Race-breaking in Bible and Whites (Christian Descendants under Jewish rule in USA.

Race-breaking in Bible: Just reading the Message Bible, Psalms, and here’s what the Lord says of them Race-breaking and the results. Sounds like what our enemies, the Jews, have done to our country today. “They didn’t wipe out those godless cultures as ordered by God; Instead they*** intermarried with the heathen*****, and in time became […]

FEAR OF JEWS: BIBLE: Here are passages regarding how the peoples of the Middle East were constantly afraid of the “Jews.” It would be even moreso because Jews were not called “Jews” then. If you ever why Poland was “silenced” about Jews even Katyn Massacre for 900 years and now in USA for 400 here […]

Jesus Whips the Jews Bankers out of the Temple

Jesus & His Whip on Jew Bankers. I’ve written about this before, but was led to look it up again. I found the New Testament, Bible story, written in plain language by Maria Valtorta. It is really compelling and vivid. It was strange but I had finished in my autobiography about the last time my […]

Deadly Black and Yellow Skeletonizer!

    !!Black & Yellow Skeletinizer Worm Devours and tries to murder my two grape plants. See other post below for actual murderer. Those worms are “evil” they are not poor, helpless, or creatures of God. They are deadly. They nearly destroyed my entire 2 helpless innocent and productive grape plants. I saw my plants […]

ps to my Bible and Homosexuality Email

Just a ps to my email on Bible, God and homosexuality and rich Jews. Here’s a Beatle’s song which I enjoy singing in karaoke. I like the Beatles, and I especially like them for their words “The entertainment industry is really being part of the Jewish ‘religion.’) Whatever happened to them, they were also White […]

Bible: Homosexuality, Whites & Jews

In Jude, J.B. Phillips version, he identifies himself as Jesus’ brother. I will highlight for you, but it really seems he is talking of “homosexuals” breaking up and dividing the church. He refers to Sodom and Gomorrah, and the men that were attacking Lot’s male teenage angels with viciousness and ferociousness like beasts were a […]

Jews and Chinese Unite, Pure Raced

Trying to see what the “smarter” people than Whites are doing: Yellow Chinese 1.3 billion, and Pure Raced Jews, 1.3 Billion, trillion dollars!!!!! What a combo! As White Christians are like at a movie theatre just “watching” what is going on, but not part of the New Jew World Order. I heard on a Christian […]

Bible: Pure White Race, Pastor Eli

As I am listening to the Bible via internet, I am picking up also quite a few passages about the Lord not wanting “Mixed” marriages of races. The one that stands out is that an Israelite was caught screwing a woman of another race, and the man in charge of “justice” took a javelin and […]

Jews Redemption as Slaves for White Christians?

On biblecc.com “all” of the commentaries say that if the Jews are to be “redeemed” then they are to be the servants, slaves of Gentiles! In a way, the Jews are our slaves. They do our thinking for us, our banking, our agents, our publishing, our spokesman, write our books for Whites, tell us how […]

Bible Women: Zilpah and Bilhah

I’ve already written extensively about Sarah Jewess forcing Abraham to screw his maid to give her a son for his “inheritance,” then tells Abraham the Jew to kill the maid for indeed Sarah found herself naturally pregnant. In those days, as I wrote with the Polar Bear, species not only wanted to survive, but resorted […]