Jew Crimes in Israel, America and Russia

Chicago… Jew “Israel: The Promised Land …. of Organized Crime.” As I wrote a few days ago, about Black Commie Obama releasing the #1 criminal spy against the USA of all time, Jew Jonathan Pollard, Obama gives him freedom and send him back to Jew Israel, where all the Jew international mobsters are and their […]

Confederacy, Jewish Angel of Death

I happened to find this tv show that might really open your eyes.  It is a Night Gallery episode from 1971.  I will write more below:    First of all, all the characters are “Jewish.”  Yes, Rod Sterling the narrator from Twilight Zone and Night Gallery to “scare” Whites are Jewish.  Jews are “smart” keeping […]

Jews say: "Never Forgive; Never Forget, White Germans and Kill their White Children!

In the movie below, the Jews say about Auschwitz Poland, “Never Forgive; Never Forget.” Hence, since I must follow the Jews who seem to be our Masters, I will “Never Forgive; nor Never Forget” what they did to  my Mama and Polish White Daddy who worked for them; what they did to my nieces, my […]