Part 1: Hitler Youth – Hitler Jugend: to Save White Christian Children taken over in Germany by Jews – GRAPHIC PIX

The first book I found was at college library after Veteran husband’s suicide. My entire reality shattered and I wept while driving to school for I knew I was entering the worse possible taboo for whites: Hitler and the Nazis. It’s why our people can’t “get it,” especially women devoted to Jewish men and other races. It’s said to save our species, the “women” must change. They’ve been damaged and don’t know. I have to believe there’s an instinct to survive.
I’m not saying in this blog, everything Germany wanted to do was correct. Jews make people like a God such as their latest fad “idol” or a devil, such as Trump, ISIS, Nazi, Al Queda, Serial Killer. Constant terror keeps us unbalanced even mad. The entire 92% of the world, non-whites don’t have this.
I don’t go along with measuring heads for breeding etc. I do go along with breeding young, breastfeeding, and healthy lifestyle. Hitler’s only constant companion who was involved in every Hitler action and thought was his doctor. I don’t go to doctors unless emergency. I think in our perfect state we are already well and healthy. I wouldn’t want to “add” to our Jew medical of today, since it “encourages” more disease. And I believe, since Hitler’s doctor, Morell, his constant companion was doctor to Jewish entertainers, this medical obsession, was not from Hitler, but from the doctor to the Jews.
I’ll paste the movie below, but perhaps print out my notes and pause to see what I’ve learned. Otherwise, you’ll get this “creepy video,” with the man’s scary voice like Dracula, and pictures which point to having healthy White babies, men, and women is “EVIL.” Only the other races can have that. Not Whites. It’s so absurd and bizarre one can’t even get angry at it but shake the dust off our feet and go ahead. If you can copy and paste below, follow along with the movie. Thx! I’ll try to cut sentences as short as possible.

  • “Hitler Jugend” is “Hitler Youth” White boys and girls in the only experiment in history for an all-White country. Not just what I “read” but what my autobiography reveals. Brother Nicky, 6th grade English Teacher at Sauk Village, Illinois school, just South of Chicago. He’d have to be a “monitor” in the boy’s bathroom. Almost all White. He said the boys came to school at 8 a.m. drunk, vomiting, high on father’s illegal drugs, mother’s prescriptions, smoking, fighting, and uncontrollable. Brother Eddie, 8th grade, said by the time he got the kids, they were “unteachable” and put on a barge and drop in the middle of the ocean. Both races. But here’s I’m the only one in the world who can compare my life to Germany, (Then Poland my ancestry, Germany’s next door neighbor) I read from a “woman, wife, daughter, and mother’s point of view about the National Socialists. It was the German “school teachers” who brought in the Nazis, not some tyrant. The teachers couldn’t do anything with the kids who were poisoned in the mind, spirit, and body by Jews. Even Jew rapes of girls and women. 200,000 white German suicides a year. One wheelbarrow full of money to buy one egg. (It’s why we must always have our own source of food.) 149 of 150 bars in German capital of Berlin: Homosexuals and lesbians. White men, desperate, drunk, drugged (Jews are sober just sell it) would do anything for $$ or another fix. Jew theater owners forced White men to have sex on stage with donkeys. Jews laugh at us when I write these things for they know it’s true. Bring us down to lower than animals.
  • Jews read my stuff and I actually sent my first emails to the (Jew) media, but didn’t know it was Jews. They read all ideas and then stage news events or styles, TV shows, music, books, whatever to take White ideas and sell them back to Whites but “they” get the credit and money, not us. At the beginning of the video, it shows White German boys boxing. The blog yesterday, “The Death of the White Male’ shows our White men can’t fight. And even White women for I’m running up total Jewish resistance and power. I’ll just take a day at a time, but may stop and give the Jewess the victory as she had in Poland 1,000 yrs.
  • Well, Jews owned Boxing in Hitler’s Day. In 1936. Max Baer was called “Killer in the ring.””Baer fought Frankie Campbell on August 25, 1930, in San Francisco in a ring built over home plate at San Francisco’s Recreation Park for the unofficial title of Pacific Coast champion. In the second round, Campbell clipped Baer and Baer slipped to the canvas. Campbell went toward his corner and waved to the crowd. He thought Baer was getting the count. Baer got up and flew at Campbell, landing a right to Campbell’s turned head which sent him to the canvas.After the round, Campbell said to his trainer, “Something feels like it snapped in my head”, but went on to handily win rounds 3 and 4.” It’s not a coincidence, but Max Baer who starred as the White stupid moron, idiot, fool, in the Beverly Hillbillies TV Show, was also Max Baer, his son. Jews never give up on crucifying the Southern White male nor will they give up on crucifying the German and Polish male (and women like me.) While Jews pulverize our White IQ, they keep rising to the top, as well as the other races.
  • “Baer, who was one-quarter Jewish, wore trunks which displayed the Star of David,[19] a symbol he wore in all his future bouts. When the fight began, he dominated the rugged Schmeling into the tenth round, when Baer knocked him down and the referee stopped the match.[20] Columnist Westbrook Pegler wrote about Schmeling’s loss, “That wasn’t a defeat, that was a disaster”, while journalist David Margolick claimed that Baer’s win would come to “symbolize Jewry’s struggle against the Nazis.”[17]Baer became a hero among Jews, those who identified with Jews, and those who despised the Nazis.”
  • First here’s this fight with “Black” savage fighter and Trying to save the White species Nazi fighter: from Wiki from a “Black” view:

    My race groaned. It was our people falling. It was another lynching, yet another black man hanging on a tree …. this might be the end of the world. If Joe lost we were back in slavery and beyond help. It would all be true, the accusations that we were lower types of human beings. Only a little higher than the apes ….[23]

    Conversely, when Louis won the fight, emotions were unbounded:

    Champion of the world. A Black boy. Some Black mother’s son. He was the strongest man in the world. People drank Coca-Cola like ambrosia and ate candy bars like Christmas.”[24]

    In his autobiography, Schmeling himself confirmed the public’s reaction to the outcome, recounting his ambulance ride to the hospital afterward: “As we drove through Harlem, there were noisy, dancing crowds. Bands had left the nightclubs and bars and were playing and dancing on the sidewalks and streets. The whole area was filled with celebration, noise, and saxophones, continuously punctuated by the calling of Joe Louis’ name.”[1]
    Reaction in the mainstream American press, while positive toward Louis, reflected the implicit racism in the United States at the time. Lewis F. Atchison of The Washington Post began his story: “Joe Louis, the lethargic, chicken-eating young colored boy, reverted to his dreaded role of the ‘brown bomber’ tonight”; Henry McLemore of the United Press called Louis “a jungle man, completely primitive as any savage, out to destroy the thing he hates.”

