Poem "Justice of the Peace" and "Genius and Valor," by Rev. Langhorne

White poem referred in biography of Scottish Robert Burns:
It’s so beautifully eloquent of the description of a sad mother’s tears mixing in with her breastmilk for she once nursed that child. Most women in America don’t have a clue about the “feeling” that goes with it. Today it seems like a “rushed” thing to do like a business and not a “loved” or primal instinct feeling to share.
And yes, I would shutter if I were a White mother today and had a baby boy only to baptize him into the USA a “child of misery baptized in tears.” Only to send him to war, as my husband’s mother birthed him just to be a potential $.37 body bag for the Jew banks. You see Jews only pay the $.37 towards the White body bag. If he is lucky the soldier dies immediately and gets it over. If he is wounded bad or addicted by Jews and lives, his live of “misery” is beyond compare especially having every door slammed in his face and every door “opened” to Jews, Yellow Commies also, Hindus’, Browns, Blacks, Reds. And along with the Veteran the widow and child suffer, even the poor door. And we have to point the finger of fate at the Jew and Jewess their child who have become near gods as they put us in the Holocaust of hell in the USA. Burning alive with pain and agony while they “laugh” and are entertained.
“The only thing I remember which was remarkable in Burns’s manner was the effect produced upon him by a print of Burnbury’s, representing a soldier lying dead on the snow, his dog sitting in misery on the one side, on the other his widow, with a child in her arms. These lines were written beneath,—
Cold on Canadian hills, on Minden’s plain,
Perhaps that parent wept her soldier slain;
Bent o’er her babe, her eye dissolved in dew,
The big drops, mingling with the milk he drew,
Gave the sad passage of his future years,
The child of misery baptized in tears.
Burns seemed much affected by the print, or rather the ideas which it suggested to his mind. He actually shed tears. He asked whose the lines were, and it chanced that nobody but myself remembered that they occur in a half-forgotten poem of Langhorne’s, called by the unpromising title of The Justice of the Peace.”
Here’s poem about the sadness of a wife or mother. I think this is Blessed Virgin Mary. When I was in mental hospital for depression they had art therapy and I joined all the therapies hoping I’d get well. I didn’t. I got raped… by a Jewish doctor.. and threatened for life. But there is a “law of limitations” for Jewish rapes, but “no” law of limitations for Jews to persecute, hound, prosecute even murder the White smartest Germans who only wanted to “deport them.” It is why Whites cannot deport the Jews today, why Lincoln couldn’t deport the slaves back to Africa as he wanted, and why Whites can’t deport the 50,000,000 Brown Mexicans back to one of the richest countries on the planet, Mexico, but they want to use up our $$$ first to build their country up, and then leave the White USA in ashes. Mexico is loaded to the hilt with natural resources, oil, gold, fertile land, etc.
In poem “Justice of the Peace” the sad woman could be the wife or mother of the soldier either imprisoned by the enemy (whether mental or physical prison as Jews put us in). The entire poem is here. The first stanzas talk about the “monster” she has to deal with. Jews told us Hitler and Nazis were monsters. I’m calling the Jews monsters.
Would you cry seeing your son or husband come back from war addicted coffee, cola, cigarettes, heavy booze, Scotch, addicted gambling, womanizing for the yellow women were more than happy to spread their lips below for the change of having a “white” baby and perhaps marriage, citizenship, screaming nightmares, testicle shot off, (obviously the Jew and Yellow Commies don’t want us to have babies) pierced ear drums, hookworms, horrible malaria. And he was “forced” to go or go to prison with a record that he would never be able to work again!!!!!!! I know someone close who was a “conscientious objector” and refused to go. He was assaulted badly by Blacks in South Chicago, and could never get a job for he was “black-balled!” Even with a Master’s Degree!!!!! Why? He was White, and the Jewish Civil Rights Act made by religious Rabbi in a synagogue in 1965 was passed to take away this other man’s civil rights objecting to his body being torn to shreds, his mind smashed, his nerves fried… for Jew Commies and Yellow Communists’ with face of Black Commie Obama and Michelle and their takeover of world!
On page 87 is also a poem called “Genius and Valor” about Scottish White Geniuses which I’m also reading a book about.
