Polish President Assassinated? Investigation

As you might know, I had not only watched but studied the video “Katyn Massacre” by Polish white Andrej Wajda.  It startled me so much that I seemed to have a premonition to buy a copy for anyone and everyone that might be interested. It was as if something was going to happen, but I didn’t know what. I gave it to people at church, family, posted it on the internet. No one really got the importance of what was swirling in my mind.  An unknown danger.  Yet who would believe me.  When I saw that no one else seemed to care, I just dismissed it as something that meant a lot to me being of Polish Christian ancestry.
Yet, studying the problem of the Genocide of the White Race, of which a complaint is now sitting and collecting dust at the United Nations, (also Jewish started and run so they can act like god-judges on earth as the Jews lead our US Supreme Court, and have 3 1/2 of 9 positions to form laws.  Only our country is turning into a country ‘without’ laws as was the case when Jews ruled Poland for 900 years, and persecuted us, and even me and my parents in the USA! Worse than the persecution of the blacks.)
The object of the movie, Katyn, was the fact that 20,000 of White Polish elite were murdered with 1 bullet to the back of the brain.  It was done by (Jewish-led) White Russians. All pumped up with plenty of vodka and booze just as the Jewish Jerry Springer Show of today pumps up poor Whites to fight one another on TV with fake stories so the Jews can “laugh” and be entertained. Jews have “no” sense of humor unless it is watching the White Goyem or their slanderous terms for White women as Shiksa’s be in “White misery.”  Remember in Poland, the Jews called Poland their home for 900 years “Heaven” while the White Christians were in “hell and misery,” as my Mama and Daddy of 12 children, and also my own misery of working fo them and being raped by Jewish doctor and seduced by Jewish boss who made me give him sex in order to keep my job after my Viet Vet, (who fought Communists) got fired from his job & I had to return to work although still breastfeeding.  I was hired to be a “sex slave” of a Jewish boss, only he lied and promised me he would “teach” me accounting and all he “taught” me was to “hate” my White War Hero husband just as the Jewish psychiatrist that raped me did.  Who is there to “heal” this hatred against the White male. For if we do not “save” our White male this will be a third world country.
Well, I got this article from the Polish American Journal.  It is regarding the death of the Polish “elite” 96 of them, near the Katyn Massacre site, including the President. To me it was an “assassination,” as I read that in the Bible the Jews assassinated 9 of their 18 kings!  Sounds like they got Kennedy too to bring about a Jewish revolution which one of the results was the end of Christianity as the 100,000,000 they killed in wars and takeovers. I have had enough of the exaggerated Holocaust 6,000,000 and the Nuremberg lies.  Check on how many White Polish Christians died in that war, for the Jews wanted their tracks covered as to what they had been doing there for 900 years.
Since the Jews have “left” Russia, except for the Jewish Mafia and left that country the most degenerative and corrupt country (156 of 175) in the world, it is now in the hands of the Russians to bring about an investigation of this airline tragedy.
Here is the article dated October 2010:
King Calls for Investigation of Smolensk Crash
(Here’s work from this Smolensk history: 


Our Lady of Smolensk (11th century)

Washington, DC —
Polonian leaders are urging Polish Americans to write to their Congressmenin support of H. Res. 1489, “Calling for an independent international investigation of the April 10, 2010, plane crash in Russia that killed Poland’s president Lech Kaczynski and 95 other individuals.” (Note the dead President was replaced by a Polish man married to a Jewish American woman, and we know how Jewish women control their boys and men, see Sarah wanting Abraham’s inheritance in the Bible with a scheme to force her husband to have sex with maid, conceive a child, and call the child her own. But God exposed her plan, by getting her pregnant at the age of 90, showing Sarah’s evil intention of killing the maid and the baby who was not needed any more.  Isn’t that “odd” that a Jewish Woman is now “head” of Poland, and the Christian White man, Kaczynski is lying 6 feet under, crying in his grave, and you don’t hear him, or the other 95 elite.  Too busy helping the “poor Jews, blacks, browns, reds, yellows,” to care about WHITE POOR people?  Especially fellow Christians?
Continued:  (Do you think we can get an “independent investigation for World War II, instead of Nuremberg were the main characters were dead, having been given cyanide poison by the Dr. Morrell, the doctor of Jewish entertainers, and then a practically all Jewish witness, Jewish lawyers, and Jewish judges to run that case. Or how about an independent investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy, where Jews controlled that investigation as well as the Jew, Zapruder had the only film, and a Jew, Jack Ruby “shot” the Lee Harvey Oswald, (accused assassin) when Jews have killed 9 of their 18 Kings in the bible!  Or how about an independent investigation of 9/11 where in front of the entire World’s eyes, 3 strong, gigantic, fairly new skyscrapers went down with only 2 comparatively small planes hitting them and a Jew, Silverstein had just purchased them and had “terror insurance” on them, and the debris was immediately sent to the Chinese Communists on boats so we can’t even investigate the crime scene evidence? Or how about an independent investigation of the USS Liberty, where the Jews attacked the mainly White boat, and blasted it to smithereens, and the Admiral McCain, (Yes Senator of Arizona’s father) warned the men to “never talk about it,” just as the Poles were “silenced” if you watch the movie Katyn, and then watch the interview on the DVD with the director, Andrej Wajda.
Continued: The resolution was introduced by Congressman Peter King (Republican New York) Thank God for this insightful Republican.
“The Russian side of the investigation headed by the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) lacks almost all transparency. (Well, the poor German Nazis were blamed for the Katyn Massacre, even though the Jewish led Russian did it, and the plane crashed very near the 1941 massacre of Poland’s finest. Our White “finest” have been totally degenerated by Jews in media, school control, etc, to where we can’t even send our children to public schools that we pay “taxes” for and work 2 jobs each just to survive.  The Jews will pull the carpet under the White Race soon enough as they did in Poland, for the Jews consider America “heaven” and “paradise.”They don’t have to die or repent, just “live” and collect more $$$ off of Whites and now they broadened to include the other races.)
“None of the evidence secured from the crash site, nor the wreck of the aircraft have been examined by Polish investigators, on grounds that they lack jurisdiction. (Isn’t it rather “odd” that there is a Jewish woman now running Poland and can stifle any further investigation just as they silenced Poland for 900 years!!!!!)  I’m hoping this is all my imagination or just a bad dream when I speak of worldly affairs.
“MAK also is not to be considered an independent investigatory body as it is responsible for the operating certificates for all Russian airports as well as Russian aviation equipment, which if proved to be a reason for the crash, this is an evident conflict of interest,” say the resolution’s supporters.
On June 30, the resolution was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.”
Well, I will call my Jewish Congresswoman, Shelley Berkley, in hopes that in America, White Poles can get an honest and just answer about that plane crash. And the Jews singled out as making this another Hollywood production, turned what seems as “real” news to sell newspapers, and worse to influence Whites and Christians.

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