Return of White in all of Nature

I was just wondering why there is so little White in Nature, when I was shown this video, and it makes my heart leap with joy, hope, promise, that the White Race not only will survive to be Jewish slaves as in my Poland, but free, free, free for the first time in millenniums.
When I was an artist, I specialized in painting portraits of Whites and animals. But I would wonder why there were so few White animals, or trees, or birds, etc. And I used to raise pedigreed German Shepherds many years ago, but they were brown and black. I discovered the “White” German Shepherd, but was horrified to learn that even the AKC, American Kennel Certification, denied the White German Shepherd the status of even being considered “pedigreed” or even “existed.” That has changed, as so many many other changes I’m glad for in making the White Race a reality and beautiful, united, spiritual, successful, Race of people, not descended into white guilt, white shame or a white sense of false responsibility for the entire world or race. That is in God’s hands alone whatever happens them. And the Jewish thinking and hypnotism of our White minds, thoughts, hearts, and bodies can dissolve.

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