My Poland and Quiz on Russia

I only got 7 out of 20. And hadn’t I been recently studying about Russian history it surely would have been ‘0’. One of my objectives in doing my writing, was the research into who I am as a European American and our European history, geography, culture, food, music, art. But enjoying this test of […]

“Martha” and “Jenny”

As you know, I’ve been on Jenny Jones Show which changed history and turned into American Idol. While the Whites were pooh-poohing it, the Jews saw the gold in it and turned it into gold. Lot more $$$ for Israeli Polish Jewish nuclear weapons, which may be used against Europe when Jews and Muslims unite […]

David Duke Radio Transcript 2-3-12

DD: I believe in freedom of speech, and all other principles of human freedom, are at stake. They can murder you, threaten you, persecute you and no one will know about it if you can’t talk about it. The Jewish editor, Edward Adler, called for the assassination of Obama, but “that” isn’t called “hate” speech, […]

Qaddafi: (White) President Kennedy Killed by Israeli Agents

Here is a speech that Quadhafi gave before his death. He clearly singles out Israel and demands that the powers make them accountable for nuclear weapons, since as usual, (Polish Jews) of Israel get off scot free and are “above the law,” or “change the law” so their crimes are applauded. Interesting is that Qaddafi, […]

Black Slave Writes Letter to White Wanting White Hung!

Don’t get your hankies out feeling sorry for blacks at this point. By the very fact, that this black can write a letter so well, having come from Africa, where their intelligence is the lowest in the world, their crimes and work ethics, I hear equally bad, this black has the nerve to write […]

Assassination of White President McKinley

If you don’t get to read this, go “control f” to find where High Priestess Emma Goldman of Jewish religion (business monopoly) is called “Joan of Arc,” by the “New York World,” the same Jewish newspaper that was owned by Joseph Pulitzer, who tried to declare insane in courts Scottish descendant Mary Baker Eddy, founder […]

Romney, Mormon, tough on illegals

Romney, the Mormon, won and was “tough” on illegals! “Illegal” means exactly what it says, and we cannot be that dumbed down to think that “illegal” is “good.” It is evil, and it is about time we start calling it by its rightful name. From: Roy Beck – Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 9:29 […]

David Duke Radio Show Transcript 1-31-12

David Duke: This broadcast is for “all” men to preserve its freedom. Humanity is “not one,” but many. We all have the right to live and to be preserved. It isn’t just for Tibetans and Indians, but for Europeans. It is said that we have a special evil quality, because of conquest, as if Ghingas […]

German Nudism, Jewish Secret Code, Books

I couldn’t find anything on the secret code of “Esperanza” that both Hitler and Stalin knew was in force “uniting” the Jews. (against us? did they realize that?) Here is pix of book but do not know if this is the one. (see #192 below in summary of some interesting books on German nudism.”) Also, […]