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Jews ban on “merrymaking.” It is no wonder I had to practically pull teeth to get White people to “Merrymake”  with singing and dancing.  And the people couldn’t dress in “costumes” or “masquerades.” No wonder had such a hard time wearing costumes in many places singing karaoke or called “crazy” because I did what my costumed karaoke teacher taught me in Chicago.
I came across this regarding wars in Poland and Ukraine and how Jews were “spared” and could buy their lives with furs and textiles, where their Polish neighbors were slaughtered.
From Wiki:
“Most Jewish Ukrainian communities were devastated by the uprising and ensuing massacres, though occasionally a Jewish population was spared, notably after the sack of the town of Brody (the population of which was 70% Jewish). The Jews of Brody were judged and “deemed as not engaged in maltreatment of the Ruthenians” and were instead required to pay a tribute in “textiles and furs”.[13]
The uprising also led to a decree on July 3, 1661, at the Council of Vilna in which Jewish elders banned merrymaking, including the setting of limitations on wedding celebrations, public drinking, fire dances, masquerades and Jewish comic entertainers.:
I wrote of Jews and their Jewish comics who labeled me and my people “dumb Polaks” or in USA Jews labeled Aryan looking women as “dumb blondes,” while their Jews and Jewess are always “geniuses.”  Note today, Whites don’t have the fun in the USA that even my Polish ancestors have where they play the accordion and dance in their streets with White neighbors at midnight! Today one has to pay  money to do things Whites did for free.
Also in this article it talks of Jews “inflating” numbers of the massacres and other than Jews were massacred. But the guy that led the revolt who has a Jewish sounding name accused the Jews of turning the peasants into Jewish slaves. Sound familiar in Poland, now in USA?
“Khmelnytsky told the people that the Poles had sold them as slaves “into the hands of the accursed Jews.” With this as their battle cry, Cossacks and the peasantry massacred a large number of Jewish and Polish-Lithuanian townsfolk, as well as szlachta during the years 1648-1649. The contemporary 17th-century Eyewitness Chronicle (Yeven Mezulah) by Nathan ben Moses Hannover states:
Wherever they found the szlachta, royal officials or Jews, they [Cossacks] killed them all, sparing neither women nor children. They pillaged the estates of the Jews and nobles, burned churches and killed their priests, leaving nothing whole. It was a rare individual in those days who had not soaked his hands in blood…”
Here’s something on the massacre of even Polish babies. I told you Jews kept us in wars for 900 years just as they now have the USA. We have 700 years to go only Whites won’t be here which might give us peace and quiet the hard way. They used war for “depopulation” of Poland and compare the USA where we want to “populate” it with browns and blacks from around the world instead of “depopulating” it naturally and shrinking it not increasing it.
“The extent of the tragedy can be exemplified by a report of a Polish officer of the time, describing the devastation:
I estimate that the number of (White) infants alone who were found dead along the roads and in the castles reached 10,000. I ordered them to be buried in the fields and one grave alone contained over 270 bodies… All the infants were less than a year old since the older ones were driven off into captivity. The surviving peasants wander about in groups, bewailing their misfortune.[30]”

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