St. Louis Mayor Exposed the Jews

​My book is on 1,000 years and the Jew Bolsheviks. I write of several ways I’ve already changed history. My autobiography is the first to go out to the media. Radio DJ, October 10, 2002. I still have the original long first emails.
Russian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Solzhenitsyn, who Putin not only awarded but also uses his ideas to change Russia, wrote of 200 years and the Jews. 
My book explains how the Russians “won” the criminal Jews in the 1772 Great Partitioning of Poland. It’s similar to when Poland won the Danzig Corridor from the Germans after WWI. Poland was wiped off the map several times under jewish rule. It’s probably the fate of the United States too. But at least Poland had one race, religion, ethnicity, history, food, art, identity. 
I created the Meme: