-downed age where we are 26 highest in academics, only 1 White boy in a class of 30 for advanced math and science, and 37 highest in medical standards just above some third world black African nation.  America is living off its past, and on the Jews and non-White immigrants that are taking over.  Yet the Jewish media makes our Whites believe that ‘everything is ok,’ as they smash us into a World War III for more money for Jewish wives and children.
Well, it seemed like Dr. Duke and I got along very well.  We were definite lovers, but I do not recall sex in the dream.  I don’t know if I ever had a sexual dream, other than the time my tiny kitten went to lick my nipple while I was sleeping for she probably missed her Mama’s milk after being taken away and that wasn’t really sexual.
We just had a mutual affection towards one another.  Well, on the second day he wanted me to meet one of his friends and spend the day with her and her family.  She was a good woman friend of his.  To me she looked something like the lady that taught me organic gardening back in 1971.  But, it was Dr. Duke’s friend.  She was someone very close to him, someone he confided in from his past.  Someone he trusted.  I’m taking a guess, and this is just my ‘opinion’ now, but it seemed as if it might be “Babs” the woman that befriended him during his campaign.  I had made my website, myspace.com/singbabs, for my karaoke characters, because “Babs” is short for Barbara, and I made it before I ever recall hearing him mention this until I listened to his book.
So we will call her “Babs,” and all I remember that her home was very bright and colorful.  I have never had such a dream of so many vivid colors.  If I had to describe it, one of my costumes is a Japanese Bride. I got the Bridal Gown Kimono off the internet when a White man went to Japan on business and bought it for his White wife and she threatened to leave him if he didn’t get rid of it.  It is breattaking.  A long Red quilted kimono with the wide arms, and there are many White crane birds on it, with golden embroidery, and flowers. It looks like $10,000 I got it for $65.00.  The picture on the internet showed this bride with a Big White headpiece, and when I went to the Japanese Embassy that was next door to my home in my skyscraper in Chicago, the Japanese lady told me that Japanese brides wear that over their horns on their head cause they don’t want the man to realize he is marrying a devil-of-a-woman.  I think when I heard on the Dr. Duke audio about his wife’s wedding dress, this garment came to mind, and only wish I was talented enough to sew it.
I believe that in order for me to relate to a person, I need to identify something in my experience or my life with a book, person, place or thing. That helps me to ‘feel’ the other person more, rather than an object that is out of my body or mind.  But rather as ‘in’ my body and mind and feeling.
Sewing a wedding dress would be too hard for me, as I was too poor in high school and failed clothing for 2 reasons.  I had no alarm clock, because Mama smashed the alarm clock radio over my head, probably when she heard all the black music such as Black Females called “Supremes,” and Black Men called “Temptations,” which was the Jewish Phil Spector as part of the race-breaking mission he was on with all his Jewish brothers as part of their hatred for the White Christian Heterosexual Race.
We could have a “Black Racist” President and as long as it is ‘hidden’ by the media, it is “ok.”  But to have a pro-White President, as George Wallace or David Duke, the Jews will destroy, and I’m sure there were times that David Duke was afraid for his life, and surely that is why he is overseas, and rightfully so.  No person that loves the White Race openly can live in the United States of American-Jewery.
Instead of a tall, LIGHT, and handsome White man for President, as Dr. Duke, we have a Tall, Dark, and Ugly President in hopes the White women will find Jews more attractive at least than blacks.  I don’t have to be politcally correct. I’m not running for office.  There was a time when I wanted ‘everyone’ to love me; that is not true any more. I know that in the universe is a White God and Goddess and they love me, and hopefully inspire me.
So, Dr. Duke and I are in this lady’s home.  (You can see the picture of my bridal Japanese karaoke character with the White magnicent cranes and White parasol.  I didn’t have the White hat to cover Japanese women’s horns.)
Now, I’m thinking, that my Mama and I would talk about dreams all the time, and it was ‘for free, ‘something a mother and daughter,’ did.  Why did a Jew crook bastard, like Freud have to come along and charge $$$ and big $$$$ to talk to a person about their dreams.  I am not obsessed with dreams and have written about them only a few times.  Once was when I found out the DJ that I was writing was married, and that put the hex on my ever meeting him and trying to break up his marriage.  I actually saw his wife in my dream.
Anyway, we will call this lady “Babs,” but I don’t know her name.  She had a husband and boys in her life, like teen-age sons that she was talking to.  I can see this woman in my mind clearly now, as she had shoulder-length hair, and she had pins on the side to hold it back, and the curls were very tight on her head. Her hair was lightbrown parted in the middle, and she was beautiful and very brightly dressed.  We all sat at the dining room table, and got along very well.
As I was writing this in my leather-bound Italian Journal, I go to restart my computer and the book “My Awakening” starts to play on its own. It is ‘not’ in my tray, because I thought I closed it out yesterday, but I certainly didn’t turn it on again.  It just starts to play.  I will listen to the end of chapter 41 when I finish this.
I’m laughing and smiling because how does a White Patriot Woman write about sleeping with Dr. Duke.  But, I think it is ok to go a little crazy once in a while, if not in the human, at least in dreams.  Not only that, when humans get older, life gets more unpredictable and that adds stress to any relationship, let alone sex.  I do not remember sex in the dream. I do remember kissing though.  Now I’m laughing out loud, cause it’s unreal that I would have a dream like this.  I remember the kisses were divine and gentle and thought that I would send this youtube video on how to kiss.  Remember that I already sent the Jewish media the fact that I would ask men to watch my own DVD that I bought on “The Art of Kissing.” It’s aimed for teens but we all can use these lessons to make our relationships with out fellow Whites much more interesting and much more fun.  In fact, the beginning of this video talks exactly how the DVD starts:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCITaAyJR9Y (Over 9,000,000 hits, made on February 14, 2008, and I was studying and applying this in my sexual experiments long before that. This is old news for me.)
Well, Dr. Duke and I were lying on the bed together, but we were not parallel along side each other.  Instead our bodies sort of formed a cross, if I’m explaining that right.  And then he kissed me and I kissed him back and would call him “David Duke the Divine,” but that is only in my dream yesterday, not in reality.  There were many short gentle kisses, and passion, but, it was clear that Dr. Duke had to go on to do things that were very challenging.  Well, we kissed for a long time, and I got the feeling of melting like real butter on hot healthy pancakes dripping with maple syrup.
I remember once when I was learning how to kiss when I was a teen in South Chicago, I got some really good advice from my girlfriend, Irene Debow”ski”, from Poland. Her Parents were working with the Nazi’s and after the War were kept in “work camps,” and deported from Poland and came to America. Her father was very strict as one time she slept over my house without asking him, and he came over during the night, drunk, with a shot gun, and was going to shoot up my whole house if she didn’t go home with him right away.  Since I had gotten expelled from Catholic Grammar School cause my Mama got drunk and called the school, he thought I was a ‘bad’ influence, when in reality, I just talked to her recently and she even told me that it was ‘she’ that was really bad, starting me to smoke, and teaching me about drugs like the Mexican boys were teaching her in our neighborhood.  That is why I judge no one today, for I used to smoke, drink, take drugs, myself.
Well, Irene, was a real lover.  She told me once that she, Irene Debowski, gave her sister Charlotte’s boyfriend, a blowjob while he was waiting for Charlotte to finish putting on her make up.  That was Polish Irene for you!  I’m laughing, cause I could never do that. I’d be scared to death of getting caught.  But, Irene was tough, and even if her sister didn’t like it, she would beat her sister up, for Irene wanted ‘White Women Gangs.’  And truthfully, if we had had White women gangs, perhaps we wouldn’t have a Black President coming out of South Chicago, but perhaps a White man like my deceased husband.
Irene gave me some advice, because just as she was a ‘fighter’ she was a ‘lover.’ Polish Passion one might call it.  She told me, “Barbara Ann, when you kiss a boy, say ‘silently’ in your mind, “Oh, I love you……______,  (his name) I love you so much.”  And haven taken a ‘vow of silence’ when I was just a little girl, that lasted me almost my whole life, saying something ‘silently’ was much more acceptable than for a woman to tell a man that she ‘loved him on the first kiss.’  But, it does work, I tried it, and she ended up marrying a very handsome hillbilly, Jimmy Glass, with very blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and perfect features.
Our White women ‘should’ be saying “I Love You,” and how grateful they are for all the love and protection the White men have given them throughout the years.  Especially, since the Jewish breakdown of our White male and female realtionship, which has resulted in World War II.  Perhaps, silently, even silently, we can say “I love you,” to each other, even if we don’t mean or feel it.  It is a start and will base our movement on Love, and not just the ‘anger or even hate’ we might justifiably feel for what the Kykes have done to us.
Since my journal writing is always honest, Dr. Duke pulled away from me gradually, and told me that he had to leave and we were not going to see each other again.  I could understand, and almost relieved, for I’ve been through too much to ever even imagine having a sane relationship again, especially one I had with my husband and not one argument.
The kissing stopped so sudden, and we were to pack and get out of his friend’s house right away. So fast, I didn’t know if I packed anything.  As he packed I saw him with a backpack and not luggage on his back, that looked like he was carrying things on his back that weighed 200 pounds, for it stood up on a frame on his back.  But as he told the lady ‘good-bye,’ I had to run back to the bedroom to see if I forgot something.  I knew I didn’t but just wanted to look at the bed just one more time.
As I left the home, I could see that there was a 3 foot cyclone fence around the front of the property, and Dr. Duke was on the other side.  I was still enclosed in the cycle fence.  He didn’t want a relationship, but, really wasn’t after that, and thought we should still be friends.
In my autobiographical experience, there was no time for Mama and Daddy to have affection openly with 12 children trying to survive only makng minimum wage for the Jewish book Publishing Company.  THERE WERE NO KISSES FOR DADDY.
Well, I just called a Mormon lady at Graceland Mansion. She does the “Archives” for him, and Mormons are great at that.  I asked her about a song Elvis did, that says, “I used to smoke, drink, and step on people’s feet,” and she said it was from the 1968 Elvis Comeback special and the song is “Saved.”  I think it is very appropro, as I have entitled my college thesis essay, “Worthy to be Saved,” for the White Race.
I mentioned to her about my cleavage, and ‘why’ I show cleavage, and she said that even though Mormons wear the high necks that it is perfectly all right for me to dress anyway I want. They don’t judge me.  She said that Elvis wasn’t really about being sexy though.  When I asked about the story about Elvis putting a used roll of toilet paper over his penis and tying a string to his guitar, and then pulling the string back to get the girls excited when at the Louisiana Hayride, she laughed and said, that never happened.  It is just a rumor that was started.
Well, end of dream. Here is Elvis’ “Saved.”  And even if I’m not ‘saved’ in my reality, I’m ‘Saved,” in Dreams.
I realize that people say that rock n roll stemmed from black music, but this is ‘not’ African music.  If I say I’m Polish European, and I sing and dance the “Polka,” that is European.  But, the blacks must have learned this music from their own masters instruments, and probably was an offshoot of White gospel music they learned in Church. I could be wrong, and really have too much to do to investigate.  Black African music from the natives seems more like Native America Indian dancing, but I have no time to analyze each detail cause it takes me away from the White race.
Karaoke Character, Japanese Bridge
Karaoke Character, Japanese Bridge

2 Jews prey on 1 White Polish woman

I heard a short interesting statement on RBN yesterday where the commentor said that one of the reasons why the Jews have gotten the control of the USA is that they ‘argue.’  Jews apparently start this arguement in Hebrew School when studying the Talmud.  Role Playing is done between Jews and they just keep arguing until someone gives up, but they don’t stop until then. Next time, they argue harder.   While Whites and Blacks will fight on a football field to ‘beat’ one another, the Jews are playing a ‘verbal’ battle against us.  We are not equipped to battle them, and it would be just as bad to go out onto a football field or hockey ice rink without proper training, practice, and protective covering.   I’m writing to give you what I humbly see as the other half of the White problem, from a female’s point of view.  HItler intentionally labeled the Jews with their almighty Star of David, because the Jews think they are all ‘stars,’ and we are nothing.  If the Jews make a ‘star’ like Obama, they will be getting a million times more in advertising, marketing, lawyers fees, doctor fees, illegal drug fees, etc. on his Presidency.   Is that what our Presidency has been reduced to?  Nothing but a black commodity for Jewish $$$.   I saw the pictures of the President’s plane zooming around the Statue of Liberty just a few days after his inauguration.  Since I had written the media years ago about ‘stopping’ the brown immigration, and starting up the White immigration in this country.  I said “I believe the Statue of Liberty is crying saying: enough is enough.”   Yet the Jews do pranks like the Prez’s plane zooming around the Statue of Liberty as a clear indication to their fellow Jews that indeed the Jews won the argument that they persued and didn’t stop until they accomplished it. That was to deliver the country of the United States into the Jews hands through not only bringing more Brown immigrants in than Whites, but in elevating the blacks over the Whites in their own country, so that the Whites are totally powerless. That is what the Prez’s plane zooming around the Statue of Liberty meant. It seemed like just a routine run, but Jews for News don’t do things ‘routine,’ they have plots in their news and most of their news are created scenarios.   Quoting my own essay paper for college, “Worthy to Be Saved,” I wrote the following:

One reason, Hitler began exterminating the Jews in the Holocaust was because Jewish married menwere preying on young German Gentile girls who were becoming impregnated with their babies, and then left unsupported, which is recorded in Police Reports in 1927.  (I later found out that “exterminate” was the wrong wrong, it was “deporting” the Jews as they were the first families to have to leave Germany)   “Nazi men augmented these racist dispositions with eugenic arguments to theeffect that pure German women, as future mothers of heroic males, must not allow themselves to be defiled through sexual congress with Jews.”  Since German babies were to be pure white, German girls were educated wtih videos made by Hitler Youth leaders, that frighteninly depicted Jewish male gynecologists demanding sex from their young, German patients.”  (Michael Kater, Hitler Youth Cambridge, Harvard Univeristy Press, 2004, (At least something good came out of Harvard, for not much else good for Whites is coming out of that stinking anti-White school.”

I write this because the White German girls were not even aware of this sinister Jews but were opening up their arms and their legs for every Jew that would drop by.  I can only assume the same was true in Poland. Keep the White Polish women poor and starving and the Poles would do ‘anything’ for the Jews, as we are doing now.  The rich know their very wealth depends on them. But, the Jews will take it away in due time. Probably after we are gone, or they finish up the hate laws so that no matter what the Jews do, no matter what….. we can never open up our mouths against them.  That would be a suffering worse than death.  Yet most of our fellow Whites call that “life.” It isn’t.  They have been tremendously dumbed down, and will get dumbed down further, until our Jewish Masters say so, and they never will give up their arguements against us.   I am going to copy and paste from my husband’s biography that I’m writing, what (2) married Jews did to me at the same time.  I will write how I fought it, and how I finally won over them somewhat.  But, it has taken me my entire lifetime and 10,000 pages of writing and going on talk radio, studying in classes, books, internet, seminars, to be able to see through this problem of Jews preying on White Gentile women.    I wrote before of at least 10 examples of women that were White sex slaves in America, for free, and were very ‘happy’ LOL< LOL>LOL Laughing out Loud as the abbreviated lingo expresses.  I’m sure our problem today is that we have been dumbed down to just a marketing and advertising ‘jingle’ or phrase that repeats in our mind, such as “Change.”  There should be thousands of pages for us to read and understand, yet these bills are put in front of our representatives in Washington DC, just like the Jewish recycling company that I worked for threw a 1,000 page manual on my desk to learn how to use a PC computer, Microsoft Word, and I had better learn in 10 minutes or else….. they were constantly threatened me. Not only me, but the Swedish lady that worked there said they had hired and fired so many girls for the 10 person office, they could fill a forest preserve.  She was stuck there because her White Aryan school teacher lost his job, and could not find work again.  It happens to White males, it happened to my brother in Florida, when he landed up in the Supreme Court and lost his case against the West Palm Beach School District.   I read that if we are to save the White male it is the ‘women’ that have to change. Judging that the White women are running in droves to Jewish men, it seems that White women are not interested in saving the White male, or their race if they don’t think twice about using their vagina as a bank for Jewish filthy, greasy sperm, that will make more Jews.   One of the cases comes to mind of my own niece, Jeanine.  She was the first grandchild born and was loved and adored by everyone.  As it turned out, her mother, my sister, became alcoholic after owning a tavern, and the cook lady, Maritza and her son, stole much of the money, and my brother-in-law, the Croatian, went bankrupt.  He left my sister and took off with another woman, my sister went to the bottle and became an alcoholic. (Today she doesn’t drink though.)   So Jeanine my niece was spoiled, and even her own mother would say that she is a “Bitch,” with a capital “B.”  Yet even though Jeanine is my age, White men would fall for her before they ever approach me.  (That was before I became militant, and was very peaceable and happy.)  But, apparently Jeanine was a Bitch to all Whites but was ‘not’ a Bitch to Jews. Or did the Jews make the Bitch in her and turn her against Whites by knocking them down as the Jewish pscyhiatrist knocked my White husband down and refused to help him, even though I was begging for help.    Jeanine got a job as a Jew’s secretary in a stock firm. He then started his own firm, took Jeanine with him, (to do all his work,) and she is now Vice-President of this Company. She is very rich.  But, she became his sex slave from the very beginning. The only reason I found out was because I was discussing how I was conned by Jewish men.  She had been his sex slave her whole life, and now is an old maid.  She never ‘resisted’ the Jews as I tried to do, and THERE ARE NO AVENUES  IN THIS COUNTRY OR ORGANIZATIONS SUCH AS HITLER’S TO PROTECT WHITE WOMEN OR EVEN EDUCATE THEM.   So here is my story written in length for the Purple Heart Museum.  I’m trying to stop wars with Israel.  I can be criticized, but I have no other means or knowledge at this point in my life, except true life experience.  I’m trying to start our women to realize their role as knowing her vagina is sacred in its role to bear the healthiest, most spiritual and intelligent White children we can possibly have.  Not just shitting out a baby, and going back to work to be a White female slave for a Jewish boss or any other man than her husband and family.   I write about the arguing that the Jews do to convince their opponent that the Jews are right and we are wrong.  I was convinced by the Jews that ‘they were right,’ and I was wrong, but it was only on an intellectual level.  In my gut instinct, I knew the terrible depths of hell that I was in, and the devil happened to have a nice smiling and sweet face, that never gave up.    So here is the story where I got caught in a Jewish male spider-web, how I suffered in it, how I didn’t even ‘know’ what power was influencing me, and how I got out of it, and how only through my writing do I see the picture clearly after years of desperate attempts to get away from them.  Hilter and the Nazi’s knew this. The German White women, being the smartest Whites in the universe, having the smartest White babies, could not even figure out what I did, and still are not smart enough until today, otherwise there wouldn’t have been 100,000 White German women at an Obama concert for them to worship and not ‘resist.’   I was told by a White Patriot not to tell this story about the Jewish raping me because no one is going to want me.  That adds heaps of coals to an already wounded body.  In my defense, I can say that I fought the Jews off, that I even put myself into a locked psyche ward the second time to get away.   What could be worse than a married Jewish man hounding a White woman for sex…. two married Jewish men hounding me for sex at the same time.  Until I thought I would lose my mind.   I don’t even want to hear the word, “Why didn’t you tell anybody?”  I have no one in the world to tell right now.  No one wants to listen, not my church, my family, my friends, my co-workers, my neighbors, or even my White sons that came out of my womb.  I suppose Hitler would have taught the males to support the women who were turning in Police Reports against Jews, and to ‘sympathize’ with the White German women as they break this sexual cycle that has been going on since the Jews arrived in Europe, and surely that was the reason the White men were throwing the Jews out of their European countries and not just the $$$$ credit they were ruining the country with as the Jews have ruined us now.    I can tell you that is was my older lady that was a spiritual mentor to me in Christian Science that told me to ‘scream’ at my Jewish boss to finally get rid of him.  Whatever techniques the Jews are using on us, they are working, even if these techniques mean our death. But of course, the Jews will record in White history that we ‘commited suicide’ just as my husband’s White death was “suicide,” not that the Jews and this country drove him to it.    The Jewish bosses name is Norm Dolin of Dolin Insurance Agency, Cape Coral Florida.  He was the Treasurer and Accountant for Production Tool Corporation where I worked.  And as long as these Jewish men have gotten away with the perfect horrendous crimes against a White woman in the Jewish Court system of America, it doesn’t mean that their crimes cannot be exposed.  If I were ‘lying’ or exagge
rating as they do, it would be different. But I am recording my autobiography as it really happened, and cannot fake it like the Jews fake even our everyday news.  I’m only grateful today, that I’m at least a little bit sane still, that I can write this out and hopefully warn other White women of the titatic collision our race is headed for as long as we let the Jews be the captain of our boat, our souls, our country and our vagina. This is very embarassing for me to talk about, but, the other White women that are having long time affairs never even challenged the Jews as I did, but say the Jews are ‘wonderful men for using them for cheaper wages, screwing them to death, leaving them without husands, White children, or even insurance or a safety net for old age. The White Eastern European Sex Slaves at least got paid for their sex. Our White women are giving it away Free.

