Jew Communists Wanted Extermination of White Polish & White Scottish

I came across this website about Katyn. The video on the right shows that the communists wanted not only the entire country of Poland exterminated, (surely not the precious Jews who in the article says it was “lucky” that they had survived. ) But also the people of the Scottish Highlands to be exterminated.   There […]

I Write Like…. David Foster Wallace

Below is an interesting quiz for you writers that I received.   It compares my writing of my emails and they put a famous author from the past who I write like.  Although I could really see myself in the author’s style, I’m just a high school graduate that went to a “business” high school […]

Elvis Convention

Just some quick observations of the Elvis Convention held in Prostitution Capital of the World, Pahrump Nevada.   I had the time of my life. It was non-stop Elvis impersonators, Elvis music, Elvis prizes.  And the head Elvis impersonator was doing this for his church. So there were ‘many, many’ Jesus and God songs.  I […]

Black Somali Pirates attack White Russians

See the video. My grandpa was a Polish White Russian General before 1900. He was tough.  He was not only tough on the enemy but even on the grandchildren.  Once when I was very young, there was a set of kittens the mother had abandoned.  He called all the children to watch as he dug […]

Punched Elena Kagan's Picture

Well, if you read the other 2 emails on cherry spitting and Elena Kagan the Jewish High Priestess soon to become a “Supremacist” on the formerly White Male Protestant Supreme Court, you will understand why I spit cherry pits at her picture.   I got her picture and blew it up to 8″ x 11″. […]

Cherry Spitting Contest

While picking cherries recently I would munch on a few for their taste was so irresistible. I think my favorite food is a cherry.   Also, it is why the Jewish led pharmaceuticals make cough syrup in “cherry” flavor. Jews want to force this stuff down our children’s throats so they try to make it […]

Jewish King Herod

When I think of “freedom” on the 4th of July I think of how St. Peter escaped from a prison through miraculous help. I not ask you to believe this, but to watch for attitudes of Jews so that you know when they vote for a Jewess for the Supreme Court without exposing the Jewish […]

Whose the Terrorist? Christian White Gentile Woman or Jewish Woman?

As I go to get on a plane today, I am always aware that when I go to sit down I hear over the loud speaker:  “Code Orange!”  Meaning terrorist in the building. I learned that when I was sitting with the people from Dr. Duke’s conference in Memphis and when one guy started to […]

Jews Head Military in USA

If you haven’t read my email on How Jews destroyed Poland, I would recommend it higher than all my (15,000 pages of) emails for it is the culmination of study into world history.  And listen to the radio show with it.    I heard we are getting a new General (Patraeus) to head the military in our […]

Me, BP and Swamps

I was in the swamps of Florida Same Day of BP Explosion   Could anyone have realized that the BP Oil Explosion happened on April 20 (according to Wiki) and ON THAT EXACT DAY, I WAS IN THE SWAMPS OF FLORIDA PLAYING AND ADMIRING THE WILDLIFE!!!!!!  Here are the pix below and again that was […]