Pure Raced Jews in Yellow Pure Raced China

Just a quick email.  I saw on my Wells Fargo Bank statement that it can be read now in (3) languagues:  English, Spanish and….. Chinese.  I was told two years ago, by a banking acquaintance in Vegas, that Chinese money was needed to ward off the 2/3 foreclosure that was expected. We now have the highest unemployment rate in the country, and since we are a tourism industry, we will be the last to recover.
With the Chinese and yellow race so cohesive and united and “proud of their heritage,” it makes me more determined to acknowledge and preserve my own heritage.  I was reading about Chinese and Jews, and they only had a small amount .  From Wiki:
    In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, however, some international Jewish groups have helped Chinese Jews rediscover their heritage.
    Jews are preserving their heritage, culture and race, all around the world, in a very organized manner.  Yet they ‘race-break’ our White race. Why don’t the Jews race-break their own beloved Israel, the Mecca of the White Race that we worship.
    With the Chinese, Jews and Hindus excelling at such a rapid pace, we should not be lagging behind.  I wonder if these 3 races are running around the world, “preserving” all the other races while we die. 
    Tens of thousands of Jewish refugees escaping from the 1917 Russian Revolution and the Holocaust in Europe were to find sanctuary in China in successive decades.
It seems very plain, that the Jews in the US, Europe, were working within China, especially with the advent of Chinese Communism, which killed 20 million of their yellow people. 
The very fact that we built China into the superpower it is today, seems to be that we had fallen into Jewish trade and monopoly and never gave it a second thought but just went with the flow.
    Although the Jews went to China about 7-8 century, they never took hold there. It seems that the Chinese were not as ‘welcoming’ to the Jews as we were, especially in Poland. 
Here is something interesting about the Opium Wars of China, and it seems that right after these wars the Jews found a home there, so perhaps the Jews were involved in it.  Where there are wars and drugs there are Jews.
As I said before, England and the US have been the drug lords of the world, and if Whites are addicted today, it has been in our history. Were the Jewish international traders at the bottom of this, is also probably true, as they have Americans addicted to pills and Jewish doctors, with no hope of getting out of this Jewish revolving door.
In casting about for other possible commodities to reverse the flow of silver out of the country and into China, the British discovered opium. Opium as a medicinal ingredient was documented in texts as early as the Ming dynasty but its recreational use was limited and there were laws in place against its abuse. It was with the mass quantities introduced by the British motivated by the equalization of trade that the drug became prevalent. British importation of opium in large amounts began in 1781 and between 1821 and 1837 import increased fivefold. The drug was produced in the traditionally cotton growing regions of India (under British government monopoly (Bengal) and in the Princely states (Malwa) and was sold on the condition that it be shipped by British traders to China. The Qing government had largely ignored the problem until the drug had spread widely in Chinese society.

Alarmed by the reverse in silver flow and the epidemic of addiction (an estimated 2 million Chinese were habitual user), the Qing government attempted to end the opium trade, but its efforts were complicated by corrupt local officials (including the Viceroy of Canton). In one isolated incident, in 1818, the Laurel carried word to Sydney of a US ship laden with opium and treasure which was invaded by Chinese pirates. The crew of the US vessel had all been killed, but for the escaping first mate, who later identified the pirates to the authorities. In 1839, the Qing Emperor appointed Lin Zexu as the governor of Canton with the goal of reducing and eliminating the Opium trade. On his arrival, Lin Zexu banned the sale of opium, asked that all opium be surrendered to the Chinese authorities, and asked that all foreign traders sign a ‘no opium trade’ bond the breaking of which was punishable by death.

The British Chief Superintendent of Trade in China, Charles Elliot (who, surprisingly, broke the blockade to arrive in Canton) got the British traders to agree to hand over their opium stock with the promise of eventual compensation for their loss from the British Government. (This promise, and the inability of the British government to pay it without causing a political storm, was an important cause for the subsequent British action.)  Overall 20,000 chests  (each holding about 120 pounds) were handed over and destroyed beginning June 3, 1839. Following the collection and destruction of the opium, Lin Zexu wrote a “memorial”  to the Queen of Great Britain in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the trade of the drug, as it had poisoned thousands of Chinese civilians (the memorial never reached the Queen).

The Qing authorities also insisted that British merchants not be allowed to trade unless they signed a bond, under penalty of death, promising not to smuggle opium, agreeing to follow Chinese laws, and acknowledging Qing legal jurisdiction.

(The war broke out when China attacked the British ships and confiscated the Opium.)

Lord Palmerston, the English Foreign Secretary, initiated the Opium War in order to obtain full compensation for the destroyed opium. China lost the war and was forced to open its five ports to foreign merchants and to permit a territorial concession of Hong Kong.

The war was denounced in Parliament as unjust and iniquitous by young William Ewart Gladstone, who criticized Lord Palmerston’s willingness to protect an infamous contraband traffic. Outrage was expressed by the public and the press in America and England as there was a perception that British interests may well have been simply supporting the drugs trade.

(We as Americans are still in the drugs trade, and as our White males especially have been the victims, they were White sacrificial lambs to the drug lords.  Many of our White women, on the other hand, are addicted to Jewish doctors, who the White women idolize and worship, and their pills.)

In retaliation, the British Government and British East India Company had reached a conclusion that they would attack Guangdong. The military cost would be paid by the British Government.

(How do we start to rehabilitate our White Race when they can’t think straight.  I said before, my White School Teacher brother, Nicky Novak, used to have to police the White boys bathroom in Sauk Village Illinois, where boys were drunk, drugged, or high on parents pills right from their medicine cabinets.  These boys can’t enter advanced math and science, or even read, let alone excel or even surpass Chinese, Jews, etc.  Do we want to descend into being more like Mexians and Blacks, cause that is where we are heading.)