    Louis vs Schmeling
    Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY, USA
    Date June 19, 1936 and June 22, 1938
    Title(s) on the line World Heavyweight Championship (2nd fight)
    Tale of the tape
    Boxer United States Joe Louis Germany Max Schmeling
    Nickname Brown Bomber Black Uhlan of the Rhine
    Hometown Detroit, Michigan Brandenburg, Germany
    Pre-fight record 27–1 (23 KOs) 48–7–4 (34 KOs)
    Recognition World Heavyweight Champion (prior to 2nd fight) Former (1930–1932) World Heavyweight Champion

    (Wiki) Max Schmeling

    Boxing has found in Max Baer the kind of fighter who can bring the game back to the old days—the days when big men fought to knock each other out…So I believe that boxing’s comeback now rests right on Baer’s shoulders. He is only 24 years old, he’s the biggest, strongest man fighting today, and he hits with terrible power.

    Jack Dempsey,
    former world heavyweight champion[16]

    On June 8, 1933, Baer fought and defeated (by a technical knockout) German heavyweight and former world champion, Max Schmeling, at Yankee Stadium. Schmeling was favored to win, and was Adolf Hitler‘s favorite fighter. The Nazi tabloid Der Stürmer publicly attacked Schmeling for fighting a non-Aryan, as Baer’s father was half Jewish, calling it a “racial and cultural disgrace.”[17]
    Hitler summoned Schmeling for a private meeting in April, where he told Schmeling to contact him for help if he had any problems in the U.S., and requested that during any press interviews, he should tell the American public that news reports about Jewish persecution in Germany were untrue. However, a few days after that meeting, Hitler put a national ban on boxing by Jews along with a boycott of all Jewish businesses. (Jews controlled all of boxing as they do all sports. Even if a White owns or manages, it has to fit Jew tv, as a White famous author told me she has to include White bashing because it’s what “they” want (Jews control publishing.) Next time you watch a Beverly Hills show, and see dumb big Jethro, (Max Baer, Jr.) think of why they used him as the worst weapon against our poor unsuspecting white male: against his IQ.

