St. Therese, the White Little Flower, me, and the holocaust.

What I found this a.m.It’s odd. Perhaps prophetic in a different sense.  My youthful role model: St. Therese Lisieux France, the “Little White Flower of Jesus.” Her views on the “holocaust,” which I have debated endlessly and suffered agony.

She dedicated her life to a legacy of love. And I have done the same my entire life. 
This a.m. I opened my library book of her autobiography at random to a page that that referred to a “holocaust.” However, it was a “holocaust of love,” that she “welcomed!” I’m not Catholic anymore, but she was my role model when I was young. As the daughter of Polish American slaves to Jews, I desperately escaped to religion. Like Therese, I took a religious vow of silence. I was only 7 and it lasted until age 42. It’s why I can write today. My agonized life will be commonplace for whites “if” we’re allowed to live. It’s the jewish system. But it’s not God’s will that we suffer, but jewish sadists who get great pleasure and play pseudo gods and goddesses as they did when they hung eleven innocent Christian White German men at Nuremberg! I’m sure the Chinese enjoyed it since they worked with the Jews. 
From the book: Therese prayed about God’s Justice.  I read from Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, that it’s not good for evil to prosper and good to suffer. That was over 100 years ago. 
Her saintliness is based on a God of infinite Love. It’s that kind of love we must share among ourselves. She wrote to God that souls should be victims of a “holocaust” to His Love. She sees God as lighting souls on fire. In our own way, our souls are in a good holocaust, with a burning desire for truth and Justice. She prayed to Jesus to be a happy victim, “consume Your holocaust with the fire of Your Divine Love.”
“Lovingly” Barbara Ann (by the way, there was no “St. Barbara Ann.” The Church banned Mary Magdalene and so the devoted French people paid tribute to her by changing her name to Barbara. I’m not a saint, but refuse to suffer since Jewish devil gods appointed us as “evil and sinners,” for telling the truth or at least debating it.)