Well, Michael came home one day from work and he was fired from a third job.  I comforted him, because he was a very good worker around the house, and not lazy at all for doing physical work and being self-directed at accomplishing many tasks around the house.  He never was drunk, or at least he hid it well.
He decided to go back to school to use his Veteran’s Benefits for an Associates degree at the local community college, but it wasn’t enough to live on.  So I decided to see if I could go back to work where I was employed before as an accountant’s assistant for five years.  It meant that I had to stop breastfeeding suddenly, but I felt over 3 years was long enough.
It was 1976, and I was about to enter a sinister web that even Jewish Hollywood couldn’t imagine.  Michael wanted to stay out of work, while he started to take evening courses and he would watch Mikey Jr. during the day.  I was happy that my old job was willing to hire me so suddenly.
But, I became very leery and frightened at this prospect.  There was a new accounting manager at this company, a Jewish man named Norm Dolin.  Norm had a deformed left hand, which he always hid when wearing a jacket. When he interviewed me, he said that he would teach me accounting on a professional level so that I could make a career out of it.  Since I was always good with numbers and my sons had top 1 ½ percentile in the country, especially in math, I was delighted at this news.
But to my horror, there was more to this job than just being his private secretary and assistant accountant.  He made it perfectly clear that I had to have sex with him in order to keep this job.  I wanted to die, right then and there.  This was too much to handle.
Norm Dolin’s body had a smell on it that was worse than rotten eggs, a skunk, and leaking gas all combined.  Perhaps, it was just me that smelled this smell, but it was real nonetheless.  I would almost gag around him it was so bad.
He started one day when he was driving to the bank where I was to make the deposits at Mid-City Bank which is adjacent to a Holiday Inn hotel.  I didn’t know he was Jewish at the time and didn’t find out until later.  He took me out to lunch, and I was about 30 years old and no one had ever done that for me before.  Just a simple lunch. But it was then he was crying to me about how his wife wouldn’t give him sex.  He already knew from our job interview that I was having problems at home, and that is why I needed to get back into the work place.
He confided in me that his Jewish wife never gave him sex and that all she wanted was his paycheck for herself and the children.  He was visibly upset about this, and I felt sorry for him.  He asked if I would just go into a hotel room with him, so he could talk for a while.  He said he couldn’t go back to work in this state and needed just a few hours to get himself back together.  Having patronized counselors for my problems, I felt it was the kindest thing to do.
But, as soon as we got behind the door, he started to kiss me, and then said that he expected me to give him sex if I intended to keep my job.  He put it in such a way that I didn’t even realize what was happening to me.  I was startled, and too naïve to know what was happening to me.  I can only say, that I did ‘not’ want to have sex with him, and don’t even know what happened after that, but I seemed to become his White sex slave.
The anger from Mike’s betrayal and the bewilderment of a Jewish man that expected sex from me in order to keep my job was breaking me down more than I could handle.
I knew I had to get out of this mess at work.  The Jewish boss lied to me.  He never intended to teach me accounting and provide me with mentorship for a good profession.  I would just have to wait at work until he was ready to go have sex.  The owner of the company, another Jew, had his black mistress down the block on 74th and Kimbark Street, where Production Tool Corporation in South Chicago was, so apparently this was a very accepted thing.
I became overcome with fear and guilt. I had a husband that I loved and a 3 year old son that I adored. My whole first 7 years of marriage had been of utter love, worship and devotion.  I had to get out of this predicament, but didn’t know how, as I felt my entire world closing in on me.
I started to become physically sick just as my husband’s mother that had commit suicide with bleeding bowels to go along with severe depression and crying.  I was besides myself and didn’t know who to turn to, so out of sheer desperation I called the only person I had gone to for psychiatric help before…. The Jewish psychiatrist from Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, Dr. Rejtman.  He assured me again after not seeing him for 8 years that he was cured and there would be no further sexual assaults (advances) on me.  So I went for an outpatient visit at 666 N. Michigan Avenue in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile.  He advised that he would like to have me in Ravenswood, Hospital where he was practicing, for he needed other doctors to check out the reason for the blood in the bowels. I was terribly afraid, because I had heard of Mike’s Lithuanian mother who had undergone a colostomy and removal of most of her bowels, and the horrible pain that she endured to the point of murder or suicide.
Frightened and alone, I trusted this doctor, as we count on doctors more than God today.  I had my husband drive me to the hospital on the far north side of Chicago, and spent time there on tests and medication.  I firmly told the psychiatrist during our sessions that I needed ‘help’ not just for myself but my husband who was suffering from many of the effects of the war.  I clearly told him that I loved my husband and wanted to help him in any way I could.  After all it was my husband’s insurance that was paying the Jewish psychiatrist’s bill and these expensive sessions.
But, another experience that was extremely depressing me, a former suicide patient, was that my Jewish boss expected sex from me if I were to keep my job.  I quit the job where I was just a sex tool for this Jewish married man’s pleasure, nothing more.  When I called him and gave him my notice of quitting, he begged me not to.  He also said that he loved me and wanted to marry me, (similar to what the Jewish psychiatrist told me in 1968), but he had children and his Jewish wife.  It almost sounded like a Jewish tape recording being played again with a different man, different scene, different year.  This reality had pushed me to the edge of doom and despair.  I told the boss that I loved my husband and didn’t want to cheat on him, that I couldn’t handle the guilt no matter what this job offered me.  My sense of morals said it was ‘wrong’ and even though my  husband had made out with other women, I believed that this was wrong for me.
But, even after I quit the job, the Jewish boss kept calling me at home begging me to come back, and he was so argumentative, that no matter what I said, he seemed to win.   I hated myself for that. And that is what suicide is:  self-hatred.  I felt dumb and ashamed, helpless and hopeless, and terribly worried about my little son Mikey, who also was sick with an ear infection that couldn’t be cured.  He was also crying all the time.
So when I was in the hospital, I wanted to stay locked up there away from this Jewish boss.  So here I was, being treated for big $$$ by the Jewish psychiatrist who raped me before but was now ‘cured,’ and a Jewish married boss hounding me for sex.  I informed the doctor to put strict laws on the telephone that I would not be allowed any calls from the Jewish boss, as his persuasiveness was too much for me to handle in my delicate state.  I also said that under no circumstances was the boss to visit me, but to keep me physically away from this Jewish sexual pervert.
But, Dr. Rejtman just made sure that he counseled me and medicated me thoroughly.  After a time of freedom from the Jewish boss, no calls or visits, Dr. Rejtman began counseling me to ‘hate’ my White husband and to ‘love’ the Jewish boss.  His exact words were, “You’re (White) husband is no good for you.  You will never get well with him.  Your boss, Norm, called and he is desperately in love with you and wants to marry you.  He’ll divorce his wife, just to be with you again.
I was going insane.  There were two Jewish men hounding me and counseling me, until I didn’t know if I was coming or going, but I think if I would have went completely crazy it would have been a relief for me.  I wanted to keep my marriage intact, and if nothing else, I wanted to be free from these unwanted sexual advances.  I mean, no one intentionally locks themselves in a psyche ward to get away from a boss demanding sex, unless they are trying to scream at the top of their lungs, “Stay away from me. I don’t want you always arguing with me to have sex when I don’t want to.”
But, with every time I saw the psychiatrist, he went to convince me, again with this extreme argument that I could never seem to win against.  He said that he was going to let the nurse transfer his calls to me so that I could make up with the Jewish boss, and if I wanted a pass to ‘talk with him,’ I should go with the Jewish boss.  How dumbed down could I be to accept this and finally let him win the argument.  I was exhausted, mentally and physically, and just wanted to get well to be the wife and mother that I had always been.  And what was worse, the man, Mike, that I truly loved, was just as mentally and physically exhausted from the cross he had to carry since he left Viet Nam.
The Jewish psychiatrist arranged for the Jewish boss to visit me in the hospital.  My former boss brought me a $.49 key chain in plastic with my name “Barbara” on it. That was all I ever received for the sex he expected from me.  And again, he expected sex in the back seat of his car when he picked me up at the hospital, and Dr.  Rejtman said that I should give sex to him.  I was totally brainwashed at the point, and being in a psyche ward, I was under the total guidance of the Jewish doctor who was torturing me again, with his illegal advice.
Before I was released, Dr. Rejtman finally had a session with my husband, but I was not to be there. It was man-to-man talk, and even though I wanted my outpatient sessions to be with my husband as I was once again afraid to be alone with the psychiatrist that once raped me and who I thought impregnated me. I thought with my strong 6’ White American Scottish-Lithuanian husband there, this rape couldn’t possibly happen again now that I would be on an out-patient basis.  The same  psychiatrist raped me when I was an out-patient at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute in Chicago when I was an out-patient, and when he threatened to put me in an insane asylum for life, if I told anyone, because he had a Jewish wife and children and this would ‘ruin’ his career.  He showed only contempt at me and ‘my future,’ as a White prospective wife and mother of our future descendents.
But, Michael confided that he had an appointment with the doctor.  The only thing he might have mentioned was that my husband could call the doctor if I ever got into severe problems.  I’m sure the psychiatrist would have pointed out what signs to look for, and surely these signs could be brought on by certain pills if he prescribed them
I went into the out-patient session looking for hope, for me, Michael the White US Marine, Purple Heart Recipient, and my dear little boy, Mikey, Jr, only 3 years old at the time, and just weaned from breastfeeding.  I wanted to raise my White sons superbly, as every White woman should have this thought at the top of her “to-do” list, or better yet as the “only” item on her to-do list, along with making sure the White male survives which is in crisis danger right now!
I told him that the Jewish boss was hounding me for sex, and that is why I even agreed to be hospitalized the second time, to be locked up and away from the influence of this Jewish man because he was so argumentative and convincing. I could not break free of his evil spell on me, for I couldn’t think clearly regarding the most important things in my life:  my family!
Dr. Jaimie Rejtman again counseled me firmly that ‘sex’ was ‘good’ for me and the cure for my depression.  I had not had sex for a long time, because I didn’t realize that breastfeeding stops the sexual desire.  That desire can be started up just by the couple starting sex, even though they don’t feel it.  The chemical “oxytoxin” is a safety that God’s gives to women to just breastfeed the one baby and don’t have any more children until completely the breastfeeding cycle.  Oxytoxin is invisible and can only be detected through our primitive smells according to the book, “The Alchemy of Love and Lust,” by Theresa L. Crenshaw, M.D.  Even when males are near a breastfeeding woman they really don’t desire her; again a double safety valve to allow the White mother to only have one baby at a time, and to allow that baby to nurse as long as seven years old.