  • The gymnastics the girls are doing are wonderful, costumes, grace, poison, unity, even with a hula hoop. What do our Jew masters see evil in this?
  • Hitler breed a new man. Jewish woman made book “Frankenstein,” about the new monster, Jewish. Is “that” our role model?” Again, I only use this for a partial sample. Whites will have to pick and choose what to live by, as one picks and chooses what I write. I can’t write 200 books and be faulted with perhaps one sentence that one doesn’t agree with. “Communication” means what we have in common. Our goal to save the white Species, country, even planet from Jewish destruction.
  • You always see this blonde boy, serious, pounding the drum. Is that “Evil?” I’ll ell you what is “evil.” My friend from Polish grammar school, born in Dachau, Germany concentration camp (there’s a sign correcting false Jew news, it was never used as gas chambers.) Her parents worked with National Socialists, and against even their own Polish who I believe were Communists. I’d like to know who were in the camps. My friend joined drum and bugle corps, Chicago. There she met the worse Mexican Brown trash imaginable to a Catholic Christian girl. They drugged her “Spanish Fly,” (she was 11, I was 12, I saw some of this and she told me the rest. How I escaped from it I can’t explain.) They taught her all kinds of sex to satisfy them. Taught her Ripple wine and Kool-Aid, marijuana, illegal drugs, and worst, to become White female fighters against our own White Species and “for” the Brown Mexican women and men. She even beat me up on initiation to make me “tough.” I was beaten, I couldn’t fight back, ever. I talked to her recently and she admits she was bad, but she doesn’t blame the Mexicans and Blacks she was guided to at the South Chicago Drum and Bugle Corps. She does want to move to Iceland today. But for how long can we run?
  • 3:36 Parade with evil Swastikas. Swastika sign of fertility. I saw Swastika carved on the Indian mounds in Las Vegas, Valley of Fire. The two z’s are male and female. Jews totally destroyed the White male and female relationship into a World War III, and the White”woman” must changed, Totally damaged, and even I can only write or use my life on how I saved my Vietnam Veteran’s life until today for White Veteran’s rights. When the Jew movie shows the machine guns aimed at the Swastika German flag, they want to shoot White Babies. It’s all “mental.”
  • The spooky speaker says Hitler wanted total devotion. Whites need a leader as in wars. It’s why Jew Commies killed the officers of my Polish people 15,000 at Katyn massacre. Without “leaders” they can just walk in and takeover as during Vietnam war. But the book by Sloussen, Naked Communist, shows, Jew despised by his own even, Karl Marx, founder of Communism, wrote he would destroy all Christian (White) images of Jesus God, Mary, perhaps as they destroy General Lee’s statue. He said all would be destroyed and only “his” Communist picture would rule the world forever. Note at Charlottesville, the Jew media focused on Nazi Swastika (white fertility) flags but they didn’t show the Communist Flag as my next door neighbor had and took down with a hammer and sickle. The “hammer” for Julius Hammer, the Jew, who took Marx’s ideas and fomented the successful Jewish Revolution against Russia. Since I study ancestry I like to know what the fathers or sons did. Hammer’s son was Armand Hammer baking soda who framed President Nixon and paid money to bring him down as well as his Plumbers, (assistants)
  • 3:45 sacrifice everything for their master. Hitler was an artist, as I am. He had paintings and poems about Jesus, Mary, and especially “Mother.” He was going to unite all Protestants who are still divided and fighting with 41,000 denominations. he failed at that. White people are that divided. I’d like to see “all” Whites unite and have one room at each church set aside for White services, prayers for our cause health, prosperity, life not just as humans but as a species, and connections on how to get welfare, laws, curb anything non-White against us. Whites need someone to worship. We don’t worship Hitler, we worship the Jew idol of the day. Whatever singer or movie star. We don’t worship our highest but the Jew’s lowest and things which we can’t attain or worse shouldn’t attain for our survival. Germany was a Christian country, but it was Christians as in my Poland which allowed the Jew’s Secret Empire, and use Church and God, to try to be able to “endure” our beastly suffering, rapes, brutality. Jews infiltrated churches at least 1095.
  • 3:54 SEDUCTION It was a Jew doctor who raped me and used his nurse to coach me ahead of time saying it would cure my depression when I was 20 and ragged looking. I’ve issued two complaints. Now Jews are making their “rapes” desirable to cover their crimes. It’s everything. It’s so easy to spot I don’t even have to try anymore. Once I went on the Roger Hitchcock radio show as a call in. Their website said 94% of USA favored bombing Israel’s enemies for they loved the Jews so much and hated anyone who didn’t love Jews as us. I warned on the show Jews will do to the USA what they did to my Poland; 1,000 years of constant wars. No sooner I was off the line, they must have had a paid shill as Jews did on the Jenny Jones TV show, when they made me look crazy as the “Queen of Karaoke,” by adjusting the mic so I sounded bad. They told me they would do it but the public can’t judge between good or bad only getting my name out there. The caller after me took apart everything I said and made me look “crazy” as they do when we protest. But Jews look “sane” when in fact, they have the highest rate of mental illness in the world. As we follow them we join it. I’ve suffered depression and see I must have “caught” their disease mentally. But knowing the truth is the cure, Henry Ford said. It seems prophetic the Jew who conned me into dubbing him a VHS tape called me and told me he turned it into “America IDOL.” Another IDOL for Whites to worship, not God, or even what we consider our “highest” which is what I’m looking for in this movie. It’s a long movie. There may be much to condemn since the Germans were only human.
  • Notice even the music in the background. Sounds like their horror films. And the White has nothing in their entire life to think through this. This has been steady 100 years for European-Americans, Poland, 1000. Jews controlled entertainment and bands in Poland. They take “music” to make us think, “feel” act, choose, idolize.
  • The boys ready to die for their Fatherland. Love of Father. Love of Land. Today, we literally have given our land away to anyone crossing the border who we’ll have to give our jobs and land away for life. Our women and boys to anyone. Our men to Jewess will and domination. Our churches to the 92% of the world to get members after Jews destroyed White Christianity or our values.
  • Hitler smiles as his army. No homosexuals who were put into reeducation camps after only 80 years of Jews. Think of Poland 1000.
  • 4:50 Hitler Youth, street brawlers, vandals. In South Chicago, forced non-White takeover of our entire neighborhood, our White guys were brawlers and tried to fight to keep our neighborhood. We not only lost to Mama called them “Jewish blockbusters” who would complete a forced takeover of our neighborhood with non-White (army of thugs) but all the way past the South Suburbs. It’s a simple takeover of territory in Nature.
  • 5:06 Baldur Von Shirach. I’ve written extensively about him. Look at our boys today. Aimless, slaves of the Jewish and Chinese Communist state with an army of Blacks and Browns to use in case we even “think” let alone write, speak, or act. Totally divided even within the White cause.
  • 5:37 Hitler’s smiling and happy. I wrote about the hanging of Jew’s enemy, Saddam Hussein, accused of nuclear weapons, but we “made a mistake,” he didn’t have them. The pictures I saw on the Internet of this “monster” were always evil, sloppy, cunning. Hitler was a gentle soul.
