Rabbi: White genocide, children burned alive, women raped, mutilated, murdered, men slaughtered

I had this quote in my book and wanted to double check the spelling. I found it on a foreign Facebook, surely taken off in our countries.  Any idea which Facebook country this came from?  Note the Rabbi’s name is “Ishmael” who is one of the Bible’s Abram’s two sons. Isaac was his first and wife Sarah’s son and started the White religious race. Abram was 86 and assume his wife was that age also. Miracle birth. His second was by his maid, Hagar, “Ishmael,” who’s the father of the Muslims. 

Since Rabbis claim they are also from Abram and Isaac, why would he have the “Muslim” name of Ishmael? Why? The Jews and Muslims work together against Whites, Christians, America. 9/11 and the following wars were a Jewish sitcom as were the Civil War, WWI, II, Vietnam and even 1,000 years of Polish wars, Jew banker headquarters.  I put in my book as Kenneth Poduska wrote that for 800 years Jews, Muslims, Blacks kidnapped, raped, castrated, put in concubines, enslaved, and made body bags for their wars: 50,000,000 young White Europeans. 

Jewish word “Rabbi” and Muslim word “Ishmael” for the same man when they made us believe they were opposites?

Rabbi’s quote

Петиция за затваряне на българската граница за нелегални мигранти

August 12, 2016  · “It is in the Jewish interest, it is in humanity’s interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.” – Rabbi Ishmael LevittsIs this why Israel has been urging Jews to “return” to Israel? They certainly are planning ahead.