Sadiq Khan, Muslim Semite, rules England’s capital: London

Whoever rules the capital city of a country, rules their people, not the President, etc.
Just like Black woman, Muriel Bowser, runs Washington D.C., she has the matriarchal authority over our President and Congress, as Africa is a woman ruling society, who by the way beat their men. The males only want to run around, play, and make babies. And we’ve paid for it.  46.9 birth-rate to Poland’s 1.2. This is no laughing matter. 
I was hoping England would become White consciousness, but it seems not. Their capital city, London, is run by brown Sadiq Khan. The last name is either Jewish or German. I suspected right away since it’s a form of Jewish “Cohen” the 2,500 Jewish priests who rule us. Yes, a religion, rules us. 
In April 2019, Khan joined the Jewish Labour Movement. He’s very liberal calling himself a proud feminist, (hating White males), and is Muslim. Where the Muslims took over Europe in the 1620s, except that Austria begged Poland to get in the war, now Muslims rule our White former British Empire, who the slaves now rule as Obama did.