But, now I wasn’t breastfeeding, and my sexual desires were normal again….. but I only desired my White husband.  I can say with a clear heart, mind and body, that I never desired these Jewish men, but, tried to flee them as best as possible.  And here the Jewish doctor that was collecting all his money from my White husband and probably premiums paid by White people’s insurance is counseling me to go with the Jewish boss and Treasurer of the company I quit for fear of any more exploitation.  I told him straight out, that I wanted no part of him, and what can we do to help “my husband,” and my family.  He told me to “marry” the Jewish Accountant and to leave my White husband.  He further firmly said that “You’re (White) husband was no good, and that the Jewish man would make a better father for Mikey, Jr.”  That gnawed at the back of my mind.  WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST FOR MY (WHITE) SON?”  It made sense. If my husband couldn’t be healed, as many alcoholics cannot be, perhaps it would be best to be away from him.  The Jewish doctor’s argument was very persuasive and convincing. Matter of fact, it was so convincing, I’m surprised I fought it and fought for my marriage to my Viet Nam Veteran. I mean, a “rich” Jew wanted to marry me.
It was all a lie though, because after Michael wandered off with all his Viet Nam Veteran war-hero symptoms, I was divorced and alone, and I called this Jewish boss who I had finally broken away from 7 years before.  He didn’t want to have anything to do with me and told me so.  He was single at this time, and it would have been easy to date respectfully.  I thought he would want to resume his persistent and non-stop perusal of me, that he viciously lied to me and said was “love.”  It wasn’t “love” at all.  It was “Let’s degrade and defile the White Polish American woman again, and get away with the perfect crime, while we give our ‘inheritance’ to Israel and the Jews in America!” Yes, I can truthfully assume this Jewish preying on White Polish women where the Jews called “Home,” for 900 years, had been going on intensely there as I happened to discover it is going on here to the ruination of America, the White Race, and the White family, culture and heritage.  The people of Poland have  been intentionally silenced thanks to the Jewish-run Communist “Iron Curtain” draped forcefully prohibiting Poles to speak or even talk about what happened in Poland and the “Polish Holocaust” not the “Jewish Holocaust of World War II.  Our White men died to the tune of 400,000 and as a former widow of a US Marine, Purple Heart Veteran, I have that right for the sake of the future of our two White sons, and any other descendents that may appear on this planet in the next 400 years, to “debate” and search for the “Truth” about wars, so as to prevent what happened to my country of Poland, occupied by Jews, as America is occupied by Jews right now, who have nuclear weapons, bombs, biological germ warfare, and the smartest scientists of the world, now that most of Germany’s smartest people were killed off in World War II.
So here I was again, face to face with a Jewish devil of a doctor, counseling me to have sex with another Jewish man.  During the visit, oh, but, one wouldn’t call that a ‘visit’ but a torture chamber experience that I was paying for, Dr. Rejtman gets up and starts to come around the desk towards me. I didn’t wait until he got near me, I stood up to leave, but as I stood up, he grabbed me to kiss and fondle me right away. This Jewish Hispanic doctor was very tall and large boned, and at the time I was very thin, frail and weak.  I broke away from him and told him to stop it  and said, “I’M LEAVING FOR GOOD!”
He calculatingly came to and said, “I have a brand new prescription for the ‘cure’ for depression, and I want to give you a copy.  I have it all written out, to change your medication.”  When one suffers from depression and hears the word “cure,” the heart starts to beat faster, and as my husband that killed himself from depression would scream if he were alive, any avenue of hope, one would attempt.  I accepted the prescription and left his office never to see him again. I was scheduled for my next week’s appointment but quit right then and there.  I didn’t know how I was going to survive all this, but I knew this doctor was a criminal and would finish me off if he could, but make sure he would take his sex even from a potentially suicidal woman.
I took the prescription to a clinic, “Tri-City Mental Health Clinic,” in Chicago Heights, Illinois, near our home, and asked to see a doctor there. It was a ‘free-clinic,’ and I was not about to burden my husband with all kinds of doctor bills, when my husband needed to get on his feet.  The clinic assigned me a Yellow Chinese female doctor.  I showed her the piece of white paper with Dr. Rejtman’s prescription.  I didn’t tell the new psychiatrist “why” I was challenging the prescription, but said to her, “I just want to make sure that you agree with him in having me take these pills.  I would like a second opinion.”
The doctor read it and said, “I’m very surprised even shocked to see this prescription, for it is very strong, and could have given you severe side effects, and cold have made you appear crazy.  You are not crazy. You are only depressed.  This medicine could be dangerous for you.  My advice to you is not to take it.”
I left her office, and never went back again, until 1984 when the divorce court said that me and my son’s needed counseling.  I didn’t realize this at the time, but only as I write my memoirs, autobiography, and this short biography for Mike the White Marine, can I see the entire picture.  This picture was too horrific for me to handle then, as it is still overwhelming to think about now.  But, time has healed some of the wounds, just as the Viet Nam Veteran’s wounds heal somewhat making life bearable.  But, I will not let my deceased husband’s memory be labeled “suicide” as if it were the worse disease in the world, when it should be treated as if he died of a heart attack….. through no fault or weakness of his own.
I can surmise that the Jewish Dr. Rejtman was once again trying to cover his illegal sexual perversion, by giving me a prescription that was way too strong for me, and then when my husband would see me ‘act bizarre’ Mike had the doctor’s card and would have called him.  Surely, the doctor would have recommended insane asylum commitment just as he threatened back in 1968 to cover his treacherous crime against a poor, defenseless woman, when he raped me.  No one would believe this, as even when I finally got the courage now to write and speak about it, every one tells me to think ‘positive.’  If our White people don’t wake up to the intentional destruction of the Jews upon us, and keeping up in wars in Mideast for ‘their’ enemies, the White Race will be totally extinguished and we will all be tools of suicide murdering our entire race, or reducing us to ashes.
The final insult as if the Jewish doctor hadn’t poured enough salt in my mental, spiritual and emotional wounds, was that he sent me a bill for my husband to pay for his attempted rape of his wife!  The brazen filthy nerve, not just on me, but my White U.S. Marine Purple Heart husband, is beyond human description.  No wound from Viet Nam could have hurt my husband’s future worse than this treachery against the only hope and chance my husband had for survival of his war wounds.  To break me down, was to break my husband down, we were just that close.
I called his office and told him, “You expect me and my husband to pay for your try to rape me!”  I was furious.  He retorted:  “I’m leaving Chicago for food, and am moving to Ft. Lauderdale, so you won’t have to worry about me anymore.”  That was back in 1976
Because of my journal writing, I have been able to help heal this wounds, and write about them.  I tried to issue two complaints against his license, but the statute of limitations in Florida was up.  They sent me a letter explaining the doctor’s behavior was “unacceptable,” but not against their laws!  I guess the laws today protect Jews, are made by Jews, and our politicians cater to the Jews.  Surely, my depression worsened after this, and my husband must have felt the result.
I was still seeking way to help heal our White family’s problems.  I had taken classes in Transcendental Meditation, as the Beatles also undertook, as a means of coping.  Once, while meditating in the afternoon, I had a very relaxed feeling and the next thing I felt an overwhelming presence of God.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  I didn’t “see” God, or hear Him/Her, I just “felt” God in my heart, soul, mind, and spirit.  I determined that God was calling me to draw near, as I had abandoned church 15 years ago.  I reasoned with God and thought, I will go back to Church, if nothing else than to have my young son attend.  I thought I would try a different neighborhood church every Sunday, until I found the one that I wanted.
But, fate was to play a different role for me. The next day was Thursday, and I opened the neighborhood newspaper, “The Park Forest Star.”  There was an ad saying “Santa Claus will be in Park Forest Plaza today.”  So, I bundled up my son who was 4 years old, and drove through the Chicago’s snows to let my son see Santa Claus for the first time in his life.  I look back and I’m glad that my son has an image of a White man with a White Beard and a heart of gold that loved him.
Santa was supposed to be in a silver bullet pull along trailer-house.  When I arrived, he wasn’t there.  The door was open and I could see his big boots were there, it was all decorated festively, and a chair-like throne was stationed that one could see, as soon as we walked in.  (Perhaps, that image was the throne that was going to be the seat once I could work and restore the White male to his full respect and dignity.  Each and everyone.)
I turned around and went to the first store front which was a store for religious and spiritual books.  I laugh as I look back and think of all the philosophical and theological questions that have been asked in that holy store, I’m sure the question, “Where’s Santa Claus?” must have been one of the most unique.  She smiled, and went to find out more information.  While she was gone, I studied the literature about God.
I started to attend church that Sunday and Mike went with me, but only as moral support.  He didn’t go after that.  But, with his Presbyterian background, he assured me that this Protestant church was just fine, as I was a former Catholic and hesitant to attend again.  It was quite different than what I was used to.
I had started to study and pray a lot about Mike’s situation as well as my own.  I had told the lady that mentored me that there was a Jewish man, my former boss, hounding me for sex, and he just was overwhelming me.  She told me to tell him to stop calling.  She said, “You have a husband and child that need you dearly, not this man. Just tell him to stop calling.”  She couldn’t have realized just how aggressive and obnoxious Jews can be. From what I read when Jews take Talmud classes which is their Bible, they have role playing where the students just argue with one another to see who is the strongest arguer.  White Gentiles have nothing in their consciousness to combat that, which is why Jewish lawyers are so powerful and never lose their cases against Whites.  And to succeed, our Whites are taught to be like Jews to be “rich and famous.”  If this isn’t stopped, it could very well be the end of Christianity, Christ, and even God, as the Jewish Star of David overshadows all three and is replacing our cherished concepts with a Jewish dollar sign $$$.
When the Jewish boss called me again, I told him firmly that I didn’t want to see him.  He still persisted and wouldn’t stop calling me.  So I told my mentor again, and she said, “Scream at him right in his ear next time to ‘stop bothering you.’”  And the next time when he called, I did exactly that.
He screamed back, “If you leave me I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.”  It was a showdown.  Would “I” have the nervous breakdown to fulfill his lusty pleasures that would destroy me and my family, or allow him to have the nervous breakdown?  I hung up the phone.   He tried to get back with me by sending me a huge check from the insurance company that he managed to get for me, but I still never called him back.
I was now set to help Mike through prayer and study.  And as my thought was releasing the hopelessness of our situation and I started to replace these thoughts with ideas of hope, peace and joy, our lives started to improve.
Even our son, Mikey Jr., was happier attending a Sunday School, and was healthier because of it.  My thought was being “elevated” from the depths of hell that I had just been through.  I could focus entirely on my husband and not be terribly confused all the time thinking of this Jewish boss and how I could cope with it.
The addictions that Mike was suffering from, were lessoned, and he cut down on drinking, he cut down on the illegal drugs he was taken that he got from Viet Nam, and even tried to quit smoking for the first time, and he stopped the womanizing and gambling completely.  It gave us all a chance to “breathe,” as a White family unit trying to survive.
Mike’s friend, Larry had a girlfriend called “Crazy,” the sweetest gal you’d ever want to meet.  Today, she married Larry and they have adopted many children since they could never have children.  She got Mike a job at her company, Frito Lay, and Mike fit in there beautifully.