“The bard whose gentle heart ne’er gave
One pain or trouble that he knew to save
The poem talks of being “Freed from the Gothic graves” such as the one the White species is in today.
“When taste and ‘genius’ of the royal mind” (It gives the hint that indeed White royalty and breeding were of the “highest.” It reflects two things in Jew’s destruction of us. 1. the Royals were of the highest and that is why Jews bred with them, married them like President Kennedy’s and Clinton’s daughters. Since childbirth they were bred and educated to the highest and have the most “connections.” Talk about Jewish networking, Whites can’t even dream of it and only get frustrated for we can never achieve what the Jews have taken from us by force and crime. Even if we become like them, we still don’t have the 15,000,000 highest and richest most powerful to back up or network with. We sometimes have just poor Whites and it just depresses them more to realize. Also it is why Jews had to murder and assassinate Royalty for they were the “highest” and Jews had to kill off the “highest” so they can be the “Chosen of God” which our Whites are now insane into ‘believing’.)
“In nervous strain Dunbar’s bold music flows” This country and Jews had pushed my parents beyond the brink of nervous strain with family of 15 for slaves for Jews beyond any kind of endurance that even a top athlete could withstand. Jews have done the same to me.
“Hail, Anna, Hail! O May each Muse divine!” Odd but I mentioned my mama’s nervous and physical and mental strain as slaves for Jews above and have never seen this poem before, but my Mama’s name is “Anna.” I wonder if the Jews raped my poor White Polish Catholic Mama and got away with it as they did me as the White German girls until Nazis educated them in schools about the evil Jew and taught them how to make police reports.
“With wreaths eternal grace thy holy shrine
Graved on thy tomb this sacred verse remain
This verse more sweet than conquest’s sounding strain
She bade the rage of hostile nation’s cease
The glorious arbitress of of Europe’s peace
She through whose bosom rolled the vital tide
In Britains monarchs one stream ‘allied’
Closed the long jealousies of different stray
And saw united sister’s realms obey
Auspicious days when Scots no more oppressed
On their free mountains bared the fearless breast (And my breast is fearless)
(It then talks of exploring Africa in peace… what a mistake! Whites should never have been suckered into the Jewish slave conspiracy!)
“Boast Scotland, boast they sons of mighty name
Thine ancient chiefs of high heroic fame
(yet Europe has been evacuated by 6,000,000 Jews who illegally came here from a Jewish conspiracy against Whites of both Europe and USA… and as Jews did when hundreds of thousands suddenly left Poland in 1096, the Jews left Europe en masse and emigrated to Poland to fill those vacant homes, jobs etc. Europe “lost” the Jews, but “lost again” by winning the Muslims their “Semite” brothers and sisters! There are 3 religions: Christians, Jews, Muslims. They are both “Semites.” We are the opposite or Christians so in reality “anti-Semites”. Not in a cruel way, but our beliefs are different. Muslims and Jews, especially Jews are the Anti-Christ or Anti-Christians as can be seen in the 100,000,000 White Christians the Jew Communists killed in Communist Eastern Europe and Russia. )
From the “Justice of the Peace,” by Rev. Langhorne.
“See the pale mother (wife, sister of Veteran, daughter or Blessed Virgin Mary sunk with grief at just how evil the Jews treated her and her son Jesus Christ! Until today, the Jews crucify him and us) sunk with grief and despair
“To the proud farmer fearfully repair
Soon to be sent with insolence away
You can see the rest below. But “note” the Scottish were farmers. Robert Burns, famous genius poet a ‘ploughman.’ Why didn’t USA and Jews if they had any mind at all, bring White farmers here. If they were “drinking” cure them. Black farmers misnamed slaves, shuffling one that pretended to work so Jews could bring and sell more to White suckers like us.. But Blacks were drunks. They had to be for the Jews sold the African “Kings and Queens” bottles of rum to buy the cannibals and wild natives and some still are not civilized thanks to Jews.

Mary weeps because the Jews persecuted her since she carried Jesus in her womb for they would have stoned her to death! Plus the Jews arresting, torturing, imprisoning and murdering her son!
Mary weeps because the Jews persecuted her since she carried Jesus in her womb for they would have stoned her to death! Plus the Jews arresting, torturing, imprisoning and murdering her son!

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