  • Picture 70,000 white “boys” uniting. White, with character, sober, no tobacco, eating veggies, not fighting each other but protecting White women and children. Nothing as we have today.
  • When Schirach says “destroy everything that stands in his way,” we don’t speak German. We don’t know if what he’s saying is true. This is propaganda and continuous hate against Germans who have the majority of White descendnants. Haven’t our boys and girls been destroyed enough. There’s no doubt that whatever is killing the White race today in any department has to be destroyed. Not the people but the addictions, anything suicidal or genocidal. But that comes from new thinking, creating a new reality which is favorable not genocidal to Whites.
  • “Indomitable strength.” In reality no one should “dominate” over the White species. Every leader, not just one, but 21 mentors for our White boys or this is a 3rd world country, needs to do what is favorable for our unity and survival. What the Jews and the others do is none of my business. Since we are dominated, we need to develop our own White species as “we” see fit, not the “Jews.”
  • Hitler: End to Plague of Unemployment poverty. He was the “only” White country who succeeded even “before” the war. Even USA needed another Jewish war to get on its feet.
  • A proud new Germany. Blacks have no self esteem problem. Mexicans second happiness in the world. Jews “Kingdom of Heaven” as in my Poland 1,000 years. Yellows now in their “New Dynasty.” Whites? Knowing is the cure.
  • 6:38. All the Swastika flags: White Fertility which Jews hate. Only their Jewess Israeli women are forbidden abortion while they push on us. OH brother or sister, were we suckered into Jewish sales pitch.
  • 6:47 White parades. He called it “mass hypnosis.” I took my brother who was kicked in the groin by Black coworker, US Steel, so bad after Civil Rights act, my brother was disfigured and beaten bloody and on disability until today. He’s 75. Master’s Degree for social worker to “help poor blacks.” When I took him to dance with me in Chicago Polish parade recently, he finally came to life. 50 years suffering and seeing only constant misery in his life and Chicago. He commented he saw people laughing, united, singing, smiling, friendly. It was an entirely different reality for at least 1/2 hour. We can have that 24/7 instead of our Jew reality. I’m not the leader.  I’m a scribe.
  • 7:09 in youtube below: Hitler’s Birthday, April 20. About 2007, I attended a Hitler and General Lee Birthday Party complete with big sheet cakes with their names. I was to listen to speeches, nice buffet. I went to listen to Pastor Eli, from Chicago, whose mother ranted about Jews as mine did. He’s from Christian Identity. I’m not selling any religion, but it does speak of the Whites as the Israelites in the Bible. Also a White Greek woman told me all the towns Waround Jesus’ life, Capernaum, Bethlehem, Galilee, Nazareth, Judea, Bethany were hi      ye Greek or Roman. So do the Mormons believe that, British Israelites. But the other two worship Jews as the Chosen. I once heard the Mormons on radio say the Jews give them all the money and loans they want. But the Mormons are now race-breaking big time in Mexico. Even Bundy from Vegas has 9 Brown adoptees, as does Jim Baker and his wife. It’s all about race-breaking and they are victims. Our Christian Whites are being held captive as in Germany, France, 1095, by Jews. I don’t get into the Bible for each and every law because it would be too divisive. But appreciate our values from Christian heritage. A few positive prayers knowing God is the ‘only’ power not the Jews might help me to have strength to continue.
  • 7:10 Crop of 10 year olds as gift to Hitler. My autobiography.  Vegas: Former nun, married to Former Priest told me: No help for her White boy. Only White boy advanced math and Science out of 30, 6th grade. Browns, Black mothers stay home. No work. Tutor their young on welfare. Get free education. Jews, Muslims, Yellows, Hindus, best Vegas jobs. Doctors, head of environment etc. She and husband working long hours can’t go to even PTA meetings or assist with homework. Other races help each other. She and White priest husband alone. White son a natural at tennis. They pay $90 week. Again, non-Whites get free or rich. No time to coach or play with him daily. Rich can afford tutors or play with their offspring or on welfare and have time.
  • 7:49. Wreath around the German White President, Hitler. USA, attacks and even death threats on media against White President Trump. Jews will then make final takeover and put themselves running USA as they did in Russia 1917, and Poland 1025-1945. Jewess took over Poland as First Lady after Katyn Polish Communist massacre of my People 70th commemoration, when the plane with 96 of Poland’s finest, mysteriously crashed and killed all including White President, Lech Kaczynski and his First lady, Maria. Elections removed her I think. I’ve been writing Polish but eventually get cut off as I am today even from Whites on all social media if I dare say “Jew.”
  • 7:46: I’m all for uniforms for all our White children. Sounds crazy? No Jews control retail and fashion. Jeans: Jew Levi Strauss. Ripped up jeans. Sign of our future starvation and homeless. What Jews give; Jews take away. In my family of 15: I wore rags. Even after I saved White Polish baby in apartment upstairs, March 1960, I finally had one uniform but could never get the stench from the fire out. But having a uniform covered up the fact I was in rags. Fashion and design and advertising Jews and homos. 80% of purchases women with these Jew and homo ideas of what we need. Black gym shoes. Disgusting. Whites need to break apart and choose our own identity and make it fun as all these Hitler Youth are laughing, singing, dancing, smiling. I don’t want to go into Hitler worship, and don’t want to go much deeper. We must make this point Jews lied to us about World War II, and silenced my Poland and me.
  • The little white children kissing, holding hands, working together. Not hiding behind computers as we are. Nor can we meet with other Whites at this stage for they can’t get it. No babies; if no contact, or worse induced “hatred” between Whites. Hitler once said solving the problem with the Jews is nothing compared to the hatred between the White (German) male and female. They love their cats and dogs more than each other. Today, pet food is nearly #1 industry USA. I love animals and raised pure breed champion German Shepherds about 1970-1983, as Hitler had Blondie and her pups. All poisoned at the end rather than surrender to the Jews who had already hung the Italian Prime Minister and his female lover in public for total mockery as Jews did to Jesus. I know in the Bible, even St. Peter, who Jew King Herod murdered, was hung upside down. He said he wasn’t worthy to be murdered as his master. Jews love  this stuff. Even our “anger” is amusement and entertainment as our suffering in White wars as their bodybags which they pay $.37 each we pay the rest. There’s more graphic pictures. If Jews can show bald-headed, skinny, naked people,  to make us feel sorry for them, we can bring out our graphic pictures, to feel sorry for our own. Only Jews won WWII; China, Vietnam. Hitler & Italian Moussili friends.
  • Image result for mussolini and his girlfriend hanging
  • Note how the Jews who took the picture put Moussilini’s love, Clara Patacci,  with her garter belt to make it sexy. Jews do this. They are so gross they get sexually charged with seeing mutilation and sex. It’s not coincidence.  They want to totally destroy the image of the beauty of our White women. Jewess ugly as hell without her husband’s plastic surgeries and $$ push this stuff. Image result for mussolini and his girlfriend hanging
  • I’m sorry I’m overwhelmed. If only I didn’t have such a heart and soul. Let me break for a while. I can’t accept this info is going to be all buried and we end up as their slaves. I could never understand how Jews could silence an entire country of Poland even Katyn massacre. It’s against all possibilities and probabilities, but it’s happened. Note how frightened the White Catholic Christian Italians, seat of Rome, Pope, Christianity, must have been.
  • Jews hung them on “meat hooks.” Why? As I said in Poland we were mere meat, beasts, as cattle. I’m still overwhelmed. I don’t know where my thoughts come from, but I need so much strength and support you can’t possibly believe how hard this is for me. Everything today shows signs of us quitting or being shut down. If it comes, I can only hope someday a few others will discover it.
  • One big (White) community. They call “evil.” While Jews and all other united by race around the world with power, money, ancestry unity, and laws.
  • Note he says we were to rule Greater Germany (Not the world. Germany was so damaged after WWI they were bankrupted.
  • 9:25 White boys looking for comradeship, friendship, something constructive. Name me one thing our White boys have today. Black gangs, Brown Gangs, Jews united for over a millennium around the world no matter where they are. What do White boys as Whites have?
  • 9:46 Sing-a-longs “evil?” As the Queen of Karaoke, named so by Sinatra’s place Chicago, I’d like nothing more than for Whites to singer together. On stage, I always encourage them to look at the words on the screen and sing along. It’s how I started in Disneyworld.
    To find the truth we need to reverse what Jews are feeding us.
  • Boys having fun swimming, rollicking is “evil?” Seduced? Jews seduced our boys and was told by a man named Fabrice Krebs from France. (Krebs was name of Hitler’s close associate.) He was Shakespearean actor. New York 5 years. Refused to give sex to Jewish men in theater hence blackballed. Clearly said (he was 25) I want White babies.
  • At 10:24. the boys grab each other’s arms and legs and make a rolling ball down a hill. I never saw this but autobiographically speaking, my friend, from Dachau, whose parents worked against Jew Communism, and for Hitler, showed me how to do that when we went to the Sand Dunes Indiana, near Chicago.
  • As overwhelmed as I am about the graphic pictures and Jewish hatred, seeing our White youth all on horses, jumping and galloping, canoeing, skiing, motorcycling, airplane gliding, boxing like I did at the YMCA recently, boys making rows like a trampoline and tossing the lucky boy for fun, (that also shows trust in the other boys which is good especially for war,) biking and going on camp trips (I did all this with my Veteran, and also by myself with my two sons. I called myself the “Perfect Hitler woman” from scant info; I see it more clearly than every I truly was. Not through any propaganda, but my reasoning as Mama did: raise kids to the highest. If we do we’re defamed: White Supremacists.
  • All boys: 3 week free holiday. Can’t get that while we support all the other races and religions, even $ trillion wars for Semite Muslims, Jews’ counterpart.
  • 11:12 White boys on the back of a truck. Autobiography: Father Baker’s Boys in Lackawanna, NY. They were homeless and he saved them. White. Late 1800’s early 1900’s. See pix on this site. He also used them to spread fliers to save (White) babies since, I’m told, pregnant White women were jumping over Niagara Falls for abortion and suicide. Fr. Baker had them play instruments to entertain around the area. What do our White boys have now? All churches and groups must not just Unite the Right; but Unite the Whites. Is he good or evil for trying to save White damaged, homeless boys? Image result for fr. baker's boys
  • 8:28 Love the uniforms, for Hitler Youth also, playing piccolos.
  • 8:39 “Suddenly we (white boys) mattered.” Now only Black lives matter; Jew Masters matter. Chinese dynasty matters, Mexicans matter; Hindus; 1/2 breeds like Obama matter. “Suddenly.” Perhaps in a blink of an eye, we can save our country without going through 100 years of Jews wars, or their genocidal tactics
  • 8:53 initiation ceremony. My “Initiation Ceremony” South Chicago, get beat up by White girl gang leader to make me tough to fight for Brown Mexican takeover of our territory against our own White male.
  • The boys and girls were seen as “Whites” Fully aware of their sacred responsibility as future mothers and fathers. I’m not saying this is perfect, but we only have the Jewish version how to live or die.
  • Someday they would grow up and rule Greater Germany. Do our kids think like that or do they think about the newest game or Jew “idol?” We’re sinking like quicksand comparing to the rest of the world. Who do we want to rule the USA and US?
  • Remember Poland couldn’t see through their misery what the Jews were doing. But Jews managed to sneak away from Poland into Germany to start their takeover about 1850. See pictures HepHep Riots where the Germans literally picked up brooms (as my Grandma did to throw out the rich Jew who came to break up Mama and Daddy’s wedding down.) Jews always win, and if we sent them to China where they want to go anyway, we’d beg for them to come back. We don’t know how to rule ourselves. Look what they do to Trump.
  • I couldn’t go for holiday, we were starving, freezing as slaves for Jews. My “holiday” was to hang around with Mexicans and Blacks and be their slave or watch my friend, be their slave. The mothers who had more than 8 children, and the children, were put at the ‘top’ of German White rights. Gold Mother’s Cross. Highest in the land; higher than war heroes as husband’s Purple Heart.
  • Here’s 3 crosses: Gold 8 White babies, Silver, 5, and Bronze 3. In the USA, Mama was treated like the worse scum of the earth for both Mama and Daddy slaves for Jews worse than beasts. I own a gold Mother’s cross. Here only the Jewish mother reigns and will continue to so we eternally support her and her kids for doing nothing or doing what we need to do for ourselves. We’ll never be as strong as we are today.Image result for mother's gold cross
  • Instead of Jewish jazz or Black blues, the Whites developed and “liked” their own music for it is an effective tool.
  • See about 12:00 songs with karaoke words on the bottom. “Not cowards,” which is what Mama demanded of Daddy but couldn’t give. He was slave and silent martyr for Jews.
  • 12:16. Even boys had fertility sign, swastika, on his bicycle. He knew how valuable his sperm was.
  • 12:36 Camp. My husband, on our first wedding anniversary, took me on a 1 week outdoors camping trip. He called it “Playing Vietnam” as he was in the jungle. Took an axe to chop branches down, set up grill. Did all the outdoor cooking for the week. We were right on a river bed. We could fish, relax, hike. We slept in sleeping bags from the US Marines. Like a mummy covered up. Never a fight.
  • Teaching both boys and girls how to find food and cook is absolutely necessary for survival. We don’t have to worry about what the 92% of the world’s races do. We don’t have to rely on Jews anymore. We all have “more” than we need. And no more “Fear of them” but stand up as one massive White body going forward, not digressing back 4,000 years as they are doing to us.
  • Did you ever seen such happy White male faces?
  • They could swear. I don’t like to swear for swearing sake. I taught my sons to speak intelligently, but Mama swore more than all the other people in my live combined. But she knew the Jew was her enemy. She only took it out on the two closest to her. Daddy and me.
  • 13:23. White boy playing “accordion,” a European instrument. Jew invented saxophone which is why we think it “sexy.”Here I am performing in Vegas:
