Separation of Religion and State: James Madison / Hitler

What’s really odd is from what I read, Rabbi in a synagogue drafted the Civil Rights Act, and passed 1965. But we have a separation of religion and state. That means the “Jewish religion,” too. All laws only against Whites (as Jews did to Poland) and all laws “for” Jews like the anti-Semite law. That’s a Religious Law in the first degree! They’ve destroyed Christianity and left Whites to fumble around in chaos waiting for our next move from them, somehow. It’s not going to happen.
To show you how Christian Hitler was this quote says as a leader, he will fulfill his tasks swearing only his fidelity to God, (what I considered my highest or Supreme) (not worshiping Jews). He adds the values we’ve learned such as collective morality, family (not Jew’s schools) the nucleus of our Volk. The only reason the USA got that alliance, was to break the Christian religion from having an effect on the government. A Jew comes from Israel and get 29 standing ovations! Israel is a religious state!
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