Garkowski Polish White sues Amazon

I myself was worried about my photos, karaoke itunes music, my autobiography, and still tons of pages about the White Race and exposing Jews  that haven’t been put on my blog.  Also, I want all my writings ‘out there.’  There are several places that have my writings now, and 2 back up sites besides a flash drive, and the hard drive on 2 computers.
I was listening to Kim Komando, she is called the computer goddess, talking about “Carbonite” and back up files.
I also have a data base for my church that I need to maintain with names, addresses, phones and emails addresses. If I lost that, it would be very difficult to replace, besides the above.
I ordered Carbonite, which backs up all files and one can access them by remote access since most everything I have is on my main computer, and I don’t have time to do a lot of fussing and saving individually. I found a discount. It is usually 54.95 a year, and I got 3 years for 103.00, or a savings of one year.  It took a day to back up my files, and now it backs it up all the time.
I also got “Webroot,” which is a anti-spyware, anti-virus protection. But for $10.00 more a year, they have 1 gb of back-up also.  This is my mini-computer that I’m typing my Purple Heart husband’s biography for the Purple Heart Museum.
The sad thing is that the Jews make us jump through hoops to accomplish even the slightest gain.  It should be just the opposite.  The Jews shouldn’t be allowed to practice business in this country, and they have their paws in everything, especially computers.  I wouldn’t be surprised if even the anti-virus companies are “Jews,” that produce them and then make us pay to get rid of them.
On TV today, a Polish White American high school student, with the last name of Garkow-ski sued Amazon.com.  Amazon deleted the book “1984” by George Orwell, after the student purchased it and it had all his class notes in it. Amazon actually has the power to go into the computer box called “Kindle” where you can read books on line anywhere you go.  Kindle actually had the power to go into that Kindle box in his home, while he was sleeping and delete “1984.”  They didn’t even tell him why they were going to do it, nor would anyone think that a box like that could be controlled by the Amazon Masters. Don’t forget over 50% of our books today and publishing companies, agents, are Jews, so most of what we all know has been written by a Jew, and if not written, certainly, edited to never expose the Jews if the author ever expects to be published.
Garkow-ski the American Polish student, said on TV news today, (at work, I don’t have TV) that even though he is suing Amazon, he is doing it for the “principle” and does not want money.
Very opposite of the other half of the Holocaust coin, where the Jews own all the $$$ today, or at least as much as they can handle, that is why they are mating with Whites so they can have more Jews to help the load of monetarily raping the world.
I was talking to a black man regarding business.  Since much of Las Vegas is unemployed, I asked what his work was because the economy isn’t hurting him a bit.  Now, listen carefully to this:
He said he buys homes in Vegas then rehabs them.  He contacts Catholic Charties and the Catholics get a hold of the government $$$ and get third-worlders H.U.D. $$$$.  He is doing great at it.
But picture when H.U.D. money comes in, Las Vegas will be turning into a ghetto with all the non-working minority charity cases getting all these vacant homes, instead of tax paying White people.  I often wonder, what is happening to the Jews in Vegas and their 21 temples.  One never hears of them and their businesses falling.
I heard that the Jewish Princess “Feistein” of California called the police on senior citizens and voters that wanted to talk to her about health care. Apparently, the Jewish Princess Whore, doesn’t give a damn about any body’s else’s problems but her own.  But then the Jews ‘own’ America, lock stock and barrel.
I clearly from the little TV on Fox News I happened to see at work, that Obama has been on TV more than any other President.
I will say again.  The Jewish media used my writings about Col. Parker blanketing the world with “extreme” publicity about Elvis, and that is why we have him today.  The Jews did the same with Obama during the campaign, but it hasn’t stopped. They want to pulverize the White mind till it can’t take any more with pictures, words, speeches of Obama. They said that he has had 40 major TV appearances, way more than any other president in history. One older lady sold 2 of her TV’s cause she was sick of hearing and seeing him over and over.  You see, senior citizens watch TV all day, and they would detect that clearly that there is massive brainwashing going on.
Just in the last day someone came to work with a big picture of Obama on his tee-shirt and even when I went to the fabric store to sew myself a lingerie slip, Obama fabric was laying on the counter.
I try not to accept this. When I can remember, I just look at my own skin, or picture a White person in my eye’s mind to erase this brainwashing.  I don’t know if it will help, but I’m not swalling this Jewish cynanide pill to my White female brain called Obama, with side effects so disasterous they will be the source of our ‘dying race.’
Was able to order a book called “Goulags,” by Kizny.  It sells for quite expensive but found a like new one barely used on Amazon for only $25.00. It is 400 pages of black / white photos of what happened in Russia and Poland, and both those countries suffered horribly from the Jews.  Our day will come too, and we can only learn from these two countries and what the Jews did to them.
Wasn’t I writing recently about Stephen Hopkins colonist from the Mayflower Ship and “Here Shall I Die,” by Caleb Johnson?  I mentioned something that horrified me in my former emails. That they all drank beer.  16 glasses a day, by every man, woman and child.  So I wrote about this ‘beer-drinking’ and today there is a “Beer Peace Summit,” at the White House. But if that wasn’t bad enough, on Fox news on the Glenn Beck TV show, they have a mother, father, and a young son sitting at a picnic table. And in front of them is a glass with the words big and large for the TV audience to read “B E E R.”  Wasn’t it kind of odd to see a glass spelling “B E E R,” in front of a young child?
Well, I’m glad my emails show that I wrote it first, and am ahead of the president and the Fox news with these topics.

Blacks hate White Elvis

You would think that all that Elvis did for Blacks in history, even putting them on the map, and paving the way for black takeover of the country as far as music, they would appreciate Elvis.  Blacks told me point blank they “hate” Elvis. Here is my autobiographical story of how a gang of black women got me fired at Quaker Oats because I wrote the word “Elvis” as the Word of the Day.