By the middle of 1842, the British had defeated the Chinese at the mouth of their other great riverine trade route, the Yangtze, and were occupying Shanghai. The Qing government proved incapable of dealing with Western Powers on an equal basis, either politically or militarily. The war finally ended in August 1842, with the signing of China’s first Unequal Treaty, the Treaty of Nanking.

(If there was a war with China today, it would not be ‘unequal’ for they have most of our rocket technology since the head of NASA was a Chinese man a few years ago.  They are amassing the world history’s greatest army, by throwing away female babies and having a male dominated society, as is Israel, and the Muslims, and India. Only in Europe and America has the emasculation of the White male occurred and that was an intentional breaking down by the Jewish media and Jewish $$$ they drained from us in so many ways, it was as if we Whites were on a tilt-a-whirl, just swirling in circles and couldn’t see straight or focus on what was happening to us.)

The success of the First Opium War allowed the British to resume the drug trafficking within China. It also paved the way for the opening of the lucrative Chinese market and Chinese society to missionary endeavors.

(It gets me mad to have “missionaries” going around the world from Christian denominations, but they can’t help the ailing Whites suffering as my husband did from drug addiction, which was imposed on him by his fighting for US Melting pot in yellow Viet Nam.  It is very easy for Christian missionaries to convert Reds, Yellows, Browns or Blacks, who were too poor to afford drugs or alcohol, and therefore can think more clearly.  They avoid Whites who have been intentionally drugged to bring down our race.)

Lin Zexu, known for his superlative service under the Qing Dynasty as “Lin the Clear Sky”. Although he had some initial success, with the arrest of 1,700 opium dealers and the destruction of 2.6 million pounds of opium, he was made a scapegoat for the actions leading to British retaliation, and was blamed for ultimately failing to stem the tide of opium import and use in China[. Nevertheless, Lin Zexu is popularly viewed as a hero of 19th century China, and his likeness has been immortalized at various locations around the world.

(But when my son was in rehab his counsellor said that the (White) parents start their kids on drugs, in the form of pills, medicine, overdose of vitamins, preservatives and poisons on vegetables, (baby formula) drugs at childbirth, pills that mothers take that goes to babies before, during conception, during pregnancy, and in mother’s milk.  The father would have malformed sperm from his drinking/drugging.)

Many more arrived as refugees from the Russian Revolution of 1917. A surge of Jews and Jewish families was to arrive in the late 1930s and 1940s, for the purpose of seeking refuge from the Holocaust in Europe and were predominantly of European origin. Shanghai was notable for its volume of Jewish refugees, most of whom left after the war, the rest relocating prior to or immediately after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

(So the takeover of Communism, brought in the first and biggest round of Jews into China, as never before in Chinese History.  That explains a lot.)

A massacre of Jews in Canton, China occurred during the Chinese Tang Dynasty in the 9th century during the Huang Chao Rebellion.

(It is perhaps this episode, that forced the Jews to “leave China,” and find their cursed way to Europe, in Poland in 1096, and now America.)

Now as few Jews as there were in China, when another Chinese war occurs the Jews “disperse.”  I’m sure the Yellow Chinese were smart enough to try to get rid of them again.

During the Taiping rebellion of the 1850s, the Jews of Kaifeng apparently suffered a great deal and were dispersed.

The first Jew who arrived there was Elias David Sassoon, who, about the year 1850, opened a branch in connection with his father’s Bombay house. Since that period Jews gradually migrated from India to Shanghai, most of them being engaged from Bombay as clerks by the firm of David Sassoon & Co. The community was composed mainly of “Asian,” (Sephardi) German, and Russian Jews, though there were a few of Austrian, French, and Italian origin among them. Jews took a considerable part in developing trade in China, and several served on the municipal councils.

(This shows that there were many Jews in different countries of Europe, but “Poland” is not mentioned out of these European countries.)

Here is the info I had been searching for:  Jews in the international drug trade, from Wiki:  During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in JEWISH HANDS.

Jewish life in Shanghai had really taken off with the arrival of the British. Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East came as traders via India and Hong Kong and established some of the leading trading companies in the second half of the 19th century.  (So we see that Jews are closely related to Europeans, and that is why we are still tied to them today.  We probably believe our continued success is tied to them.  But, it is not our “continual success” but our “continual decline,” that is hooked to them.)

Late in the War, Nazi representatives pressured the Japanese army to devise a plan to exterminate Shanghai’s Jewish population, and this pressure eventually became known to the Jewish community’s leadership.

(I’ll tell you, the Germans really saw the Jews as a “world-wide” problem, not just a German White one.  I think the White Germans knew that the Jews would be destructive eventually to the Yellow Race, just as they had been to ours.  And the Nazi’s hoped the yellow Japanese would be smart enough to see that, but the yellow Japanese didn’t want to upset the “Allieds,” America, Britain, Russia, any more than necessary.  And for that kindness, of “not” slaughtering the Jews in Shanghai, the yellow Japanese got 2 atoms bombs dropped on them, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.)

With the intercession of the Amshenower Rebbe and the translation skills of Ariyeh (Leo) Hanin, the Japanese ultimately kept the Jews of Shanghai safe.  (Perhaps that is why the Japanese and Chinese are doing so well today.

In 2005, the Israeli embassy to China held their Hanukkah celebrations at the Great Wall of China. 

(Isn’t it ironic that the Jews held their celebrations at the “Great Wall of China,” protecting Chinese Yellow race, culture and heritage, while they and their worshipers have open borders to destroy the White Race, here, both figuratively and literally.)

I’m going to look at the pix of my 20 pound book, called the “Gulag: Life and Death Inside Soviet Concentration Camps.”





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