“The Future” Song Lyrics

The song below is by jewish Leonard Cohen, who admits to their devilish nature! For Christianity to be the laughing stock of the world is blasphemous. It gives us a futurist look at what Whites have, are, and will suffer. When the jew sings that they will hang white women with their skirts upside down, they got that from my blog. They have read every word I wrote or said since October 10, 2002.

How Whites music and ideas were formed

It’s not only me, but they listen to all talk radio shows and read emails and letters. They take our ideas and pass laws against us or make us look “crazy.” Are they sane or sinister? I wrote that when the Communist (Jews) hung Italian Benito Mussolini’s mistress. They executed her upside down. After that, they took the corpses down and positioned the dead bodies sitting with her skirt up and her underwear and nylons showing. Jews having control of our sexuality (reproducing function) is the greatest danger of all. It’s NOT tantalizing. Our feelings are NOT facts.

Jews are sadists. Whites are their masochists. They turned our intimate lives into dollar signs. We need to save the endangered White Species (Christians, European Americans.) Christians look for us to repent but never point the finger at the “Jew” of today. It’s not the Christian’s fault in White Protestant America taken over by the jewish people. They did the same to White Catholic Poland for 1,000 years. 1025-1945.

Bible: Jesus was White

Jews are the “Great Impersonators,” as Pastor Eli’s book shows clearly as well as his nine years of 2-hour radio shows with Dan from Georgia. I listened to 165 and checked them off. Eli explained the Bible in their original Greek and Hebrew form. We’ve had 11,000 versions since. The worst is the Scofield Bible, where Jew Untermeyer paid St. Louis, Missouri prisoner and scoundrel, Scofield, to add notes at the bottom of the Bible. He wrote that todays Jews are God’s Chosen. They left in a 1,000,000 copies in the back seats in poor Southern towns. It was easier to read than the 1600s King James Version. Protestants then began their demise and worshipped human Jews not a spiritual God in 1909.

Although I believe Jesus, St. Paul, the Israelites were White. Jews were either the evil Edomites, or they read the Bible and made their tribe the “Chosen” 100 years before Jesus whose parents converted. He was from Nazareth city of all affluent Greeks and Romans. St. Paul as from White Rome. It would be like becoming a Christian today in a religion that’s 100 years old, but being of the White Race.

Of course, Leonard Cohen, is jewish. I read that 2,500 Cohens rule Israel at the top. While they bash our White Presidents, they stay behind the scenes. For 250 years it was secret.

In addition, it’s in the open with Biden’s top 13 appointees, including Kamala Harris’ husband. “Harris” is the name of the man who headed the firebombers on the destruction of Dresden, Germany, the most Christian country in the world. Jew Oppenheimer’s signature is on the atom bombing orders, which bombed the only two Christian Japanese cities.