Polish Alcohol Highest Level: Jews? Why?

When relative had tragic experience with a .389 blood level, I was told anything around .300 is alcohol poisoning and .400 can be death.
My other son sent me this Wiki article describing what alcohol blood level is, especially when driving. The son drinking was on a bicycle and had been drinking, from what I gather, in a restaurant, where he was having chicken wings along with his vodka.
This Wiki article is interesting, especially so for Polish people. (my ancestors.) I had written many times how I read that Jews controlled the Polish Christians, even the church as far back as 1500. But one of the deadliest ways the Jews replaced and degenerated the Polish religious Christians (until today probably the ‘only’ really Christian country that still practices actively)…. was by Jewish advertising alcohol, Jewish owned taverns and businesses, then Jewish credit so the Jewish bartender could sell the patron “more” booze, even though he was drunk, or if the man was drunk could have watered it down and just marked it up on credit, or just marked a credit for he was too drunk to count how many he had.  And the Polish man…. “trusted” the Jews, who forcefully replaced the Poles in their own land.
I would think from my Polish folks working for Jews, neither had anything, except hard work, little pay. When the pay check came, they would take their nickels and dimes and go to Irv at Saginaw Liquors and Mama would buy Christian Brothers Brandy, Daddy Falstaff Beer. Mama rarely drank, but when she did, perhaps once a month, she smashed the house to pieces, beat Daddy bloody, and then wept. Yet, I read that on Lil’ Wally’s song book for Polish songs that he wrote (3,000) it was ‘common’ for Polish women to break all the windows etc.  Common? How could a White Christian female be driven to that? I thought it was only my Mama and was so ashamed I couldn’t lift my eyes off the ground and just listened to people making fun of her that she was ‘crazy’ as they do for me for breastfeeding when no one did, organic garden pioneer, especially in Chicago, the last place to get any new ideas, becoming a healer, I’m called crazy or worse, the costumed karaoke, I’m still called “crazy.” I am assuming anything the Jews don’t want us to do is “crazy” and Jews define “crazy.” Or worse… ‘hate’ if one doesn’t do all the things Jews want from us. Now they have yellow Commies itching for Jewish $$, credit and loans. And if Whites and Christians are part of this, then sobeit. They are all richer and doing better than me, so they can pick up the cross, or let the cross fall. I don’t get their support just dirty looks.
Daddy wasn’t alcoholic: 1 quart of beer a day. 4 glasses. My older brother would have a case or 24 cans at 12 oz. I met a gal in Chicago who had 24 cans over holiday, (child bearing age) which would have been 48 compared to a man. We are not all equal. Perhaps if Mama didn’t beat Daddy, he too would have turned alcoholic from going regularly to Irv’s Saginaw Liquors after work, as the other Polish men did.
But, here in this Wiki article it shows the most “extreme” cases of alcohol poisoning that people “survived.” It seems all are White people which means perhaps we are either drenched in marketing and the overall reality Jews have made for us, or our bodies cannot metabolize it as other races do.
What I can’t get over is that of the top 10, 3 are from Poland. 900 years of Jewish rule did that? Or do you have a better answer. Or don’t you care when it is easier to deal with 3rd Worlders who have never been damaged. Nor have they had Jew Commies starve them to death, murder them, especially Christians and religious. Even though the Commie wall is down, the people are scared to death and probably just want to survive and not break out of the “norm,” which was imposed on them.
I’ve clipped out the part of the highest level of alcohol survived so you can see the poor Polish people in it. Was it their “choice,” or was it the “effects” of Jews and their like who are White faced but two-faced of our own race’s survival, not just of “skin” but of “character.” Even Hitler knew in a very religious Germany, of Protestants and Catholics, Christian Science, Jehovah Witness, etc. that the young children had no or little “character.” With all that religious training, what happened? Since Poland and the USA had the first Constitutions, and the Polish slavery $$$ that Jews had furnished the American Revolution, perhaps there is a link and similarity of Poland and USA and the intentional damage done to our men. For Polish men to even drink that much, more than other countries, did they have to push their bodies harder as slaves for Jews? Did they have to drink their problems away as Mama once got drunk and refused to work for the Jewish woman, (doctor’s wife) when the Jewess came to pick her up. She took me instead and I took the little money she gave me and ran and bought “cigarettes.” I was addicted and only 11 or 12. I needed food, shoes, but “cigarettes” was my only pleasure. Why? Not happening to Irish girls, or Scottish men on this list. Why Polish men? It breaks my heart. It says the police were “baffled” at how he survived, but do the Polish White very Christian police know of the Jews Mastership for 900 years. I thought God was our Lord, Master, or Jesus. But Jews? And I’m called “crazy” if I write this. I hope to quit soon, and don’t even know why these ideas keep coming to me. I don’t go on a witchhunt, these facts come to me most often.
Probably what I suffer from is being in grandma’s womb when she carried my mother. Grandma made the bathtub gin or vodka. I heard on the radio that it was “dangerous” for women to brew booze at home for the alcohol content was off the charts and not regulated as it is today. It would account for all my siblings suffering from alcoholism or depression, which even the State of Illinois did a research study on us for 2 years.
On the second Polish man’s example, there are other examples within paragraph, but not sure if Polish.
Is the USA on its way to becoming a second Poland… or worse. Poland at least was united by Race, Ethnicity, and devoted to God and Jesus. The USA is split into trillions of factions… at least for Whites and Christians. I’m trying not to be “negative” but if no one ever wrote about these things, is that “good” or “bad.” Should I just live in a spiritual world with all positive thoughts and loving ideas. I may try, for I think my life would be happier, more harmonious. If my book doesn’t get written I can quote the Jewish man, Ben Belder of the Mind Clinic whose 666 N. Michigan office floor was burned down by one of his patients. (Same building where Jew doctor Rejtman tried to rape me the second time, but I ran out.)  Big Deal! Who Cares! So What!  Think of those words and pretend the Jews brought down 3 skyscrapers thru demolition and got twice the amount of insurance $$$ for the policy was taken out only a year before. But it had to be “terrorism” that brought the buildings down otherwise rich Silverstein would only get face value. But think of that couple jumping from the top floors of that 100+ skyscraper, holding hands to their death. Let’s assume White. What would be the Jewish response? Big Deal! Who Cares! So What!
Here’s just one of the videos that the Jews and or their imps have watched of Whites dying the most horrific deaths in history and all they can say is “Big Deal! So What! Who Cares! Only the Jewish Insurance man and his Jewish Client!
For some reason, God only had me watch this news in my entire life. I had been very sick the months before, crippled in pain, so even though I was temping at Quaker Oats/Pepsi merger, I could barely walk. So when 9/11 happened, I turned on my TV cable set, the first and only time that I ever watched TV consecutively. For the rest of you, who had Jew movies, Jew TV, Jewish masters, you had gotten so many doses of this, we were all still shocked, but could go to work, not collapse with a nervous breakdown as I thought I would have since my consciousness had no murders, or even bad thoughts of Jews. They were “nice” to me. If you ask any of the women that have been seduced by Jewish bosses, entertainer managers etc. they will all “stick” up for Jews and these same women will call me crazy. But it is the reason why Hitler had to “teach” the young girls what the Jews were up to. Poland probably never realized what had happened to their women that drove them to smashing the entire house, including windows, as my Mama did. Even though it took 20,000 pages of writing, I found my answers humanly. If the Jews gave me 20,000 pills or 20,000 hours of Jewish psychiatry, (who would ever condemn the Jews as a choice of topic in therapy?) or 20,000 days in an insane asylum or hospital? None of that would have ever found such a deep hidden truth, that until today, my family will hang up the phone if I talk about it. Sad when your own family calls you crazy? It must be time for me to drop this and find something else to occupy my mind. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life finding all these bad things the Jews did. If Whites “choose to die,” (a favorite Jewish jingle they planted to blame anything that goes wrong to Whites on whites and certainly away from Jewish responsibility…) but if they choose to, perhaps they will never see it. It would be a terrible way to live the rest of my life, alone like this.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqp22Vhq_DQ&feature=related]Here’s an eyewitness about the couple, but I remember seeing it on the news, for I was watching religiously. Somewhere, somehow, we can no longer live in a society that is supposed to be Christian, founded and developed by Christians, but living lies, and accepting the worse form of atrocious behavior and crime on our soil for our children’s eyes. No sense in having White babies if this is their future, without God, Jesus, character, each other. Even one Jewess said to me her greatest fear was having to become a slave for yellow Chinese serving them “martinis.” Jewesses have never been slaves, but became rich off of my White people as slaves. Odd but the Jews could have easily sent White Polish poor people to the South for farm workers, but instead Jews sold them blacks.

