Pt. 1 German Sister-in-law

She is more of a White “Outlaw” than a White “Inlaw.”

Male Cat Likes Flamboyance more than Female Cat

There’s much to write about my brother’s funeral, and my sorrow and loss. But I was the only one crying. At first. Later others did, but not before I dropped at his casket and wept. Most were “laughing.” Is “this” what the Jews have done to us to “laugh at our own White death?” Is our dying, one big world-wide joke where the 92% non-Whites led by Jews are just laughing as they walk away with our gold, whether mental gold, physical gold, spiritual gold, etc?
Also, I begged her not to pull the plug on him when he was only in the hospital for 12 hours and my brother-in-law who also had the same stroke, recovered and wanted to live for 2 years afterwards. It seemed that neither she nor the kids wanted to take care of him when he was sick and sassed him back and even left him to die. What a White German woman, mother and kids. I doubt this is what Hitler wanted, but who knows. Jews took over Germany and USA, so that is our reality.
Before I go into any lengthy explanations, for I know it is a burden to read especially since we have been taught to appreciate distractions more than reading, writing, science, math, religion, I will put the most important ideas first.
As the subject says, “German Sister-in-law Inherits the Gold!” And she does.
Not only will she get his collection and vault of gold coins, but my brother told me she had a gambling habit and was $100,000.00 in debt. That was in 2004. My sisters told me at the funeral, where united my family could “compare” notes, and they said that she re-mortgaged the home 3 times. Really sounds like Whites are the ruling class of the world. Ruling in debt, and Jews ready to pull the carpet from under us.
From what I could reason, and believe me I don’t spend time figuring out her bank account. But here is what she gets off the top of my head, and this is probably only a small portion for my German sister-in-law saw to it that she came between me and Eddie. If only we could have saved my brother, maybe he would be alive, but there were so many other things that went on, and my brother was no saint, with quite a temper. But did she “pump” his temper up against us to him. If my brother’s only reality was her and the kids that didn’t want him, that is the only way he could judge his thoughts and actions. Jew marriages don’t have to go thru this for they have a business arrangement not marriage. I mean, come on, a sexless marriage especially for young, has to be a business arrangement.
Here’s what German wife inherits, so she can freely gamble away everything my brother saved, pinched pennies, did without dinners, vacations, even nice clothes for himself. His only “extravagance”….. was…. a Jewish psychiatrist, Dr. Shletsky. (sky at the end is Jew, ski at the end is Polish White Christian, the Jew’s slaves for 900 years.)
  1. Inherits a vault of gold coins
  2. Eddie just took his pension at April, and oddly it seems that is when he got sick. Although he took his teaching pension at 62.
  3. She inherits his teaching pension.
  4. His insurance policies, but no one knows how much those are, but hopefully enough to pay her gambling debts.
  5. Eddie had many, many collectibles. Such as an entire room full of slot machines. He had many vintage toys and gadgets.
  6. He had a vintage radio for more than anything, my dead brother wanted to be a “radio announcer.” I guess that is why I like radio today and my first emails naturally went to a radio DJ.
  7. Eddie had musical instruments as he played the accordion, guitar, harmonica.
  8. The German woman will inherit all the rights to his original CD, which includes original lyrics, melodies. He only recorded perhaps 20, but he wrote about 200. He didn’t have enough money to pay for recording studios so he would pay with original song lyrics. Odd, that he didn’t have enough money to pay for recording studios, when his wife was wrapping up $100,000.00 periodically for gambling debts.
  9. My brother didn’t have clothes and once told me he had one outfit for school and another for working on his garden. I was the first in the family to start a veggie and fruit garden in 1970, and afterwards many of my siblings followed. I know that the Veteran’s Hospital said my husband would have been dead within a few years after he came back from Viet Nam if it wasn’t for me and how I was feeding him well from the garden and then adopting a more nutritious diet. It’s “odd” that (I’m tired of using “odd” I got to check for more words, and really think the Whites need to either develop another language which all Whites talk but no one else understands as Elvis and his Mama had, or expand it for there are not words to describe these events we are living thru today……… It’s “freakish” to think Eddie didn’t have decent clothes, but his wife had hundreds of thousands of dollars for her gambling. The Kids wanted new cars and Eddie bought them cars. His son played a live recording on a tape that Eddie did saying he bought his son a big screen TV. He paid for his girls schooling, college, clothes, make-up, and wedding. ($25,000.00…. and did I mention not one of my relatives was invited to attend. Don’t worry. What the Jews did to my big family is coming your White way, sooner than you think. And I’m getting more reluctant by the day to even try to save the White race.)
