Queen Jadwiga and Jewish Nobles Destroy her Love for Prince William

Note Queen Jadwiga had “advisors”and we know even now Obama’s advisers are Jewish. So were the other Presidents as far back as our birth with George Washington. Polish Jew Haym Solomon loaned the colony money to fight the Revolutionary War against the King because of “unjust” taxes which is prevalent today. I will post my […]

Austria: My Ancestry along with Poland

Ancestry: Hitler, Austria. I was shocked when I realized thru ancestry study that my folks on Daddy’s side showed “Austria!” I was more shocked when I looked up famous Austrians that “Hitler’s” name popped up first! It took me 6 years to get over the fact that I might be related to him. But what […]

Saving White Race My College Essay

Barbara-Ann Nowak English 101 Ms. McBride 5 page argument December 5, 2006 “Worthy To Be Saved”             World civilization is at a point in history where the White race is threatened with extinction and is the minority in the World Population.  Therefore, I strongly support Adolph Hitler’s program of eugenics, which is the production of […]

Black Lyrics: We Will Multiply

You may be very offended at these black lyrics with a ton of curse words.  What if these blacks were still in Africa, would they be cursing then? What if they had been slaves for Jews as my Polish parents, myself, and my ancestors were raped, robbed, bankstered to death, and then robbed our corpses […]

White Brave Austrian stands up to Muslim horrific Murder

Thank God for this White man’s bravery and honesty. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRmgI_WXff0]