Shocking: MORE Assassinations of White Race Leaders by Jews, "Instauration" magazine

I’ve written extensively about Jews’ assassinations of White leaders. Whites have never assassinated Jew leaders.
But yesterday as I read “Instauration” play, (2 years of monthly installments) I came across two more incidents of Jewish criminality against White leaders. (Instauration magazine by Wilmot Robertson. Instauration definition: restore, rehab. Since I’ve rehabbed 4 homes and a Vietnam hopeless Veteran, I “believe” in restoring the White species. Or perhaps re-creating into an even higher species.
Oddly, I may have never decided to print the entire long play with a host of American historical characters involved in crimes against the Whites by the takeover of our country and enslavement. (As Jews did to Poland even before year 1025-1945. Now those Jews are here in USA.) But I started with the 3rd issue by mistake for they weren’t numbered. But what one calls a mistake was a shocking inspiration. Hadn’t I found this first, I may never have researched not just the play but many more articles. So many, I could hardly stop.
First, I found Jew Joseph Pulitzer, New York World News Magnate. About 1900. I wrote how he attacked 87 year old Mary Baker Eddy. Tried to declare her insane, (7 years before he had Nelly Bly to an uncover study showing the evils of the New York insane asylums.) Jew Pulitzer tried to shut down Christian Science church (I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t get their help) and get control of her money. She was richest woman in the USA, perhaps world. Plus Jews controlled medical field USA, Poland, Germany. They tried to shut down her book, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.” Worse, destroy the very copyright. Copyright laws mean nothing to Jews. They stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine about 1920 and ran to Hollywood. All movies since then Jews for Christians consumption like slow released poison to our souls. Even turning her two sons and granddaughter against her the day of the trial. No one I’m alienated from my two sons and granddaughter. Our Jew reality forms these mental molecules against us.
Here’s from Instauration
“The Game and the Candle” page 1.
(the Jew owned New York World Reporter in the conversation of this play says to the suggestion of “Dreaming up” some evil against a (White) high leader. “(Jew) Joseph Pulitzer wouldn’t like it to be known he runs the paper that way.” A murder was mentioned of a Jew man named, Rosenthal, a cheating, no good, two-bit gambler who was finally relieved of the endless misery of his welshing, his stooling, his card marking and other habits.”
Colonel: I don’t see how your steamroller hurts the Mayor.”
Reporter: It will flatten him. He will become totally two-dimensional under the combined impact of my cold surgical skill and (Jew) Pulitzer’s impassioned virtue. Unfortunately we will  have to, shall we say eliminate five men in the process, which will naturally make it a bit expensive. However, we can arrange it so the city pays most of the bill.”
Then I found this last night for I read a section when I wake up and before I go to bed of each of the play’s pages.
The play is about oil, pushing forth the Federal Reserve Bank system. First official act, 1914, funding World War I to destroy White European Americans. In The Action So Far, it talks of assassinations of Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. I also showed below a long time ago the many assassinations with Jew finger prints. As with Jesus, Jews paid, bribed, or forced others to do their dirty work.
PART ONE, ACT 1. Scene 4: The office of Mayor Gaynor, New York City, 1912. The Mayor at his desk, is talking to the Colonel.
Besides wanting a banking system, the man wants “prohibition.” Which it seems Jews got all control of the booze industry. From my study, those laws affected all White people, like the anti-Semite laws punish only descendants of White Christians, but not the Jews. In fact, made them richer!
On the second page:
Mayor Gaynor. To assassinate a man you’ve got to find or invent someone who thinks he has a grievance. I have personal experience in this matter. I’m still carrying the bullet of the man who tried to do me in two years ago. (Points to his throat.)
Then I checked out Irish Catholic Christian Mayor Gaynor. It’s odd but the “New York World, Jew Joe Pulitzer’s paper” was the only one who got the exact moment of the near Assassination of White leader of New York. Odd but I wrote extensively on this blog how Jew Zapruder got the only film of the White Irish Catholic Christian President Kennedy’s assassination. Especially since the motorcade was rerouted to pass right in front of his office. From Wikipedia:
Assassination attempt

Gaynor moments after the assassination attempt. August 9, 1910. At left is Edward J. Litchfield and at right is Benjamin C. Marsh. A second picture of Gaynor after he was shot is at New York Tribune August 10,1910.

