CCHR on the Pill and Drug Abuse the Medical Field gives the Veterans!

Barbara Ann Nowak Suicides and Death of US Marine Corporal Andrew “White!” I got this from Scientology CCHR, that is a watchdog group against the psychiatric field. I once went to an exhibit on my lunch hour in Chicago and they really study the effects of pills and expose them in the psychiatric industry. I […]

Jewish Revolution Against Whites: 1960's

1960s Jew Revolution Against Whites and USA. (just as Jews did to Russia only Jews did it with physical violence and deaths, and in the USA with psychological methods, but including war and assassinations. Here is a brief review of the 1960s. You know the odd thing is this. When I was a little Catholic […]

Pope; Lil Wally, Polish

Polish Pope, Polish Lil’ Wally at Vatican. Lil Wally was fried of mine before his death; he wrote 3000 songs. I see all the people admiring the White Christian Polish man, Pope John Paul, and I wonder how Whites changed so much that instead of admiring our own White people, past or present, like white […]

Eva Braun, Me, Elvis, Jews as Devil in Disguise

Eva Braun: Nunnery. In CD on Creative Writing, it mentions writing is to develop “character.” One of the most important things smartest Whites wanted in Nazi Germany was “character.” Do our White young have have that today? Do the other races that we support treat us with “character” since we have supported them and given […]

Eva Braun and Me, the Perfect Hitler Woman

Insights in Hitler & Eva Braun. I will give you “my” interpretation from “both” my life, and research, 25000 pages of writing. One can see Eva diving, swimming, athletic. I have said I’m the perfect Hitler woman, which is 2 women, part Eva Braun, glamorous, flirtatious, entertainer and the other half, part breeder & domestic […]

Da Vince Code

White Albino scene of self-torture in movie and book ‘Da Vinci’ code. I remember being in College of Southern Nevada in 2006. There were free tickets to Da Vince Code lecture by head of English department, a white male. When I got to his office, I began to give him my  deepest concerns of saving […]

Lady Gaga, Jews, White Race

Jews & Lady Gaga. Here’s typical Jewish hate crimes against Whites and how “effective” their 1/2 billion hits were on Jew youtube! Lady Gaga is a spin off from my costumed karaoke, and while I’m called “crazy” for all my wild, talented, hard working 246 costumes, Jews get filthy rich off Lady Gaga, with …. […]

Romney & Poland

When I first started my awakening to the fact that I was White and Polish, something erased and killed in my mind, I was dancing in Polish Parade on Chicago’s Lake Front highway. I saw signs of “Polish Pride” and “Polish Unity.” That was about 12 years ago. Things have changed. Romney says in video […]

Elvis' Dolores Hart, a Christian, gives her life for Jews!

A nun is one of my 245 characters. I never realized it was the “same” nun as famous actress, Dolores Hart, who played in Jewish movie “Lisa” about a Jewess in concentration (misnamed) and should be called work camps. Here is my costume with Elvis. The rosary beads are held in Elvis’ hands. As you […]

Catholic $$ for Brown Mexican at Christ Cathedral Church, Crystal Cathedral

Just a quick link and comment. I saw that the Catholic Church bought up the Crystal Cathedral and renamed it Christ’s Cathedral. That part I am happy with. But it cost nearly $60,000,000.00. Where did the $$ come from? I remember the last time I went to services at the Queen of Peace church. For […]