Psychosis: Jew End Times?

The librarian reference man mentioned a book he just read on “hearing voices.” I do not hear voices nor do I see Elvis even though I read 16 biographies about him. Many unexplainable things have happened to me, but that will be in my autobiography coming soon.
I had mentioned to the reference librarian the name of “Joan of Arc” who first saw the image of St. Michael from the Bible. Michael’s name is “Like Yahweh, or God.” St. Michael fights Satan in the Old Testament and then again in Revelations at the end of Bible and wins. I hope the Whites have victory and we survive and correct the damages done to us by Jews.
Michael, is also name of my deceased Viet Vet US Marine Purple Heart husband, who fought the Jew and Yellow Communists in Vietnam, and lost. Or is this battle still going on and we can still win? I think it can be won and is being won.
In this story there is a Rabbi of 11 kids who hears a carp fish who he and his Mexican brown buddy is about to bludgeon to death. (I can only hope that as Mama would say give it back to them with compounded interest, and this Rabbi of 11, his family, will suffer as much as the Jews made Mama and Daddy and our family of 12 kids suffer the dregs of hell as their White Polish slaves.)
The fish screamed out in “Hebrew” “Everyone needs to account for themselves for the end is near.”
Date of article is March 15, 2003, birthday of the DJ I first began emailing my historical letters to. When I took perhaps 4,000 pages of emails to the head of the English departments for 3 Las Vegas colleges and asked for help to put them in form of book, for my Viet Vet and my own life, she said to publish the emails, which are on the beginning of this site. The older ones at the bottom. I may change name of this site for the might be a turn off. But I had to be bold when I began writing fearing no one or nothing. And I learned the KKK originated as costumed entertainers, (which is just one of my many talents as the Queen of Karaoke, (costumed self-made and designed 258.) The KKK would don White sheets and paint faces like handlebar mustaches on the hood, and take their mandolins, get on horses and go around and serenade the single women of the town. Sounds very romantic and a very strong sense of White male chivalry. The KKK also entertained in parades as I did in Chicago in costume. The only reason they got desperate was that after the Jewish Civil War against the Whites in the North and South, the Jews sprang all over the South to devour the people, land, etc. I talked with a woman from Mississippi and mentioned I studied Civil War recently from the South perspective, and felt sorry for them. She said, “The war was nothing; what they did to us afterwards was unbearable.”
Jews did the same to my White ¬†family and me in South Chicago, right after the Civil Rights Act, when I lived 5 blocks from VooDoo witch, Black Michelle Obama. Jew blockbusters would force the Whites (Polish in my neighborhood) out of their homes by bringing in blacks and browns to stir up trouble: raping White teens and women, beatings, robberies, even murder. Blacks and Browns with Jew lawyers forced their new evil muscle laws against White men and women. Between the agony the non-whites inflicted on us, the Jew lawyers always found the Blacks and Browns “innocent” or wouldn’t take the case. And White Gentile lawyers follow the Jews as their gods.

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