  10. The wife and kids did dress Eddie all in “black.” Black was his favorite color for his baseball hat. (Eddie didn’t need a baseball hat. He had the thickest, wavy, full head of hair one could imagine. But Jews have “kinky” hair and cut their hair short so we don’t know they are related directly to blacks, hence Jews abnormal love of blacks.) Eddie was dressed in black in the coffin. Daddy Cat on White fur, sequins, feathers Yet here is my male “cat” Daddy, sitting on my cape I sewed which has sequins, fur, and feathers. It is “Not’ the female that loves these flamboyant things, but the “male.” Yet haven’t Jews and homos taught the white man to dress in “rags” to get ready for male homelessness as my dead husband, my living son, and my dead father’s ancestors. Scrub board Since my white brother did “all” the cooking and they even mentioned that in his eulogy and was the “only” good thing they said about him, was that his German wife loved him for he did all the cooking and when she came home from teaching, he had a hot meal for her and fresh veggies from garden. She didn’t have to use a scrub board and wash costumes as I have to by hand for I can’t afford dry cleaners. Jew speaker and guitar player at Chicago Tea Party Although my brother could barely sell a CD, and was so multi-talented including a super father, here is a pix from Chgo Tea Party where the speaker is also the guitar player for the band…. and Jew Sheenie with the Beanie. I know for he came up to me when I was dressed as Wonder Woman and gave me his last name. He said he had Polish ancestry, and I bluntly asked him “Polish Christian or Polish Jew.” He nearly fainted and collapsed like the 3 World Trade Centers with 2 planes. Just 5 words: Polish Christian or Polish Jew. He admitted Polish Jew from Lithuania. I knew for I asked him to spell his last name, but wanted him to admit he was Jewish so I could come out of the closet and hiding and admit I was Polish Christian (White) (and not a dumb Polak.) p_00011Here’s an old pick of a DJ. It’s idiosyncratic that of all the CD’s he is playing, it will never be my White brother’s. It is all Jewish music. Charles Manson the serial killer knew that as did the Beatles. The only CD’s played are those who sell their souls to the Jewish devils on earth. Van Gogh's Paintings Here’s my original paintings which will never be sold for Jews also control the art market 80%. Only after they strip Whites of all their talents and then they did do Jews gang up to reap the $$$ off of Whites, leaving the Whites like my brother and myself… “starving artists.” I’m going to send another email for there might be too much memory with these pix.
It’s odd, especially since he was trying to divorce her for at least 9 years. He agreed to stay with her until kids were raised. He said, “She has turned my own children against me and they all stick together….. against me.” It was very obvious during the funeral ceremony for they stuck together against me. German Sister-in-law even said when I went to give my sincere condolences, “No one told me “you” were coming!” That “you” meant more than just “me.” For of my large family siblings, only my one quiet sister was really “invited” to attend. But she spread the word. I wasn’t going to go, but when I wrote my son Paul of my brother’s death, he said, “You “should” go; that is your brother, no matter how badly your family gets along.” (Eddie’s Jew psychiatrist would teach him to throw his “shoulds” out the window, yet Christians and Whites “should” live by “shoulds.” Whites “should” love one another. Jews love each other. Just look at their business and Satanic monopoly they have over the globe. If Whites would pay other Whites 3 times the rate, as Jews triple the price they pay other Jews for nursing home supplies which is another Jew monopoly, we might be closer too. Especially if we “gouge” the other races as Jews do. Jews surely gouge the yellows and Hindus also, while extracting trillions from them.