This may be a duplication of what I’ve written before, but am writing it for the blog on kkkaraoke.wordpress.com. because I called a lawyer to see if I had a case of blacks and companies discriminating against Whites at Quaker Oats/Pepsi/Gatorade Company. And even though Whites have been deeply and perhaps forever damaged by the American businesses, I can still write about them, warning others of what can happen to them, and perhaps they can initiate law suits protecting White Rights and moreover, perhaps uniting and amending the Constitution that promotes White Rights as seniority above all.
There are pictures attached one of me as “Gator Woman” for The Quaker Oats Company picnic, and the part of the book I scanned that showed that Elvis endorsed only product in his life, “Gatorade” which was a new product from a Florida University.  Will talk more about the costume and hat I designed below.
With racism now mainstream, 3 years after I was on talk radio screaming about black racism, and White victimization, Whites now have the right to examine, exactly what happened in our lifetime that victimized us as Whites.
I can tell each and every White person, if you, your White son or daughter, relative or friend, was not the valedictorian in every school, then we were victimized.  The Jews, always maintaining their Supremacism, “must at all costs stay the smartest.”  Followed by those who they know will be perfect and obedient ‘yes’ men and women and clones.
First, I looked up the White Karaoke Jockey friend, that either commit suicide or attempted and in myspace here was his profile.  I had not been in touch with him since he and I quit karaoke a long time ago, and our friendship was ‘not’ one that shared the same values of the White race or even ‘pride’ in his German heritage.  After all, his Catholic wife told me they had Jewish friends that had been in the Holocaust and lived in California.  In other words they ‘lived’ not died there, and moved here and are probably millionaires off Whites $$$$ and slavery.
T C Worldwide
T C Worldwide Lester is still in the hospital and still not doing good, don’t know if he will be coming out of this one yet. So just keep him in your prayers at 12:27 AM Jul 15
As you can see, he was very tall, very blonde, very handsome, and a very blue-eyed German American.  I think financially he hit ruins trying to make a living at karaoke, although at one time he had more jobs than anyone in Vegas.  You know the saying that Elvis truly believed:  to make it in (Jewish) Hollywood, one had to be ‘tall, dark, and handsome,” so Elvis dyed his hair and White skin and covered his blue eyes with sunglasses.  Well, Lester was tall, light and handsome.  Someday, we may come to the point in history where we will not have to hide in shame over our skin color.  Truly Lester was Hitler’s finest, but Lester made one mistake.  Being born in America run by Jews that ‘drove Hitler’ to suicide so that the Whites will never again ‘unite’ in any way, shape or form, and will certainly never unite against the Jews to expose them.  Thank God, that Jesus was surrounded by a large support system such as his disciples, family, prostitutes, women that supported them, otherwise Jesus probably wouldn’t have exposed the Jews either.
Lester could not find work, and probably the reason he got into karaoke, was that he could not find work in the normal mainstream workplace in California dominated by Mexican laborers, Jewish moguls, other races grabbing the grants and the jobs as fast as they become available. No doubt he was struggling as a big White tall handsome man.
At one of his gigs, I was allowed to strip, (Or flash, either the top, or bottom,) which is really why I moved here from Chicago.  I had read in karaoke chat, that men were going up the mic singing “You Can Leave Your Hat On,” from the “Full Monty,” and taking off their clothes and just leave their baseball hats on to the delight and fun of the audience. Good for the goose… good for the female gander, I saw.  I don’t believe in just ‘nudity’ as their is so much more infinite expression in dress and costumes, but nudity should be one option for some people.  not all… we are not Communists that we all need to think and act and have the same ideas.  I can tell you one thing, the way the designers are dressing White men and women with stringy hair that has no identity, and ripped up jeans, and baggy clothes, it is as if the Jewish retailers are already making us into beggars, which is what we will be soon enough.  America will be the new Poland, only 10 times worse since we have so many third-worlders here.
And it won’t take 900 years for the Jews to accomplish it. It will probably begin to happen when the hate bill passes.
The Whites then will never be able to think again…. only Jews, Blacks, Yellows, Browns, even Reds.
Well, I wanted to get on Black on White discrimination.
I thought I would call a lawyer to get advice on the fact that I was terminated by Quaker Oats during their merger with Pepsi, when a gang of black women accosted me at my desk.
Quaker Oats had the reputation of being ‘nigger’ lovers and ‘gay lovers.’  I was not ‘prejudice’ so I didn’t believe that, for I thought we are all created equal, but now find that Whites are ‘less equal’ in our government, even though we see White faces that will be turncoats to carry out the anti-White agenda for $$$.  I can freely say the word “nigger” because I have been called a “Polak” which is a dumb stupid White nigger, and when blacks get extremely better treatment than I do, I am ‘discriminated against and have been my entire life.
Well, I called a lawyer to ask if there was anything I could do.  According my computer research to the laws in Illinois, where this happened in Chicago, one can bring it to the courts for discrimination against ‘blacks and women.’  There is also a sentence that “Whites,” and “Males” can be discriminated against too. Certainly not ‘dumb’ of them to add that sentence and surprised they did.  The only thing is that no one is using that, and the fact that now even the Jews are watching their behavior, (at least until we die off) then they can walk around again in golden glittery robes robbing our dead bodies of whatever values they can steal.
How do we go back to regain the discrimination against us for at least 40 years, if not since the Civil War, where our country was stripped from the Whites layer by layer.
I tell the lawyer the reason I’m late in bringing it up is that I’m writing my memoirs and realized that I had been wronged only through deep journal writing. They don’t care, I shouldn’t have waited so long.
First off, I do ‘not’ think Whites should be suing one another if we truly want to unite our society. The Jews have not only united into a fabric of tightly woven Jewish treachery against us, but also have truly broken down our White fabric, especially through laws and lawyers.  Whites should get along for the sake of our race if nothing else.
What people don’t realize is that when one suffers from an emotional disturbance or mental illness, one has to take whatever work is available. The jobs no one else wants, just to keep an income coming.  Mental patients have no rights, or they will be on the streets homeless as my husband.  In order to fit in the workplace one must truly be a Jewish clone, (especially to get rich) or forget it, one will curse the day one was born.
I say this because if we truly rehabilitate the White race, especially in the USA, from the drinking, drugging, porn, gambling, smoking, or even addiction to computer games or the such, we are going to find a very mentally ill society.  For these ‘addictions’ are only a ‘mask’ to underlying problems underneath.  It is almost better to let the person have the addiction, than to take it away from him/her, and try to deal with the underlying problems, especially since the Jews have found ways to ‘keep us sick,’ for continual office visits, and Jewish prescriptions, that to find ways to heal us.
So, as I have had to take jobs that no one else wanted and to accept treatment that no one else would, you might find that many of our Whites suffering from addiction are going to have to go through the same thing, and there is no amendment to the Constitution that is going to help Whites as Women and Blacks have found.
When the hate crimes bill passes, the Whites will finally have their freedom to try to solve and talk about their problems, its causes, and solutions.  Our country will finally be stripped from us, and race, and we will have to go to our death silently as our children do now.
What happened on Quaker Oats?  I had heard they favored blacks and gays. Blacks for points they get, but also, I can tell you that the black women that I went to school with are much more successful than I am today.  They had support from the government, even back in the mid ’60’s, welfare, food stamps, housing, churches helping, and them helping each other. Women knew they ‘had to work’ because their husbands didn’t and therefore adapted to the workplace, and have continuous work records.  Therefore, the temps at Quaker Oats to help through the takeover by Pepsi, were all black….. except for me.  It is hell to be a White minority woman in a Black Sea of women, for they are cut throats. Where I might have love and respect for them, they would get me fired to make sure they would get hired full time.
And here is how they did it.  I went into Quaker Oats very sick and even paralyzed with pain on the left side from over exertion when performing in karaoke.  I could use the right side of my body, so I could answer the telephone at the travel department.  Every 15 minutes I would answer the messages that would accumulate.  Write them out and distribute them. The black woman temp who had the job before me was so rich she didn’t need the job.  Although I met her on Rush Street and when she heard me sing acapello she liked my voice so much that she said I ought to try out for singing at the Chicago Bulls games for the Star Spangled Banner.  Anyway, this rich Black woman just sat there and only did exactly what she was supposed to do. Just answer the phone every 15 minutes. She never did anything ‘extra’ or ‘out of the ordinary,’ and hence once really couldn’t find fault with her.
I’ve always been trained in Catholic school to try to excel and to do more than is expected.  If our race is to exceed on a global level, we are going to have to unite and to find ways to all excel, otherwise the Chinese, Hindus and Jews will keep above us.  If our country again was all White, and we didn’t have non-Whites making $$$$ for us, we would have to work as hard as we can just to compete globally.  It is why companies are pulling of America. Business does not like American employees.  Whites and non-Whites.  Very unhealthy work environment.  I”ve worked with the Union Teamsters, and saw people that only did the minimum and expect the maximum in salary.  For degenerating America, that works, for global business, others are working circles around us to grab their share of the world economic pie.
During that 14 minutes off with nothing to do, I started to find jobs around the Quaker Oats office.  There were airline coupons for years that had not been used.  It was an entire long wall of cabinets full of vouchers to get $$$ back.  I asked my boss, Laura, if I could work on that. It entailed a 16,000 line Excel Spreadsheet, all organized by airline company, and all ready for her to easily give the airlines the voucher number, name, date and amount.  She was thrilled as she was the one that really gets the credit. I was told that at Roadway by my boss Jim Krizen, a Polish American when he said, “Barbara Ann, it makes me so happy to make you Employee of the Month, because when ‘you’ look good, “I” get the credit and raises.”  Unions keep everyone ‘equal,’ and it prohibits Whites from wanting to excel.  When my boss Laura called in to the airlines to get credits, she got back money totalling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to be used in future use.  I could have just sat there like the black woman ahead of me and did nothing for 14 minutes.
There was another job, that the company would outsource, that had to be done once a year. I cannot remember the details, but it was data entry mostly.  Again, I asked my boss if I could do it. It would have cost nearly $50,000.00, but I did most of the work and again saved Quaker Oats, Pepsi, Gatorade, the money during their merger.
My boss wanted to organize her desk, as she had papers everywhere, and couldn’t make heads or tails out of all her assignements.  (Yes while Jews have very little to do, Whites are working like crazy.)  I had taken special classes in organization and was able to utilize these talents to make her desk a more comfortable and easily accessible place to work where all her papers were put into binders, etc.
I developed a form to put my messages on with fill in the blanks, rather than re-writing all pertinent info.  There was a blank for “Airlines” “Car,” “Hotel,” Name, Date, Department, etc. It saved me 1/2 of my job activities for the day.
Time = $$$. Save Time, Save $$$.
THe black lady that had my job, did none of those things. She got paid $12.00 an hour, to do the simplest of tasks.  But they needed a ‘body’ and that is what America has become…. a work place of ‘bodies’ that can do one specific jobs, and not a workplace of ‘thinkers’ and ‘problem solvers.’  Just robots, and the Jews like that, cause that is what they created in the workplace, and the Jews do not want ‘anyone to excel over them’ or take the spotlight away from them.
My boss asked me to the company picnic as her guest, since temps were not invited, but she could take a guest.  I think perhaps it enflamed the blacks and the gays who stick up for ‘minorities’ rather than their own cause they all want to rape the country with as much Civil Rights (Anti-White Christian Rights) as possible.
I won first place in the “Crazy Hat” contest, as I designed both a costume and hat. The costume was made of fabric of the colors of the Gatorade bottle, bright psychedelic orange and lime green.  I found the hat in the Gatorade Deparment of Quaker Oats, and it was like an inflatable beachball, so it was easy to wear on my head.  I do not even remember how I attached this on my head. But like a long dinosaur tail, I had pictures of Elvis drinking Gatorade, as well as the part of the book I attached above where Elvis talks about it. Col. Parker would not allow Elvis to endorse any products, unless it was part of Col. Parker Enterprises.  The lady in the pix with me was from Greece and actually gave me a pair of “Blue Suede Shoes,” for singing an Elvis song with the same name.
Well, I only worked at Quaker Oats about six months. And 1/2 of that time I was paralyzed in pain or stiff on my left side and had to drag 1/2 of my body to work.  I remember clearly I was at work, when the airplane crashed into the World Trade Center and we had watched on a small screen the buildings collapse.  We all believed it was those nasty Muslims, who don’t want to be victimized by Jewish products of alcoholic, illegal drugs, excessive pills, cigarettes, casinos, that they have pushed and destroyed the Whites with as far back as Poland.
I asked my boss if I could clean up the copy room as it was very disorderly.  Now, this department and floor had perhaps 100 people, yet none of them chose to think up these projects, just to do exactly what was required of them, and to be politcally correct.
I was probably the ‘least’ paid of anyone on the floor, yet I did the most, and did it with a smile as Fr. Baker taught my Daddy in his home for (White) boys in Lackawanna New York.
Well, after the picnic, my desk was moved, and the desk I moved into was formerly occupied by anothe black temp.  She was bragging how she sued “Coca Cola,” for discrimination against Blacks and won. She really didn’t need the job.  When I got to the desk it was loaded with oatmeal bugs, and surely anyone that has had old Oatmeal has seen them.  There was a ‘new’ idea that Quaker Oats was implementing. If anyone had an idea, they could email the ‘idea’ department if it was to ‘improve’ Quaker Oats.  They didn’t have to tell their boss, or ‘intimidate’ their boss, or have any other ‘politics’ in the office.  Our White race is being ‘drowned’ by ‘politics’ in the workplace where it is ‘who’ you know and we all ‘know’ the “Jews know” everyone there is to know, hence get the top positions in all the Media.
So I emailed this new department of ideas, and told them that the Quaker Oats Testing Kitchen  was right across from my desk and people come from around the world to test or evaluate recipes.  And what if that kitchen was loaded with bugs too, for all the world to see.  Needless to say, and I’m laughing, cause business is so pathetic, someone else in the department should have called and taken care of this months if not years before I temped there.  But, Whites will continue to elevate Jews and blacks and White women like me they will pound down to the ground until I’m into ashes…. cremation ashes.
But, the department of ideas via emails, sent inspectors over within hours.  What they found truly horrified any decent person that eats oatmeal which is supposed to be so healthy.  The bugs were in all the desks for the entire row I was in.  And they were checking out the kitchen. There were boxes in front of the desk that I was sitting and when the checked the boxes they were loaded with bugs.  Just as Harvard is loaded with 80% non-Whites including 30% Jews according to Dr. David Duke, annihilating the White’s future chances of becoming a World Class Race of the Future.
The head people actually had us leave early one day, and they asked us to clean out our desks.  I never bought food to work, so I didn’t have that problem.  They fumigated and sprayed over the week-end, until there was not one bug left to be found.
Now, picture I accomplished all this in about 6 months at $12.00 an hour. Where the government or business could have used their $$$ to help develop me, instead they turned it over to Jews, blacks, Mexicans, yellow to advance ‘their’ races so we could slowly deteriorate and have the White Race ‘melt’ into the melting pot.
What did I get for all this love and labor?  Quaker Oats ‘terminated’ me and fired me. I looked up on the internet and it is called ‘Wrongful Termination.”  And Race is qualifed.  Only Blacks have used the hell out of the law, thanks to Jews and their Civil Rights.
I mentioned before. There was a White Dry Erase Board in the front of the large deparment of about 30.  We could take turns writing the “Word of the Day,” as well as any memos the boss wanted us to know.  Others had their turn, and so I decided to write “Elvis” as the word of the day for it was right after the picnic and Elvis costume.
Elvis was gleaming up there and a White guy behind me loved it. He had a friend called “Chum-ley,” that adored Elvis so he became a fan by his friend’s extreme loyalty to Elvis.
But, at break time my world at Quaker Oats died.  A gang of black temps went up to the White dry erase board and took the eraser and erased the name of Elvis and shouted, “We don’t want Elvis in this department!”
Picture if I went to the White House an there was a picture of Obama and I erased it, or ripped it up or burned it.  And said, “We don’t want Obama in this land of America.”  What would they do?  Imprison me?  Then why the reverse discrimination.
I was shocked, for I really had a special love for Elvis and was even injured dancing wildly like him without complaint.
That wasn’t bad enough but they came up to my front desk and surrounded me with all their black faces and White teeth.  And they again said it in harmony.  They were standing above and around me and I was sitting.
All I said was quietly was, “You better sit down. Pepsi is already wanting to close the travel department and outsource it to a travel agency.  We don’t want to be fired.”
Within an hour or so I was called in by the same boss that once befriended me.  Laura, my boss, said to me, “There were witnesses that heard what you said about the (blacks) getting fired. And we can’t have that in Quaker Oats business.”
Certainly, the girls made sure they came up to me in a gang. They instigated the trouble. They further instigated the trouble by telling the boss. They made sure they had other witnesses, even if the others were black women that stick together to elevate and preserve themselves and their offspring, even though the blacks don’t care what happens to their males of their species and the black males destint is left for Whites to absorb, when the Whites are dying themselves. The Jews don’t care anymore. Now that the Jews have an entire black and Mexican army on our soil to destroy us at the drop of a hat, the Jews have accomplished the coupe of the capital, Washington DC.  And from every war I’ve ever heard of, when the enemy takes the capital city.  Just as Russia took Berlin the capital of Germany, that was the ‘end of the war,’ and if someone would take “Warsaw” the capital of Poland, that would be the end of the war with Poland.
On this website are pictures of when Germany conquered Poland.  And here is a picture of a woman who was giving Hitler flowers thanking him for redeeming her from Polish Tyranny.  Yes, I believe the Jews had kept my Polish people under tyranny as we Whites and Americans are being kept under tyranny at the cost of our very lives and happiness.
You may way to look at more of these pictures. Just click on the picture and it will become larger.  The Nazis are punishing the Jews for killing 4 German Soldiers and the Nazis made them dig their own graves.
But, again, it was the Polish Catholic White soldiers, and Polish Catholic clergy that were killed way more than the Jews, so this Jewish Holocaust Museum should be exposed. The Catholic Holocaust broadcasted, (actually to remove the effect of what the Jews have done to our minds in the Holo-Hoax, it would take 5 times the effort, money, time, and organization to counteract their lies and to have our people realize the Truth.  So that would mean 5 times 60 years, or 300 years, trillions and trillions of dollars, tons and tons of mainstream media cover, and perhaps 50 times as many White organizations and groups to unite against this according to White to Jewish % in the US.
Poland has been the victim for 900 years with all their neighbors doing to Poland what Germany did. And it was to the Polish White Christian very heterosexual male soldiers and their families that were the main victims.  You must ask yourself this:  What did the Jews do to Poland that Jews occupied and controlled since 1096 that made their neighbors absolutely hate them?  Perhaps, now you see why the rest of the world hates Whites, and would glady join the Jewish bandwagon to destroy us if we don’t destroy ourselves.
Well, back to the lawsuit of “Wrongful Termination,” my boss, Laura, insisted that it was “I” that said the Blacks should be fired.  I never said any such thing.  I never even ‘thought’ it thanks to Jewish control of our minds. I had done a 6 hour performance for Black History Month of all black music at Ed Debevic’s #1 50’s and 60’s Restaurant.  The blacks have never done a 6 hour Polish White History Month for me and my people.  The blacks just got me fired.
It was bound to happen.  Pepsi Cola was interviewing everyone in the travel department to see who they were going to keep and who they were going to let go.  My list of achievements were phenominal, and I’m not bragging because I’m lucky to hold a job today after being so brutally conquered and battered in business and social life in America.
I even told them how I was able to fix the colossol copy machine for the big wigs when it broke down and they didn’t have to wait all day for repairs.
Were the black women jealous? After all, the blacks were able to unite and achieve under Jewish $$$ and power, to steal away the good White woman’s place in America, and nothing stops them.They play the Jewish game, as do the Mormons to get what they want. So do our other Christian Churches.
God isn’t a game.  It is the laws of the universe, and our very survival depends on it.  And these other races are ‘breaking God’s laws,’ and we are not stopping that.
I’ve begged for tutoring and development of my skills, but instead was fired.  Perhaps, my deceased White US Marine war hero went through the same.  He never opened up and talked about it. Perhaps, the laws against him were stronger and gave him no leg to stand on, and if he complained, he was fired, or if he drank to cover his fears and mental illness resulting from constant blungeoning of the White psyche and soul, it was always said it was “his” White fault.  More White Coals heaped on our heads, burning to the very mind, heart and soul of our collective White being.
I’m still dumbfounded and it is part of the intentional dumbing down of Whites at my being fired at Quaker Oats because management was shrinking in terror at the sight of a band of black women united for their sole purpose of survival of themselves, their offspring, and not necessarily their males. The Black women need a black male to give them babies to get White welfare $$$, as been the case for 150 years, actually since the slaves were brought here.  If they could mate with Whites it was better yet, for perhaps the Whites would have given them special privileges.  The Blacks have used White people to the nth degree.
If we were allowed to bring all White workers and slaves from Eastern Europe, we could have a White country today, and our tax money would go into developing poor White people and solving our own problems. Now look at Eastern Europe as in the pictures above, including Ukraine, Romania, and look at how good the blacks have it in the capital city that was conquered by Jews and Blacks…. Washington DC. And when an enemy conquers the capital, the war is over.  Looks like we not only lost the Viet Nam war, but we lost the United States of America.  And not even one single shot had to be fired.

