Poland’s Wiped Off the Map

Poland’s been wiped off the map as slaves to Jews often happened. This drawing shows a 1772 event. Sometimes the Jews had my ancestors in war with seven countries at a time. This drawing shows exactly that: seven countries and their Kings and Queens!

In the drawing, “Picture for Europe July 1772,” the heavy scale of justice hangs over Polish King Stanisław August Poniatowski, bowed over, hands tied behind the back. Above him Ottoman Empire’s Sultan Mustafa III consents. Far-right, sleeping Great Britain’s King George III has no scale weight. The center figures gobbled up Poland as non-Whites and non-Christians guzzle America. They wiped it off the map: Russian Catherine the Great, Prussian Frederick II, and Austrian Joseph II. Spain’s Charles III and France’s Louis XV look on.

Today, Jew Ukrainian Zelensky, (former clown who couldn’t find work) shoved into Poland another 3,000,000 hot sexed-up Ukrainian women and men to interbreed us off the map. Also they will replace us. But the Polish were slaves to Jews where 92% come from and had us in war non-stop for 1,000 years. War and alcohol were our only products. It was the worst slavery in history – silenced! Even today. Records destroyed!