Customs and Habits of the Jews – Religious Doctrine

“Foul deeds will arise, though earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.   More notes from “The American Jew: An Expose of His Career” by Telemachus Thomas Timayenis CUSTOMS AND HABITS OF THE JEW$ – RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES Virginity, virtue, innocence, purity, are only so much capital with the Jew, a capital that one must defend, but […]

Hitler as Christian

Hitler-Youth Nazi. Here’s quote of Hitler on his “being Christian.” Remember he and Eva were not only raised Christian, but she was in nunnery, and his paintings were of fine German church architecture of Jesus on Cross. I will put his painting attached to this. I’m studying the CD’s for Creative Writing and as I […]

Jew Steals Polish Music

I’m going to do a song on Sunday, called “Could This Be the Magic?” to finish up my disco them. (Will do Abba also, and have done Bee Gees already several months ago.)   To me, this song had a very haunting melody. I don’t know if that ever happened to you, but I seem […]

White Knights: KKK

Well, I’ve performed 5 songs for tributes to our Armed Forced for Veteran’s Day. I have no problem with a military, especially with the rising and surpassing of other nations, such as China, who would die for White women, and white land for vegetables.  It is against Jewish wars that I have a problem.   […]

Racism and 1828 Webster Dictionary

Just studying for my internet classes on Expressive Reading and I was looking in my compact edition of the 1828 Webster’s American Dictionary of the “English” language.   My eyes fell on a word definition from 1828:  AMER’ CANISM:  noun the LOVE which American citizens have to their “own” country. Analogically, an American idiom. (No […]

Shut Down the Jew Youtube in retaliation for shutting down David Duke

If the Whites were truly Christian they would love their brother, Dr. Duke, and stick up for him.   If the Jews shut down Dr. David Duke, we should shut down youtube.  It is a very dramatic statement, but the Bible says to “turn the other cheek.”  We only have 2 cheeks and they have […]

Sterilize all Jews & Money

You heard me right. It is time to Sterilize all Jews to prohibit them from multiplying and monopolizing and killing off our White Race.   I rarely listen to radio other than internet radio.  But I turn it on although it is usually so filled with commercials that scream to music and melody, “Buy me,” […]

Bydgoszcz Poland, Bloody Sunday

Just wanted to give you proof of my ancestry and the location where Bloody Sunday that started World War II occurred.  If you look on the left the first written word is “Bydgoszcz where Mama’s older sister was born.”  I do this to always “prove” myself. Something the Jews have never had to do:  “Prove […]

White Germans get tough on Criminal Jews in Germany

Wow! Wait till you read some of these.  If you don’t want to read I’ll make it short.   Civil Service jobs, (like all these Federal, State, City and Country jobs were to go to White Germans, and all the Jews were fired.) Jewish activity as doctors and lawyers stopped.  (Even before I read this […]