Jews make sexual slaves out of White Sex with American women

Here is an email I sent which recorded the true-to-life facts of how Jewish men prey on White women in Western Civilization. Even TV exposed the Jews in Israel for kidnapping and luring White Eastern European women from poor countries as sex slaves making them perform for at least 20 different Jewish men a day, and keeping the women in poverty and ripping up their passports.
But does anyone realize the Jewish men are doing it here in America, (the Superpower, and the Jews are not even ‘paying’ for these w hite se, but the Jews are getting it ‘free free free.’ Men watch your White women!  Jews not only have taken over your banks, but your women!

It was great hearing you and chatting with you on Republic Broadcasting Show on Tuesday night.  It was so refreshing to hear someone talk so openly ‘exposing’ the Jews.  I was the one who called Jesus “The World’s Greatest Anti-Semite.”
I’ve donated to your ministry, and I wish you well.  I myself have written over 10,000 email pages to media and White friends.
I’m very passionate about this because of what the Jews did not only to ‘me’ as a Caucasian Woman, but to 9 other women that I know, and I don’t even know a lot of woman that will even share their private life. That is how blatant Jewish sexual aggression is against White women.
You said that “Israel” was using White women for prostitution for 20 Jews a day, and I believe it. They ‘hate’ White women, and by forcing their sex on us, they punish us. I think their Jewish wives put them up to this, as Sara put Abraham up to having a baby with Hagaar, and then going to kill her when Sara found herself with her own baby. And the Bible specifically says, “I want your inheritance $$$.”
One can’t do all the journal writing, and not want to stop the Jewish aggression against the White race, and even the White female who doesn’t even realize it is happening to her.
Hitler knew it though.
I’m going to attach a paper I did in school, that started my own search and awakening to the plight of the Jews on Whites.  As you can see, it was in 2006 that I first was able to write 1/2 sentence about the Jewish doctor that raped me and threatened me with an insane asylum.
Since then, I have become more verbal and don’t hide like a female mouse in the corner anymore waiting for a Jewish mouse trap to slay me, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.
Here are other examples I wrote down off the top of my head:
  • The reason that Jewish men prey on White women is to ‘keep them down financially so that their own Jewish woman doesn’t have to have their children and the economic woes that brings.  Therefore the Jewish couple and small family can progress throughout the centuries, while the White man, and Gentiles are supporting the Jewish men’s children from this illegal liasons.  This is ‘intentional.’ That is why there are 1 billion Muslims, and only 15 million Jews. Gentile men have been supporting Jewish sex, just as Americans are supporting Jewish sex here, and black sex through welfare, and Mexican to have as much sex as they want, and we pay for their babies they make, and don’t have White babies of our own. Below are stories of women who could have had White husbands and families but got almost ‘hypnotized’ into becoming their lovers:
  • As I said above, a Jewish doctor raped me in 1968, and when I thought I was pregnant declared, “If you tell anyone I will have you commited to insane asylum for life… I have a Jewish wife and children, and this would ruin me for life.
  • He recanted when I called back to let him know it was a false pregnancy and promised it wouldn’t happen again. They are such con artists.  He told me he was in psychoanalysis and he’d be cured.  Then when my Viet Nam Veteran husband was having problems 8 years later, I went back to him for private session to help not just ‘me’ by my war hero White husband, and he told me point blank: “Get rid of him, and get yourself a ‘good Jewish man,’ White men are no good.  If the White men are having problems, the Jews have been doing this to them since my ancestors in Poland where Jews called ‘home’ for 900 years.  He then went to rape me again, but I got away this time.  He stopped me and flagged a “new prescritpion” that would heal my depression, and when I took the prescrition to another doctor, it was apparent, that he wanted to ‘overdrug’ me to cover his crime, and he already talked with my husband ‘privately’ to make sure this was done.  I never dreamed what was going on, and if I was too emotional, I apologize, but I’ve seen so much, and time seems to be against us.  That is why I was encouraged with your ministry, for it brings hope, and even laughter, and this I know will bring some healing to me.  It is painful to know all this, and be alone.
  • There were 2 other Caucasian women at a legal place where I worked and the subject of Jewish lawyers came up. (I’d be afraid I’d be fired if I ever talked about it, but I encouraged them, since they were not temps, as I was.)  These two secretaries were older and had worked for a Jewish lawyer for perhaps 40 years. The Jewish lawyers are cheap and greedy and don’t pay as well as Christian men.  And besides working for less, the Jewish men ‘demanded’ sex from them.  And the women were White slaves, “IN AMERICA” Western Civilization, not even like Eastern Europe where the White women were getting $$$$ for their sex. The American White women are giving their sex away, Free, Free, Free, to the Jews here, making “it worse,” than even in Israel, and no one is exposing it until I talk about it. And this is very, very difficult to talk about.  White men must become strong and ‘refuse’ to let their White women work for Jews. They must take out the Jewish tape recordings out of their wives’ head, and re-program them with ‘warnings of extreme danger,’ as if one would see a sign near a cliff.  Just as the dirty Jews tried to kill Jesus the Anti-Semite by driving forcing him over a cliff, (it would then look like Jesus commit suicide and jumped and they’d go scot -free like they do today,)  We must warn out White women and children, boys and girls, for the Jews are using them for homosexuality.  I asked these girls if they missed the opportunity to have children, or weren’t the angry about his (Jewish) wife getting his home, his millonaire bank account, his insurance policy, his ‘inheritance.’ And they both smiled and said “No,” like the old “Steppford Wives” movie, that the women couldn’t think and became like robots.  The Jews did that to drive our White women into the work place so there was plenty of ‘free, free’ free, sex for them as doctors, lawyers, etc. and did it ‘deliberately’ to bring down the Caucasian people, who were kind enough to let them live here, as Poland did for 900 years.
  • A friend of mine from France is a Shakesperean actor and he said that in order to get a role in either New York or Chicago he would have to be a male slave for the “male” directors, producers.  He was so mad he “cursed” America and went back to France.  He said, “I want (White) my own emphasis, babies, I don’t want this filth.”  And he left madder than hell. And rightfully so, but he had no one here to turn to, and he seemed like the ‘idiot’ or ‘moron,’ which the Jews are accomplishing on our men, as the Jews are declared the “smartest” people in the world. They are the ‘dumbest people’ because they lack any thing that resemles ‘morals’ and ‘virtue,’ so it makes them “Moral idiots.”  I repeat.  The Jews are not ‘smart’ they are “Moral Idiots,” and we live in a “moral” world, as well as an intellectual world.
  • My sister went on talk radio in Chicago, perhaps 20 years ago. She was called Mary the Mystery, and would write poetry, of a very light hearted nature, and it was very good. It was on a midnight show, where there were not that may callers, so she really entertained the people that stay up late, sometimes in pain from diseases and use the radio to keep their minds off their pain. She was always ‘cheerful’ and ‘happy,’ not upset like I am. I sometimes, rather I ‘often’ wish I could go back to their world of “Everything is fine and wonderful.”  or  “You shouldn’t be so prejudiced.”  I’m always the one who is made to feel ‘guilty’ and bad. But, anyway, after several years, there was a picnic for the radio station, and he invited my sister to attend.  And, since her Italian Caucasian husband worked not only one job, but owned an Italian Restaurant, he would be gone all night. So, my two sisters went, and it was at the picnic that he seduced my sister.  I mean my sister was a ‘Virgin” when she married her Italian husband, as that is how it ‘had to be years ago.  She was faithful to her husband. And then like the women above, she was like ‘hypnotized’ by the Jewish radio talk show host.  My brother-in-law found out and took a loaded gun to the station to kill the man for his crime. Hitler clearly knew these were crimes and made a law about it, and deported the first Jews for this crime against his White women. Hitler taught the young girls with movies showing the Jews as monsters, not as America shows the White men as the ‘monsters’ so White women can ‘hate’ the White male.  It is easy then for Jews to ‘get’ the White women in bed that way.  Well, the Jew got scared to death when my brother-in-law was going to pull the trigger and begged and pleaded for his life. But, as you said on the radio, the Jews have been in this situation for 2,000 years, so they are pros at overcoming the Gentile male, their enemy and competitor.  The Jew knew my brother-in-law had an Italian restaurant, and the Jew bribed him with an entire year of “free advertising,” if he would let the Jew live. My brother-in-law put the gun down, and again this Jew was never punished for his crime.
  • (I come from a White family of 15, so I can compare stories and put the puzzle pieces together. And this is about topics that most women don’t talk about.)  My sister said the Jewish man across the street from her died.  At his casket came “5” Gentile White women with children from him, in addition to his wife.  And again it is the Jewish wife that gets all the ‘goodies’ and the White women are begging for crumbs and are so grateful when a Jewish man throws a crumb her way.
  • I have a niece (actually I have 46 nieces and nephews) that went to work for a Jewish stockbroker.  He paid her pennies for the mathematical hard work she had to do. But not only that, he expected and got her in bed for over 20 years. After I started to realize this, I started telling my sisters that their daughers must be awakening from this dream (nightmare) they are in as a White slave in America… and for free, not even paid as a prostitute would do.  Finally, the niece woke up, and stopped the sex, and decided she indeed did want a (White) baby.  But it was too late. She was already in her 40’s and all used up in bed, and no one wanted her. She is an old maid today, and the Jew’s wife will get his entire inheritance as well as a dignified place in society, where she can spend his money on all sorts of Jewish organizations and charities.
  • Another niece, was in the same situtation. But again, no one was comparing this until I broke the ice and dared to be brave enough to take the insults and tell the Truth about what happened to prevent other White women from these Jewish disasters and have the Jewish men treated as ‘Kings’ in this country. I treated my White husband, Mike Duncan, as a King, and now he is gone, and it is the Jews that are to blame for his death and suicide.
  • Well, this other niece, “Murphy” is her last name, met a Jewish man, and all the women say the same thing, “But they are sooooo nice.” The Jew does nothing for them, he gives everything to his wife, but again, they are ‘sooo nice.’  She became the mistress of a Jew and was always there at his beck and call.  I told my sister to ‘stop her from destroying her own life.  My niece had 5 children to take care of and needed a husband for herself and a father for her children. I was very ‘passionate’ in my speech towards them because I had to stop her. She was ruining not only ‘her’ life but was giving an example to her young daughters to become White slaves for Jewish men also, and giving an example to her White sons that this is ‘acceptable,’ and one must never talk about it or be politically correct.  The only reason my White brother-in-law above went to bring justice to the Jew, was because he was from old fashioned “Europe,” that still had morals at the time, and were not afraid of Jews as we are today.  Finally, my niece listened to my passionate plea of love for her and her lovely 5 children. She broke off this insidious relationship, (I wouldn’t use the word relationship because it was just preying on her and using her like a used dirty White rag.)  After she broke it off and got the nerve not to see him anymore, she found herself a nice husband, who bought her a home in the North Suburbs of Chicago and she is trying to make a go of it, even though the cards are stacked against our White couples, thanks to Jewish media, Jewish divorce attorneys, and Jewish monsters.
  • The Jews used even my poor White Mama and Daddy, that even though they were so poor, if they had a few pennies left over it would be to buy ‘booze’ at a Jewish local tavern. The same thing went on in Poland for 900 years where the Jews called home, even though all the other nations kicked them out.
Anyway, Pastor James, keep up the good work, cause truly God Almighty cannot watch this Jewish hypocrisy anymore. The White Caucasians have been “Christian, moral, kind and loving,” for over 2,000 years and do not think he will forsake us, even though the picture has been so bleak and so blinding in my life being able to compare and put the pieces of this puzzle together.  I hope the men wake up and put their foot down about their daughters, wives, mothers that are Caucasian and become White slaves for the Jews. The Jews will use other races just as they do ours, I also know that for a fact, because a Jewish boss I had years ago, (filthy rich) who had a black woman for his mistress. He even had me call his wife to get her recipe so the black mistress could make him leg of lamb!  The Jews don’t worry or fear, even if they are put into ghetto’s they enjoy struggling back into power!

