ps Hitler and Polygamy

As I wrote before, Hitler made sure that every other Saturday, he would return to see Eva Braun for sex, no matter how treacherous the war was going. He realized that once the Jews were taken away from society, and the society was all German and all White, sex was not taboo. Note how “decorated” war heroes were treated and thought of as “special,” not the bums as England and America made our White Christian Heterosexual men. They were “Heroes” as I thought my Viet Vet, Purple Heart was, at a time, when the rest of the world hated him, including his father, who remarried a 17 year old, pregnant, and even his father became best friends with my husband’s Jewish friend. A friendship that lasted for life

Nazi Germany

In Nazi Germany, there was an effort by Martin Bormann and Heinrich Himmler to introduce new legislation concerning plural marriage.[98] The argument ran that after the war, 3 to 4 million women would have to remain unmarried due to the great number of soldiers fallen in battle. In order to make it possible for these women to have children, a procedure for application and selection for suitable men (i.e. decorated war heroes) to enter a marital relationship with an additional woman was planned.[98] The privileged position of the first wife was to be secured by awarding her the title Domina.[98]

The greatest fighter deserves the most beautiful woman … If the German man is to be unreservedly ready to die as a soldier, he must have the freedom to love unreservedly. For struggle and love belong together. The philistine should be glad if he gets whatever is left
—Adolf Hitler

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