Polish Israeli Jews Persecute and Prosecute an Old White Innocent Man! Demjanjuk

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8acKGB3mt8 Jews in Israel persecute Old White man in one of their “Jewish” show trials. If Russia hadn’t opened up their documents from World War II Jews would have “hung” an innocent man. But it gets worse, the courts of (Jewish) Germany again wanted him dead when Demjanjuk was “88” years old and so sick […]

Drinking With Bob, 10-14-12

Black Obama gets raked through the coals by “Drinking With Bob!” He is really tough and perhaps “he” should run for President. But he has a point, why does Obama campaign on our $$, just as he was a Community organizer of black’s only (Racism) in Chicago were I’m from and while my US Marine […]

KKK & Democrats, not Republicans

It is said to cover one’s head (hair) in the heat. Perhaps I wouldn’t have collapsed from heat exhaustion had my head and hair been covered like the Muslim women who also live in desert. We Whites and Christians wasted over a trillion dollars so that the “other” religion’s women could take off the scarves […]