President Trump's enemies attacking him re: Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

I’m watching live. First time because I’m calling all Senators stopping S 198, same as Jew anti-semite bill HR 672.
The White man’s speech, which I only caught the end refers to Elena Kagan, Jewess, Chuck Shumer, Jew, and Jew Bernie Sander’s camp.
A business could never be run by it’s employees attacking the managers.  My entire life was serving diligently and never saying “no” to my boss. My boss at Roadway, Polish Jim Krizek, once told me when he gave me my second “Employee of the Month” plaque. You create all the ideas and work and because I supervise over you, I get the credit and bonuses. You get nothing being union employee. I “love” assisting my supervisors and also fellow employees.

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