666 N. Michigan Avenue Jew Rape

666 North Michigan, Chicago. Here’s where Jew Dr. Rejtman tried to rape me again, although this time unsuccessfully. As I put in my youtube, he told me he was cured and I needed help not just for me with bleeding bowels and depressed but for US Marine Viet Nam War Hero suffering from addictions and […]

Mexican Tires and Mormon Salvation

Brown Mexican Tire Problems. Again, yesterday after episode with Mexicans at Las Vegas Club, I woke up and when I drove, my right tire was riding and bumpy on rim. I purchased 3 tires from Mexican business by my home, $40 each. The next day one went flat and Mexican wouldn’t fix it. I could […]

Czar's Assassination, Jews' Revolution

More from Book  of 1888, “The American Jew: Expose”. Continued: Page 119: Simon entered into a conspiracy to purchase goods on credit, left and right, send them abroad and sell them and make assignment when the fame had gone so far without detection. (Jews have been international world traders for thousands of years and slave […]

Catholic $$ for Brown Mexican at Christ Cathedral Church, Crystal Cathedral

Just a quick link and comment. I saw that the Catholic Church bought up the Crystal Cathedral and renamed it Christ’s Cathedral. That part I am happy with. But it cost nearly $60,000,000.00. Where did the $$ come from? I remember the last time I went to services at the Queen of Peace church. For […]

Wanted Dead or Alive: Jews as Secretary of Treasury, War on Whites

I’m wearing a Cowgirl Costume for karaoke tonite! I kept trying to think of a song, but nothing came to me. Finally, Bon Jovi’s song, “Wanted Dead or Alive!” popped into my head, but it was more tragic than even I could imagine. I start with all positive and spiritual and hard-working, loving intentions, and […]

Muslims: Jew Commies “First” Victims

As President Nixon (who was brought down by Jews) said, “Let me one thing perfect clear,” after my last email: The White German Nazis were fight Jewish led Russian Communists. These same Jew led Communists got the yellow Chinese by the hairs of the back of their head, and my deceased US Marine husband fought […]

Non-Whites raping Whites

Here’s great article. What it doesn’t include is Jews raping White women as a Jewish doctor raped me in Chicago in 1967 and then threatened me for life in an insane asylum.  It was the same in Hitler’s day and he finally made a law declaring the Jewish crimes against White women. So now it […]