Highest recorded blood alcohol level/content

In 1995, a man in Wrocław, Poland, had a car accident. At the hospital, his BAC was determined to be 1.48%. Concerned that their equipment was malfunctioning, doctors also performed five separate lab tests, all of which confirmed the man’s blood alcohol content. He died a few days later from wounds from the car accident. Police were baffled as to how an individual could attain such a high blood alcohol. Later, police discussions with his brother in-law revealed that he had “beer bonged” pure grain alcohol allegedly stolen from his place of work, a chemical plant.[46]

In December 2004, a man was admitted to the hospital in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, after being struck by a car. After detecting a strong alcohol odor, doctors at a hospital conducted a breath test which displayed the man’s blood alcohol content at 0.914.[47] The man was treated for serious injuries sustained in the crash and survived.[48]

In February 2005, French gendarmes from Bourg-en-Bresse, France, conducted a breath test on a man who had lost control of his car. He had an alcohol content of 0.976.[49] He was not injured in the accident but was charged with a €150 fine and his driving license was canceled.

There have been reported cases of blood alcohol content higher than 1.00. In March 2009, a 45-year-old man was admitted to the hospital in Skierniewice, Poland, after being struck by a car. The blood test showed blood alcohol content at 1.23. The man survived but did not remember either the accident or the circumstances of his alcohol consumption.[50] One such case was reported by O’Neil, and others in 1984. They report on a 30-year-old man who survived a blood alcohol concentration of 1,500 mg/100 ml blood after vigorous medical intervention.[51]

In 1982, a 24-year-old woman was admitted to the UCLA emergency room with a serum alcohol concentration of 1.5 (1510 mg/dL). She was alert and oriented to person and place.[52] Serum Alcohol Concentration is not equal to nor calculated in the same way as Blood Alcohol Content.[53] (By conversion using BAC=SAC/1.14, this would correspond to a BAC of 1.33.[54])

In South Africa, a man driving a Mercedes-Benz Vito van containing 15 sheep, allegedly stolen from nearby farms was arrested on December 22, 2010, near Queenstown in Eastern Cape. His blood had an alcohol content of 1.6 g/100 ml. Also in the vehicle were five boys and a woman who were also arrested.[55]

In Poland, a homeless man was found sleeping half-naked on January 28, 2011, in Cieszyn. His blood had an alcohol level of 1.024%. Despite the temperature of −10 °C and extremely high blood alcohol content the man survived.[56]

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