Early in his term, Gaynor was shot in the throat by James J. Gallagher,[11] a discharged city employee who had been a New York dock Night Watchman from April 7, 1903 to July 19, 1910.[12] Gaynor remains the only New York City mayor to be hit by a bullet during an assassination attempt. The violent incident happened on board the Europe-bound SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, which was docked at Hoboken, New Jersey. Gallagher died in a prison in Trenton, New Jersey from paresis on February 4, 1913,[13] the same year as Gaynor’s death.[14] Observing Gaynor in conversation, New York World photographer William Warnecke snapped what he thought would be a typical, if uneventful, photo of the new Mayor. Instead, Warnecke captured the very moment that Gallagher, at point-blank range, shot a bullet through Gaynor’s neck. The rarely seen snapshot remains one of the greatest, though horrific, photographs in the history of photojournalism.[15]


Although Gaynor quickly recovered, the bullet remained lodged in his throat for the next three years. During his term as mayor, Gaynor was widely considered a strong candidate for Governor or President. Tammany Hall refused to nominate him for reelection to a second term, but after accepting the nomination from an independent group of voters, he set sail for Europe aboard RMS Baltic. Six days later, on September 10, 1913, Gaynor died suddenly on a deck chair aboard the liner. After his death, doctors concluded that he died of a heart attack, and that his old wound was at most a minor contributing factor.
Below is list of Jewish involved assassinations of White leaders. Since it’s very possible, Jesus the #1 Revolutionary against Jews, was White, we can see clearly the entire gospels of the New Testament shout how Jews hated, arrested, tried, had beaten, forced the courts to assassinate Jesus.
From my upcoming autobiography:
“Here is a list of assassinations which Jews executed or paid someone to do it for them as Jews got the White Romans to kill Jesus. Only he saw the full extent of the Jew’s evil.

·      November 22, 1963 – I was sixteen. I made a link on my website for the assassination of White Irish-American, President John Kennedy, and my self-made costumed karaoke tribute to him on stage in Las Vegas. Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper, is book I read and listened to into a 3-hour YouTube on Michael Collins. It’s long, so mark it and go back later.

