Republican Richard Nixon, Evangelist Billy Graham.

What Brave White men. How media “slashed” the Republican and Evangelist! And then turn it around and make us as the “sinners” and sinister Jews as the “saints.” See other posts today.
Our White men driven to despair on Jew News. Rachel Maddow Jewish ancestry from my Poland. Like my suicided husband in war for Jews and Yellow Chinese Commies pulverized and pushed over the brink, we watched as the Jews did it to Republican Richard Nixon. If President Nixon drank, who but the Jews built 22 distilleries 1650 USA when the White Pilgrims from England banned them and their booze, bankruptcies, tobacco, crime. Jews outsmarted and went to Barbados to sneak in tobacco. And bring in so many blacks even the governor of Barbados couldn’t handle the overload of both Jews and Blacks!!! But Whites are supposed to all around the world and “pay for it with our taxes.”
Our White (Christian) Descendants should no longer be the slaves of Jews as my people the in Poland, 1000 years, worst in history and silenced. Otherwise, we can’t have White babies anymore for they will suffer what I had to my entire life as slaves for Jews, as did my folks, as did my People. When a White mama and daddy look at their newborn white baby perhaps they can give it the name, instead of John or Barb, White Slave . . . As they look at the white baby and say “Smile” know the parents are forcing that child into white slavery and must “smile” through the next 1,000 years, if they don’t genocide us.

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