Painting: White Mother Kisses Her White Son off to War!

White Sad Mother Kissing her White Son Off to War. Odd but all the wars in last 1000 years have been White wars that I know of, and that is how long Jews have been ruling us since Poland.
The really strange thing is that I was a wife of Vietnam Veteran, I shared his misery silently, lovingly, even depriving myself of any rewards for my work, my entire life was for him and sons. I shared his bed of screaming nightmares when the people (who knows the Communist Jews and Chinese probably set up the Vietnam war as a mousetrap that we were forced by law and prison to go into) over in Asia destroyed him unto 40 years of misery and suicide for he could take no more of Jew-SA. And yes he was no fan of Jews. He saw right through them when he attended a grammar school filled with Jews near Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Whatever the Jew did, my husband beat him up after school. It probably was the only beating a Jew ever got in Europe, Poland, Germany, Russia, and now USA and Israel. The Jews’ revenge was horrible. His mother found out that my husband’s father was the baseball coach so she sent her Jew son to baseball school, bought him the best gear, had tutors for him. When the Jew was ready and outplaying my young sandlot husband, the Jew boy got in very close to my husband’s father. In fact, since the Jew was not damaged as husband thru parents drinking and fetal alcohol syndrome, the Jew boy seemed like a “prime” son. Not the irritable son of his penis. It was easy for the Jew boy to kick out my White husband of my husband’s own father’s life. Until my father-in-law’s dying day he was buddies with the Jew and preferred the Jew to his own son. You see the circle of damage coming from all sides because of Jews. Not only that when my husband went to Vietnam as a United States White Marine / Purple Heart fighting in a war that he was a mere target practice for the Commie Chinese, the Jew, again, living in the USA Kingdom of heaven for Jews only, (Brown Mex’s too for they are 2nd happiest people, and Blacks also having no self-esteem problem, along with other races) the Jew got more revenge against my husband. My husband, like President Jefferson Davis of Confederate war who was going to fight to kill the Jew Judah¬† Benjamin in a duel, then became best friends with their worst enemy. Davis actually appointed his enemy Secretary of War and Treasury in Civil War for South.¬† While husband was at war, the Jew didn’t have to go to war. Instead he was given gravy job in army, Alabama, the South no less, where the Jews learned business and office techniques where he’s now a Jew millionaire today as “his sons!” The Jew realizing my husband’s fiance was alone in Chicago, preyed on her and seduced her, (screwed the hell out of her. Since Jews are not damaged and got their $$$ thru White wars, White murders, White rapes, White gouging, stealing White businesses, inventions, the Jew looked like a better catch! He treated her sooo nicely, as Jews treat their women. This World War III between White man and woman was done to us “intentionally!” Once the Jew got control of her mind, as well as her body, emotions, he talked her into writing a “Dear John” letter of hatred breaking off the engagement while my husband was on the battlefield, supposedly fighting for her “Rights” and “freedom.” Instead of White Rights, she got White enslavement and now has to work to not only support herself but her children, as well as Jew’s kids, Yellow commie kids, Brown kids, Muslim kids who are having 8.1 on the average, Black kids for at least 400 years if not more for Europe has been brainwashed and enticed with loving Blacks like voo doo idols, while they give up their own political, religious, human and spiritual idols of our existence!
Oddly, even though I knew of these horrors of war, first hand, after I watched 9/11 on TV, the only time in my life I ever watched TV for a while, I immediately called my sons in hysteria telling them to sign up for War. Jews and Commies, Muslims got the exact response they wanted… get the White women all worked up to send us their boys and men! I regret that action more than anything in my life. Today, I see thru the Jew-Muslim (other two main religions than Christianity) fiasco in Middle East. But I have talked to 4 other White women all worked up about war and Muslims and going there to fight for them, and “poor Rich Jews of Israel,” (they know nothing of Jewish crimes and makes them “nervous strain” when I talk about it. Think of the strain I’m under!
Someday, Whites will need to be in war like the Muslims taking over Europe or browns taking over USA, and we will just fold our hands and let them in. Instead, we will be shouting to Kill the Syrians etc. But never ever look into the eyes of the Jews.

Just as this sad mother kisses her son off to White War, after 9/11 I also was so hypnotized by Jew media, I called my sons to go to war to punish the villains. Not knowing no one punishes the villain Jews.
Just as this sad mother kisses her son off to White War, after 9/11 I also was so hypnotized by Jew media, I called my sons to go to war to punish the villains. Not knowing no one punishes the villain Jews.

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