PS: Jews an Enemy

Sorry, I didn’t get the final sentences when writing on what an enemy does when the conquer, as the Jews conquered us. The solution is simple: Allow your enemies no options. Annihilate them and their territory is yours to carve. (Hasn’t America been “carved” up by Jews, browns, blacks, Hindus, yellows, and even red Injuns, […]

Computer Progress over Virus and Restoration, Hindu Celebrates, and Jewish Congresswoman

Just one last email for today.   Wanted to mention what was done to my computer.   As you know I’ve been on phone with Hindus all week. I was the one who finally told them to restore it and wipe it out.   I now keep all my old information on a flash drive […]

Canada Issues its Citizens a Danger Warning about Travel to Mexico or USA

From American 3rd Position: The Canadian government has issued an official warning to its nationals to avoid the American–Mexican border because of the uncontrolled violence which is a direct threat to life. In an official warning posted on the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs website, Canadians who are planning a visit to Mexico are told […]

Down with Love – Here's to Love Continued

Haven’t been feeling well for the last few days, although it’s better if I don’t talk about it.    Got the DVD that might have been done about me.  “Down With Love.” Or perhaps I was the inspiration as I was quite a character around town in Chicago.   I used to listen sometimes to […]

Forgetting our White Veterans?

July 26 would have been my Viet Nam Veteran’s and my 41st wedding anniversary.   I happened to go on a website and found this honoring Veteran’s and a prayer so that their “soul” may rest in peace.   I once said, “My husband fought for me in the jungles of Viet Nam fighting the […]

Croation Chicago Politician

I just wrote a comment on youtube about the fact that Rob Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois,  didn’t testify in his own behalf in his Chicago trial to give Obama’s Senate Seat away.  Yet at the same time, another famous Eastern European as Blagojevich of Serbian descent, Eddie Vrydolyak, of Croatian descent, was also found […]

Jewish "illegal" immigration

I called Harry Reid and begged and pleaded to stop the Dream Act. I used the words of Alipac that send the email as well as my own. I warned Harry Reid being a Mormon that the Jews will enslave the Mormons into poverty as they did my ancestors of Poland.  The Jews do not […]

Mexican Women Take Over USA

Here is video of brown woman from Mexico that screams at us ” Go back to Germany; go back to Europe.   I wrote in the chat that it is too bad that these Mex’s come here to poop out their babies and then we support them for “free.”  And how do they say  “Thank […]

Leadership Training for Whites

I always like to take extra seminars and courses even if I don’t have a college degree.   Here is from   It is really for becoming a candidate but any “leadership” training courses helps us to become active and not asleep.   If you look at my attachment it shows that when I […]