  • We’ll continue our journey of other assassinations with the Jew brutal assassination of our spiritual King, Jesus Christ, his eleven disciples, those numerous White European Christians brutally murdered in the first 300 years after his death, such as St. Barbara, stabbed to death by her own father a who was a government White slave for Jews. Barbara is my name. Below is a link to my website with thought-provoking paintings, pictures and stories regarding the Jew’s direct involvement in White assassinations below.
  • 1251: POLAND – “Jews of Poland were granted rights like nowhere else in Europe. They were even granted their own autonomous legal system, known as the kahal, which allowed them to adjudicate intra-Jewish disputes without recourse to the Polish Christian legal system. This autonomy, in turn, necessitated the intensive study of the Talmud… Largely as a result of the concessions of the Polish crown which began with the Statute of Kalisz, Poland became known throughout Europe as the “paradisus Judeorum,” the paradise of the Jews.” (It was the dungeons of hell for my Polish ancestors since 1025, my parents, my deceased White veteran husband and me.) When persecutions would flare up in the traditionally Jewish sections of Europe, in the German principalities, particularly in the urban centers of the Rhein valley, the Jews who wished to escape their persecution inevitably headed east toward Poland, taking their language, “juedische Deutsch,” or Yiddish with them with them inevitably headed east toward Poland, inevitably headed east toward Poland, taking their language, “juedische Deutsch,” or Yiddish with them . . . Jews did not assimilate in Poland; most of them did not learn the language of the Christian Poles, because, other than rudimentary commerce and illicit sexual activity, the Jews had virtually no contact with the Poles even they had lived in their country for centuries. The Jews established their own state within a state. (The Revolutionary Jew and His Impact on World History” by E. Michael by E. Michael Jones, Culture Wars magazine, September 2003
  • February 8, 1296 – Jew assassination of Polish King Przemysł II while he slept in his bed. All Jews come from Poland, whether wandering Jews or not. Their assassinations are their devilish way of saying “thanks” to all the White Christians who slaved for them. It wasn’t long after I began to write on my blog and Facebook about these Jews and their assassinations, around July 2013, that a few weeks later I was beaten, crippled and forced off the Las Vegas Strip. I unlocked the most dangerous evidence against the Jews, the deadly Jew Poland secret empire. From my website:
  • November 19, 1557 – I found a painting of the poisoning of White Polish Queen Bona, which happened because of “debts” to Poland. They crowned her King of Jerusalem and Queen of Poland. She appointed her treasurer, Jew Abraham Ezofowicz and his brother Michal, head of all Lithuanian Jews, and used his banker, Jan Boner. If one connects the dots, the poisoning occurred when there was a dispute from Spain about debts owed to this Polish Queen and her diabolical Jew bankers.
  • 1649 King Charles I is executed by Oliver Cromwell. In 1289, by Edict of Expulsion, Jews were kicked out of England by King Edward. Cromwell is financed by the Jews. In 1655 Cromwell allows Jews to return to England.
  • October 16, 1793 – Beheading of French Queen Marie Antoinette. January 21, 1793 – Beheading of French King Louis XVI. Jews destroyed the French royal couple, government, and the Catholic Christian Cardinal with a Jew brothers’ diamond necklace scheme. Since the Queen was one of my self-made Kostumed Karaoke Kharacters, I made a three-foot White wig, gown, mask, and had a decapitated head for Halloween. During this time, no Jews in White Christian France were guillotined but were billionaires by today’s standards. Here’s my link. Use the search engine on the bottom or skim, for the creative writing is lengthy. Here’s also my link to my costumed pix for Queens, which can be enlarged and forwarded to see the entire presentation. This is a Karaoke version to sing along with Killer Queen about Queen Marie Antoinette. The words Krushev and Kennedy, mean Jew-led Communism against White Christian democracy.
  • April 15, 1865 –Jews involved in the assassination of White President Abraham Lincoln. In the Civil War, when Lincoln was President, the Jews were so powerful in the North, they could walk up to President Lincoln to advise him anytime they wanted. Jews also had control of the South. White Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ right-hand man was Jew Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of Treasury and War. It’s how Jews absconded with the entire South’s treasury which was the entire Union’s main money source. “Jewess Emma Lazarus who wrote the sonnet under the Statue of Liberty, wrote a poem “before” the murder of Lincoln, predicting the exact date of the assassination. Was that “prophecy” or did she have “inside knowledge,” to know the exact date when Jews would kill him.” I read information where assassin John Wilkes Booth was a Jew and stayed at a Jewess home as a boarder. Abraham Lincoln had ships alongside the USA to take Blacks back to Africa beginning with Liberia (Liberation,) which was already established. Jews had to stop him for the Blacks are the Jew’s army against Whites if we wake up, as are the Muslims, and Mexicans. More:
  • March 13, 1881 – The assassination of White Russian Tsar Alexander II by Jewess terrorist Vera Figner.
  • July 2, 1881 – American President White James Garfield is assassinated by Jew immigrant Charles Guiteau. This is probably the most thorough website I’ve seen with a timeline of Jew criminals. Although the first entries such as King David, are White Caucasian True Israelites, not Jews.
  • September 6, 1901 – White Polish assassin Leon Frank Czolgosz associated with Jewess Communist, to overthrow the government, Emma Goldman and her involvement in White President McKinley’s assassination.

July 17, 1918 – Second White Russian Czar, Czarina, five children, and spiritual healer Rasputin assassinated by seven Jews. I wept as I watched this video for Grandpa Kopaczewski was a Polish-Russian general. I may not even be here today if he still was in Europe at that time. Surely the White Christian generals would be the first to be killed by Jews. They took over the Russian treasury, 1917. They took over USA treasury 1913, Federal Reserve Bank. They proceeded to kill 100,000,000 White Christians only. Jew Yagoda alone, responsible for 10,000,000 in Ukraine called the “Holodomor.” Of 350 government positions after Jew Revolution against White Russia, 325 were Jews. Here’s a video by Dr. David Duke the Secret of Jewish Communism. Also, The Russian Imperial Romanov Family | Their Mysterious Killings | History Documentary File.


