Polish Jew Haym Solomon Incited US Revolutionary War against our White Brothers in Britain

I’ve written on this blog about Haym Solomon funding $25 million for the Revolutionary War of White America fighting White Britain Brothers to the death. Freedom? No, slavery to Jews. Since then USA been at war constantly from 1776-2017, except for 5 years!!!! White Bodbags for Jews as USA Marine Purple Heart Suicided Husband.
Salomon, Haym (bust) - NARA - 532941.jpg
We then were in debt and war every year since 1776 until today except for five years! No wonder our White people are so broken down and in debt as a nation and individually! This is treason on the Jews part! (see blog search right bottom Haym Solomon.) Jews have direct DNA to Blacks which accounts for why they genocide Whites so their black kin survive. Well, if Whites are smart, they’d send both back to Africa in a humane way. to “help” Africans because we (White) Christians “feel sorry” for them. No, we must feel sorry for ourselves and each other. Even the European Nordic countries who seem to have it so good pale in comparison (pun intended) to the smarter and richer Israel, (evenĀ  more babies for Jews and we support them as we do black and brown babies but hate White babies or breed sickly inferior ones) pale in comparison to China, and even India (who are smarter once here, having 162 babies each!!! Blacks of Africa 15. Whites 1.6 and declining, drugged, dying, degenerated. The other’s economies are skyrocketing. Whites have Jew debt.
Just found “The Dispossessed Majority” page 195.
“Although minorities generally supported the British or were neutral in the War of Independence, a reading of recently published school and college texts would indicate that without the minority assistance Americans might now be swearing alliance to Queen Elizabeth. (We fought against our White British King and brothers, and lost because we gave control to the Jews . . . bit by bit. Since they are 10 points higher in IQ and we brainwashed to accept anything they say or do, we are at an extreme disadvantage.)
“Crispus Attucks has become such an important figure in American history of colonial times gives him more space than GEORGE WASHINGTON. (Polish Jew rich from White slavery money) a Polish-born commission merchant, has been awarded an article in the Encyclopedia Brittanica, although this ‘minority’ Revolutionary War “hero” was more than once welcomed behind British lines. (Jews were working “both” sides of the war and as my blog discovered and repeats, Jews use as bodybags 1776-until today; Jews pulling strings on both sides and Whites (Christians even who should be loving one another as Jesus instead hate each other so much they kill, maim, destroy, breakdown, pulverize, bankrupt one another, while the other races don’t.)

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