Black man rapes young girl in Hyde Park, Chicago, one block from Obama's house.

Obama: Gang Rape “one block” from Obama’s home in Chicago. (I grew up same neighborhood, just two miles down the lake, 7953 S. Shore Drive.) Hyde Park, Chicago. I wrote more below on previous post. Here is the news from CBS local. What makes “rape” bad first is race-breaking and trauma. The woman is probably […]

David Duke on Black on White Rape, 37,000 a year

[youtube=] Blacks Rape White women, 37,000 a year! And once a woman has been raped as the Jew doctor raped me, we are ruined for life.We will survive, but ruined. These are only the figures of USA, not Europe where Black gangs are ganging raping White women in Finland. A man named Henry Hollopa from […]

Jew Professors & Organ Meats at College

Jew Professors: I wrote on yesterday’s post of the 2 (Nutty) Jewish Professors that I worked for. The female was the filthiest woman I ever came in contact with, both in her home, her daughter, and her attitude of accusing me of stealing her necklace. (Just like the 2 Jews put White Christian Marie Antoinette […]

Black Rapist of Elderly White Women: LA's worse serial killer

Headlines are that in L.A. the most notorious black serial killer and rapist was arrested, (probably to be put in a black country club with a lot of ‘friends’ relatives’ acquaintances, kind of like a ‘fun family reunion.’   UGh!  In both waves, the victims were elderly white women.  Is there ‘no mercy’ on us White […]

Whites in Europe and America, 2029

Death of White Europe! Jews used “diversity” to ruin Europe. Israel their home, is to be pure Jew raced, but since they are smarter than us, as are Chinese yellow Commies, neither who have suffered under constant war for Jewish $$ for 1,000 years, are damaged as White Race. While this destruction might happen to […]

Black Cannibalizes, Gouges Eyes out of (White) Homeless

From the pix below the legs look white of the man that the black man cannibalized in Miami. The black chewed the face of the homeless man and then it seems either raped him or sodomized him. But the face looks brown. With the heat and sun, a homeless white would appear that way. Jews […]

Blacks Rape White Women 35,000+ Each Year.

The 35,000+ Black on White women rape is “only” in America. It does not include the horrific rapes by natives in Africa on South African women, gang rapes of black Somalians on White Finnish women, and other places in the world. Where’s the Jew, Gloria Steinem, Women’ Lib Princess, about the 35,000+ brutal, terrorist rapes […]

Black Gang Rape and Attempted Murder Scottsboro Boys

Since my writing has been to save our White species, and as a bi-product realized that I have also got to help save Christianity in the human sense, for “your” offspring seem to be the target. When researching today, for Andrew Breitbart, the Gay Jew, who died today and sent my other email, I came […]

Halloween: Ghosts, White Ladies

On this website are 10 ghost pictures. The very “odd” thing is that #2 is from Illinois, right near my home in Chicago. It was called the “Bachelor’s Grove” Cemetery, and was an old run down cemetery.  But we from South Chicago had a Nick-name for this cemetery called the….. what else…….. The White Ladies! […]