  • Brother Eddie, could play guitar, harmonica same time and alternate with accordion. We are limited thinkers. To bid on an accordion on ebay can be expensive. $500 used. My friend, Lil’ Wally, Polka King of the World, (who passed) wrote 3000 songs. He was angry because each European ethnicity had their turn for their kind of music which went viral around USA. Just as we came in at the bottom (Jews and the others now at the top) we came in scrubbing floors. Jews put in Black Motown music, Phil Spector, murdered Barbarian Queen, Lana Clarkson. See youtube Mugshots. Polish music dissolved even in Poland. When I was dancing in parade and I never had time to sing and dance as slave for Jews (like Cinderella) the man who had the float at parade said he never saw such dancing even in Poland! Here I have to “hide” my Polish identity. Jews had control of us for 1,000 years. No matter if Hitler and the Nazis the worse people on earth, we couldn’t break the sadist/masochist role until the Germans freed us. For that I owe Germany a debt of gratitude. I’m sure my White Poles hate me for that. But we have to someday get together and piece what really happened in WWII not the “Jew” only version of everything.
  • Camping hunting, Survival. It’s our only assurance to survive. Yet not give up our place in business so we can compete around the world or get along. They are skyrocketing light years ahead of us.
  • We have to have military training program. Although with the weapons Jews have now, they can evaporate the earth, so we need to be Science smart too. ALL avenues guarded and implemented for our White survival ideas.
  • War Games. They have videos today that are worse and constant than anything here.
  • Truthfully, when my Polish friend in in grammar school beat me up, it was just like this. But being a weakling and frail, starving, I didn’t know how to fight back just submit. It didn’t last long. A few minutes. Also, if I would have been fighting “for” our White male, the blacks and Mex’s would have never taken over completely our White Specie’s territory. That same territory, Black Barach Hussein would be mentored by Christians to be a “Black Organizer” to get him into office. Who started a White organizer physical group for Trump?
  • 15:35 Think of Charlottesville VA Blacks and White Communists (perhaps drugged up and even more ferocious) beating on our poor White men. It was annihilation of us not a fight. And the Jew mayor, black vice-mayor, and Black head of police, beat us psychologically. Enemy paid probably.
  • They keep repeating “one shot” of boy beaten. “Swift as a greyhound, tough as leather, hard as Krupp steel.”
  • In the book, “A Soldier’s Story” about Vietnam, our White boys and men were so scared of the Yellow savage Communists, our Whites were having nervous breakdowns on the battlefield. Jews weren’t there. Blacks were given easy Holiday Inn jobs. (Please don’t tell me of the one black who died or the one good Jew you know. I got to have blinders on like a horse racing for the crown of Victory for our people’s survival.
  • 16:99. I do cry and that’s passion. But when I cry it debilitates me. When I would cry bitterly over my keyboard and writing not playing a victim, but my hopelessness of what was going to happen to our entire species. Real life. Not a Jewish movie of Holocaust victims for $$$.
  • 17:00 “Praise be to what makes us tough.” Hitler felt God or the “Almighty” was directing him. He didn’t understand it but there were 54 assassination attempts (Jew hatred against White survival or determination to break our slavery chains to them) on his life and he kept coming back. Germany: entire Christian country. Still practiced. Today, Belgium, head of European Union which forms all our major White decisions, only 1% know who Jesus was. Jews had to kill the New Testament. My book will show the entire thing is about Jews trying to kill (White?) Jesus or anyone who effectively stands in there way. Now they do it by Jew killing someone on Facebook, (shutdown) or YouTube, PayPal, Twitter. Creating a society where we are alienated while they are going up smarter and tighter as the other races.
  • Distance from parents. If all our White people, including parents, genocidal toward future whites, it’s like me, I have had to distance myself from the entire world. No one wants to save the White species? They attack me. They attack family if they speak out and only a few of us left. Hitler wasn’t concerned about punishing the older Whites. They could smoke and drink and think Jewish all they wanted. But it was the next generation who could grow up whole. No smoking, no drinking or drugging, with character and respect for parents (think of his poem “Mother” you can find on the Internet. I don’t know a single White child who would write that poem. If you begin to see them, the Jews read my letters. Sell White ideas back to whites but persecute the White thinker. I had to break away from the alcoholics and husband’s Vietnam heroin or cocaine buddies. Even while pregnant with first son, they tried to seduce me with drugs for me and my unborn White baby. Thank God I found book “The Art of Breastfeeding,” 1973 which warned me whatever I take it it’s 1000 times as strong for the baby. My Baby was rated highest 10-10-10, 10 lbs. Eva Braun smoked and drank, as did some of the others. They wanted also fruits and veggies. Although right now, I think our mothers especially need fish, liver, steak, along with that.
  • I never went out with my parents, exhausted, desperate, broken down slaves for Jews. I think there’s still a place for parents and children. Today, only the children count and what they learn in controlled schools. Parents have no input as I was taught in Love and Logic to be quiet always and just let the children talk. I have so many different talents it’s a shame not to have my offspring share these with me . Chinese parents respected like crazy. Jew parents worshiped or else disinherited of the money they $tole from Whites. Mexicans don’t have a word for Senior Citizens.
  • 18:58 “Something sacred being sullied?”
    Sullied: damage the purity or integrity of; defile.
    “they were outraged that anyone should sully their good name”
  • Purity of race; but also purity of character, heritage, land, people, Christianity, sanity.
  • “Our nation feeling inferior?” I feel inferior terribly. Everytime one of you is hurt, or I’m blocked, banned, attacked, I feel terribly inferior. Even Blacks have no self-esteem problem.
  • If Germany would have been continued, they would have been an extension of the Polish-Jewish slave state. They were fighting for their lives. A matter of life and death.
  • Look at what happens when just once, Whites rebel. We are like Jewish trained seals for the world to laugh at and bleed us to death.
  • Hitler’s Stranglehold? When the Jews bankrupted the Germans, drove them to suicide, took over nearly all newspapers, media, theater, literature, raped their women like crazy, boys, sex on stage with donkeys for Jew profit$, destroyed the school system, disabled Christianity, both Catholics and Protestant, (they must unite not in beliefs, but putting those aside, for our survival. It could be a powerful tool.
  • Filled their time. The best way for our youth is to keep them as busy as possible so the evils of the White infected countries doesn’t ruin them. But it can be enjoyable and fulfilling. We only know the “other” way. There’s a million good ways to be happy or productive. If the other Whites were kept healthy and pure, if anyone did the opposite it wouldn’t be attracted. Our wayward Whites could be gently helped as decent Christians would do for all the other races. And that’s all our needs.
  • Someday the Youth will break the “slavery chains.” No one but me can write those words with such utter devotion since we were kept White slaves for 1,000 years. Until today.
  • Breaking loyalty to families. Elvis’ mother walked him to high school until graduation. Surely she was aware of all the black gangs and Mexicans as in Chicago. But he was looked at like a freak! He also loved his parents.
  • 21:00 Ashamed of father. (probably a Communist for if the National Socialists didn’t win, the Communists were the major party. )
  • Again, this isn’t perfect but looking for ideas where we can start. The government will implement for ‘everyone’ which brings us down.
