Jewess Emma Goldman Incited Republican President McKinley’s Assassination, 1901

September 6, 1901, USA – White President William McKinley. Leon Frank Czolgosz was a Russian-Pole. Violent Jewess leader, anarchist and lecturer, Emma Goldman, started Jew Marxist Communism in White America. In his confession, Leon said that (the Jewess) ignited his fire to kill President McKinley! He said he couldn’t shoot the bullets fast enough, she filled him […]

Black Obama Racist Appoints Jewish Racist Elena Kagan for Supreme Court & Brown Sotomayer

Racist Obama & Jew Race & Mexican Browns: He made “2” appointees to the Supreme Court. 1. Jewess Elena Kagan. While at Harvard she got her job from “other Jews,” for they “bring up their own and not Whites, in fact, they are ‘anti-White,’ on our own soil and in our own home. When she […]