Autobiography Draft Chapter 16: White Slavery to White Rights

Chapter 16 I tried to bury the rape deep in my mind and never think about it. It seemed it was just one more crime against me and I had to “endure” it like a saint or martyr. That wasn’t good thinking on my part for it “multiplies” the crimes against women and White Rights. […]

Jewish Boxcutters

Jew Boxcutters: The most famous maker of boxcutters is: Jewish Goldblatt! The very weapon used on the planes that were hijacked on 9/11! I can’t wait until the truth comes out about this. In Lil’ Israel, Vegas, there was actually a commercial several years ago, advertising “Boxcutters!” Is this a Jewish radio marketing and advertising […]

Jew Whistle-blower on 9/11

9/11 & Jew Israelis: It seems that “Sabrosky” below is Jewish yet is whistle blowing his own Israeli (Polish) Jewish people regarding 9/11. He seems himself as “American” not citizen of Israel that lives off White and/or Christians. Wouldn’t it be something if truth came out about 9/11 and that we could “believe” it not […]

Fictional story of how 9/11 happened between Whites and Jews.

9/11: Fiction: World Trade Center explosion. For my homework, in Creative Writing, I’m writing paragraph about a crime as the one in the guidebook… a real thriller. But this is “fiction” so I imagine that there is a Jew and a White man that are setting the nuclear explosives in the buildings on the floor. […]

Jews, 9/11 Alex Jones, White Queen of Netherlands

Updated Weekdays Home · Blog · RSS Latest Profile » Nora Ephron Random Profile » Surprise Me! Archive Profile » Kevin Costner Categories Actors Lenny Kravitz Jew Score: 9 I3 O3 K3 May 26, 1964 — Leonard. Albert. Kravitz. One of our favorite guilty obsessions is the phenomenon of black men with very Jewish names. […]