  • 21:00 Jew wanted to cross the border. (Like Mexico) Look how this White boy hated his own White Christian parents, helped and worshiped the Jew, which we do today.
  • Truthfully, the White women loved Hitler. It was a way to get them to have babies and try to love their White husbands, males, who they were taught to hate, ridicule, break down, control. Hitler was a normal person. He was blown up to get the Whites to survive. He never married because he was like an Elvis image to the women. The German White women would yell to him at parades: Hitler we’ll have a baby just for you because you love babies.” Here in the USA they hate the White baby and will shoot bullets at an Swastika flag which represents “fertility,” = White babies. Not crack cocaine babies we spend $100,000 a year and support the parents drug habit. Illegal drugs #1 industry in USA $$$.
  • If you look at the date if this video, it’s Nov. 2006, as I was going on talk radio about race and even writing emails about Hitler and saving the White race. I began Las Vegas College Sept. 2006. It’s a cute story and her name is “Barbara” as mine. “Not without my Hitler.”
  • I was treated worse than White Trash. 1973, hospital gave me a black baby instead of my White one as a weapon to force me to give son baby formula, take drugs to stop my milk supply and perhaps get breast cancer someday. Doctor kicked me and my son out of his office for breastfeeding at 5 1/2 months against all the hatred hurled at me by family, friends. I had to live literally in solitary confinement like a prison and didn’t even have religion or God, just my Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Hall of Honor who was a Corporal, fought the Communists, lost and committed suicide . . . just like Adolf Hitler. Now I want to live forever or as long as I can and hopefully don’t succumb to USA pressure to turn against my people and myself and values. We’ve been taught to break each other down instead of build each other up.
  • “Keep your hearts free.” Something destroyed as slaves for Jews. They have no word as “love” in their language but plenty of horrible words to attack us which our languages don’t even include.
  • 22:21: 100%. Jews now have 100%. We see that now, lately, clearly.
  • They say the Old People have had their day. Dr. Deming, Quality Evolution, of which I was a leader, a rejected idea, sent over to the Yellows, Japan and China, and transformed them into super powers.
  • The Chinese and VietKong, were trained in jungle warfare. Our White men were really pulverized there. The Commie Yellows would drop out of trees, hide behind ant hills, come up from traps in the ground. Our Whites were soft, Jew TV, Jew Movies, Jew Radio, Jew infiltrated churches, Jew government, Jew books, Jews just won World War II, Jew Revolution 1960-1970.
  • “Biggest Youth Rally in the Word.” Today what do our White youth have to look forward to: $40,000 of Jewish debt as soon as born, hence out baby boy and girls future bodybags for Jew wars?
  • White youth: So Lovely I’m Trembling. It’s so far from my consciousness I can’t even comprehend a united White race like this.
  • I can only imagine poor white boys hiding behind computers as I do. Idolizing others and hating themselves with no future but 21 mentors. Who’s going to pay for the damage and who did it to them and us?
  • Jews made classes with them at the top. Those who make it like them become the Whites highest like Jews. I told my brother who cut a CD the lawyer, Jew, I worked for told me to be an entertainer, one has to have a Jewish agent. There’s no other way. I told my brother about the Jews and he’d have to sell his soul to the (Jew) devil. He told me he would do it. Sorry to say that; my White brother totally dissolved into a Jewish being. Even though Christian.
  • Those on video: Jew Steven Spielberg, the fiction Schindler’s List did 50,000 videos of Jews. (Oh they love promoting each other.) RE: Holocaust. After I wrote it, 25,000 of the Jews admitted they lied or coerced. So far. We have “0” of our Christian version. My Polish people taught to say what Jews want them to. It’s in their DNA.
  • And if there’s another version, I want to know “all” sides. Death certificates, not wild numbers. Cause of death. No altered certificates like Obama’s birth certificate. Even a friend told me Jew Rabbis in Russia are so wicked they falsify documents are the cause of all the crime there and in Israel.
  • The Hitler Youth was like a perfect running machine with all the parts at an optimum.
  • 35:14 The boys were ruled with a rod of iron. I read the English and Americans were rather poor fighters. They relied on the Jewish atom bomb and a 1,000 bombs over Dresden. In Germany, it was about building up the man, not the machine.
  • At 36:57 he damns the organization saying as an individual they never asked “if you could do that.” I’ve been working since 7. No boss ever asked me if I “could do it.” They gave me the assignment and I had to do it. And I did it with a smile. “How do you feel?” Jews made up most of our “feelings.” They are not facts. “Do you like that?” No boss ever asked me if I liked something. They gave it to me and I never disobeyed or even balked. “No” isn’t even in my dictionary. It’s no wonder Jeep products are moving overseas to our God-less enemy, China. It’s said because Jeep is a symbol of America, bravery of war. Consumer Reports rated them the lowest of all categories like them. And we hang on to ridiculous jingles of “equality” “diversity,” worship Jews and the 92% of the world and let our country and ourselves die.
  • Now instead of Whites enjoying their jeeps, it will be the Chinese. I heard in one big city they all drive German Mercedez Benz. Yes, our brightest Germans, White slaves for Jews and now Chinese. Sigh
  • “The goal of the Jews is to brutally rule other races.” Yes, they did that to my Poland, 1000 years and in Chicago Mama and Daddy and me from 1945-until 1994. “Jews reveal themselves in their brutal madness and in their lust for power.” Sounds true to me. Note Jews made us think the Germans were mad with power. Do you know how many lives we gave up for Jewish power and brutality and rights? Or for the Black rights in the Civil War? Chinese rights, Vietnam?
  • Did they really sing “Hang the Jews, the fat cats?” I’ve seen where Jews inserted horrible phrases and sentences into Hitler’s speeches, which I think, it was David Irving will attest to or something on the Internet. But it was the Jews who hung all the German White Christian leaders, and surely Moussoli and Carla, drove the other couple, Adolf and Eva, to suicide or run to Argentina.
  • Can you imagine all those swastikas everywhere, signs of fertility and White babies, white healthy babies? All Jews taught us Whites was animal sex for their lusts.
  • 39:06 Der Sturmer, I have that news paper in my book because there’s a lot of excellent drawings showing the evils of the Jews. Now we could all chime in our Jewish jingle, “Evil propaganda against Jews.” Except for drawings I found pre-World War II of rich Jews drugging and raping White Christian German women. Notice the desperation for the White woman.Look at the bottom closely of an entire city of raped women below her in agony. Let those women’s faces guide you. If any White women ever read this, let it speak to you, not Jewess Gloria Steinem. Your womb is sacred and no Jew or Jewess can ever keep their power over us forever. Jews dragged my Vietnam Veteran overseas, so the Jews could rape me back home in the same year. 1968.  The sex revolution was to get Whites hot and bothered to become their sex slaves. Without their money they’d never get a white woman and they know that. Their money isn’t even “real.” It’s as faked as their news.
  • Did a single man in the USA know the Jews were raping and seducing our women. The women’s mothers or friends? Why do our White women keep these secrets when I know at least 10 White life-long sex and employee work slaves for Jews?

Image result for Rape Jew drawing

  • Jews are responsible for at least 100,000,000 White Christian deaths, and Germany knew that.
  • 40:01 Night of Broken Glass. From what I remember, it happened after a Jew assassinated a German ambassador. I have a long blog on the Jew’s assassinations of our Kings, Queens, archduke, arch dutchess, Presients, ambassadors, and those are the ones I know about. There’s got to be way, way more. All the assassinations have to be studied and play the Devil’s, rather Angel’s advocate in our thought, “Did the Jews do it? Were they involved?
  • The man who Jews put on here to interview said that they smashed windows. I know a man, an Elvis Tribute Artist. He said during the 1968, Jew led Riots in Chicago, a Jew hired a Black man to burn down his jewelry store for insurance and did.
  • Here the USA treats our White President worse than trash, and this youtube condemns the Germans for treating their leader with respect. What CEO of a corporation doesn’t want complete obedience or respect? It’s that or FIRED!
  • 42:00 Jew led Communists murdered a Hitler Youth. Jewess Rosa Luxemburg started Communist Party, Germany. Jewess Emma Goldman, USA. One of her students assassinated a White President. We have American Communism because the Jewess is assured for eternity she and her offspring will be supported off White blood, Christian blood. Here’s your Idol, USA, Germany: Jewess Luxemburg Image result for female communist leader germany
  • Does the American Flag mean anything to our youth today? Check if Jew invention Lady Gaga gets a billion hits and compare to the Flag. I own 7 American Flags and never bought one. White people, who couldn’t be burdened left them for me or gave them to me in karaoke. I have 2 full size ones. I take them on stage and sing “God Bless the USA.”
  • “The world would fear the German man.” Today, Jews made our White man the laughing stock of the world. That will change, the tables will turn and it will be the Jew who is the laughing stock, and he’ll be crying for his dastardly deeds. No more getting off scot free. If Germans are still paying black mail to Israel after 70 years, we’ll search back Jewish crimes worldwide through all countries cooperation for 700+ years.
  • 46:00. Can you imagine when the White Germans trained in pure breeding walked into France and saw the French women sitting in open cafe grovelling with a black man. I wrote in my book. Bill White wrote on his blog, the White man had the biggest penis. I also found out the Black man’s penis can’t fully enlarge. I also found on Internet, a review for a book I read “My Secret Garden,” Nancy Friday. Chapter 11, talks of Big Black Sex. Jews lied. They “sold” us that story. In the review the person added she didn’t buy the fantasy of black men, because of those she read about the (White) women were all disappointed. Can you imagine a White woman having a baby after that and for the rest of her life she has to look at that 1/2 black, 1/2 white baby as a disappointed reminder of race-breaking.
  • 48:31 “Wonderful to be part of such a huge movement.” White Race wake up!
  • 49:03. Shows White Germans with buggies to breed a new generation of White babies. Not 1/2 breed Jew bastards left unsupported. The government paid for these mothers and babies if necessary as young as 13. When I raised pedigree champion German Shepherd’s I realize the difference between mutt dogs and pedigreed. I was astonished when I had Queenie bred, Von Sherpa Nassau, came out with his eyes clear and gleaming. He sauntered out, not walked. His shoulders back, his form erect, his ears alert for any sounds. His coat smooth as silk. His disposition pleasant but demanding. The Vet told me Queenie should be bred at 6 months – or first heat. her eggs are strongest; her hips flexible. I would recommend the same for the future if possible. I wouldn’t be obsessive about anything but a direction. We now support $100,000 each crack cocaine babies, crack cocaine dealers. We are in bad shape. Those buggies they are using is similar to the one I used to stroll my son, and Grandpa who had 14 kids and helped Mama take care of 12, would stroll us. You’d be amazed but at the Jew synagogue called the Holocaust DC museum, on Federal Land, and supported with our tax dollars, has pictures of the White women with babies as if this was “evil.” Is a poor innocent baby “evil” as the condemned White baby as soon as it’s born?
  • 49:22 there’s never been a better advertisement that the happy former mother than the White German woman at 49:22.
  • I would have liked the BDM. Coming from a large family I would have been treated specially, not abused and hated as in America under Jews. I had no friends, and when I found one, it nearly led me to an abyss of danger and doom with brown and blacks in South Chicago who ruled over us sexually, (not me but others) spiritually, mentally. And made drunks and addicts of girls. I know “3.” and I had few personal friends. I wish I had the BDM because I had to live in solitary confinement to breastfeed and was scorned and hated to give my son the only perfect food for humans, “my mother’s milk.” To be trashed for doing one’s highest is a sin for America. We didn’t know it before but we do now. Not talking about it will only make it come out in a different way.
  • 50:42. Uniting White Catholics and Protestants on a social level. And we bombed the hell out of these people trying to save the White endangered species and throwing off the Jewish warlords?
  • White German girls wanted to join the movement as a way to “save their country.”
  • 53:00 Whites have been made to be afraid and self-conscious about singing as I was when I first started to sing karaoke. That’s so the Jews who get the $$$ off White people on stage can secure their “idols” for us, and the 100% control for them. In Yellow countries people sing all day long.
  • We have no individuality. We only know what Jew media orchestrates for our horror film called this reality.
  • 57:00 Hitler could have had any woman in Germany. But he was faithful to Eva Braun, visiting her every two Saturdays if in battle, for intimacy.
  • 1:00:00 Eva Braun. I read The Lost Life of Eva Braun. I was at Las Vegas airport. I had the book by Corsi, on the other side of Obama and it had Obama’s picture on it. I realized as a good White woman I shouldn’t be carrying a picture of Obama so I tossed it in the trash. I looked ahead in the airport walkway and saw a bookstore. I went to the “non-fiction” section which is all I would read. And I lifted up my arm to look at a book at random. It nearly leaped off the shelf and I looked at no others. The Lost Life of Eva Braun. There’s a 1,000 on Hitler; just one other on her. All the books I read from a friend or woman or his secretary’s point of view shows a different Hitler than the Jewish bogeyman. Who’s the new Jewish bogey man of the day for us pagans to be superstitious and frightened of?I probably have notes on this site.
  • Part 2 – Continued


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