  • June 28, 1914 –White Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and Sophie his wife were assassinated. I read the Jews paid the assassin money, which started World War II. Here’s a touching story of the White couple’s last words. The event is very similar to President Kennedy and Jacqueline in an open motorcade whose car changes suddenly and goes down a different route. “The driver put his foot on the brake and began to back up. In doing so he moved slowly past the waiting Gavrilo Princip. The assassin stepped forward, drew his pistol, and at a distance of about five feet, fired twice into the car. Franz Ferdinand was hit in the neck and Sophie in the abdomen. Sophie said to her husband, “For God’s sake, what has happened to you?!”, then she fell bleeding. Before losing consciousness he pleaded, “Sopherl! Sopherl! Don’t die! Stay alive for our children!”, using his pet name for the duchess. They were both dead within an hour.” More with painting.
  • 1937 – Krystallnacht occurs in Germany in response to the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jewish agent in Paris.
  • 1933-1945 – Thirty-Five assassination attempts against Pro-White Adolf Hitler. It is why Hitler thought he was working closely with the Almighty God who saved him each time. I would like to believe, I am too. The final one happened right in his bunker, when one of his aids brought in a bomb to the meeting. One other was killed; Hitler wounded and partially crippled. It was Dr. Morrell his constant companion who gave Eva Braun and him the cyanide poison, plus gave it to many of the German Socialists (Nazi) leaders to keep the capsule and kill themselves if the opposition questioned them. Dr. Morrell was a doctor to the Jew entertainers of Germany.
  • Here are quotes by Hitler, and many more on his devout love of God and Christianity. “But if out of smugness, or even cowardice, this battle is not fought to its end, then take a look at the peoples five-hundred years from now. I think you will find but few images of God, unless you want to profane the Almighty.” Today Jews who control art, pee on Jesus’ face and pretend he is crying, the Black Africans throw elephant poop on a painted picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother. It’s what Jew’s think of Jesus and our Christian suffering they induced. Who pees and poops on the Jew and Jewess’ and their Kyke Kids faces? Here are the 35 assassination attempts on Hitler’s Life.
  • July 4, 1943 – White Polish President in exile World War II, Władysław Eugeniusz Sikorski was calling for an investigation of the Polish Katyn massacre, which was blamed on German Nazis, but Jew-led Russian Communists admitted to it 40 years later. My investigations show that it was Jew Ivan Maisky who assassinated the Polish President.
  • April 12, 1945 – White President Roosevelt: The last person to see President Roosevelt alive right before the end of World War II was his top advisor, Jew Morgenthau. Roosevelt was sent to a lonely place and suddenly died. It’s no coincidence that the two White major leaders in World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt and Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, died 18 days apart in the last month of the war. Also, here’s a link to Mrs. Roosevelt and her best friend, a Jewess.

  • April 10, 2010 – Assassination of (my ancestry) White Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria Kaczyńska. There was a mysterious plane crash, at the Katyn Massacre site. Aboard the plane were 96 of the top people of Poland, as the Jew-led Russian Communists killed 20,000 of Poland’s finest on that date in 1940 but blamed the German Socialists (Nazis.) I sent many copies of the movie “Katyn” through Amazon late 2009. I was astonished that all I discovered about the Germans being good guys and tried to save the White Race and have healthy White babies was true. The Jews were the villains. It was only one soldier’s journal, which broke the case open for he kept it in his uniform the day of the White Polish genocidal massacre of the smartest, bravest, most religious men. After the plane crash, it was a Jewess that took over Poland to replace the Catholic Christian First Lady assassinated. Here are my Amazon purchase dates of 2009, just months before the massacre. Almost like a prophecy.
  • May 15, 1972 – Pro-White George Wallace. He was shot but not killed. I did a tribute to him with the song “Sweet Home Alabama” for Lynryd Skinner sings “The Governor’s got the answer,” meaning deceased Alabama Governor Wallace. I only include this because my deceased Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart and I voted for him in 1968. He was the only one that I know that stood up for the White Race. He was shot and wounded for Jews wanted to make sure they put their hate laws into effect against Whites. Wallace wanted to keep the segregation of races. Today, it is said if we are to save our White male he will need not only 21 mentors but also be segregated. Otherwise, the USA will be a third-world country.

Further below more in depth about Jews assassinations from my blog. You can skim titles or Control F for words assassination to go through.

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