Karaoke friend's-White Male suicide; Jewish hypocrisy

There are things that I cannot even discuss on a live journal such as wordpress, especially the email I got today informing me of my friend’s suicide a Karaoke Jockey, KJ.  He was a very handsome, German American, blonde hair, blue eyes, big, tall and strong, and a great sing ballads.
For another White male to commit suicide is being my comprehension, whe all this country is concerned about is the Civil rights of the “poor jews and their faked and exaggerated Holocaust, totalling ignoring the Polish Catholics whose numbers far surpass the Jews by a long shot for deaths.  And the “poor blacks,” who we should support or else they might burn the country down. Or the poor Mexicans who are invading or country worse than as if Stalin landed on American shows and wiped away 1/2 of the population.
What about White Civil Rights?  Since I started this study after myown White husband’s suicide, with the last words, There is no help for the White male and I’m going to kill myelf and show them it is about “men” and not about “$$$”.  Meaning to rehab our White men utterly destsroyed by Affirmative Action, and intentionally so, because
Civil Rights is a topic that the Jews were using to destroy VBavaria back as long as the 1300 century and that is why the White Bavarians kicked them out.  My ancestry is from Bavaria, and Austria, and I can see why the Jews were kicked out of there. This is “White History,” not jJewish fables, fantasies, and fraud.
My KJ friend, (Karaoke Jockey) that commit suicide will be remembered dearly in my heart forever, and with every stroke of this keyboard to prevent another White male suicide, or even a female suicide as my own 3 attempts.  Where are our White Civil Rights? Who can I complain to?  Who can I scream and cry at, or smash every window in the ouse as my poor Mama of 12 White Polish babies, that saw the Jewish hypocrisy way back in the 1950’s, whereas I didn’t catch on until about 2003, even though my Mama was trying to tell me, I couldn’t listen or would fight her back, just like people are fighting me back when I tell them.
The Las Vegas main newspaper called me up yesterday and wanted to interview me with pictures of me performing as the “Queen of Karaoke.”  He said that they wanted to do a spread on me.  But, he wanted it to be ‘real’ and not something put together for the news.  He said he called me last week, but I never got a message, so I don’t know how this can be, because I’m the only one here, and there is no message on my answering machine.
When I told him it was still not too late, since the entertainement section is included in Thursday’s paper, we were working out a program where they could take pictures and then interview me. He was leary that I didn’t go out singing all the time, and told him I stay home to write my autobiography for myself and my deceased husband.
I told him that the Chicago Tribune did an article about me once. I was at an Elvis Birthday Party and Elvis’ friends and relatives were there in Chicago at the Hang Uppe.  There was a karaoke contest, and the Chicago Tribune asked if they could film and watch me. They especially were interested in the changing of the costumes, and asked if they could follow me into the bathroom, although not in the private stall.  But, then the Chicago Tribune did other articles about me also.  When I started to write the media, was the beginning of the end of all the media attention I was getting.
I also told the newspaper that he could interview my karaoke friends from the House of Blues who said they have filmed most of my performances there, called “Extreme Karaoke.”
He said they wanted to do the review on me, but didn’t want to hear anything about my book(s).  It was to be kept strictly for karaoke only.  Then after everything was set for me to meet them on the Strip at a casino karaoke bar, he called back and said they had cancelled. I didn’t know why, nor did he say.
It was all rather strange, and I remember hearing Don Black and David Duke talk about how unpredictable and unsettling our media is.  When the Whites recreate their society, these are things they should address. Just outright honesty and integrity as Hitler was striving for, not that he succeeded for even his own White German people were very corrupt around him and were more concerned about getting $2,000.000.00 houses and villas to live in for their German White wives, than for Hitler’s idea of ‘love of race, fatherland, and character.”  These values were going to have to be taught to the ‘next’ generation, as the current generation was too far gone.  And surely if the Jewish doctors made up 52% of the medical, and only were a smaller percentage than here in America, the media must have been run by them too as they did around the entire globe.
In memory of Lester the KJ, who apparently commit suicide, recently, I wrote to a karaoke friend about this, and gave her the first two songs I ever sang in karaoke and how it started 21 years ago.
My son, Paul and I, were in Disneyworld in (I think the year was 1988, and “88” is a good number for Whites), at a Ramada Inn pizza restaurant. I saw the sign, “Karaoke” on a blackboard outside in the hall, and went in, as I had read about it in the Christian Science Monitor about 5 years before. When I sat there, I saw the TV monitor and all the words on the screen.  Even though I didn’t have TV, radio, stereo, I heard songs at dances, or at my friends or sister’s homes who played music. I just sang in my chair quietly.  But, karaoke people are very friendly, and there have been KJ’s that call it the “karaoke” of “love,” where if someone comes in he announces the newcomer and everyone goes to greet and hug the new karaoke person that just walked in.  (Something Whites might try to do and to complete White strangers yet.)
While I was doing my “chair-i-oke” which is another name coined from a Chicago karaoke bar, at least 6 different people came up to me to ask me to get up and sing. They had never seen anyone that knew so many of the songs. Well, I wouldn’t do it saying the same thing I have heard everyone else say, “I can’t sing. I’m the world’s worst singer. I ‘hate’ my voice.  There isn’t enough booze in the state of Florida to get me up there.”  Also, ‘chair-i-oke’ was when I would go to karaoke at Trader Todd’s in Chicago, (Playboy magazine rated it #1 for karaoke) and since it was ‘slow’ on Sunday, they would put an ’empty’ chair on the stage.  So, I would go up and sit down and they would spin the wheel, or somehow pick a song at random.  (Most of which I never heard before if not all.)  And then one would try to sing it and it was really challenging and broadened one’s knowledge of songs, and exposed the singer to help get over the fear of singing on stage.
Anyway, after the ‘6’ person came up to me in Disneyworld Karaoke, I decided to go up.  Now, after I finally muster up all the nerve in the world that I could possibly get, I turn to my son and tell him I’m going up and he says, “If you go up, Mama, I’m going to my room. Don’t embarass me.”  He was 9, and we had been basically alienated from each other since I put him into the boarding school.  The first 5 years after the divorce left me seeing very little of him, as I had to work scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets just to have the $$$ to get there, although by this time I was working at Roadway Express in the office.
I said to Paul, “Mother has got to do, what Mother has got to do.”  When I got up to sing, “I’ll Say a Little Prayer for You,” I looked into his eyes and he was very attentive.
Here is the first song I sang, and the next song, was in a karaoke contest. (Can you imagine someone being so bold or crazy to enter a karaoke contest after only singing one song in public?  But one has to ‘try’ not ‘win’ all the time, or is that some sort of slogan for “Whites only.”
I was a background actress in Chicago, and was actually called to be in this scene, but had to work so I didn’t get the message until it was too late.  The movie was about a White man whose ‘best friend’ goes to marry his ex-girlfriend.
When I got up to sing this song, I told them I was new so they put the microphone ‘low’ and I found myself having to scream the song practically.  Well, the Disneyworld Pizza Place was having a karaoke contest and needed contestants as no one was signing up, so I did another song, which I really didn’t know and probably bombed at, but one has to ‘try’ not ‘win,’ all the time.
Here is the second song I sang in the karaoke contest:
P.S. one more song came on youtube that I thought might be interesting. In the Bible we read “I Am That I Am,” which is what God said to Moses.  Well, Shirley Bassey sings something similar, “I Am What I Am,” and comes out with a cape just as I do in karaoke. (I have many capes that I have sewn or purchased, and love to twirl them around on stage. Sometimes, it is more about the ‘fabric’ I’m wearing and twirling, than me or the audience or the music itself.
Shirley Bassey is a 1/2 breed like Obama as I looked her up on Wiki, (or at least it says her father is from Nigeria and she looks blackish. The British Crown gave her tons of awards, but the Brits are hell-bent on destroying the White race and their own people except for a few.
Needless to say, I didn’t win, but I had fun.  Most White men will ‘not’ enter a karaoke contest if a black person signs up.  It seems the blacks not only take all the money from college tuition grants, from welfare, from HUD homes, from free medical, etc. etc. but they take the $$$ away from karaoke contests as Whites goes into some sort ‘frenzy, ecstasy, and almost oblivion as if they have just seen God or Jesus Christ on stage…  Affirmative Action has hurt the White male in karaoke also, because of almost 100 years of Jewish programming since the Jew Al Jolson covered his face with black paint, and started to replace the White man in entertainment and respect.
In regards to Lester’s suicide, I think it is high time to use our churches not as vestibules for more Jewish propaganda and ideas, but for Whites to unite and transform and take back our race and country.
This is utter ‘hypocrisy,’ and Whites should not be paying $$$ for ‘hypocrisy’ at churches, and there are churches even worse than mine when it comes to destroying the White people.
In Cruden’s Complete Concordance, the definition for hypocrisy reads:
(A false assumption of virtue; canting pretence of goodness or religion.  The word if frequently used in the Bible with the meaning of ‘godlessness.’)
Here are some of the passages which Jesus, the anti-Semite and racist, used to the Jews, about Jewish ‘godlessness, (and even the opposite of godless which is devilishness):
In Mark 12:15 Jesus accuses the Jews of being ‘crafty’ because they want to know if they (the Jews should pay taxes to the Romans.) Perhaps the Jews wanted hand-outs like they are handing out the country to all non-Whites. The parable upset the Jews and it ends that:
“The Jews longed to get their hands on him (Jesus) for they knew perfectly well that he had aimed this parable at them–but they were afraid of the people, (that were starting to come around and understand Jesus’ message.)
“Meanwhile, the crowds had gathered in thousands, so that they were actually treading on each other’s toes, and Jesus, speaking primarily to his Jewish disciples, (who he favored above Gentiles making him a racist) and aid,  ‘Be on your guard against yeast–I mean the yeast of the Jewish Pharasees, which is sheer pretence (hypocrisy.)  For their is nothing covered up which is not going to be EXPOSED.  (Hopefully, Jesus is prophecying that the Jews and their dasardly deeds are going to be ‘EXPOSED’ TO THE ENTIRE WORLD,’ and that their ‘perfect crimes’ will be ‘perfect’ no more.  Not at the cost of the White male their competition in our own country.”
I’ve been writing about ‘exposing’ the Jews but never realized it was the Lord that said these words first, according to “J.B.Phillips” New Testament.
1 Timothy 4: 2:  Beware of false teachers: warn your people.
“God’s Spirit specifically tells us that inlater days there will be men who abandon the truth faith and allow themselves to be ‘spiritually seduced’ by teachings of demons, teachings given by men who are lying hypocrites, whose consciences are as seared flesh.  These men forbid marriage and command absinence from foods–good things which God created to be thankfully enjoyed by those who believe in him. Everything that “God made is good,” and not despised. (I think this would mean that men and women should be able to marry for this celibacy is driving a wedge between humans, and even ‘food’ is good. We are very afraid of food today, and even drink, for so many gluts of stories about ‘this’ being bad, and ‘that being bad,’ that at times I don’t even know what to eat or drink for fear I’m breaking some health law.  It is not the ‘food ‘that will hurt us,’ but the ‘fear of the food will kill us.’
James 3:
“What causes conflict among you? Do they not spring from the aggressiveness of your bodily desires.  You want something you cannot have and are bent on murder’ you are envious, so you quarrel and fight.  The Scripture says that “God opposes the arrogant and gives grace to the humble.”  (So does God ‘oppose’ the arrogant Jews today?  I would say, of course.)
Job gives a speech to the Jews in Job 15 :
Heavy though his jowl is and gross, and those his sides bulge with fat,
the city where he lives will lie in ruins, is house will be deserted;
it will soon become a heap of rubble; he will no longer be rich, his wealth will not last,
and he will strike no root in the earth; scording heat will shrivel his shoots, and his blossom will be shaken by the wind.
He’deceives himself, trusting in his high rank, for all his dealings will come to nothing, his palm-trees with wither unseasonably,
and his branches will not spread; he will be like a vine that sheds its unripe grapes, like an olve-tree that drops its blossom.
For the godless, one and all, are barren, and their homes, enriched by bribery, (hypocrisy) are destroyed by fire;
they conceive m;ischeif and give birth to trouble, and the child of their womb is deceit.
(So as I see it the Jewish women’s children are ‘deceit’ incarnate.)
Jesus, the anti-Semite and racist said, “

Egyptian goddess Ma'at

In looking up “heart” for Purple Heart I came across this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma%27at and if you like Egyptian history like I do I think you might find it very intriguing about the Egyptian goddess “Ma’at,” of the heart and soul.
If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the 42 negative confessions, and these certainly are ‘not’ what the Jews stand for.  It really makes one think and wonder exactly what is influencing us today.
In Egyptian mythology, the heart portion of the soul was weighed in a balance against the feather of Ma’at, symbolising truth, in the judgment of the dead in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Egyptian sources do not actually reveal whether the heart had to be lighter than the feather for the deceased to pass into paradise – all depictions show only the weighing of the heart, not the actual results, heavier or lighter.
Similarly, in the Bible, this idea emerges in the earliest passages; Genesis 6:5 situates the thoughts of evil men in their hearts, and Exodus 5 through 12 speak repeatedly of the Lord “hardening Pharaoh’s heart.”
(You can see that the Egyptians have a clearer sense of ‘love and justice’ than do the Jews, I think, at least the Jews that seem to control our country today.)  But perhaps, I’m wrong, because even fellow White patriots think I’m totally wrong about the Jews.  Also, you can see that the Egyptians originated much of what was in the Bible, and surely when the Jews were in captivity there they took their ideas and made a book out of them and now call them the Bible.
I think one of the most horrible things the Jews have done was when the bombed and nuked the USS “Liberty,” they were going to pin it on Egypt, and make us go to war with them. It would mean destroying the ‘only’ wonders of the world, the Pyramids, for all the rest are gone and that grieved me deeply.
You see, when I grew up in South Chicago, I would frequent the “catacombs or basement” of the Natural History Museum, and study the Egyptian art, mummies, and even the King Tut exhibit, where he covered himself with gold all over.
I think Whites really need to start re-thinking their existence, their past, and their future, and even our Christianity, so that it ‘preserves and resurrects’ us and not destroy us as a White race, culture and heritage.

George Washington, Benjamen Franklin Warning Whites of Jews

As I write for my husband to put him in the Purple Heart Museum, I think I would rather go through excruciating child birth without drugs, and feel like a grenade exploded in me when I delivered, rather than to feel the tension and the mental agony of the heartbreaking things I’m writing about. I think I can honestly say with Jesus the anti-Semite, “Please Father, let this cup pass from me, but not as “I” want, but as “Thou” wants.”
I could be free of this tension and depression, if I just act calmly and serene and forget about the White or even the Polish people, and let the Jews have their way.
But, it seems my destiny, and believe me, I think I would trade places with any other woman in history right now.  So I’ll take a deep breath and write and pray. I actually stopped at the picture of Jesus at church and asked him for his anti-Semetic help, because I just can’t seem to stand this anymore.
When I was writing my biography for the Purple Heart Museum, I came across this that I copied and pasted.
Please read at the bottom to what George Washington and Benjamen Franklin wrote about the Jews. Their prophecies have come true, 200 years later, just as they predicted, or 10 generations, as they said.  This is scarey and uncanny.  And it took over 10,000 pages of writings to ‘define for me’ what these White disguished celebrity males meant when they warned us about the Jews.
I also wanted to add that during the Clinton administration, the Clintons, Hillary and Bill, would have special ‘sleep overs’ for Jewish guests.  They were in the “Lincoln’s bedroom,” and I’m sure the Jews wanted it that way. It was significant for it was “Lincoln” that paved the way for Black Civil Rights and Jewish Civil Rights and the nuclear explosion that disintegrated the White Race.  It was the biggest slap in the face the Jews ever gave us.
Rich Jewish singers like Barbara Streisand would ‘sleep over,’ in the Lincoln’s bedroom for $1,000.00 and perhaps all the perverted sex the Clintons and Jews could handle. Now “this woman” Hillary is head of the Whole World and what she says goes. And she used to ‘beat” President Clinton. From what I read she would holler at him, and throw things at him, and humiliate him in front of even the FBI agents who had to protect President Clinton not from ‘assassins’ but his own wife!

No Writing today; Anniversary Song

Mike Duncan and I were married 40 years ago on July 26, 1969!  Here is Tom Jones’ version of the “Annivesary Song.”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfznX6n3EQY Too bad that Al Jolson the “Jew,” was given this song by the Jews to paint his face black to “start to bring the Whites into submission to Black Music.”  That was back in 1928!  It’s been all Jews since then and their non-White followers for Whites to worship at daily in the Jewish religion or “anti-religion,” I should say.
I’m not going to write today, but instead just sit at my computer and live with Mike’s ghost and continue to write ‘his’ biography, even before I finish my own.  I need to stop the wars for Israel, and will submit my essay for the Purple Heart Museum on that basis of never having to give another Purple Heart to White men for Jewish wars.  It isn’t that he was the greatest man.  I mean he didn’t give me a million dollar baz mitzvah like the Jewish fathers give daughters, he didn’t give me a Mercedez Benz like Jewish doctors give their wives, or maids, butlers, nannies, cleaning ladies, chefs, unlimited bank acounts, prestige in America beyond recognition.  No he didn’t even take me out to dinner once.
But, what he gave me I can write about with pride and dignity and a clear conscience.  He was the only man to love me and support me.  No matter what I suffered with him, there was no other man that would stand by my side, even if silent, just his US Marine presence, when I wanted to breastfeed, natural childbirth, spiritual healing, organic gardening, sports with the White sons, and to live with a woman who couldn’t talk enough to say “I Love You.”  But then again our marriage was one of ‘works’ and never, never words.
The Anniversary song also reminds me of Mama’s and Daddy’s anniversary on November 22, 1930, (33 years later John F. Kennedy our President would be killed by the Israeli Mafia because of his stand against their warring nuclear weapons.)
I was conceived on Mama’s and Daddy’s anniversary. I am their only ‘present’ to each other, from the penetration sex on Nov. 22, 1946!