By my showing up at funeral, 6 other siblings that lived locally showed up. The German White Sister-in-law and the children she turned against my brother, her husband, never dreamed she would have 7 Nowaks to deal with. Especially since by “uniting” even for this short time, we were all able to compare notes about Eddie’s life, how she was abusing him, mistreating him even until his death and even thru the scriptures read at the service. If only my sister went, my sister does not see or talk about anything that might be going on that needs healing or protection. It is only since I “write and reason” that I was able to “listen” to all their snip it stories and tie them together. Jews have divided and conquered my Polish White family not just since Chicago, but since 1096, when Jews took over Poland.
Deceased brother Eddie Nowak collected “gold coins.” So he probably started when gold was cheaper. Surely it is the Jews who control the gold market, as they do the diamond market, ruby market. I think that is where the word “Jew-el” came from. Somewhere, Eddie left a vault of gold.
When I wanted to move to Vegas, but really wanted to use my brand new passport in 2004 to exit the USA….. for good. I thought of Poland, but my nephew that teaches there said there is no work for the (White) Poles. (Someday I will be able to speak and write the word White without ( ) for no one uses that word, as if White was a curse word and Jew was a sacred word reserved for the god ones on earth to worship 24/7. Jews have terrified us so deeply, that we cannot even “think” of any criticism of them, but boy can we criticize each other as Whites and judge. I was also going to move to Japan, for they are “crazy” about karaoke, and even crazier about Elvis where 2,500 meet every Saturday according to my son’s former girlfriend he met at Christian college who grew up at American Embassy in Japan. My son would have married her, but she grew up in Japan and I guess there is a lot of smoking and drinking there. So I opted for Vegas. And it proved to be a wise choice.
Eddie encouraged me to move here. He said that he brought my Dad as a friend to Vegas and each of them partied separately. Although Las Vegas preaches gambling, they also have signs and commercials for those that fall into addiction.
My brother advised me to move to Vegas. He told me he would join me after he retired. He again asserted he was only staying with wife and kids till they were raised, and he was gone. Truthfully, my Daddy did the same. He left Mama the husband beater the day after I married my husband. His job and suffering were thru. He probably stayed for he knew that perhaps he could stop her from beating me also, although she only did that rarely.
Eddie wanted to move to the west to “pan for gold.” He couldn’t wait, it was his life’s dream. The lonely life of a gold prospector. You know, I know a man here in Vegas that actually retired from his job and goes out panning for gold throughout the west. He wrote a screenplay and left me the master copy in case I put my autobiography into a book or a mini series for TV. (I know, Jewish Freud would say “delusions of grandeur,” and all the while Whites “do not have delusions” of grandeur as White only pay Jews “grandeur” tribute, but worship them 24/7. Jews have instilled it is “wrong” for us to think big, for it is the only way of life for Jews.
Right after brother Eddie Nowak’s stroke, I called the hospital. I talked to his German wife, (who by the way he wanted divorce from for Eddie said his house was a crazy house, and not only the wife, but the kids were treating him badly, especially since he was sick.
Even though the stroke happened perhaps 12 hours before, the German sister-in-law “refused” to give him a chance on life support. Perhaps there is truth to this, but it was her screaming “NO!” that made it so horrendous. Eddie had an autopsy on his baby back in 1975 when it died of suspicious causes. Anytime a baby dies and they don’t know “why” at least back then, they called “Crib death.” Hence, with many of the bad things I was hearing about before the death, I wish I could have gotten autopsy, but I have “no” rights as his White sister. Nor did he treat me well, so I should not be the one taking this up, anymore than I should have helped the White Veterans when my deceased husband treated me so badly, even having a murder contract on my life. But I’ve grown to understand. Someone has to grow to understand my pain now.
My brother’s inlaws were sure that none of my family would be there. Even though we have had problems, each of us is functioning, no drinking, drugging, no smoking, gambling, which we have been healed of over the years. Our appearance was just as adequate as the rich Germans.
That is why when I showed up it was a nightmare for them. The Germans had the funeral planned with passages etc. from the Bible, and they were not very complimentary about my brother.

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