Poles, Jews, 9/11, Back to Year 1025

From the book, Poland, by Quaker Christian, James Michener.
“A Pole is a man born with a sword in one hand and a brick in the other. When the battle is over he starts to rebuild.” 
No sooner than the Polish castle was built, gun powder was spread around the castle or church and demolished them. The Pole was then off to war again with any one of their seven neighbors. 
Under jewish rule and bankers, my ancestors suffered war 27/7, 365, 1000 years. Those jews are now here in the USA. 
The World Trade Centers were built in Lower East End New York the crime scene of the true book, The Rise and Fall of Jewish Gangsters in America. Jews arrived en masse in the USA 1875. By 1890, Republicans stood up to them but to no avail. By 1924, they put a ban on the kikes, to no avail. Since Jews defamed me with “dumb polak,” and Germans with “nazis” it’s only right I treat the jewess’ offspring the same way they treated us. While Jews did that to us, they enkindled all Whites to worship and “fear” them. Our people are terrorized. Whites loving each other will help heal that. The holocaust was the kikes’ illegal immigration card into the USA.  Jews apologize for what they did to Poland, Russia, Germany, America, and all Whites (Christians). History doesn’t repeat itself, it’s never been broken.
We realize that building 7 fell without being hit. Jew Silverstein received double for all seven World Trade Centers. I lived in a skyscraper at 777 N. Michigan, Magnificent Mile but was hesitant to buy my condo. 
In 1993, I asked the real estate agent, “There’s a nearby small airport and a larger one not too far away. Wouldn’t the skyscraper fall if a plane went off course and hit it?” 
He said, “No. Skyscrapers are not like regular stationary buildings. They slightly sway. That would absorb the impact and only that place would catch on fire, not the whole building.”